Holiday Gifts: Something for the kids

This year I find myself with several little ones on my gift list. while I tend to focus a lot of my gifting posts on skincare, makeup, home and lifestyle items, this is one of those gifts that I think is a really fun option if you have small children on your list.

It is the Harper Collins I can Read Book Box for Early Readers. It is $24.95 per month with free shipping (or $22.45 per month if you sign up for three months). there are three different tiers of books based on the child’s reading level. They have the earliest readers, emerging readers and established readers. The descriptions make it easy to figure out which category you need

EARLIEST READERS: Think basic language, word repetition, short sentences, simple concepts, and whimsical illustrations.

EMERGING READERS: Think a mix of short and longer sentences, simple concepts and engaging stories, and even language play.

ESTABLISHED READERS: Think longer sentences, engaging stories and complex plots, increasingly challenging vocabulary, and high-interest topics.

Harper Collins

I actually really appreciate the descriptions. So often I will look at something like this and it will be by grade instead of reading type and I don’t know about you but occasionally I can’t remember things like what grade my cousins youngest daughter is actually in or of she has even started school. I also only get to see her about once a year which doesn’t help with the details. But those descriptions really help me since when I talk to them on the phone she will often recount the book she is reading in probably more detail than the author intended. And sometimes just tells me stories based on the pictures.

I also like that this can be a gift that can be just a one time thing or it can be extended throughout the year with each month bringing a new book. It is also pretty easy to switch levels so as the child grows and their reading level changes, so can the subscription.

If you are looking for a gift for a child this season and want to go with something that is a little bit different than the usual toys and stocking stuffers, this is a great alternative. Good stories, great books, well thought out reading levels. It’s hard to go wrong. Of course if you are looking for just individual books instead of a subscription, they have those too, and right now, they have a pretty big sale going on. You can check it out by clicking the banner below.

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