Aceology for Face Mask Friday!

That’s right folks. It is Friday and I am actually getting to do my Friday Face Mask on Friday! why does that feel like such an accomplishment? I think it is because the last two Fridays have been maskus inturuptus. I also thought that with everything that was going on, I might have to skip this week’s as well. But no, it’s masking time.

Each Friday I like to give myself a little bit of a masking break. It is sort of the fifteen minute self care reward for staying on top of things and making sure life runs smoothly both in work at on the home front. It is just me in the house and I can take those fifteen minutes and lay back, clear my head and breathe. On an ideal Friday I will apply the face mask, light a candle and put on some music.

But no radio, Truest me, go radio free music for this because nothing interrupts your fifteen minutes of calm more than a breaking news cast announcement. It is never going to be a good breaking announcement. No one is going to interrupt your music to tell you that something good happened. Good announcements wait for a regularly scheduled broadcast. Personally I would love a good interruption.

‘Good afternoon folks, sorry to interrupt your music, but we just took a survey and at this very moment, no one is doing anything bad to anyone else anywhere! That’s right, we have a lull in all ongoing battlefields and all serial killers and despotic dictators are taking a lunch break, We’ll have follow up news of this spontaneous peace invasion at eleven along with a basket full of puppies. Don’t worry, no one abused them and they all have good homes, we just brought them in to celebrate.’

Wouldn’t that be lovely for a Friday afternoon when you are feeling good about getting your e-mails and files out as well as making sure the laundry was done? So we dare to dream, but until then, no radio for the calm making fifteen.

Today while I did manage to get the laundry done and I am catching up on everything that was slaw this week for one thing or another, i am wearing a mask while answering e-mails today. It is one of the perks of working from home and not having any video calls scheduled.

Today I went with the Aceology Brightening Treatment mask. As you can see from the tube, I have used this before. Quite a few times before. In general I am not a huge fan of peel off masks, but I will say the pain with this one is minimum and my skin always feels good about this. I just make sure I don’t put it too close to my eyes. while I like to avoid pulling at the delicate skin around the eye area, the part that always makes me cry is the part over my upper lip. It always peels off really quickly but somehow the part right under my nostrils, no matter how quickly it removes, it always brings a little tear to my eye.

The mask itself smells fresh and clean and smooths on well. While a lot of time I will review masks when i use them for the first time (and I did do a first use post of this when I first used it), I really like reviewing the same mask when it is at the end of it’s life. This tube probably has one to two more uses out of it, but it has been opened a while. The container is like a paint tube and that has kept the mask from drying out. There is a little dried crispy bit at the edge of the lid where I didn’t clean it off as well as I should have in my last use, but otherwise the mask is the same as when I first opened it. It hasn’t dried in the tube or gone bad. And if you look at the frist use post, you will see it is dated for February, 2022. I will finish this mask sometime this month, so it lasted for me about a year.

This isn’t a mask I reach for a lot or use on a regular basis. Partially because it is a peel off, and partially because I tend to prefer anti-aging or pore clearing masks to brightening ones. But every time I have reached for this it has been good. You may also notice when flicking through my past posts that around the same time that I picked up this Aceology Mask I picked up the Aceology Lifting Mask, Detoxifying Mask, and Firming Treatment Mask. All of those were peel off masks and all were used up within two months of opening. So it is more about me not reaching for brightening masks as often than the fact that it is a peel off mask. I will say I did try a sample of the Rose Petal Mask (not a peel off mask) and it was phenomenal. Let my skin feeling like a rose petal. So in general Aceology just makes good face masks, peel off or other wise (and yes their Green tea Mask is on my list to try this year. Rose Petal and the Detoxifying mask are also on the repurchase list.)

One thing I like about this mask is that I don’t have to set a timer. Which I like when working at my desk. I can just reach up and see if it is dry, if not, I continue to work. In general it is still worn for about 15 minutes, but the trick with all peeling masks is that you have to let them dry so you can peel them off. any parts that are still damp, simply won’t peel off and you will end up with a mess. It is both a lesson in patience and in restraint as you really can’t put the mask on too thickly and thus waste product because you will just have to sit forever trying to wait for it to dry, Because of the dampness in the air today it took closer to twenty minutes for dry time and there were a couple of tiny spots that were still wet as you can see in the photo.

when peeling there is always a moment when the mask comes off and your skin reacts to having the mask peeled off of your face. It will get red and feel hot. Or at least mine does. I tend to look a little sunburned post peel off mask. The color doesn’t last. it is mostly my skin’s reaction to having all of the baby fine hairs on my face being yanked at once. When I removed the Aceology Brightening Treatment Mask it was no different. Then, the redness faded my skin felt smooth, clean, nourished and yes, just a little bit brighter.

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