The Daily: December 14th, 2022

Ah the Best of Lists have started. I always love this time of year. I think part of it is that the items I get to talk about have all passed the test and are good ones. There is no quibbling about the various applications. They are all good products, otherwise they wouldn’t have made the list. I always prefer to say nice things about a product. I always feel slightly bad about talking bad about one too actually. I know that when I complain about a product the company isn’t reading it and crying into their pillow about it. But I still feel bad. I won’t lie and say it is good when it isn’t to spare their mythological feelings, but I still feel bad.

But with the best of lists, I don’t have to feel bad at all. I just get to talk about the good products.

I know, I’m a bit of a dork but it makes me happy.

Plus because I am holding off my reviews of the products I am trying now until after the best of lists are done, I can just enjoy trying some of the products that are here. I can play around with them more and then later think about reviewing them and doing the standard tests I do with them. For now it is just fun. I can also use up products that it is time to let go of as well. So let’s see how today turned out.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Glamglow Supermatify Primer

Foundation: Yensa skin on skin BC full coverage Foundation

Bronzer: Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette

Blush/highlighter: Natasha Denona Cupid Cheek Duo

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour in Oat

Eye Shadow: Tresluce Midnight Deseos

Mascara: Tarte Light Camera Lashes Mascara

Lips: RMS Lip Balm

Today I went a little low key with my look. I am mostly sitting at my desk today. Usually that means ‘try out the glitter’ but I just wasn’t feeling the glitter today so i went for a more everyday look. I am still using up the last of the primer and tomorrow should be it’s last day. It is fantastic but only available on amazon if you are looking for it. It is great at oil control and matifying and was especially fabulous in the summertime for me.

I haven’t used the Yensa in a while as I am trying to rotate through but I love this foundation. It is just a beautiful product. easy to use, looks great and lasts all day. Every time I come back to it i just love it more. I know it made my favorites list this year but it may actually be my top favorite. Just don’t tell the other foundations.

I haven’t reached for the Ace Beaute bronzer palette in a while. I tend to forget about it. It is a good palette with many lovely shades. It comes on pretty pigmented and blends out well. i always use a light touch. I can wear it more in the summertime as even when I am fully tan the second lightest shade is my shade. Now I have to use the lightest shade and be delicate in my touch. It isn;t the shade rage that has me bypassing it though. It works well enough and looks goo but after about half a day it usually fades away on me.

The Natasha Denona Cupid dup was I think a limited edition. The brand still has cheek duos just not this one. I have other cream blushes from ND that I like more than this one. Other highlighters too. This one is nice enough once it gets warmed up but it isn’t my favorite. I may actually put it in my to be used box to reach for it more just to use it. It is one of those okay to use but wouldn’t repurchase products.

As always Love the Beauty Bakerie setting powder, especially with cream products.

Today I used one of the lighter shades from the Tresluce palette. It was a one and done look and it worked pretty well. It is darker where i put my brush down and lighter everywhere else. I had to dip into the pan several times though. I am not using an eyelid primer because in my every day life I just don’t use them. There are some shadow palettes that need them and while I keep a couple of them around, like the lid primers I don’t use them much. I will when I go to actually test and review this palette try it with the lid primer but a I am just playing around with it now, I am not using one. This is the third day I’ve used this palette though and it is a bit uneven. Some of the shadows blend really well across the lid and with each other, others not so much. Once this shadow was in place, I really liked it. It is just not a dip in the pan once and swipe across the lid sort of shade. Which is fine, it is just something to note when using this palette.

I really like this tart mascara for lengthening. It can give a bit of a spidery look to the lashes because it lengthens without thickening, which I don’t care for. I use a lash comb to make them look a little less spidery.

This RMS Lip balm is one of my favorite lip balms I wore one down to a nub and then when another one came in a Glossy box I was very excited. Except that it was broken when it arrived. (They compensated me for it, but they couldn’t send out a replacement) So I ordered a new one on my own, because it is just a really good formula. And there was a sale on at the time, I ordered on Dermstore and technically I was ordering other products, saw they had this and added it to the cart, but you get the idea.)

And that my darlings is me today. Not too dramatic but just right for a mid week working at my desk. And the sun was actually out so i could take the pictures in natural light. Which always makes me happy. makeup can just look so different in artificial light. Anyway it is back to work for me. Have a great wednsday!

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