A little Truff Luv for my locks

Hair masks are my once a week treat for my hair. I find using them more than once a week is overkill and not really good for my hair, but once a week it is a power boost that my hair loves. This week’s mask was the TruffLuv Indulgent Truffle Mask.

I have to say I was very excited to give this mask a try. I am a big fan of the scent of truffle. It can be done in overkill but the earthy truffle-y mushroom-y scent of truffles I really enjoy. Because this is billed as a black truffle extract infused mask, I was expecting some of that scent to be present, possibly blended with other scents, but still present.

For me however that scent was sadly lacking. It is called a truffle mask but I didn’t get the scent of truffles. It had a very heavy perfume-y scent to it actually. Very floral and very heavy. It was not a pleasant surprise.

However the mask did perform well. Only a little mask is needed as it is very hydrating, so use it sparingly. I actually used this for four weeks to get a real feel for the mask. The amount that seemed to work best for my hair was about a quarter sized amount dispensed on the center of my hand. Then I combed through my hair and let it sit a few minutes to do it’s thing before I rinsed it out.

If I only used this amount of product for my hair then my hair was soft and manageable, with no added detangles of leave in conditioners or anything needed. If I used more than that, the next day my hair would feel very greasy. So it is a product to use in moderation. But when used in moderation it works really well. What I found is that it pairs really well with a hair detox shampoo. While I like those sorts of shampoos to really clean the product out of my hair every now and again, I do find that when I use them I really need some sort of detangling spray after. With this mask, I just rotated it in to pair with the shampoo and it was perfectly fine.

No detangler needed. I think that is it’s strong suit. It makes the hair soft and cuts down all the tangles to make it more manageable. It can giet a little greasy if over used but if you use it in moderation once a week it is fine. For me however it is the scent. This is a very heavy on the perfume hair mask. It is a sort of salon type of perfume scent, but for me it was a little too heavy to be pleasant. I will use this hair mask until the tube is empty, but it is not going to go on the repeat purchase list for me. I have other products that detangle just as well and aren’t so heavily perfumed. If you have a massive issue with dry and tangled hair, and are less scent oriented than i am, this is a fantastic mask. The scent does dissipate with only a lighter scent staying in the hair, but for me, the scent kills it. This TruffLuv Indulgent Truffle Mask is not for me.

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