Midweek Masking with ID.AZ Water-Fit Mask

While I have been going through my single sheet mask packets trying to whittle them down so that I can reorder the ones I like and say good bye to the ones not worth the repurchase, I couldn’t resist opening this pack of five Water-Fit Sheet Masks from ID.AZ Private Doctor Line that came in the January Boxycharm Premium box.

It isn’t just that it is a set of five so I could try them repeatedly and see how they perform over time that drew me. It was the name. I am certain that I have tried something from this brand before but I simply can not remember what it was. I have a vaguely positive impression of the brand. i also remember rolling my eyes at the name. I know ID.AZ is a play on Ideas. It is cute and possibly clever but I will still roll my eyes every time I see it. It is an automatic reaction. If it makes anyone feel better I have the same reaction to Will.I.Am even though I love the Black Eyed Peas.

(I also get twitchy when people don’t conjugate verbs and leave out apostrophes, just so you know. I won’t call anyone on it, but it will always make me twitchy)

So I decided to try out this sheet mask for my midweek masking and try to recall what it was from the brand that i tried before. i still can’t recall even though I have searched the brand page up and down. It is not the easiest website to find things on. There are several familiar things, I just can’t remember if I tried them.

But to this sheet mask!

Each mask is individually packaged and because the masks are very fine rice paper like sheets, they come with a net like backing that you peel off. I actually like this better than some of the paper backings that are used for the same thing. It comes off very easily, sliding away from the mask. It is nice when you don’t have to wrestle the backing and risk folding the mask in on itself. This was nice and easy to separate and the mask went on well.

It is a juicy mask. the material adheres well to the skin because of it. There is also plenty of serum left in the foil packet. it is a well, even over saturated mask. When I first put it on, there were drips running down my neck. And while i will concede my neck needs serum too, this was not the way to get it. I dabbed it with a wash cloth and then all was well. I was able to sit at my desk and work while wearing the mask for the fifteen minutes.

There is no scent to the mask and while it feels wet, there is no slimy feeling to it that sometimes serums get. There were no real ingredients lists on the site, but I will say the mask certainly felt hydrating and maybe a little cool on the skin. After 20 minutes I did remove it. The mask was still wet, and given the amount of serum saturating it, that was not a surprise. There was however not too much serum left on my skin. There was a little and I did pat it in and let my skin dry. I was worried there would be too much serum and i would have to wipe it off. This proved not to be the case. My skin absorbed what was left and felt soft and very hydrated.

Over all this Water Fit Mask was a very hydrating mask. While I think that each time I used it my skin would receive additional hydration, I don’t think this is a mask I need to use every couple of days. My skin is in the normal/combo range. In the summer I lean towards oily without being fully oily and in the winter I lean towards dry without being fully dry. For me I think that a once a month burst of hydration or whenever I feel like my skin is too dry would be the right time to use this. I think it is an excellent mask for those times, but I don’t think my skin needs the level of moisture it provides on a consistent basis. This is ‘check your skin before applying’ mask for me. I am however happy to have it around for those times as it performed beautifully. I will keep the rest of these Water Fit Masks on hand for when I need them and consider repurchasing when I run out.

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