Trying out the Ouai Body Creme

I love trial sized samples of body cream. I think it is because I am a little bit picky. I will try and use most any creme but what I am willing to purchase is a very narrow window of products.

There are several things I look at. One is the speed of absorption. This oddly enough used to not be one of my top priorities. I think because of the rise of hand sanitizer while running errands it has risen to become more important. I noticed, as I’m sure most of you have, that hand sanitizer dries out my hands horribly. It especially does a number on my cuticles. And dry and cracked cuticles are very painful. I type and use my hands way too much for this to be acceptable. So In my purse I always carry both hand sanitizer and some form of hand or body lotion.

I then hit my hands with the one two munch of hand sanitizer and then hand or body lotion. Often I do this just as I reach my car post shopping. Which means if I have a cream that takes a while to sink in then I have to wait so that my hands aren’t slick on the wheel.

The second thing I look for is hydration of course. When it sinks in to my skin how does it feel. Are my hands soft and hydrated or do they feel greasy? If the cream leaves my hands greasy then i will wash off my hands, and the cream, making applying the cream rather pointless.

And finally I look for scent. While I enjoy a lot of scents, I am well aware that others around me have a sensitivity. So I like something that has a softer scent, or if it has a stronger scent (which I personally don’t mind) I want to know how long the scent lasts and how far it travels.

If I am alone or if it is just me and my babydoll, I can go all out with scent and there is no problem. if we have scent sensitive company or I am going to a meeting, I need to know that I will not cause a scent offensive.

This is one of the reasons I adore sample sizes. i can test them out to see if a full jar is something I want to look at purchasing or if the sample needs to be used up and sent on it’s way.

I had high hopes for this OUAI Body Creme sample. It is in the scent Melrose Place. I have tried this scent from Ouai in a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and scalp scrub. It is a rose scent, but it is a very upscale rose infused scent. It is more reminiscent of French skincare than it is of most rose scented products. In the shampoo and conditioner, the scent lasted as long as the product was in use and then washed down the drain. It lasted a little longer with the scrub and the body wash, but the scent was still rather mild after I toweled off post shower. It did stay in my hair a little longer, but it was a very subtle scent that I think only I noticed. No one else seemed to notice.

I will also say that all of the products from this line performed really well and are ones I would repurchase. The shampoo and conditioner set especially. My hair really loved it. So I was very excited by the body creme.

The container has both an outer and an interior lid, which I always find helps keep the product fresher longer. It was less necessary in the trial size, but still appreciated. The cream is not an overly thick one. But it is a standard body cream texture and consistency.

It smoothed onto the skin beautifully and melted in. The consistency was fantastic. There was no harsh rubbing or massaging to get the cream to absorb. My skin was left hydrated but not greasy in anyway. My skin simply felt soft and hydrated.

So on the first two points this cream gets two thumbs way up.

The issue is the scent. I still enjoy the Melrose Place scent. It is a lovely scent. It is far more intense of a scent in the Body cream than in any other product. I enjoyed it when I used it post shower. It made the entire bathroom smell very expensive and luxurious. The fact that the cream absorbed so well leaving my skin so soft made me feel extra pampered.

The problem is that the scent didn’t fade. It is a scent that lasted. Noticeably. Part of this I think is that as a body cream it goes over a larger area than just a shampoo. Plus it is also not rinsed off in the shower. The scent lasted for several hours. While this was fine when I was at home it was less so when I went out. Some people didn’t mind it and in fact I was asked what perfume I was wearing as someone else liked it.

When I used this cream I didn’t add a perfume, so it was just the scent of the cream they noticed. The scent does soften a little after about half an hour, but it is a noticeable scent for quite a while. It is something to be aware of. It performs beautifully though. It absorbs well and quickly leaving no greasy residue and really soft skin. It is however highly fragranced and something that you need to keep in mind. For me, the performance makes it something that I will repurchase. The scent means that I will apply it only at night when I get out of the shower and not something I will wear when I have meetings or am visiting with scent sensitive family members. It is a luxurious feel and scent to the bathroom, but it does lean into the rose realm. If you have issues with rose, this might not be for you. I think they do make an unscented one you might want to look into. For me, I enjoyed using it. I also enjoyed seeing how the same scent performed differently in a variety of products. I somehow hadn’t expected Ouai’s body cream scent to be so much stronger than the other products from the Melrose Place line up.

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