The Daily: March 16th, 2023

Oh my darlings have you ever planned a very logical course of events and then watched them spiral completely out of control?

I started today off with a plan. It was a good plan. I worked late last night clearing off the morning schedule and getting ready for the plan. I was on top of things. You see with everything going on there have been some things that we’ve been kind of putting off. Things that kind of need to be done during the workday and not on weekends. A nice laundry list of things from getting new contact lenses to routine vehicle maintenance.

Some of them could have been done on the weekend I suppose but sometimes the weekdays are less crowded so its easier. Anyway we had a list. It wasn’t a really long list. Usually I’ll take things like this down one at a time but there were more than usual and some were quite delayed so I made my plan.

The auto mechanics is on the far side of town, and actually a little outside of town if I am honest. So I figured I’d start there, getting in when they first opened and then working my way back. So instead of my normal morning routine I washed my face, slapped on my skincare and filled a travel mug with coffee. I then headed out across town hoping to beat the morning traffic.

I was only partially successful and it took longer than I planned.

In fact everything took longer than I planned.

Every. Single. Thing.

I don’t know if i was overly ambitious or if if everyone had the same thought i did and a similar list of things to accomplish, but it was a mad house. I planned to be out two maybe three hours. At the latest I planned to be back around lunch time. Maybe. I just walked in a few minutes ago. My very late lunch (a tomato basil sipping soup from Campbell’s Yes Well line in case you are interested) is in the microwave. I will have my soup and then I will check my e-mail. Following that, I will be starting the process of making dinner. we are having stromboli tonight and I need to make the dough.

there is no makeup today. It feels like there was no real day today.

I am also fairly certain that I am the only one in the entire State of Tennessee who not only possesses a working turn signal on their vehicle but also has the understanding of how to use it. I could be wrong, but at the moment I really doubt it.

I am now going to take some deep breaths and then I am going to have my soup. I hope your day went a little more to plan than mine did.

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