The Daily: February 21st, 2023

I have to admit, I wasn’t originally planning to take Monday off. It whipped through my brain that Monday was president’s day but quite honestly last week I was so off kilter that it didn’t fully register until my babydoll came home and yelled, “Three Day Weekend!” and then collapsed on the couch.

He had a pretty stressful week last week too. There was some sort of snafu with contractors that he had to iron out. Mine was more trying to figure out why my computer was having spasms of ineptitude, but that is an entirely different thing.

I also discovered that I have been binging Criminal Minds a little too much. The whole series is on Paramount + which I love. They are putting up the current season now. The thing is that it had been a while since I saw the show so I decided to start at Season one and then work my way to the current season (season 16). I love that I can do that as I am really getting into the show, but last night I had a nightmare about being chased by a band of serial killers. It did sort of blend Criminal Minds and A Clockwork Orange into a dream scape which, while awake I find really interesting. But I think it also means I need to get something non murder-y in my watch list.

If anyone has any suggestions I will happily take them. I will be scrolling through trying to find something that doesn’t involve murder or dystopian futures. My watch list on every streaming site tends to lean in that direction. I wonder if there is a category of recommendations for things unlike what is on my watch list? That would be helpful. But something for another time. For now…

Today’s Look

Primer: Figs and Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer (from Use up box)

Foundation: Bite Beauty The Changemaker Foundation (discontinued – from use up box)

Concealer: Dior Backstage Concealer

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight: Marc Jacobs Omega X 3 Tantastic Glow Palette (discontinued)

Setting Powder: Puff Puff Pass Set and Bake Powder from Kimchi Chic Beauty

Eyes and Lips: Axiology Tinted Dew in Humble

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills lash Brag Mascara

Setting Spray: Ciate London Watermelon Burst Setting Spray

Okay let’s take a deep dive. This month i put the Figs and Rouge Primer and the Bite Beauty Foundation in my Items to Use up Box. This was the last use for wither of them. Bite Beauty is no more so this was a fond farewell to a fabulous foundation and the Primer I was on the fence with. It is a good blurring primer and it hydrates. So if you have dry skin it is fine. I find the scent a little off putting, but that does fade fast. I find I can wear it if I am having a really good skin day, but if I have any red spots or blemishes it is just not going to help me. It works well but it isn’t something I feel I need to repurchase. it was fine while it lasted and I would use it again if it showed up in a subscription box, but I have other primers I prefer.

I like the Dior concealer. It has a brush rather than a doe foot which I find easier to use. I tend to use very little concealer and then only when allergies attack. Usually that is only a few times a year but with the weather bouncing up and down the thermometer sniffles and dark circles abound. I just need a little dot of this and then i blend it out and it works for me. It doesn’t crease and it lasts all day. I just need to use very little.

Even though this Marc Jacobs Trio is no longer in production I really enjoy it and will use it until all three pans are empty. And then I will use it as a travel compact. After two weeks of cream blush I did go a little heavy handed with the powder. That always happens when I switch back to powder from cream. Plus this is more of a summer time palette for me. I just saw it and though, I haven’t used that in a while. (Mostly because it is a summer time palette) and picked it up. It is worth using, even if it isn’t being made any more.

You know I love the Kimchi setting powder. A chunk of the love is the powder puff that comes with it. That is a fantastic powder puff. The powder is also good. Go light because two much can look a little powdery. But I love this slight tint to the powder that keeps it from looking super white. I use the puff to apply and just brush off the extra.

As I mentioned Axiology sent three products for me to try. This is the second of them. It is the Tinted Dew Multi Stick. It is less pigmented than the color cream. Today I used it on my eyes and lips. On the lips it feels like a lip balm. It gives a sheer-ish wash of color. I have the shade Humble. To be honest it is not my lip shade. However I did use it as a cream eyeshadow today and i love it. it was quick and simple and has not moved or faded all day. It took two seconds to apply and I think it looks really good for a very low key natural day kind of look. I especially love it paired with this mascara. I love the barely there eyeshadow looks pared with really thick and full lashes. And the Axiology mixed with the ABH Lash brag gave me that today. I am really happy with this.

To finish it off I did use the Ciate Setting Spray. I’m trying to remember setting sprays as i tend to forget the non-skincare based ones. The Ciate nozzle was clogged up because it sat for a while after my last use so I cleanse it with a cotton swab and it works perfectly now. I will be keeping it out and using it until it is gone. I have a stock pile of these because I do like setting sprays but tend to forget I have them. So i want to use up what I have and then only repurchase the skincare based ones. So you will see this one for a while a I work through it.

And that my darlings is me. I feel refreshed and revived after my three day weekend. It may be a short week and I may feel crunched towards the end of it, but I really needed that mental reset. It feels really good to have that. And I think that will make this week a pretty good one. Sometimes, you just need a breather.

Axiology Beauty

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