The Empties of February 2023

I always reach the end of the month and think, I didn’t use up a lot of products this month’, and yet somehow when I dive into the bin I keep under the sink for my empty products I am always amazed by what I find.

this time we are going to start off with the serums. There were two in this month’s empties. The first is the Babor Ampule Concentrate in Perfect glow. It is a seven day set so I used it for a full week. It is a fantastic serum and to be honest my one real complaint is that it only comes in a seven day set. If it came in a bottle that I could use continuously I would always have it around. I could really see a difference in the texture of my skin and I felt really good using it.

The second serum in this moth’s empties is the Elemis Pro Collagen Renewal serum. It smells fresh and clean, absorbs well into the skin and really helped plump up some of my fine lines. I really enjoyed it and would happily order it again. it was one of my holiday stock up on Elemis product orders and was a great way to start off the new year. I think I started it in December and the bottle lasted almost eight weeks.

There is a second Elemis Item in my empties bin and it is also from the Pro Collagen line. It is a really good line actually. This was the energizing Marine Cleanser. It has the same scent as the other pro-collagen items. The cleanser is a blue gel which I found fun. It lathers well and rinses away clean. The scent is really just fresh and clean. I loved it as a morning cleanser.

This month I also used the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel. It was a sample size and alas not as full of product as i would have liked. I have used this in the full sized before and always gather up any samples of this that I find. Oddly enough Rodial is not one of my go to brands. I generally find their items just okay in performance and a bit over priced. This however is the one product I really do like from them and will continue to use. Everything else form the brand is more hit or miss. This, for me is their star. It is a light weight cream that absorbes quickly and makes your skin feel like silk.

there were two dry shampoos in this month’s empties. I didn’t actually use them both completely up this month, I’ve been working on them for a while. The Authentic Beauty Concept Dry shampoo was fantastic for not only making my hair look freshly washed but for making it feel soft and for giving it a lot of body. It is something I will certainly be repurchasing. Klorane has been my go to for dry shampoo for years. This particular one, Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat Milk is the one I keep in my car because it is a manual dry shampoo. There is no sort of accelerant at all in the product container. You twist the top to expose the hole and then you squeeze the bottle to get the product out. I really like Klorane in general, but this particular version is fantastic for leaving in the car or a gym bag. I sometimes worry about bottles with accelerants in hot cars, but that often leaves me sans dry shampoo in the summer so this is the perfect solution for me.

Continuing with hair products, I have another travel sized Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scalp scrub that has now been emptied. I think I have one more sample size before I can open the full sized version I have waiting in the wings. Admittedly i think i have a couple of other sample sized products to get through before I open any full sized scrub, but that is another discussion. I do love this scalp scrub and to be honest you will probably see the third sample of this in next month’s empties. it is just my favorite.

I can’t say the same for the other two hair masks in the empties bin though. The TruffLuv Indulge Truffle Mask works really well but the scent is so floral and so strong that I simply don’t find it pleasant to use. I worked my way through it and the tube is now empty but even though it worked well, i did not find using it to be pleasant because of the scent.

The Olaplex #3 was an interesting pre shampoo mask. It reminded me that I probably should do more pre shampoo masks. It was good about removing any product residue from my hair but it also removed any body and volume from my hair. I have a slight curl to my hair. Because it is long and thick, the weight of it tends to pull a lot of the curl out, but the ends always have some curl to them. This made those ends stick straight. The hair was silky soft and there were no tangles but it made my hair feel kind of dead with the removal of so much of the body and it wasn’t something I really want to repeat.

And finally there are two face masks. I am not the biggest fan of peel off face masks but i did enjoy this Aceology Firming Treatment Mask. I prefer the non peel off masks from Aceology, mostly because I just prefer non-peel off masks (If you get a chance to try their Rose Petal Mask go for it, your skin will feel like rosepetals) I do like this peel off mask enough that I would use it again, even if i don;t feel the need to run out and repurchase this immediately.

The final mask and final item in my empties bin this month is the Yensa Pumpkin Turmeric 2-in-1 Radiance polishing face mask. This mask smells like a delicious bakery treat. I now that isn’t the most important thing, but it smells fabulous. It has an exfoliating component and my skin always feels amazing after I use it. It is great to follow any kind of pore clearing treatment. Often i will use a pore clearing mask on a Friday and then Saturday evening follow with this to remove what the pore clearing mask brought to the surface. It is great on it’s own but it is excellent as part of a two product skin care tag team.

Over all i was pretty happy with things this month. There were definitely some highlights as well as a few lows, but I got to try out quite a few different products and I always enjoy finding new favorites.

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