Lips Scrub in Dragonfruit with Buxom Cosmetics

You know that two of my favorite lip products are lip scrubs and lip masks. After all of your lips aren’t healthy and cared for then no lipstick is going to look it’s best. My third favorite lip product is lip plumper in case you are wondering and plumping lip gloss is one thing I tend to pick up from Buxom.

used and unused

In fact I went to Ulta recently specifically to pick up the Buxom Plumping Matte Lipstick in Dolly. they were out and I saw the Power Full Lip Scrub in Dragon Fruit (retail $19) from Buxom and as it has been on my list to try for a while, I picked it up. And thus far it has been so nice, that i went ahead and ordered the Lip Scrub in Guava.

It is described on the website as…A conditioning lip scrub stick that gently exfoliates lips for a smooth, supple, and sexy pout with a tropical twist.

The product when opened has a slightly dragon fruit scent. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a massive scent from the Dragon fruit one because Dragon fruit doesn’t have much of a scent. It is a fresh scent and the scent did increase slightly once I started using it past the rounded nub at the top. In the photo the green is the unused Guava Scrub. It doesn’t have much of a scent to it, but might once i start using it, for now I only opened it to show you what the unused one looks like as I forgot to take that Pic with the dragon fruit. It has a different color, but the same look.

a little bit of white when first applied

With the dragon fruit scrub, most of the top is more lip mask-esque. Once the dome is worn down to a flat surface the scrub starts coming through. With the dragon fruit the mask part is white so I have very white lips when i applied it. It is still whitish with the lip scrub mixed in when it is first applied. Then I rubbed my lips together and the white disappears.

white goes away as do the scrubby bits

The sugar in the scrub does a great job scrubbing. It is fine enough to be gentle, but it is also fine enough to dissolve as you rub your lips together. This means that there is little to wipe off. The mask remains but there is no grit. For me this is fantastic because I can apply it as the last element in my skincare at night and just leave it on my lips as an overnight mask. The lip mask sinks in over night and there isn’t a need for a second product.

The lip scrub applies like a chubby lip balm, provides a gentle exfoliation that can be used lightly and remains to nourish the lips throughout the rest of the night. there is nothing more i could ask of it. The Scent is light and fresh and not heavy or cloying. While I still wish the store had the lipstick I wanted to try out (I really want to try out Buxom’s mattes) I can not regret piking up this lip scrub. It is one of the better purchases I have made, beauty wise. I will continue using the Dragon Fruit Power Full Lip Mask from Buxom and then move onto the Guava. From there, who knows? Perhaps there will be a new scent to try or perhaps I’ll finally get that matte lipstick.

BUXOM Cosmetics

2 thoughts on “Lips Scrub in Dragonfruit with Buxom Cosmetics

  1. I was (and still am) interested in getting this lip scrub in the dragonfruit flavor but I found the cheaper Sephora brand dragonfruit lip scrub the other day. I haven’t tried it yet and the reviews are mixed but I sure hope it works well because despite real dragonfruit being kind of bland, it smells absolutely divine!


    1. I tried the Vanilla Lip scrub from Sephora a while back. It was okay but not my favorite. It worked well as a scrub but I didn’t have the lasting mask effects. The scent was fantastic on it though. I’d be interested to know if the dragon fruit one is similar or if I got an off one.


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