Let’s talk about traveling Hair care with Klorane

The season of family travel is upon us and in hair care products, I indulge in the travel sized items. While I do like the travel sized items throughout the rest of the year so that i can test the products out without committing to an entire fill sized amount of product, it is the holiday season where the travel sized shines.

Mostly because full sized items take up a lot of space.

Luckily Klorane has an entire section dedicated simply to the travel sized items. The masking foil packet was a gift with purchase, but all of the other travel sized items are $10 each. It is a great way to try out different items from the brand. For me one of the appeals is the fact that my hair behaves differently at my mother’s house than it does at mine. Partially it is the difference in water. Her water is a lot softer than mine which means that I don’t need any volumizing products as my hair tends to naturally fluff when I am there. Adding volumizing products tend to make me look as though i am going for a bride of Frankenstein sort of up do.

the second reason is that the air at my mother’s house is a lot drier than mine. Her, I go for shampoo for oily hair in the summer, and then just regular shampoo in the winter. Perhaps because she runs the heat so much more than I do, my hair always gets dry and crackly when I am at her house so I actually need moisturizing shampoo. By picking up the travel sized items I can get exactly what I need for the situation where my hair will be over the holiday.

I actually tried all of the items in the Mango line when they were first released. The mask is something that I can use on a regular basis (maybe once a month) So I was thrilled that it was included in my order. (I also ordered a travel size of the cornflower eye makeup remover because it is fabulous, but that is a different post). The Mango shampoo and conditioner I lover the scent of but are too moisturizing for me to use on a regular basis. (I tend to pick up a full sized bottle of the Nettle infused Shampoo for the summertime). This mango Shampoo and conditioner set is perfect for the time I will spend at my mother’s house.

So I get to indulge in the delicious scent without fear of it being too much moisture. It is one of the little holiday treats for me. I also picked up the travel sized bottle of dry shampoo. For me Klorane Dry shampoo has been my go to for a really long time. I’ll flirt with other dry shampoos,. but i always come back to it. While the shampoo and conditioner will be used up over the holiday trip, there will likely be some dry shampoo left over and this travel size will end up living in my purse to be taken out and used when needed. I actually used up all of the travel sized versions I had and am in need of a small one for my purse.

Over all I love travel kits and travel sized items at this time of the year. I can indulge in things I might not get to use the rest of the year because they work with where I am going, they are more compact and so take up less space in my luggage and with Klorane I get to choose the exact products I want form their list and build my own kit. That makes this a win for me.

Klorane Deluxe Samples + Free Shipping on Orders $40+

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