The Daily: October 19th, 2022

Today is just a day made to be outside. I’ll admit, I am behind on my task list for the day because i started my morning off with a longer than usual walk. It was so nice not to melt into a puddle of sweat after five paces. In fact I even had to add a sweatshirt in to keep me warm. By the end of the walk I had pushed the sleeves up some because I was warm.

At that point there was even a delicate line of perspirations along my hair line. After the sweat fest this summer, today’s sweat felt like a lady delicately perspiring. Most of the summer I felt like the sweat monster set loose to unleash workout stink upon the neighborhood.

And yes, I am planning on a late afternoon walk even though I did go on a longer walk this morning. It is just that sort of day. The leaves are orange and yellow and spiraling down from the trees and rusting in piles as the wind dances through them. The air smells clean and crisp. the breeze on my face feels brisk and chilly but not skin numbingly cold. There will only be a few days like this. I know with our next rain the leaves will be a soggy sodden mass and given the lateness of it’s arrival, I suspect winter is only allowing Autumn it’s moment on stage before pouncing.

So I feel no guilt about playing truant for a bit today. I’m sure there will be plenty of days inside to come. And after not walking for two weeks it just plain feels good to stretch my legs a bit.

Tomorrow I may moan about the extra work load I have to finish, but for the moment, I regret nothing.

Oh my bangs desperately need a trim. That might be on this weekend’s to do list

Today’s look:

Primer: Figs and Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer

Foundation: Yensa Super Serum Silk Foundation

Bronzer: Buxom Staycation Vibes Bronzer

Blush: Illamasqua Colour Veil Gel Blusher

Highlight: Milk and Honey palette from Beauty Bakerie

Eyeshadow: AOA Saturn Palette in the Orbit collection

Mascara: Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dead Roses Matte Lipstick

Necklace: AOA Jewelry from their new arrivals collection

I haven’t used this primer in a while and I thought I’d bring it to light to decide if I want to keep it. I remember testing it out and finding it decent but strong scented. I still find it decent at blurring pores and it is still strongly scented. It goes on very wet but dries fairly quickly. The thing I don’t remember from before is how it dried. When it dries it feels oddly like a a crackly layer on the skin. Almost like when I was a kid and would have Elmer’s Glue dry on my fingers. You know that crackly feeling when you bend the finger with the dried glue on it. This primer has that feel on the skin but when you touch it with your fingers it feels soft and smooth. Once the foundation goes on top of the primer that feeling disappears. But it is slightly odd. I don’t mind it, and I like the blurring effects, but I just find that feeling a little strange. I like the serums I’ve tried from Figs&Rouge, but I am not sure I am really thrilled with this primer.

necklace, you know, without my hair covering it

I am really liking this Yensa foundation. It is definitely staying in my collection. Don’t worry, I will start trading it out as I go through the foundations for the December Declutter, but I just had to use it one more time this week. This is a good foundation, but it does need a pore filling primer underneath it to prevent it sinking into fine lines towards the end of the day. And really, with no primer under it, I only had a problem with fine lines after about 10 hours. For me this is a good work day primer. It Does fade a bit towards the end of the day so I wouldn’t expect the longevity of a long wear foundation, but it is a great one to wear all day long.

This Buxom Bronzer is an old favorite and one I reach for quite often. It is buildable and blendable and the shade is one that I can wear all year long. It actually works better in the cooler months when I am pale, but I still like it for a more natural look in summer. While I also love my Illamasqua gel blusher it is more of a summer shade. It blended well for me but I can tell it is already starting to be too deep a tone for winter wear. I may have to put this into the drawer until the summer sun comes out to darken my skin again.

Today I again reached for the pink highlighter in the palette. I planned to try another shade but just didn’t. I like the pink. All summer I reached for golden shades but right now the pink works for me. I also like that it is one of the pink shades that doesn’t have a lot of glitter. Actually it has none. or some reason pink toned highlighters seem to come with more glittery bits than I want.

Today was the fourth of the four AOA Orbit Collection Quads. Thee was a lot of variation in the palettes actually. I liked how this look turned out, but it did require some time to build up. It was not as easy as some of the other palettes in the collection. it was still nice and worked well. I do find it interesting that there was so much variation in the palettes.

the Patrick Ta mascara is, as before, a decent everyday mascara. I had to do several passes to get my lashes where I liked and I think that is why this mascara went fast. I am going to try to use the last of it tomorrow but I suspect that it will be the last day of use as the tube felt very hollow today. The multiple coats cause it to be rapidly used up. it is a mascara that I don;t mind using but that I would not go out of my way to pick up.

Finally the lipstick I would go out of my way to pick up but can never find. The ABH Matte Lipstick in Dead Roses. I’m pretty sure the shade was discontinued, which is a shame as it is one of my favorites. I will keep wearing the lippie I have until it is all gone. It is a good formula though. It is creamy and comfortable as well as long lasting. I just wish this shade hadn’t been let go. I know, I should try outer colors, and I will because it is a good formula. I just have a tendency to always pick the wrong shade of lipstick when i purchase them. Every lipstick I have purchased has been slightly off. At least my first time with the brand. If I like the formula I’ll go back for additional tries until i get the one I actually want. So I get a little salty when my favorites are discontinued. But I’ll get over it, (sob) some day.

I am really enjoying the jewelry I picked up on the Shop Miss A haul as well. This necklace may be one of my favorites. It is a little silver tree with rhinestones. the charm is better quality than the chain, but the chain is still decent. And it hasn’t made my neck break out. So there is no nickel in it. which is always good to see.

And that my darlings is me today. it is a quiet day with walks punctuated by work. I think for me this is a good day because I feel like I am finally getting back to normal. that feels really good.

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