Holiday Gift Sets: Tatcha Skincare

It should come as no surprise that Tatcha Skincare made my list of Holiday sets to look out for this year. I have tried a lot of their products at this point, some of them in the full sized (and on repeat purchase) and some oly in the travel sizes. Since each order from the brand comes with several samples, I actually have almost a full skin care regimen’s worth of samples to use as well. I will end up doing a foil packet skin care day soon actually so i can clear some of them out and decide what I want to purchase in the full size.

My favorite product is of course the Silk Canvas Balm primer. It is makeup with a heavy skincare element and it is one of my favorite products. what I really like about the brand is that in addition to the regular sized products and the samples they give out with orders, you can purchase travel sized deluxe Minis. hat I tend to do is to try something out with the foil packet and then order the deluxe mini so I have more than a day’s worth of product to try out. It not only lets me know for certain if the product will work for my skin but it is also a great way to build your own travel set. While I do have a set of travel kits posts for December, I am mentioning this here because of the first of Tatcha’s Holiday Bundles.

It is the Create your own Gift set option. You choose three of their deluxe minis and you receive a free Cotton Makeup bag to go with them (while supplies last). The items start at $12 and go up, depending on what you choose. while there are a couple of items in the $65 range, most of the items are in the $20-28 range. There are three lip items in this list, both the original and plum Kissu Lip Masks and the Camillia Gold Spun Lip Balm. All three of these are full sized items. The items range from the lip products to serums, moisturizers and even their primers are included on the list. Since the three items are your choice you can lean towards the makeup side with primer, powder and one of the lip products or go into the skincare realm with a cleanser serum and moisturizer. Or you can mix and match, personally I think this is a great way to try items from the brand or to introduce someone you love to some excellent skin care.

If you are looking for full sized items, then Tatcha has you covered. There are many gift sets to choose from. Just choose your skin care type (or the type for the person you are gifting) and go. There is the Plump and Dewy Trio, the Smooth and Clarified Trio, or the Calming and soothing Trio.

Looking for more?

The Hydration set included a variety of the different moisturizers in deluxe mini sizes so you can try them all and see which one is right for you, or you could go for the Protect and prime which not only has both the balm and liquid primers but also the Tatcha Sunscreen and water cream moisturizer. While there are bundles large and small you could go all out and go for the Ultimate Skincare journey with the Tabi Trunk Case.

I have to admit that while I really love all of the skincare items in the kit, I also really like the case as well. I have a weakness for bags. I have occasionally purchased gift sets just because I liked the bag that came with them. This case is fantastic and it is filled with fantastic items. It really is an ultimate skincare lover’s gift.


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