Taking care of the Tootsies with a moisturizing foot mask

While I love face masks every now and then there are other parts of me that need a little masking love too. Most noticeably, my feet. My feet work hard. They carry me around all day, every day and they get beaten up during my work outs.

In the summer they get dried out from the heat and open toed sandals that keep them on display and in the winter they dry out even more. Usually I moisturize before bed every night and it does a good job, depending on which cream I use of course. I recently finished up my Soap And Glory Foot Cream and had yet to open a new cream so I decided it was time to break out the foot mask and give my toes a treat.

Because I wanted to see just how moisturizing this foot mask was, I skipped my nightly foot moisturizer for two weeks so that my feet would be very dry and even more in need of some love. While I am glad I did that for testing this mask, I will not be skipping my nightly foot moisturizing for two weeks again. My feet were sandpaper dry. Good for testing the moisturizing capacity of the foot mask, not so good for my feet.

The foot mask I am testing out is from Le Mini Macaron. It is the Moisturizing Foot Mask with Lavender oil. I know everyone touts lavender. It is great for getting people to sleep and calming nerves. But truthfully, I am not a big fan of the scent. There are occasional lavender products I like, but more often than not, I am not a fan. The scent is not for me in the same way that rose is not for a lot of people. Having said that, I do know that lavender oil is very good for my skin. It is something my skin finds soothing and when I have used it in the past it has softened calluses really well, especially when paired with aloe. I didn’t see any aloe on the ingredients list, but there was witch hazel on the list and my skin also really enjoys that.

Two weeks without moisturizing

So I figured my nose was far enough away from my feet not to cause too much concern and I went ahead and opened the foot mask. The mask is two little booties connected in the center. I carefully separated them without incident. I opened each bootie and slipped my foot in. While there was not that heavy an aroma (they mostly smelled of plastic), slipping my foot inside was not the most pleasant experience. It was cold and a little bit viscus. And my feet were warm from fuzzy socks.

However once my feet were in the socks though, the feeling was fine. The hardest part was convincing myself to put the second one on. It just felt a little cool nd damp once I had the socks in place. There are no ankle ties on these socks. The ones I have used before had a closure that was a bit like a diaper tab to tighten them around the ankles.

They weren’t too loose, but to keep them as close to the skin as possible, I put a pair of socks over the plastic masking socks. It kept them in place and the socks made it possible for me to get up while I was wearing them. I’ve tried to move around in those before and they are too slick to really walk in. The socks prevented slipping and kept the mask close to my feet where it would do the most good.

I left them on my feet for twenty minutes. while i did have to walk across the house once, for the most part I stayed in one spot while I was wearing them. I did sort of press my heels into the floor and rub them around a bit since those were the worst of the dry areas. After twenty minutes I removed the Foot mask and patted my feet dry.

The skin was very much hydrated and the calluses felt much softer. That night I didn’t use any cream on my feet, wanting to see how long the mask’s softness lasted. The next morning my feet were better than they had been all week, but they were still in need of some lotion.

In general I like this mask. I think it is a great way to soften calluses and jump start hydrating really dry feet. However unless you are willing to use a mask like this every night, it is no substitute for taking care of your feet with a routine moisturizer. I think that if you have really dry and cracked heels, then using this Foot mask can actually help soften the skin enough so that it turbo boosts whatever moisturizer you follow it with. it is a great enhancer, but it should be used with regular routine foot care. I would however certainly purchase this Le Mini Macaron foot mask again.

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