The Daily: November 28th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. The first Monday back from a holiday always seems a little strange. I think it is because at the end of each day I tend to make a checklist for the following morning (or for Mondays if it is a Friday). However when I go on holiday (even if it is only a day long holiday) I don’t make a list as I like to clear my brain and not think about what i have to do when I get back. I find if I make a to do list for when i return, I tend to think about all of the things I have to do when I return rather than just putting things out of my head and enjoying my time off.

So I started this morning without my to do list and ended up creating it over coffee instead of at the end of the day. Which felt really strange to start the day with an end of day thing. But nevertheless, I did it and started my day.

Even with the mental shift, I love the first Monday after Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving we spend the weekend eating left overs (and because my mother picked up a 22 lbs turkey, there were lots of left overs)Then Sunday we drove home and had a take out dinner. Today I will be making out the grocery list and meal plan for the week and we will restock our very empty fridge. Which means that tonight we will get back to normal eating. The real MVP of Thanksgiving is butter. I think it is more so this year.

We had several vegetarians and a couple of vegans this year and since we want it to be a feast for everyone there were plenty of things for them to eat, but because I am not a vegetarian, I leaned into the veggie dishes that did have butter (and often bacon) so no one would run short. And yes I did make the case for just having no butter (or bacon) in the veg dishes so all were for everyone. The way some of the older folks reacted was akin to telling a group of small children that you kidnapped Santa and put him in the basement until Mrs. Claus pays the ransom.

Not that I would kidnap anyone.

And I don’t have a basement.

So everything was a little heavier than usual. But I had a salad for lunch today.

It was glorious.

The first salad after thanksgiving I always picture the raw spinach sort of clearing out the layer of butter coating my insides. Like a vegetal toothbrush.

It was a good visit though. It is nice to be home again though and in addition to getting back to my normal eating habits, We are past Thanksgiving so I can break out some of the annual holiday treats. The first was the Native Body Wash in Candy Cane. I love peppermint and would use this all year long if I could, but alas is is only sold in the holiday season. The body wash is an okay body wash, but not spectacular. The scent though is fabulous. So I roll in a body scrub every couple of days as well. But I love the scent and will revel in it for as long a it lasts. This year I also picked up a few holiday masks. So I am going to use those to help me get into the holiday spirit.

Today is also Cyber Monday. I take advantage of all of the Black Friday sales and have been shopping for the last month or so just to get things mailed out (we also took a bunch of wrapped gifts and transferred them to other vehicles to go under other trees for those who won’t be back for Christmas. Plus my mom LOVES having a tree with packages under it, so I shop early and bring wrapped things down so that she can have the full look she loves and so that I don’t forget things during holiday travel).

But cyber Monday, I tend to realize I have picked up all of the gifts I need to buy and then I pick up things I need. This morning I was actually drawn to Glossy Box as they have their advent calendars at 50% off. I was going to only buy one advent calendar for myself this year. (I actually bought three for gifts – Elemis (35% off Cyber week), Molton Brown (cyber Monday sale 25%, sitewide) and the OPI). I know everyone loves the grand opening posts with advent calendars, but I really enjoy opening them like advent calendars one door at a time. The one I ordered this year was the Look Fantastic one (I rotate which one I order each year). And I’ll be showing each door in a short post throughout December, Hopefully. It is supposed to arrive today actually. It had been an effort to get it here. I will be relieved when it finally arrives. I think I have had twenty separate e-mails about this calendar since October. I ordered it in September when it first became available.

I think that might be why i ordered the Glossy Box Advent Calendar this morning. It was 50% off so that was enticing, but I also wanted an advent calendar that didn’t cause me angst before it arrived. I know it won’t be here by December 1st so it it doesn’t feel like there is a deadline with it. I know no one docks you for not starting your advent calendar on December first, but since I ordered it in September I was thrilled with my pre planning. Anyway that was my congrats on getting all of the other holiday shopping done and where it needs to be gift to myself.

And the weather is beautiful today so I went on two extra long walks. That helped burn off some of the accumulated butter as well.

I did skip makeup today though. All of the butter and sugar had an adverse effect on my skin. Plus I wore my makeup longer than usual during the time I was home. So when we arrived home yesterday after unpacking i gave myself a purifying face mask and am just letting my skin breath today. Well breathe with some Zitsticka Killa patches on. (this is the time of year I keep them stocked for) I’ll take the patches off before i head to the grocery store. But they are a life saver today. And so that is my Monday after Thanksgiving. Not too bad all things considered. Exhausted, but otherwise doing okay and enjoying getting back to normal with a bit more Holiday Spirit. Happy Monday.

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