The Daily: October 24th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I spent most of it sorting through clothing. The summer clothes were taken out of the closet and those that remained in good enough condition to see another summer were folded up and put away for the return of the sun while those that did not survive were repurposed or discarded depending.

This year was really rough on the clothes. While there were some days where I couldn’t walk at all this summer, I did try to vary my walk time to avoid the full heat of the sun. Yet even walking in the mornings and early evenings took their toll.

After my first summer actively trying to lose weight I realized that was going to happen, and because of that I tend to pick up the packs of Hanes t-shirts to wear on my walks. They are inexpensive and usually durable. There does come a point though where no matter how well you wash them, they are going to look too dingy for use. There is only so many times you can wash the sweaty salt stains out before the material gives up the ghost.

And this year, was the final year for most of mine. In the sprung I will be picking up a new pack of them. I know it isn’t very fashion conscious of me, but I tend to get them a little over sized so I can get a little air movement in the hottest parts of the summer. I would rather look like I am wearing a bit of a tent if it brings a little heat relief than look fabulous while passing out from heat exhaustion.

It’s a choice.

but one i won’t have to make until next spring. It is still warmer than it should be at this time of year, but the summer’s heat has definitely broken. For that I am very happy. I am also happy to have my fall and winter wardrobe finally out of it’s summer storage as well. I even started looking on line at dresses for New Year’s Eve. Even if we do something quiet at home I really like to pick out something nice to see the new year in. I went on XPlusWear and I am in love with several of their dresses. I also like they are in my size. While the more form fitting ones aren’t really my style some of the classic silhouettes are just stunning. I’m trying to decide between a silver and white one or a classic black dress. (Honestly I may end up with both because the prices are good and they have my size. They have a huge sale going on now.)

I have some fabulous heels I picked up for New Years and both would go well with them. Somehow I always end up picking up the heels first and then dragging my feet on the dresses. I’ve had a few at home new years where I put on the heels and pair them with fuzzy pajama pants because I didn’t manage to find a dress. I’ll admit that always tickles me, but this year I am going to try for the full ensemble as well as the pre new years at home spa day.

Today’s Look

Primer: Yensa Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

Foundation: Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Foundation

Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: RealHer Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio

Eyeshadow: Coraline palette from Makeup Revolution

Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet mascara

Lips: Patrick Ta’s She’s Expensive Lip Gloss

Today I went with the Yensa primer because I like it and it works well for me. It is a classic and a toner I reach for a lot. It has a little bit of a glow to it but it isn’t too brightening. It does go really well under matte foundations though. It also feels really good on the skin.

When I was cleaning things out I found three sample foundation packs so i will be using them and trying to decide if i want to pick them up. I think they came from Sephora orders. Today’s sample was Bounce from Beauty Blender. I remember seeing this when it came out and how it had the dip in the side of the bottle for dispensing the product and then using it so you didn’t have to put it on your hands. I remember thinking that would get really messy really fast and then not thinking about this foundation at all. So this was my first use of it. I went with the shade 3.25 and I have to say i really like the feel of this foundation. It blended well over the skin and looks really good. It did sink into the fine lines around the corner of my mouth, but I think with a more porefilling primer it may not do that as much or as fast. I still have product in the blister pack so I may use that tomorrow with a pore filling primer and test it out. I may have to blend two shades but since I am testing the formula that is fine. This shade though is really good for me. If i can get it not to sink into fine lines I will definitely be ordering a bottle.

Today I went with the Real Her Cheek Trio. I love this palette but it is definitely more of a summer wear product. It is a great light and natural look that goes better with my bb creams for summer wear. I think it may have to be shuffled back to the summer section after today. I love the products, but this just isn’t their season.

I couldn’t resist the Coraline Palette. The blacks and purples and deep blues just spoke to me. Plus I am trying to push myself a little out of my neutral comfort zone. It is just easier to apply neutrals quickly. Colors, especially deep ones I have to think about a bit. I don’t think well first thing in the morning so I usually go for the neutrals. Today I took the time with the purples and blacks. Personally I think it turned out okay. The black was a little streaky when applied but it blended well enough. I really like this palette actually. And it is a small nine pan palette so I don’t mind keeping colors I don’t usually reach for as it is smaller. Which sounds strange, but i do tend to like the smaller palettes with a solid color story. The shadows are a little powdery, but they are workable. I tapped my brush but didn’t have a lot of fall out. And it is an $8 palette so I am more inclined to give it a little wiggle room. Or at least more than a more expensive palette would get. Just remember after applying to use a separate clean blending brush to blend out the streaky bits.

This is one of my favorite lengthening mascaras and one I will reach for and repurchase a lot. With Benefit Mascaras, I do prefer Bad Gal Bang because it has the volume I like, but as far as lengthening goes, this is really nice. Those two will always be my favorite Benefit Cosmetics products.

And finally we wrap up with Patrick Ta’s Lip gloss. It is high shine I will give it that. it isn’t sticky at all. It smells and tastes of nothing, which is fine. It feels a little slimy on the lips. It looks great, but i think in general it is just a good lip gloss. I seem to find that Patrick Ta’s products are solidly good but nothing that I get excited about. I found the same thing with the mascara and the blush. Both are solidly good products but they ride that middle line where they aren’t cravable but they aren’t bad. They are solidly good and often forgettable.

And that my darlings is me today. To be honest it was more about playing with eyeshadow and testing out a foundation sample than anything else. Right now I am loving the foundation and pleased with how my dabbling with color turned out. So all in all, I am happy a I go into the rest of the afternoon. I hope you have a great rest of Monday.

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