Static Nails and an Orly Polishield

Have you ever had a nail polish where you can’t quite determine if you like the color or you hate the color? For me That is this Static nails polish in the Shade Irene. I think that how I feel about it depends on the tan of my skin. When I am winter pale I really like it and when I am really summer tan I like it as well. At those times I feel it is a nice neutral shade of pink that looks classy and understated.

And then thee are the times when I am neither at my darkest or lightest and the shade seems to make my nails blend into my fingertips sort of like when you have a neutral lip that is too close to your skin tone and your lips disappear.

I thought I was dark enough that I would like it again, but at the moment I think I am borderline. Despite the shade issues, I do love this nail polish. The description…

Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer is a breakthrough, non-toxic formula loaded with rich pigments and natural antioxidants for a healthier manicure that actually lasts up to 10+ days without chipping when paired with Static Nails Liquid Glass Primer and Top Coat.

slightly darker on the nails than it is in the bottle, something to remember when choosing your shade

I have paired it with the Orly polishield today as my topcoat but more on that in a moment.

Without the top coat, this polish does last. It is a non-toxic formula and it does dry relatively quickly. To gt a fully solid color, I did need three coats. Once the three coats dried even without the topcoat, the polish won’t chip for well over a week. With a top coat I can usually get two weeks of wear out of it. Because you need three coats, the polish in the bottle doesn’t last very long if it is a color you wear often. Because of my on again off again love affair with this shade it has lasted me a lot longer. I had a shade I loved year round (rose gold edit) I wore it anytime i had to go anywhere from meetings to dinner. it is a slightly shimmery but understated pink/rose tone. I went through most of the bottle in about six months of solid use.

With Static polish, I would in general find one or two shades that I enjoy and then just wear the heck out of them rather than collecting a bunch of the polishes. They have a lot of similar shades (many in varying tones of pink, red, and peach) so it is a matter of finding the shade that works as your go to shade. The shades look sophisticated on and wear really well. They are a polish that once set in place with it’s many coats, will last the duration of an event without you having to think about it.

Add a top coat for extra security.

this Orly Polishield is a good top coat that does try relatively quickly. It is a very thin formula. While that makes it great for topping polishes with multiple layers because it doesn’t add weight to the nails. you do have to be careful of drips. If you don’t knock off some of the top coat in the bottle it will drip from the brush like water. It is very easy to waste that way. It is however thin enough that if you didn’t use a base coat to smooth any ridges in the nails, this will simply fill them so your nails look smooth and glassy. It is a really good top coat, just remember that the formula is thinner and you really need to watch for drips.

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