The Daily: December 7th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday. It is rainy and cold and quite honestly I would love to curl right up with a mug of tea and a good book and forget the rest of the world exists today. Alas that is not possible as thee are several meetings I have to attend. Only one in person and the other are phone calls. Luckily thein person one will be coming up soon. After it I plan to take off my makeup and go through the rest of my day au natural.

My eye is feeling better. It is still red. Basically whatever I had in the eye on Tuesday scratched my eye while I was removing it and the eye basically just needs time to recover. While it is still red and the bags underneath are a little deep, it looks a lot better than yesterday. Because I have to drive and discovered yesterday that my glasses prescription is out of date, I had to put the contacts back in today. As soon as I get back from the meeting those are coming out too and the glasses are going back on. I just can’t drive with the old glasses. I put off replacing the lenses since I want to replace the frames too. I’ve had these frames for about eight years now so I think it is time for a change. I generally only wear my glasses when my eyes need a break from my contacts. Otherwise they sit on my night stand in case I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or something.

It doesn’t really matter that they are a little out of date for that. So I was waiting until I found some frames I like to bother replacing the lenses. Its only when there are problems like this that I realize I really need to go ahead and get that done. I do know that FYTOO has a massive sale on glass frames right now (90% off on some). I think I might pop over there and see if any suit me so I can actually order those. For now it is the slightly off prescription for the rest of the day and the ibuprofen to deal with the resulting headache from the slightly off prescription. For today though there was minimal makeup. Just enough so I looked like I put forth an effort for the meeting and didn’t just roll out of bed to attend.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Glam Glow Supermatifying primer

Foundation: Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation from Beauty Blender

Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: Marc Jacobs Cafe O Omega X Three

Powder: Flour in Oat by Beauty Bakerie

Shadow: Sweet Potato Pie Palette from Beauty Bakerie

Lips: Revolution Satin Lipstick in Ruby topped with Revolution Pout Bomb plumping gloss with vitamin E

Still trying to use up the glam glow primer. It is no longer available except on secondary sites like Amazon so I am pretty sure it has been discontinued. Which is sad as it is a good product. So, I will use up this last little bit and then sand the bulky compact away. It has been fantastic while it lasts.

This Beauty Blender foundation is still half off and I am still liking it. There will be a full review coming up soon. I just have a few more tests I want to put it through before I officially call it, but as a daily foundation it works really well.

I know Marc Jacobs is no longer making makeup, but I do love this compact. It is a slim line that is prefect for travel has a large mirror and the three products inside are fantastic. I will honestly use this until there is no more product and then i will just use it as a compact. It is still available at Walmart, which is where the above link will take you. Occasionally it will also pop up in the Boxy Shop. For me the shades work well on my winter skin and this compact travels well. If you are looking for something for travel, this isn’t a bad one to pick up. I went for it today because it was quick and easy.

The more I use this powder, the more I like it. It knocks back shine and locks makeup in place without making me look powdery. the slight tint to the powder in the Oat color means it isn’t a bright white and it isn’t too dark either, which is quite fabulous.

Today I went super minimal on the eyes. I used the one reddish brown shade across my lids and left off the mascara completely. A light touch with the shadow and one sweep blended across the lids. Quick, easy and good for my meetings today.

Both the Lipstick and the gloss came from my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar this year and this is the first use of both. The Lipstick goes on well and easily. I really enjoy the pigmentation and formula. It has a satin finish rather than a matte one so it was a little shiny on it’s own. I did top it with the plumping gloss mostly because I have a hard time resisting plumping glosses. This has a peppermint scent and a little sting. I honestly wasn’t paying attention to the plumping today so that is something I will have to test later. It was a little sticky going on but the stick factor faded and it is just a really shiny gloss. With some stinging and a peppermint scent. Over all I kind of like it. I’ll have to see if it actually does any plumping but for now it is a really good lip gloss top coat.

And that my darlings is me today. And now I am off to a meeting and when I return there will be a face wash, a removal of contacts and my hair will be tied up. then I might take a bit of time to look at glass frames. You know, before the headache sets in. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

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