The Skincare Line Up: February 17th, 2023

I know most of you are taking a good look and thinking that nothing changed, and you would be right. But take a good look, because things are about to change. For several of these products this is the last week in the line up. During the coming week i will be using up the last of several of them and rolling in new items. I try to start things on different days so my skin can deal with the changes. I am also thinking of going back to separate day and night time routines. I generally find that I do better with my skincare if I can just go down the line with things instead of having to think about the products and what gets used when. I find I am more consistent with my skin care with a separate day and night routine. But that is something I will figure out later, for now, let’s see what was used this week and what will be going away.

Makeup Remover: Beekman 1802 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Elemis Pro Collagen Energizing Marine Cleanser

Toner: Perricone MD High Potency Face Finishing Firming Toner (sent by BzzAgent for review)

Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First essence (currently 30% off on the brand site)

Serum: Elemis Pro Collagen Renewal Serum

Moisturizer: ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Moisturizer

Eye cream: Byroe Tea Time Eye gel

First we have the Beekman 1802 Makeup remover. It is good, but it is not something that works well with mascara. I found that going in with my Makeup Eraser (wet) over my eyes to remove most of the eye makeup and mascara before going in with the cleansing balm really helps. It means I don’t need a second product and I still end up with clean skin. I still have a week, maybe two of this cleansing balm so it will be sticking around a little bit longer.

I did manage to stretch the Elemis Cleanser out until this morning, but the last of the product was used this morning. It is a nice gel cleanser and it worked really well cleaning my skin without stripping it. It isn’t much of a surprise as I really like most elemis products. while I would use this cleanser again in a heart beat and may actually order a full size, the only reason I might not order it is because I love the Elemis Lime Blossom Cleanser just a little bit more. This cleanser is, alas empty now and I will have to choose a new one before bed time tonight.

The Elemis Serum has a couple of days left and I will use every drop of it before I let the bottle go. It is a really good serum that makes my skin soft and I have seen an improvement in the texture of my skin as well. I would happily use this serum again and am a little bummed that I will soon have to let it go. Mostly because I know there are other serums waiting in the wings that I need to try before I repurchase this one. I will however be repurchasing this one.

I will also be repurchasing the ESPA Moisturizer. There is only a little bit left in the jar but oh wow was it fantastic. It felt like it was going to be a thick and heavy cream when I first touched it. It is a very rich cream, but once it warms to the skin it melts in like a dream. The few white streaks are gone once it warms and that really takes very little time. It proved to be a good day and a night cream, which I wasn’t expecting. Given the texture I thought it would surely be too heavy for me to use in the day, but it wasn’t. I really can not say enough good things about this cream. I an say that it was part of the reason that I didn’t create a separate day and night time routine. I wanted to use the moisturizer for both ends of my day. I do wonder if my love of this cream was also due to the time of year that i used it. I am at my driest this time of year and my skin loved it. I do think that i might actually repurchase this moisturizer in the summer this year to see if it is as fantastic when i am on the oilier side of my seasonal skincare. But for now it was fabulous and I can already see it as the first item on my favorites list from 2023. In a few days time though the jar will be empty. But it will be retested once the world warms back up.

The Perricone Toner will be with me for a while yet, provided I don’t accidentally knock over the bottle. I have a small powder room where I do my skincare and while I adore this product, the bottle has an open top. It has the screw on cap but then it is just an open bottle to the product. So if it does get knocked over then it will all spill out. I am being very protective of it as I don’t want to waste a drop so it should be fine, but I have knocked things over in the past so I am taking precautions. That is actually the only issue I have with the toner. If it had a regulator in the bottle it would be about perfect. A little strong in scent but utterly fabulous and well worth any other inconvenience to use. It is slightly exfoliating but it is gentle enough to use daily. I have had fewer issues with clogged pores since I rolled it in and will happily keep using it.

And now it is time for the Byroe Tea Time Eye Gel. I adore this eye cream. It is a gel eye cream and it takes very little to apply to the eyes. It is also one of the few products that will be continuing in the line up. It will take me a really long time to get through the jar. However once a new routine is settled I may roll in some of my eye cream sample sizes to try them out. But for now I like that it is a something stable in the line up. I will be keeping very little through next week and it is nice to have some stability. And since I know this is fabulous, I don’t mind keeping it.

And so take a good look at this line up my darlings because there are big changes on the way as the empties go away and new products take their place. Personally this is when i start getting excited. But that is for later. Enjoy your Friday my darlings.

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