The Daily: January 23rd, 2023

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic one. Mine is powered by coffee and sinus medication today. The weather changed again. When ever the weather turns I get basically a sinus headache and runny nose. It isn’t a bad issue, more annoying than debilitating, and easily cleared up with a sinus tab. It does leave me puffy and feeling a bit foggy for the day though.

I think what bothers me is that usually I get these sorts of things once a season maybe if there is a strong front blowing in then I will be looking at a couple of extra times in the year so for a full year i will get this sort of sinus knock out maybe 6 times in a calendar year. With this yo yo weather I think I’ve had to take min sinus meds four times since New Years. It is very unusual for me.

I also find it strange when the day gets colder as the sun rises. I don’t know about you but I always think of mornings as colder and then as the sun rises it sort of warms things up. I know that is not always the case but my brain feels like it should be the case and it always seems weird when temps drop as the sun rises. Which is sort of the case today. It was 37 when I woke up and now it is 30 and snow flakes are beginning to drift down.

I know it is nothing to complain about as everyone else is getting hit harder. It just feels strange.

Needless to say, only indoor workouts today. But I did manage to catch up on everything that went off schedule last week so hopefully I can just keep on schedule this week and things won’t get crazy. I’m really hoping strange weather is all I have to complain about, not only this week but all year. It might not be as fun to read about, but I am sort of hoping for a calm 2023. Just calm. Nothing spectacular, just a year to catch my breath. I sort of went for kind of calm with the makeup today as well.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Primer

Foundation: HIDE invisible Medium to Full Coverage Foundation

Bronzer/powder: KAB Cosmetics Contour Palette

Blush: NARS Blush in Orgasm

Eyeshadow: Charlotte Tilbury Diva Lights Palette

Mascara: Milk Makeup Kush Mascara

Lips: Colourpop Matte Liquid Lip in Tulle (from the use up box)

The only thing I used from the Use up box today was the Colourpop lip. It is kind of funny as I have moved it around a bit more it now looks full because the product coats the insides so I reach for it and wonder why it is in the use up boc and then I realize that it is almost empty. It shows more with each use. I might just be able to finish it out by the end of the month. It is a little drying so I put the Lanolips balm over it after lunch actually.

The primer I fear is not long for my makeup drawer either. There is not much product left. I adore this primer formula. It sits beautifully and really gives my skin a great look, filling in all of the small lines so the foundation sits better. The jar is getting very low on product though.

And this is a foundation that needs a pore filling primer. It needs something to fill in the fine lines or it will sink into them itself. Otherwise it is a fantastic formula. This shade suits my skin tone well and two pumps covers my face well. I have noticed that later in the afternoon it starts to look a little dry so I spritz it with a mist and that seems to help. I am currently using the Peach and Lily Glass skin Mist. It provides just enough moisture to revive the foundation without it looking blotchy.

The KAB Bronzers are performing quite well. They are pigmented so a light touch is needed but they do blend very well. I thin the powder in the palette is also helping the foundation to look a little dry. I will try it with one of my regular setting powders tomorrow and see how that works out.

NARS blush. It is a classic and I love it. I know I have been reaching for it a lot. I just forgot how good it was at giving a soft pink glow to the skin. NARS was one of those brands I used constantly. I know everyone I knew was into MAC and i did love their lipsticks (and their Prime+Fix setting spray) but I loved NARS. Any product I had from them i used down to pan. Its been a while since I used them regularly though and it is like having an old friend return.

Today I went for the Charlotte Tilbury Diva Lights. It is an amazingly easy palette to use for everyday looks. I will continue to create nearly identical looks with it though. It isn’t going to be a surprising look but for a quick everyday look suitable for the office, Oh yeah, this works. Quick and easy. I’m sure it can get more dramatic bit for the work day quick and easy is perfectly fine for me.

This Milk Mascara though. Long, thick lashes. I really like the way they turned out today. I am kind of sad this is a sample size as I can feel the tube is almost empty. I will finish it out this week, and hopefully it will last the week, but I really do enjoy this mascara. My lashes look fabulous today.

And that my darlings is me. I think I am reaching for some of the same products because I haven’t had tome to put things away yet so I tend to just grab the products already out rather than take more out and make a greater mess. Tonight my plan is to put everything away and start fresh in the morning. It was my plan to do that yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. (On the other hand our bathrooms and showers have all been deep cleaned and are sparkling with lemon scented cleanliness, so it was a trade off.) And now it is back to work for me my darlings. Paperwork and wondering if these bits of snow will actually amount to anything by the end of the day. we get snow so rarely here that it tends to drive people insane. Hence the weather watch. But first, to the e-mails! Have a great rest of Monday.

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One thought on “The Daily: January 23rd, 2023

  1. its best to have makeup on the way which ever is preferable according to weather. Every day is simply different..Simple is not different..Love that Mascara. !!. Keep up with the glow


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