The Daily: February 27th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. My babydoll had a sinus infection this weekend and is actually home today still recovering. The antibiotics took out the infection but it always leaves him exhausted so he called in sick today.

It is always interesting when he is home sick. He likes to think he is an island, isolating and stoically suffering in silence. In reality I will end up seeing or hearing from him about every fifteen minutes as he wonders where things are, like the tea which is always kept on the same shelf in the pantry and had for the past five years. I also get asked how much water to put in the electric tea kettle and where the blankets are. I always find it amusing to find that as soon as he is ill he suddenly forgets where everything is and reverts to grumpy three year old mode.

At the moment he is sleeping so the house is quiet. I am trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake him. He had some soup before taking his nap so I should be good for a while.

Needless to say it has been a very disjointed day. But he is feeling better so tomorrow he will go back to work and I will catch up on everything I missed today.

Today I am actually thinking about the Boxycharm/IPSY merger. For those who don’t know, IPSY and Boxy announced their official merger last week. IPSY has three levels. Glam bag, Glam Bag Plus and Glam Bag X. They also have the beauty boost that can be added to any category. The Glam bag will be stay the same. The glam bag plus is being renamed Boxycharm and is the same as the Boxy Base Box. If you have IPSY Plus and the Beauty Boost then it is the same as the Premium Boxycharm, and then the Glam Bag X and Boxycharm Luxe box will be the same and they will be calleted ICON Box.

It isn’t actually much of a surprise that they are merging. IPSY bought Boxycharm a while ago and since then there have been so many duplicates and issues that streamlining seemed to be the best logical course for them to survive moving forward. I think what I find interesting is the timing, at least for me. I have IPSY Plus with the Beauty Boost. I did have the Boxy Premium as well. I just cancelled the Premium because February was just so irritating. While March is going to be the last Glam Bag Plus with the merger official in April, I am really glad I went ahead and cancelled Boxycharm premium. As it will end up being the exact same thing I currently get from IPSY it was actually good timing for me.

I have also decided that i will be posting my IPSY unboxings again, especially for the next few months. March will be the last IPSY and then it will be the merged box, so I kind of want to follow it as things progress. And most of why I wasn’t posting was because I wanted to see how I felt about the subscription because I knew I wasn’t keeping both Boxy and IPSY which is no longer an issue really.

I also realized that I hadn’t used a couple of the makeup items I recieved in my Glam Bag X so I picked them for today’s makeup.

Today’s Look

Primer: Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective primer

Foundation: Hide Invisible Oil Free Foundation

Bronzer: Scott Barnes Contour palette

Blush: Axiology Color Cream Multi Stick

Setting Powder: Item Beauty Powder Hour In the Clear

Eyeshadow: Mosaic by Trendbeauty

Mascara: PurFully Charged Mascara

Brows: Grande Browfill Volumizing Brow Gel

Lips: Pat McGrath Labs Heart Shaped Lip Gloss

Okay we start today with my all time favorite primer. I love the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer. It fills my pores and provides a nice smooth canvas for the rest of my makeup. I can’t say enough good things about it. It is a little on the pricy side, but i have to say it is well worth the price and I will repurchase anytime it gets low.

I have to say i really do like this HIDE foundation,. it is weightless and it blends beautifully. I mostly chose it because it performs well without me thinking about it, which is something i need when trying out a new contour.

This contour palette from Scott Barns was in my Glam Bag X in February. The powders are soft and highly pigmented. They seem to blend well. I have heard of Scott Barnes but this is the first time i have tried anything from the brand. It is good quality, but I will be honest, I don’t exactly contour. I just use this as bronzer. There is a shade Frame, that works perfectly for me. As the seasons change I will more than likely shift shades, but i suspect this palette with have two shades I will use as bronzer and if I use the other shades it will be for a quick eyeshadow. It is just the way I apply makeup. I think I am going to have to remind myself to use this actually. It is a good formula though. It is just large enough it will be stored in a lower drawer and I will have to make an effort.

I went for the Axiology Cream color today as blush. I have a third Axiology product to start testing, but i just couldn’t resist reaching for this as my cream blush. It is just so easy and this is a good shade for me. I know, I’ll start rotating soon. But I do love this.

I picked up this Item Beauty powder because I really liked the brush powder combo in the stick. It took a little while to get the powder to come out, but after i did it worked well. I love that it is refillable as well. So once I have finished with this powder i can replace the powder and keep using the brush. The powder itself is okay. I don’t know if Item beauty sells the powder separately but I could easily see me replacing it with one of the powders I have on hand and just continuing to use the brush. I am really happy with this purchase and i think that when traveling this will be fantastic.

This weekend I realized I had several eyeshadow palettes i picked up but haven’t really spent time testing. So I decided to look at them and see what appealed to me. And this morning the mint green shimmer appealed to me. The rest of this palette is pretty basic in colors but that minty green i just had to try. The brown mattes I used underneath it blended really well. As everyday shades they worked realty well. The shimmer layered well on top, but it didn’t blend with anything. I do like the spring colors in this so i may play with it for a little bit. The shadows do tend to crease a little bit, but they are worth playing with I think.

I love the Grande Brow Fill. it is a good basic brow gel and since my bangs are covering my brows it is just enough to keep things tidy, which is all I need.

This was the first use of the Pur mascara. After the Uoma it isn’t dramatic at all. It is sort of your basic every day mascara. The wand was a bit on the prickly side and it is just okay. I will probably use up the sample and not repurchase.

And then there is the lips. The Glam Bag X had two heart shaped lip glosses from Pat McGrath labs. The formula feels really good on the lips. It doesn’t dry down at all so there are a trail of lip prints all over my coffee cup and water glass. The lip prints stopped when the lip gloss was completely worn off. I reapplied for the pic. I like the formula when i am not drinking anything. I don’t know how much i will use them though because even though the colors and formula are nice, the little brush is kind of annoying and the shape of the heart makes it hard to get product on the brush. It is one of those nice looking products that isn’t that practical. I’m glad i tried the formula, but I suspect these will end up in a drawer and I will forget about them.

And that is my makeup today. It is a mix of the reliably good, the okay and the meh. Kind of fun in it’s own way. But now it is back to work for me. I have a few things I want to try to get done before my babydoll wakes up. Thus far there is still silence from the living room. He fell asleep to Sherlock Homes. Which means I am probably good until the credits roll. It is the music for the end credits that tends to wake him up. So I am off. Have a great rest of your Monday my darlings.

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