Foil Packet Skincare with Tatcha and a little bit of Sulwhasoo

While I love trying out samples, I have to be honest, when it comes to foil packets of skincare, I tend to put them in a drawer and forget about them for a while. So as I am clearing out space and getting ready for summer, I came across a bunch of skincare foil packets. And I realized that with the exception of a moisturizer, I had pretty much a full line up of Tatcha Skincare, in foil packets. So I added in a Sulwhasoo moisturizer, also in a foil packet and decided to make a night of it. As I will soon be ordering a primer from Tatcha I figured this would be a good time to figure out if there were any other products I might want to give a whirl. And so into the foil packets we go…

the rice plish

First up is The Rice Polish: Deep. This comes in powder form and you put the powder in your hands, add a little water and then massage into your skin. Then you rinse off.

I used the entire foil packet, which was a bit too much to use. I could probably have gotten away with about half of the product I used, maybe even less. hat I got was a fabulous clean. In fact of the products used, it was my favorite. It is the one I am most likely to purchase in the full size.

the cleanser

From there we move into The Deep Cleanse. I was surprised that this had some exfoliation particles in it. It didn’t look like it did when I dispensed it but I could feel it on my skin. It wasn’t a heavy exfoliator, it was very gentle. It just took me by surprise.

very clean skin

I think that part of the reason it took my by surprise was that it smells exactly like the Silk Canvas Protective Primer Balm. That scent with the exfoliation took me a step back for a moment. It was however a really good cleanser i would happily use again.

cotton pad post tonic use

For toner I went with The Texture Tonic. It is an exfoliating tonic and perhaps I didn’t need it after the polish and cleanser, but I actually had a bit of time between them. I went for the Rice Polish after dinner and then watched a movie. I then did the cleanser and intended to go straight into the rest of the skin care but ended up getting pulled into a phone call for about an hour. So there was time between. And the Tonic was exfoliating. It took off more than I thought it would. (I also think there might have been some makeup on my phone screen but that is a whole other story.) I liked The Texture Tonic but i think I actually prefer the Ren Glow Tonic. This is a close second as it is a good exfoliating toner, but I found the scent a little strong for me.

the essence

After the Tonic dried down I went in with The Essence. I love having Essences in my skincare line up. Its funny because I always like them and then I use up whatever Essence I am using, forget about them for a while and then I am just amazed by them when I roll them back into the line up. this was no exception. It was a good essence and I could feel my pores opening and getting ready for additional skincare. I was surprised by how light the scent was. The Tatcha moisturizers tend to have a stronger fragrance and I was pleased that this did not. It felt light and fresh.

the dewy serum

I don’t know why but I was surprised that The Dewy Serum was a cream. I somehow expected it to be a clear gel. I have no idea why. It was a white cream. It looked like it would be a bit heavy, but it was light on the skin and just melted right in. The scent was light and clean with just a hint of florals. The scent did fade rapidly. While I did enjoy this serum, I have noticed that anything from Tatcha’s Dewy line is more suitable for my winter skin than my summer. It was fine for one night and it was also not paired with any of the other Dewy products, so it was the right level of moisture for me. while I did like it this one time. I think that this is a serum I will mark down to pick up for a full trial in the fall and going into winter. I think that would be when my skin would really like this. At this time of year i would probably use it once or twice a week, where as in winter I could use it every night.

the Silk Peony eye cream

After the Dewy Serum absorbed in I went for The Silk Peony Eye cream. This was a thicker eye cream and had almost no scent to it. I massaged it in and as my skin’s temperature warmed it, it melted and my skin drank it in. The skin around my eyes felt soft and hydrated. This is definitely an eye cream that I would try again in the future. Clearly one use isn’t enough to get any sort of results, but it felt nice enough that I would be willing to give it a try.


and of course we rounded out the night’s skincare with the one Non-Tatcha product, the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing cream. It has a light fresh scent to it, that was sort of herbally, but not like a green herbally scent. The only think i can think of is that it must be a ginseng scent. I don’t know that I have ever actually smelled ginseng before but that is the only think I can thing that scent would be. The Scent fades pretty fast and is not heavy or perfume-y.

cleansed and moisturized for the night

The cream itself is a thinner almost water cream consistency. The small amount in this foil packet covered my face and neck and while it initially left me looking a bit like a glazed doughnut, it did absorb in well and left me feeling hydrated. In the summertime, this is actually the consistency of cream that I prefer, even though I do like thicker creams once the weather turns cold. This would I think make an excellent summer weight moisturizer for me. (my skin tends to be “normal” which means that in the winter i lean towards dry and in the summer I lean towards oily, In the summer I never get oily enough to be able to use oily skin themed products more than a couple of times a week. If I use them more, I get dried out.)

All in all I really enjoyed this night of foil packet skincare. while I actually enjoyed all of the Tatcha skincare products, The Rice Polish is the one I would put at the top of my must purchase list. The Dewy Serum I think may be a fall purchase for me and I suspect I will be trying out The Silk Peony eye cream at some point. I think what struck me most is that I always thin of Tatcha products as being highly scented. The most highly scented product in this line up was the cleanser. It had that signature Tatcha primer scent to it, which I actually really enjoy. When I tried moisturizers from Tatcha they were fragranced in a much more noticeable way than anything I tried out here. Part of that may be that they were in foil packets, but I think that a large part of it is that the other products from the brand may not be as fragranced as the moisturizers. Which is good to know. while I don’t mind fragrances in my skincare, I do like to keep them on the light and fresh side. Every product i used in this line up fell into that category for me. Including the Sulwhasoo. As for the Sulwhasoo, I will be looking into trying out the Renewing Cream in the near future as I think it would make a great summer time moisturizer.


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