A Christophe Robin Tag Team Duo

If you have read my posts for any length of time then you know I adore the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. Actually it is kind of funny. when I first had a sample in a subscription box I tried it and didn’t like it. The reason was that I used it incorrectly. I thought it was supposd to be used as a conditioning hair mask in place of conditioner. And that is really not how it works. The Scalp scrub is used in place of shampoo.

It has the salt crystals that give the scrub for which the scalp scrub is named. They really slip through the hair to the scalp and leave you with a fresh feeling that also makes your hair feel extra clean. And as the scrubby bits are salt, they dissolve as you rinse so you aren’t left with hard bits on the floor of the shower.

Part of the fantastic clean if this scrub is the luxuriant lather that it produces. there is something about a thick lather in a shampoo like product that I absolutely adore. And this lather is thick enough to walk on. While I have this scalp scrub in the full size, I also have several smaller sizes as it is always a popular choice in subscription boxes. I will never complain about this repeat product as I will use it in whatever size I can get it. But I am making an effort to use up the smaller sample sizes.

Hair products in the sample sizes tend to accumulate faster than a lot of other products. I think it is because for many of them I will use them once a week or even once a month or just a spray at a time. So they tend to hang around longer. Also since so many of the hair care products ae just okay, when i find ones I really enjoy using, I tend to purchase them in the full size. And the full sizes last a lot longer than the samples so the samples get ignored. So just a I am clearing out the sheet masks and skincare samples, I am trying to clear out the hair care products.

This Christophe Robin Scalp scrub doesn’t need more than a regular conditioner after use, but if paired with the right hair mask it does become extra fabulous. Since I had a Christophe Robin Hair mask to ty, specifically the Hydrating Melting Mask, I decided it would be the perfect time to try it. And so after my favorite scalp scrub I went of the the hair mask. The Christoph Robin Hydrating Melting Mask is…

A silky conditioning mask formulated to deeply hydrate and soften dehydrated and dull hair. The Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera benefits from an ultra-light texture, which melts beautifully into hair, helping to enhance shine and reduce frizz so it feels soft, supple and manageable. Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Helps To Provide A Feeling Of Hydration. Combined With An Oligosaccharide To Create An Intense Moisturising Complex, It Reveals Plumper-Looking Hair. Flaxseed Oil Nourishes And Instantly Restores The Appearance Of Dry Hair So It Looks Luminous And Revitalised.

Christophe Robin

The scent of the mask is a bit like Aloe Vera mixed with a little bit of sandalwood. I found it a rather luxurious scent. The scent faded as the mask rinsed out so it isn’t overwhelming. It was interesting with the hair mask because the smell felt thick and rich but the mask itself is a thinner cream. I don’t know why that stuck me but the scent made me think it was going to be thick and heavy even though the description is of a light hair mask. It is kind of the best of both worlds, a rich scent in the shower but a lightweight product.

There was enough product in this container for thee uses. The first use I paired it with my regular shampoo, the second two I paired it with the Scalp scrub (mostly because of how it worked with the scalp scrub on the second use). It worked really well with just a regular shampoo. For the test i went with a drug store one specifically. I didn’t want the shampoo to do too much in the way of affecting my opinion of the mask. For all of my tests I use Suave Rosemary and Mint Shampoo. It is a really good drug store shampoo. Both it and the conditioner from the same line work well for hair care tests as my base line products.

with the Suave Shampoo, this Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting mask was fantastic. It detangled and left my hair soft and manageable. It wasn’t heavy or greasy and my hair looked and felt lovely. It is also a split and repair dream. If you don’t use this anywhere else on your hair, use it on the ends of your hair, especially if they are dried out from styling with heated tools. It is amazing.

However paired with the Scalp scrub, it was fantastic. My hair got the double punch of having any excess products removed and being extra clean before the hair mask went in and did it’s thing. There was a noticeable improvement. The improvement was in texture predominantly, however there was an additional benefit. I tend to wash my hair every other day. If I need it, I will use dry shampoo on the day I don’t wash my hair. With drugstore shampoo and conditioners, I really need that dry shampoo in the day between. With some of my favorite high end shampoo and conditioners, I don’t need the dry shampoo in between (unless it is summer time and then all bets are off).

when I used the regular shampoo and this Hydrating Hair Mask, I did need the dry shampoo on the no wash days. With the dup in use, I didn’t need the hit of dry shampoo between. It isn’t good to use the scalp scrub with every wash. I know that and restrict myself ti once a week with it. I just found that in between difference interesting. It is one of those thing I suspect might end up being of more use to me during travel than anything else. But it is good to know that in addition to feeling and looking fabulous, I get a little extension of the time of the fabulous. As for me, I am very glad that I paired these two Christophe Robin Products together and I will have to look at doing so again in the future.

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