Weekly Nails: Smith and Cult

I love painting my nails. Don’t get me wrong I do like having other people give me manicures and hand massages, but there is something about surveying a row of colors at home and deciding that today, this is what suits me. And then applying it.

As a result though, I have accumulated a lot of nail polishes. Some are from pricy brands, others picked up on a whim at the grocery store or because there was a sale. Some are new acquisitions and others I have had for a while. I think I also have some repeat colors.

And so a plan has formed. I plan to go through my nail polishes one week at a time. Since I tend to paint my nails each week, I will basically just post about what I am wearing that week. And as I rotate through the polishes I will see what I want to keep and what needs to either be sent to a new home or (if it has outlived its usefulness), thrown away.

Today I went with two Smith and Cult Nail polishes. I know the brand makes other things but to be honest I have only tried their nail polishes. And so I tend to think of the brand as a Nail Polish Brand.

The bottles look so lovely sitting on the shelf actually. I have several and i really like to see them all lines up. The heavy gold cap is decorative. It pulls off and there is a more manageable handle for the brush when you apply your polish.

Today I layered two of the polishes. The first was a solid color in a kind of fern green. It is named Bitter Cashmere Daydream. I used two coats to get the polish to a fully opaque finish. If left on it’s own I would put a clear top coat. Otherwise around three days in it would start to wear off of the tips of my nails. It is a minor wearing away as this is a pretty long lasting polish. But the top coat keeps it looking nice all week.

Instead of topping it with a clear coat I went for the sparkle of a second Smith and Cult Polish. This is called Take Fountain. What I like about this is that while it is filled with light reflecting sparkles it is not the chunky glitter. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good chunky glitter, but often times it is hard to get off and it can be a bit much for everyday use.

This sparkly polish has smaller bits that just catch the light as you shift your fingers around. There is a slight pinkish tone to the gloss in which the particles are suspended. While it doesn’t alter the color of this polish too much, I have noticed that when I wear it with pink/red tones it can soften them up just a little bit. It helps to tone down really intense pinks just a smidge.

Over all I am quite pleased with this week’s selection and to be honest even though this is my way of doing a nail polish clear out, I am really rather excited about working my way through the polishes.

For me, this was a great way to begin.

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