The Daily May 23rd, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is a good skin bare face to the world sort of day. I just did not feel like putting anything but sunscreen on my face. and admittedly, if i didn’t go on a walk i wouldn’t have put that on. I would have just stayed inside bare faced all day. But oh that sun.

It doesn’t help that there are looming deadlines.

What is it about seasonal change that makes deadlines seem so much more fearsome? The ones in the fall are the worst because in addition to fall turning into winter you have all of the holidays. Although I suppose people have summer holidays. r at least their kids do, so maybe that is the difference.

Regardless as May starts to slide into June all of the deadlines have that end of spring beginning of summer feel to them and people are starting to panic about ending things before the Summer hits. Maybe it is just because of kids wrapping up school. We always did our summer vacations mid summer when i was a kid but I remember some of my friend’s families going on vacation just as school ended.

Mostly I remember because my birthday is at the end of June and there were always friends who missed the party because they were going out of town. Our vacations were usually mid July just before we started getting ready for back to school.

With I suppose is the long way round to say that people are getting that pre holiday deadline craze. Luckily it is not as bad as the ones in November and December. I do need to remember this so that next year, no deadlines in May.

But for now with the exception of my morning walk, it is me at the desk all day. And on the phone. I think the freak outs are done for the day so it is just straight up work the rest of the day. I do think that tonight, there will be a face mask. It seems like the day for it.

So Happy Tuesday My darlings. Tomorrow, there will be makeup. Today, I’m just enjoying the skin and telling Chicken Little that the sky is not actually falling.

Oh and if you are looking for a relaxing tea, the Art of Tea has some amazing Memorial Day Discounts.

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