Weekly Weight: May 26th, 2023

Good morning everyone. Another week has ended and while I was able to stay on track this week, I foresee some interesting changes to my routine. If you read my daily posts then you already know this, but I will soon be spending a great deal more time driving than I usually do. The reason is family, and I am happy to do it, but it does mean that routines change.

For me the big downfall isn’t lack of exercise as after a few hours in the car the need to walk is nearly overwhelming. I will just walk in different places. No, my big down fall is firmly in the category of road snacks. I love them. I just do. Since I know summer is the season of road trips. I thought some of the tips and tricks I use may help some of you out as well.

While at home i will have a snack in the afternoons, but that is mostly so that I don’t over eat at dinner. And lately I have actually been having tea in the afternoons. Part of it is because I just purchased my reward tea cup and saucer.

I like to reward each reaching each weight loss goal with a little something I like but don’t really need. so this last goal I picked up a tea cup and saucer from the Alice in Wonderland collection from the Victoria and Albert Museum Store. I am trying to figure out if my next reward is the teapot to go with it or if I am going to hold off on the teapot until my weight once again starts with a one and just use the William Morris Travel mug as my next weight loss reward. I don’t always get more expensive rewards for bigger gals but I think finally getting out of the 200s deserves something big.

So part of me subbing in Tea for snack time is the chance to use my reward tea cup more often. The other part is the Queen of Kyoto Tea from Magic Hour Teas. With it’s dried cherries and other items it feels more juicy and substantial than just a cup of tea so it feels more snack like. At least I feel like I have had enough of a snack that I don’t really want anything to eat.

But I won’t have my tea cup in the car. Or if i did it would be in a box. I can make tea and put it in a travel mug. I might actually do that as part of my “road trip snacking” plan. If I do that, i will feel like I have a treat even on the road. I will also be stocking up on Righteous Felon Craft Jerky. They actually have a 20% off deal going on right now (Code DADS20 for 20% off). I love their jerky. The ingredients are all ones I can get behind and the bags are not enormous. So even if I eat an entire bag, the calorie count is not off the charts and can be dealt with through a walk.

Into my snack kit, i will also be placing a bag of Lifesaver peppermint candies and another of butterscotch. I know, it sounds as if I raided my grandmother’s candy dish, but here is the logic. One butterscotch candy has about 15 calories. The serving size is four candies at 60 calories if you are looking at the bag. One candy will last me a really long time. I suck on them rather than chew it to bits. I chose the butterscotch flavor because it is a flavor I like, but it is also rich and it sort of coats the mouth in sweetness the way any other desert or candy would. So it makes me feel like I have eaten something rich and decadent even after I have finished the candy.

Which makes me less inclined to dive for the candy bar rack when i get gas and use the restroom along the drive. The peppermints give my mouth a minty freshness, which is always good for anyone else along for the ride, but minty freshness always makes me feel like i have just brushed my teeth and therefore shouldn’t snack because my snacking was clearly before I brushed my teeth.

My last essential trick for keeping myself from snacking during the entire trip is a lip balm. It is a simple lip balm. I will either put it on before i start the drive, or at a stop light or just after I have stopped for gas. i will use safe application. I am not the sort who can apply makeup while driving (and it annoys me to see others doing it too). Plus I will be driving through the mountains and the roads are very twisty and turny and need extra attention. But having lip balm on my lips makes me want to avoid snacking. I think it was the sticky lip glosses that were my everyday use during middle school and high school. You put them on and then anything you are stuck to your lips, giving them a textured surface. So in my brain, lip products on the lips mean no snacking.

it only works until the lip balm wears off or is absorbed, but it will give me a surprising chunk of time. I’m sure not all of these tricks will work for you as a lot of them rely on my twisted little brain. But for me they help. And perhaps as we all gear up for a summer of road trips and adventures, these tips might inspire you to find a few unexpected little things that help you keep on track with your plan. And if you find any fun ones, let me know. I am always looking to expand my road trip repertoire.

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