Whip that Collagen good, its the Friday Face mask

Today’s face mask is a new one to me. It came in the September Boxycharm and this is the first time I have been able to use it. This is the Dew of the Gods fijiuji Collagen Whip Vitamin mask. Before we get into the mask itself can I just say that this is just a beautiful packaging. I have tried the Claydate mask from Dew of the Gods and it was a great mask that came in a plain looking jar. This jar is just beautiful to look at and I am hoping that it works as well as it looks.

So let’s get into it. This mask is described as following on the brand website…

Vitamin cocktail, anyone? That Fiji glow really hits different. Rich, luscious and thick electric kaolin infused with vegan collagen, vitamin-C and lychee extract brightens, tones and lifts your skin while restoring its natural bounce. Injected with hyaluronic acid, Fijifuji is all about that youthful, radiant glow — it’s a party in the tropics, and the vibe is Fiji-chic.

Full Ingredients:
Aqua, Kaolin Bentonite, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-12 Glyceryl Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,Hydroxyethylcellulose, Allantoin, Camellia Sinesis Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Collagen, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract, Parfum

skin pre mask

Looking at the list I know that the Aloe and shea butter are going to make my smooth feel soft. I have high hopes for the brightening effects of Vitamin C and the plumping effects of Hyaluronic acid. As Kaolin Bentonite is the second ingredient on the list, I k now that this was a clay based mask, however when I opened the jar I didn’t expect it to be so clay like. Or really so blue. I know you can see the blue through the side, but somehow my brain thought that the jar was colored or something. It is not. That is the color of the mask. Which is kind of fun.

Admittedly when i put it on my babydoll told me I looked like i was wearing a Mesoamerican death mask. But there are worse things. Also this is why i usually use face masks when he isn’t home or is occupied elsewhere. But that is another story.

the product on the side is where I scraped the inner plastic lid

Moving on. The mask was also a lot thicker than I anticipated it being. It is like turquoise clay. I knew it was clay based but somehow the word whip made me think it would be lighter. it isn’t a problem actually as I really liked the texture, it was just a bit of a surprise.

I skimmed the surface of the product rather than scooping anything out of the jar which worked well. It came out easily and went on well. I did make certain that the lids (both inner and outer) were put back on as soon as possible as this looks like the sort of mask that will dry out very quickly if left exposed. I suspect this is a mask that really needs to be used regularly once it is open if you intend to use the entire product. Of course it also looks like i could build a pot with it and fire it to make lovely ceramics, but i won’t.

mask on

The Dew of the Gods Mask smoothed over the skin well and easily. It felt cool to the touch like all clay masks tend to do. After applying it, the only thing left to do was set the timer and relax for the fifteen minutes it took for the mask to do it’s thing.

After about five minutes there was a slight tingling. While some clay masks start to tingle as they tighten and dry out, this was slightly more than that. The tingling didn’t last long but the drying sensation continued. I wasn’t worried about anything untoward happening to the skin. I have had several very tingly masks that made me wonder what was going on under the mask. while sometimes it has led to very good things in a first time use of the mask it always makes me a little nervous and unable to relax completely.

mask after 15 minutes of dry time

This was light enough i wasn’t really worried. The clay stayed in place with no drippage, the tingling was brief and pleasant causing no unnecessary worries and I was able to lay back and relax. the mask has a light almost citrus scent to it when the jar is first opened but the scent fades almost immediately. The scent seems to stay with the jar rather than the product on the skin.

After fifteen minutes I returned to the bathroom and took the mask off. The product page recommends removing with warm water and I second that heartily. Cold water will remove it, but the warm water really does help it release a lot more easily. For removal I soaked a washcloth in warm water and after squeezing the water out so it didn’t drip, I placed the warm damp cloth on my face and let it soak a moment. The heat and moisture loosened it so that I was able to remove the mask fairly easily. There were bits left in the sink afterwards but it was still a pretty quick clean up.

skin post masking

And how did my skin feel afterwards? Clean, soft and fresh. there might have been a little plumping and brightening, but with one use it wasn’t heaps of change. I do like the way my skin feels though and I think with repeated use there might be some improvements to the skin. The big questions is, would i use it enough times to get to stronger results?

The answer is yes. I rather enjoyed this mask. It was a gentle clay mask that left my skin feeling really good. while I would hope the hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C will give long term results, in the short term my skin feels fresh, clean and soft. Those are enough reasons for me to try it for longer to see if there are any long term benefits. I can say that right now, I am happy to have this Dew of the Gods Fijifuji collagen whip vitamin mask in my masking collection.

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