Mid Week Masking with a glass of red and Tonymoly

That’s right the grand sheet mask purge continues. I have one box of sheet masks but it is no longer a bursting sheet masks and in truth some of them are repeat purchases that I always keep on hand. I am going through the singles that I have to see if they are worth keeping around and reordering. I tend to prefer non-sheet masks in general so I realized I was just putting the sheet masks in a box and forgetting about them. This is my attempt at using up and evaluating.

It is slow of course as there are only so many sheet masks you can use at a time.

Today I went with the Tonymoly I’m Red Wine Pore Care mask Sheet. I found this especially interesting because while it is sold in a sheet mask form, there is a tube form so I could buy this same mask as a non sheet mask. Which to be honest, unless there are some sort of problems with the sheet mask, I might do just for comparison’s sake. I am always curious as to how sheet masks and regular face masks compare. But to get back to the mask at hand. The description…

Tighten, tone, and sculpt your face with our I’m Red Wine Pore Tightening Mask! This wash-off mask starts as a smooth gel and tightens as it dries, leaving your skin visibly lifted and firmer. The innovative formula is packed with powerful ingredients like Red Wine Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract to diminish the appearance of pores, soothe irritation, and increase collagen production.

I know this is the description of the non-sheet mask, but on the Tonymoly site it was the one offered. They no longer had the sheet mask, even though it is still offered for sale at Ulta. This link will take you to Ulta (not an affiliate link, just a shopping one, although so is the tonymoly one if you get down to it as I have no affiliation with them either.)

Out of the pack, the face mask was juicy. It was dripping all over the sink and I was concerned there would be dribbles all over the place once i put it on. Surprisingly there wasn’t an issue. I think all of the excess serum just came out with the mask when I slipped it out of the packet. The masking material is a little stiff so it didn’t hug the contours of my face all that well on the edges. it covered my face, but sort of hung off my chin instead of curling under and sticking to the underside of my jaw. The eye holes were a little small for me so I could see the edges of the mask out of the corner of my eyes.

In all though, odd as it was, I didn’t mind it as much with this mask, because usually the eye holes are so large that the area around my eyes doesn’t really get a lot of the sheet mask benefits. so odd as it was, I didn’t find it problematic once I got used to seeing the edge of the mask. I didn’t move around a lot when I was wearing the mask, mostly because it did affect my peripheral vision. It is a mask I put on and then wore while sitting at my desk.

The scent of the mask was interesting. From the red wine image and name I expected a winey, fermented sort of scent. What i got was a lightly grape juicy sort of scent. It was slightly sweet and reminiscent of fresh grapes, but it was a very light and fresh scent that faded quickly. Which I appreciate not only because it did smell lovely, but because I don’t really want to smell like I have saturated myself with wine while sitting at my desk.

After fifteen minutes I removed the mask. It was still damp and there was serum still on my skin. I patted the serum in and waited. It took about two minutes for the remaining serum to absorb. while damp it was a little sticky feeling, but as soon as it dried the skin was no longer sticky and was soft and hydrated. Oddly enough, this is one of the better sheet masks I’ve tied recently. My skin does feel smooth and hydrated and while I won’t say it is a miracle pore reducing mask, I will say that I can see my skin looking nice enough from this one application, to want to try future applications. I expect with repeat applications I might see more of an effect. I am certainly willing to give it a try. Once my current masking trial ends that is. I think this Tonymoly I’m Red wine Pore care mask is definitely one to try again.


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