The Skincare Line Up: May 26th, 2023

And yes that is my Soda Stream Bottle in the back of the pic. And while Hydration is important, I mostly just forgot to move it.

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the Friday Skincare lineup. (and if you are interested in the Soda Stream, Click here. they have 20% off for Memorial Day weekend. It was not meant to be part of the skincare line up, but hydration helps the skin so i am okay with that.) Here we look at all of the products used in my skincare line up this week. This week I did have one day off from these products as I discovered I had enough of a foil packet collection to do nearly a full face of Tatcha Products (15% off Value Kits this weekend). Since I am going to be reordering a primer from them soon I wanted to see if there was anything else I might want to look into (as well as clearing out a bunch of foil packets) I had everything in the full line up except a foil packet moisturizer. Luckily I had a Sulwhasoo Moisturizer sample so i used it. I have to say that moisturizer was amazing. I used it and thought, wow I could so see myself using this. And then I looked it up, because it felt like the perfect summer weight moisturizer and I thought I might do a summer time trial. And then I saw it was a $260 moisturizer.

And while it was still amazing, I suddenly remembered I had several moisturizers awaiting their turn in my line up. They are patiently sitting in my skincare drawer and it would be rude to ignore them.

It was an amazing moisturizer though.

But let’s see what was actually in my line up this week. It isn’t much of a surprise as most of the products are the same as last week, but there were a few little tweaks. First, the products…

Makeup remover: Keys Soulcare Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Farmacy Whipped Greens Oil Free Foaming Cleanser

Toner: Georgette Klinger Rose Clarifying Toner

Serum: Depology Caviar Serum Stick

Serum: Dermelect Empower Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Moisturizer: Saturday Skin Carrot + Niacinamide Moisturizing cream

Exfoliant: Saturday Skin Rub a dub Scrub

Lips: Buxom Powerful Lips Scrub in Dragon Fruit

Okay we will start at the top. I love the Key’s Soulcare makeup remover. It is actually the only product in the skincare line that I would put on repeat purchase. The other items I have tried and liked and wouldn’t mind using again. This one I would consider putting on my favorites list and reordering as standard. If i didn’t have several cleansing balms and makeup removers that I have to try out and use up I would repurchase this. It is a really good cleansing balm at a really good price.

The Farmacy Whipped Greens is also rising on my list of cleansers. It is a thick cleanser. I usually squeeze cleaner tubes like i do toothpaste working from the bottom up so I know how much product is left. Because it is so thick it takes a little work to get it out of the tube so I have to squeeze the center like a maniac. Then after I wash my face and dry my hands I go back, hold the tube with the dispensing side up and move the product up from the bottom of the tube towards the dispenser so the bottom is flattened like the toothpaste tube and I can see how much product is left. I don’t really consider myself obsessive, but I find i can’t leave the bathroom until i have done this as squeezing in the center really bothers me for some reason. But once out of the tube, very little product is needed. It goes on like a cream and foams up when you apply water (I wet my skin before applying). It smells like limes and I absolutely adore the clean I get with this cleanser.

The Georgette Klinger toner is the sort of toner that feels like it is a test for your cleanser. Did the cleanser get all of the makeup off? let’s see by damping down the cotton round with this toner and see what comes off. It is a good toner, and it proves that my Keys Soulcare and Farmacy cleansers are a fabulous power couple, but it doesn’t do anything memorable. I think the one thing I would say about it is that even though it has rose in the name, the scent is light enough to barely be noticeable. In fact that is pretty much how I feel about this toner. It is barely noticeable when being used and will be forgotten once i finish it. which is a bit surprising as I used a face mask from the brand that was out of this world fantastic. (the Collagen and Elastin mask was the one I tried). But not every product from a brand is going to be a rockstar. This toner is not the rockstar of the brand. This is more the person who checks to make sure the tour bus has a full gas tank before the tour starts. Important, yes, but not why you cheer when the stage lights come on.

Last week you may recall I had the Depology Serum Stick and the JLO eye cream. They had to be separated a having them both on at the same time was too much for my skin. This week I actually just took the JLO eye cream out and only used the Depology Caviar stick. Part of it is because I just wanted to use the caviar stick more this week and found myself reaching for it and then remembering i was going to switch between the two, promising myself i would reach for the JLO next time and then forgetting and just reaching for the Depology instead. I am not crazy about the scent. It is vinegary and smells like something I know but can not figure out. it is sort of driving me a little bonkers. I put it on and then run through a list of “What does this smell like?” I know I have smelled something like this before but I just can’t figure out what or where. It is not a bad scent, I just can’t figure it out. And it is a bit strong. The product itself is good and quite honestly it works well enough that I really don’t care about the scent. Even though it is an all over serum, I do concentrate it’s use on my crows feet, the lines by my mouth and the line across my forehead. It plumps the skin and is absorbed easily. I haven’t noticed any real benefit to my cheeks and the flat plains of my face so i use it where I actually see the effects. Also limiting where I use it lets me use it longer. I am about halfway done with the Caviar Serum Stick and am already dreading it running out.

The Dermelect Anti Wrinkle treatment feels really good on the skin. I haven’t used it long enough to claim any results but my skin soaks it up. I find the scent interesting. If you have ever used the Dermelect Neck cream you know there is a scent to it that I can’t really describe as anything other than the Dermelect scent. Which I know is not helpful. I suppose it is sort of herbally and sort of earthy. It is pretty strong in the neck concentrate. It is sort of present here but it is extremely light. While I don’t mind the scent of it in the neck serum I have to say I find it much more pleasant in the cream. I think at a lighter concentration is just a nicer scent. The treatment is a cream and it absorbs well, however i have noticed that using it does affect my moisturizer.

The moisturizer I am using is the Saturday Skin Carrot and Niacinamide moisturizer. It is a good moisturizer. As the days warm up I stopped rolling in any form of night mask while using this. When the weather was colder i needed a night mask once or twice a week. Now it isn’t necessary. While there is no interaction between the Moisturizer and the Dermelect Treatment, When i add on the Dermelect it does take the Saturday Skin longer to absorb in. At night it isn’t a problem, Both will absorb in. In the day having both is too heavy so I skip the Dermelect in the morning and only use the Saturday Skin Moisturizer. I am noticing that i am using less of the product than I was even a week ago. Which is fine because it means I am getting the moisturizing I need for my skin and the weather is changing. It does lead me to believe that this is a good winter day cream, a good transitional season moisturizer and will probably be a bit too heavy for me to use mid summer. I am more than halfway through the jar so the cream isn’t going to last until midsummer, but as I always have to switch certain skincare elements based on the season it is good to know which season those items belong to. This is not a summer weight moisturizer. At least not where I live and not with my skin. I am Normal/combo and live in a rather humid area. In the summer I lean towards oily but often can’t use products for oily skin as they dry me out too much. In the winter I lean towards dry but can’t use products for dry skin as they are too moisturizing. Its a fun line to play on. If you have drier skin, this may be a good summer moisturizer for you. If you skew oily, maybe give it a pass until the fall. For me, I will use it up before the extreme heat of summer roars in, possibly shifting it to the night time only category if Summer comes upon us quickly this year. All that said, of the Moisturizers I have tried from Saturday skin this has been my favorite. All of the others I have tried thus far have been far too moisturizing for me.

Although I have had Issues with Saturday Skin Moisturizers, I adore their Rub a Dub refining Peel Gel. It was the first product I tried from the brand and at this moment it is the only one I will reorder. In fact I just used the last of this last night and while that does mean I can roll in another exfoliating product, I went ahead and reordered this on the IPSY Flash sale. I popped in to check something else and couldn’t resist when I saw it. Those IPSY Flash Sales get me every time. I can ignore most of them, but occasionally they will just quietly put something I love on deep discount. But I o love this peeling el and will always repurchase it. So that is fine.

I am also enjoying the Buxom lip scrub. it is like a combination lip scrub and mask and my lips feel fabulous. The stick formula keeps things neat and tidy and my lips are happy.

And so that my darlings is this week’s skin line up. And probably a little bit more of a die into my brain than you wanted. But i enjoyed it and hoe you did to. And now, all skincare-d up, it is time to face down the rest of Friday. Have a great one.

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