Let’s talk about the Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Shampoo

Authentic Beauty Concept is one of those brands I have seen around but never really been drawn to. Perhaps it is the quiet unassuming packaging. Or perhaps I have just not heard too much about it. i have heard it mentioned but if asked I probably couldn’t name anything from the brand that I heard a friend or family member liked.

I was mildly curious when this dry shampoo came into my possession. I believe it was from the Glossy Box Advent Calendar. The description of it on the site is very simple…

Authentic Beauty Concept’s lightweight Dry Shampoo texturizes & refreshes styles. Performance driven vegan formulas free from micro plastics, mineral oil, parabens & silicones.

Authentic Beauty Concept

Pretty much what you would expect for a dry shampoo. I like that it is free from micro plastics and mineral oil especially. I am no stranger to dry shampoo. While I do tend to use it more in the summer time to refresh during the day when summer heat has caused my hair to look a little limp and greasy, in the winter I tend to use it for my bangs more than anything else. I have this bad habit of playing with my bangs while I work at the computer. Usually this just involves a quick run through with my hands while I am searching for a word or trying to figure out exactly how to answer an e-mail. But the touching adds up and my bangs often show the between washings wear because of it.

This Authentic Beauty Concept dry shampoo has a nice fine mist. The scent is like a powdery floral that some how reminds me of a hair salon. It is not a scent that occurs in nature, it is a salon scent. Personally, i enjoy the scent.

As I have dark hair it did make my hair a little on the white side as I sprayed it. The white wasn’t bad though and it brushed right out after I let the spray sit for a moment to absorb the oils. After spraying i waited two minutes and then brushed my hair. They white came out and my hair was left looking clean and much less oily. In addition,. my hair had a nice body to it and felt really soft and well nourished. I really enjoyed the feeling. It lasted all through the day and of course that night i washed my hair.

I was very impressed with this dry shampoo. It is not only a product that I will be picking up again in the near future but it encourages me to look into the other products that Authentic Beauty Concept produces. For me this dry shampoo was a clear winner of a product.

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