The Daily: February 16th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has been a day. Alas it started with more computer issues. but I did figure them out I believe. Apparently my babydoll tried to use my poor old desk top for gaming. It is ill equipped for such endeavors, which he figured out. He thought he removed all of the things he was using but apparently he missed a couple of elements which were trying to connect to things he already removed.

It was a bit of a mess.

But It is mostly cleared up now.

It did take more time than I had to give to clear it up though so I am running a little bit behind. Still trying to catch up, but beciase I have no one who needs to see my face today for work I am going sans makeup today. I’m calling it a skin care moment instead. I have a Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask. It does make my skin soft and hydrated and most of the mask absorbs in while I wear it. I then wipe off the rest with a damp wash cloth and go about my day.

I am also giving my lips a bit of the royal treatment. I Have the Hanalei Lip scrub to start. I keep trying other lip scrubs but this is the one I always come back to. it is a sugar scrub that is sweet and citrusy tasting and smelling. It is a nice gentle scrub and I really enjoy it. I will be following with the Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. I took it temporarily out of my skincare line up because I wanted to give a different product a try. and then my lips got dry and I thought it would be a good test, but then I couldn;t find the product i wanted to try. And then I started picking my dry lips. Sooo, I am going back to the lip mask that I know works. Later I will go on a hunt for the missing product, then skip the Tatcha again for a bit and test it out. For now, it is the return of Tatcha because I love it and I know it works.

And so my darlings, that is me today. I don’t regret taking the time off on Tuesday. I just wasn’t expecting the extra issues of Wednesday and Thursday. But most things are fixed today and I am fine for working today and tomorrow. It will be this weekend where the full scale clear out with the computer will take place. Oh yes, from clearing cookies and history to sorting through photos and podcasts to scrutinizing the programs, battle will be done.

Which will make next week a smoother operation. But for now, I’m taking fifteen minutes down for a skin care moment and then jumping back into the fray. Have a good afternoon my darlings.


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