The Daily: March 9th, 2023

Today my darlings there is no makeup. I woke up just feeling stuffy and puffy and decided I wasn’t going to be bothered. There are days like that. And since I only have to work at home today, I am not really that worried about my bare faced bothering anyone. It is just me and the computer screen. Which is fine, somedays are like that.

I am however drinking lemon Ginger tea by the bucket and taking my sinus tabs and really hoping that this is just allergies and not something else. I am 90% sure it is just allergies but these days there is always that moment when your spring allergies kick in where you really wonder, is this just allergies?

It doesn’t help that every other ad I’ve seen this week has been for Paxlovid. I know it is because vaccination numbers are not high in my area. I am vaccinated and that is all i will say about that. However I think I might have actually memorized those commercials at this point.

I actually had a dream last night where my brain took a commercial break from the dream line itself and played the Paxlovid commercial. Seriously. I was in the middle of a dream about escaping a burning building and just before I reached the door, the screen went blank and a man in a red plaid blazer came out holding a 1960s style microphone (you know, thin with the small knobby bit at the end) he turned his back to me and said to an invisible audience “We’ll be right back after these commercial breaks. Then the ad for Paxlovid played. I couldn’t move the entire time and even the fire froze in place. Then the commercial ended and everything snapped back into motion. Even in the dream I thought that was really strange.

I do think it might be better than being dream stalked by the Dior Sauvage commercial. That was just Johnny Depp and a wolf in the background and on the other side of windows. I should also probably stick to reading before bed rather than watching television before I go to sleep. Ultimately I think that is what that means. Unfortunately I just finished my latest book and need to find something new to sink my brain into before bedtime.

But now, I am just slogging through the workload left by the disarray of this week. I also have Crufts playing in the background today in case you want the full picture. And so it is back to work for me with occasional dog breaks. Strange Thursday, but hopefully better dreams tonight.

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