The Skincare Line up: February 24th, 2023

Oh yes, the line up has changed! I had several really good products finish up and head off to the land of the empties so I decided to start rolling in some of the samples from my collection. Since I have been using full sizes the samples have build up to quite a pile. And so now seemed like the right time to use them. Also with the planting of the seeds in my green house this past weekend, spring has been on my mind and I am getting ready for the annual grand spring cleaning, so clearing out samples seemed like the thing to start with.

It especially makes me feel better about the one window I can’t clean. It isn’t that I can’t reach it or physically clean it, but when it is clean birds tend to fly into it. Not sure why it is just that window, but i is. I can usually ignore it, but when I have all of the other windows sparkly clean and it isn’t, it does kind of bug me. But I don’t want the birds to die or to have to clean up broken glass, so it stays and I pretend not to see it.

But I digress, we are here to talk about skincare. As you may notice from the above picture, there are a few duplicates in the mix. That is because i split everything out between night and day time use. There is some overlap, but I did split them out. Let’s start with the makeup removers.

Beekman 1802 Buttermilk Makeuep Melt

Bioderma Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution

The Beekman cleansing Balm I have been using for a while. I might have enough to get me through this upcoming week, but that will probably be the end of the product. It has over all been a good product. It cleanses well. It is not the best with eye makeup but it will take off foundation products really well. It does leave a slight greasy feel to the skin after use, but that isn’t a major concern as I always wash my face right after, plus I am using the Micelle water to get the last of my eye makeup off so i just run the reusable cotton pad over the rest of my face and the greasy feel is gone.

I had this Micelle water open so i went ahead and rolled it into the line up to just work on using it up and clearing it away. To be honest, I used the bulk of this product to make sure some of my makeup brushes were really clean. I tried a brush cleanser a while back that irritated my skin so I needed to get my brushes really clean, After washing them thoroughly i gave them a final rinse with the micelle water. It worked really well. And now I have half a bottle of micelle water to use up. At the moment I really like it, but i would still use a makeup remover with it. Once the Beekman is finished I will try it paired with just my Makeup Eraser and I’ll see how that fares. If it works I’ll be happy. If not, I’ll roll in another makeup remover.

The Day time Line up

Cleanser: Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

Serum: Babor Perfect Glow Ampule Concentrate

Eyecream: Byroe Truffle Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Beauty Stat Universal Pro Bio Moisture Boost Cream

Oh my darlings do we have a lot to talk about with the day time line up. We will start with the cleanser. I have a hard time with this cleanser. It is not the first time I have used it First off it cleanses well and it smells like the Blueberry Muffin Doll that was Strawberry Shortcake’s friend. I don’t know how many of you remember those scented dolls from the 1980s. Here is a link to a pinterest pic I found should you need a visual. Somehow in my memory they did not look quite that creepy. But that is not the important part. the scent is blueberry-ish. The product comes out as a gel and then foams as you wash your face. Here is the thing. I like the cleanser, but i really don’t like the packaging. I think the dispensing hole is a little too small for the viscosity level of the product. It makes it feel like I have to pump forever just to get the product out. The product is good, but getting it is a bit of a struggle. It could be that I am using the sample and the full size doesn’t have this problem. For me though it is a good product that I would repurchase because I am annoyed by the packaging.

Then we get to the serum. I love this serum. I know I posted a first use of this seven day sample set and it was pretty clear I liked it, but now it is full blown love. It has a light gentle scent and is a very liquid-y serum. Each ampule has enough product to cover the face and neck. It is very wet so you do have to wait for it to absorb in. Which I can’t lie, does take a bit of time. I ended up applying it and then brushing my teeth and making the bed before coming back to continue with the skincare. The dry time is one of the few things I am not fond of, but i will put up with it because I love the way my skin looks and feels after i use the serum. There is one thing that bothers me.

I can only find this Babor Serum in these ampule kits. If anyone else finds them in more please let me know, but from what I have found they are only sold in the seven ampule sets. There is no bottle I can find with this serum, or even larger sets. And this is a once daily serum. it is not a once a week serum, it is designed to be used once a day. Which means that I’d have to purchase the seven day sets in bulk in order to keep using this serum. While i would happily use this serum every day, that is a lot of excess packaging. I know it is mostly glass and paper for the packaging, but it still seems a bit excessive. I do think though that the next time i have a scheduled event, I will be ordering this serum set to use in the days leading up to the event because I absolutely love how my skin feels and the way it looks. It just really bugs me that it is a daily serum that is hard to get enough of to use daily on a continuous basis.

If you are interested, Lovely skin does currently have a sale going on that includes this serum set. The link in the product list above will take you there.

I have been using the Byroe Tea Time Eye cream and I adore it. It is a gel formula which seems to help it absorb very rapidly. When I was getting out the samples for this week I did notice that I had the deluxe sample of the Byroe Truffle Eye serum around so I decided to give it a try and see how I like it. It is more of a cream formula, but it is a very light cream. It takes slightly longer than the gel to absorb but not that much longer. It is the first week of use, so I can’t say there are any results just yet, but I am happy to continue using it.

I think when this Beauty Stat moisturizer came in my Dermstore Beauty Fix I might have slighted it because it said for all skin types on it. I rarely find that to be the case with any moisturizer. Whether or not it is true about this, I do know my skin loves it. It is a strange texture. It is as though it is half way between a cream and Vaseline. I know that’s not generally a moisturizer descriptor, but there is something in the viscosity of this cream that makes me think Vaseline. It is a white cream with a sort of medicine/old school skin care scent to it. Very little of this moisturizer is needed so i will be using it for the next week. Because of it’s consistency it feels thick on the fingers but melts to absorb quickly when spread on the face. It is a fantastic moisturizer. The texture is a little strange, but I will put up with a little strange for this. It is definitely on the list of full size purchases.

The Night time Line up

Cleanser: Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

Toner: Perricone MD Face Finishing and Firming Toner

Serum: Replenix Age Restore Night Time Therapy

Moisturizer: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel

Lips mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip mask

The cleanser worked the same in the night as it did in the day so I think we have covered it. The Perricone MD Toner is one of the two products that continued from the previous skincare lineup. Mostly because I use so little with each use. It is a really good, gentle exfoliation that I enjoy being able to use daily. I really think it has been one of the heroes of my skin for the past few weeks. I have noticed a much better texture and will happily continue with using the rest of the bottle.

This is my first use of a Replenix product. I have a second one in my samples drawer and will probably give it a go once this is empty. (I think they are both for night time use). This has a light clean scent to it that just smells like something that should be skincare. One pump is all that is needed and because of that I will be using this for at least next week as well. It absorbs really quickly and my skin feels fantastic after I apply it. There is no greasy feel to the skin and my skin is silky soft. I know it has ceramides and I had a similar feel to my skin after using a ceramide cleanser so I think that is partially responsible. I will be investigating as I continue using this.

The Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel from Rodial I have used several times before. I used a sample and liked it enough to purchase the full size. I was actually tickled to find I had another sample in my collection. I was also disappointed that there was not a lot of product in the tube despite it being still sealed. It is a fantastic moisturizer but i think i only have enough for tonight and then it will be gone. With Rodial I am often on the fence about their products. They are always good, but when i see the price of them I always thing, ‘They aren’t THAT good.’ With the exception of this sculpting gel. It is one of the few Rodial products I will pay full price for because it is actually worth the full price.

As I mentioned last week I had been skipping my lip mask so that I could try out something else. And then I misplaced the product I was going to try. And so my lips grew chapped. My problem is that once they start getting chapped I will pick at them and make it worse. I actually don’t mean to. when I catch myself doing it I stop and mentally berate myself. I tend to do it when i am thinking. If they are chapped I will absently pick at them while searching my brain for a word or trying to figure out a way to word an e-mail so it doesn’t sound confrontational. Regardless, I picked at my lips. I am slowly getting them back into shape with the Tatcha lip mask. It is actually very good for that and I am going to have to start using it in the day time as well as at night. It is a great sleeping mask but I still pick at my now healing lips in the day, with the lip mask on, I don’t. So I may put it over lip products next week. we shall see,

And with that I am going to end this overly long skincare post. There was just a lot to talk about this week. I know I enjoyed it. Hopefully you did too. At some point I will go into depth about the Replenix especially as I continue use, and there will be a last update with close ups from the Babor serum, but as a team, everything is working really well this week and I am in love with my skin. And in the end, that is the whole point of the line up.

REPLENIX Medical-Grade Skincare

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