The Final Friday Face Mask of 2022

This is it my darlings. The final Friday Face mask of 2022. It is the Honey Potion by Farmacy. I chose this for a couple of reasons. The first is that there was only one use left in the jar and at the moment i am concentrating on using up the face masks that are in my collection with only one use left in them. So this fit the bill. I am actually quite proud of myself for whittling down the open containers in my face mask drawer.

I love having a variety of masks to choose from, but I hate that I can’t see them all because they have multiplied. I have quite a few masks that I love but forget i have and several that I have yet to get around to trying out. And so the almost empties have to go.

The other reason I chose this mask is that this weekend is not a collapse at home weekend. It is New Year’s Eve Weekend. With Friday Face masks I often choose the face mask to start the weekend stay at home and purge the skin a thon. I know, if we ever get bands and sponsors and banners I’ll get a better name. While sounding like a failed music festival, it is generally how I let my skin breath while I try to undo any damage I may have caused during the week.

It is great for weekends when there is nothing planned outside of the house. except that this weekend, there is a lot on. And I didn’t want my skin erupting. So I chose a mask that always leaves my skin looking great and hydrated but doesn’t tend to bring clogged pores to the surface. Next weekend will be a skin clearing Extravaganza.

But not this weekend.

This Honey potion goes on like, well honey. it is somewhat sticky so I have to really be in the mood to use it. Which is why it lasted so long, it is good but you have to be willing to get a little messy. Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not. I am amazed that I didn’t manage to lose th metal spatula. the fact that the lid is magnetic helps but I was certain it would get knocked off at some point. it hasn’t which is kind of a miracle.

the mask goes on like a clear jelly and then you massage it so it turns white. When it turns white it heats up, which i actually kind of like. And I do like this mask it is just the stickiness that has me choosing other masks. Although that is mostly a pre use consideration. Once i;ve committed to using this I am fine and I really like the look of it on the skin.

While I do like this and would consider repurchasing it, this mask is one of those face masks that I know i will only use once in a while. it will not be an everyday mask. So while i will repurchase it, I find there is no rush to do so. I suspect i will pick it up when i see it on sale and am reminded I like it.

Which I am oaky with. While I have been making an effot to clear out some of the older masks I still have quite a collection to go through and having a good mask that I can pick up whenever is not really a problem. And that is where this mask falls for me. Good enough to repurchase but not something i feel i need to have on hand all of the time.

It is however a nice way to wrap up the year’s masking. It is warm on a cold winter’s day and my skin looks great as I start thinking about my New Year’s Makeup. Honey Potion by Farmacy is not a bad way to end the year. And a great start to new Year’s eve skin.

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