The Daily: December 6th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has been interesting. Yesterday afternoon I somehow scratched my eye so the contacts came out, the eye was flushed and while I am pretty sure the eye is on the mend it is still a little sore. Plus because I rinsed out everything with saline, everything around my eye is a little sore. I will be adding a little extra moisturizer to the area and it will be fine.

But it does mean that today there will be no makeup. While I’m sure the eye will be fine, I’m not putting anything around it or on the skin around it.

Which means today is all about the lip masks actually. I decided that today is the extra lip care day. I went in with the lip scrub (Hanalei Sugar scrub is my current favorite) and then went in with my Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. While I did pick up the tinted version and really like it for a my lips but better look, it is the original I reach for the most. The tinted version is nice, but it has a slightly different formula and I honestly just prefer the original. I’m glad I picked up both, but in the future I will probably lean into the original for repurchase.

And it is the time of year I start thinking about this sort of thing. Not just the lips, although winter lip masks are a big deal for me. However i am putting together my end of year lists. While I have the list of things I tried as samples through out the year, there are also the things I would repurchase and of course starting next week there will be my personal best of lists going up. I really enjoy those. There are always things I loved but somehow forget about until I look back so for the next few days the phrase “Oh I loved that,’ will end up coming out of my mouth a lot.

Today is a cold and rainy day with no actual meetings, which is nice because I don’t feel compelled to put any makeup on and am not tempted outside by the sunshine. And at least it warmed up so there is no more sleet. This morning I woke up to the tap tap tapping of sleet against the window. It has warmed up just enough to make it rain instead of ice.

Still dreary but easier to ignore. Somehow sleet during the day always seems like the weather is trying to draw your attention to what it is doing. Like it feels as though I’ve been ignoring it for too long.

But for me, that is the day. No makeup, extra lip and skin care, desk work and the delight of thinking about all of the products that impressed me this year. It’s a quiet day, but a good one. And hopefully my eye will be less irritated tomorrow, especially as I have a meeting and would really like to not look blotchy and pale.

Admittedly even if I do look blotchy and pale my lips will look fabulously hydrated.


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