Sinfully Soft Hair with Saints and Sinners Velvet

I have been using this Saints and Sinner Velvet Divine leave in conditioner for a while now. It is a spray leave in conditioner and it has a fairly fine mist. Occasionally the nozzle of the spray will get clogged and I will fine it shooting out one squirt instead of a spray. When it does that a wet cotton swab over the nozzle quickly clears up the problem and it is back to spraying a fine mist.

The scent is a high end salon scent that leans more towards slightly fruity rather than slightly floral. when smelling it, I don’t think ‘oh fruity’. I think, ‘Oh high end hair salon’. But it does lean more fruit than floral. The scent does fade though. I don’t notice it in my hair after the product dries.

For some reason I could not get the Saints and Sinners website to load, So the information was taken from the Salon Only Sales website. This Leave in conditioner is also sold at both Amazon and Walmart sites so it is readily available. I don’t know if there is some internal blocking on my system or if there is some issue on their end and will investigate that later, but I did use the info for the Salon Only Sales site for this (not an affiliate, it just had the most information.)

So according to the description…

Saints & Sinners VELVET DIVINE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER is the best leave-in conditioner you will ever use! Ideal for all hair types. Instantly detangles, eliminates frizz, adds shine, protects color, adds moisture, increases combability, strength & manageability while protecting hair against heat and environmental damage.

it does have a fine spray as mentioned and when I sprayed it in my hair it didn’t get stiff or feel heavy. For me, I tend to spray a light coating on the top of my hair for shine and then flip my hair over and spray the bottom layer and then run my fingers though to ensure it is evenly distributed.

The top spray gives great shine and by spraying it underneath I have noticed an increased volume to my hair as well as good body. At the moment I am using an oil control shampoo. It is actually a very good shampoo, but it is a shampoo that wither needs a hair mask following it or a dose of detangler. With that shampoo I have noticed that when I use a hair mask, this leave in conditioner is nice, but mostly just adds volume. If I use a simple conditioner with the oily hair shampoo, this is amazing. It makes the hair soft and reduces the need for a detangling product. I really enjoy this leave in conditioner and because of it I find myself wanting to try out the shampoo from the line. I haven’t gotten to that yet, but it is definitely on my list of products to pick up for trial. But that is a trial for another day. For now, I am well pleased with this leave in conditioner. I am about halfway through the bottle, but looking forward to using it up and adding it to the list of items to be purchased again.

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