Trying out the Act and Acre Plant Based Dry Shampoo

Tis the season where dry shampoo comes back out of the drawer and becomes an ever present player in my daily routine. I wash my hair every other day (rinsing it out in between), but here is the thing. i have bangs. And while the rest of my hair will look fine, in this heat and humidity, ten minutes outside and it doesn’t matter when I washed my hair, my bangs will look a bit I give them a little spritz and am good to go.

But all dry shampoos are not created equal. This Act + Acre was a dry shampoo that came in my Dermstore Beauty Fix box a few months ago and it has just been waiting for it’s time to shine. Or flop in utter failure. Shall we see which it is?

First a moment about this dry shampoo.

A best-selling, category-leading dry shampoo derived from plant ingredients. Unscented and perfect for those in-between days.

Not much to go on is it? Now the plant based isn’t that big a surprise. My favorite dry shampoo is from Klorane and they have been doing plant based for years. So that isn’t shocking. It is nice though.

This was a very interesting product to try out. First they recommend you shake it. Which was interesting because at first it didn’t sound like anything was moving. I thought it was empty actually. Then I held it to my ear and realized it didn’t make much of a sound because it is just powder. There is no accelerant in the bottle. It just puffs out dry powder. So the only thing shaking it does is loosen the powder.

lots of excess powder

To apply you spray it onto the roots of the hair and then massage in with your finger tips for clean hair and volume.

First the spray does get out of hand. Either wear something that is easy to brush off or plan to change after you use this dry shampoo. it is not a product to use on the go. It is a puff of product. Also, deep breath before you spray. You don’t want to inhale the powder.

There is no scent to the product, but it is a very fine powder. It is also very white. However once you massage it in, the white disappears almost instantly. It does however give you massive volume. For a moment I looked as though I was preparing to return to the 1980s. I think that may have been the last time I saw women with hair that volumized. Admittedly mine was much more messy and didn’t feature a really tight perm and or use those giant soup can sized hair rollers.

It will volumize I will give you that. And the hair did look and feel clean. Post massaging in I brushed it and I looked less messy 1980s poof tastic. Most if the volume disappeared though, but the hair still looked clean. I think the volumizing aspect could work if you had shorter hair. I have a lot of hair and there is a finite amount of volume it can take before it just becomes too much. I suspect if you have thinner hair, this would work for you.

this is after I brushed out the bulk of the volumizing. It is still quite full but not as 1980s big hair-ish

For me, I like that it has no accelerant and it plant based. I like that even though it puffs out white, the white powder disappears quickly and easily. I enjoy the non-scent and the clean hair left behind. That being said, the powder is messy. It got all over my shirt and sink. It is not a formula I would travel with and it is a bit too volumizing for me to use. I will more than likely use the rest of this sparingly, a small puff on the bangs and that is it, but I don’t think that i would actually purchase this Act + Acre dry shampoo again. It is too hard to direct and just not suitable for my dry shampoo needs.

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