Acing the Friday Face Mask

Yes it is that time of year again. It is the time i break out all of the face masks that I tried and now have only a little left. I have no idea why I end up with masks that have only one use left in them. Sometimes I get it, like with the samples, like this Rose Petal Mask from Aceology. I tried it, Liked it and even used it a second time. But it is a small tube and somehow slipped through the cracks. Somehow I get that. i don’t understand why i have some full sized jars that somehow I have used all but one use out of. Clearly I liked it enough to use most of it. I have no idea why I save the last use.

But for the past month or so those are the containers i have been emptying out and slowly they are disappearing making room for all of next year’s products. Today i chose this mask because I really like it. It is rose colored and when applied it looks my skin look shiny and vaguely sunburned. It is a gel base so it is a bit like putting jelly on the skin, but far less sticky. And with better skincare benefits.

Until I tried this mask i thought Aceology specialized in peel off masks because that was all i had ever seen from them. Admittedly they make really good peel off masks. I have several in my collection and I will repurchase them. I will also be repurchasing this. It is a fantastically soothing mask. This small tube had three uses and after each use I find myself thinking wow my skin feels like a rose petal. This may be a clearing out of the last uses of face masks but it is certainly not a hardship.

Tonight I will be going out to the first of the holiday gatherings. i wanted something that would make my skin look great and that I knew would not cause any sort of break outs. This was a good mask to reach for. it is gentle and hydrating, which at this time of year I can always use. Plus this week i had some eye issues and ended up rinsing my eye out with saline solution a lot trying to make sure it was flushed clean. While the saline was good for my eyeball there is always skin spillage and saline is not good for the skin. So the little bit of extra moisture was a good thing. Now my skin feels rose petal soft and I am more than ready to get ready for my night out.

While i am saying goodbye to this tube, the full size of Aceology’s Rose Petal Mask is definitely on my new Year’s shopping list.

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