Let’s talk about The Shampoo by Augustinus Bader

I know some of you are looking at that sample size and then looking at the amount of hair i have and are thinking, there is no way that is going to be enough. You are close, I managed to get one try out of the trial sized container. But mostly I wanted to talk about shampoo in general.

I love haircare products. And I will be honest, i don’t mind spending extra on luxury hair care products. I generally will pick up a luxury hair care Item and use it as a reward. I will use a drug store shampoo (one I like) during the week and after workouts and then at the end of the week as a reward for making it to all of my scheduled workouts and avoiding the local doughnut shop down the street from me despite the delicious scents wafting form their building that I can now smell on my early morning walks, I will use the luxe products as my personal reward.

Part of that is as a reward for achieving my weekly goals. It actually makes me feel like I am getting rewards. I think part of it is that during the week I am rinsing off sweat post walk and just doing quick jump in the shower before getting back to my day without feeling gross sorts of things. when I reach the end of the week I will break out the luxe shampoo and conditioner and body wash and body lotion. I will take my time and really luxuriate in the products instead of racing through. And then on Saturday’s i will use a hair mask.

But here is the thing. In order for me to choose a luxury shampoo and conditioner, it has to out perform my everyday standard. If it can’t our perform my everyday standard then it is just an expensive product not a luxury one.

At the moment the standard that has to be out performed is Suave Rosemary and Mint from the Suave Professionals line. It is a good, solid every day shampoo and conditioner. I can wash my hair every other day and while my bangs may need a bit of a dry shampoo touch up in between the rest of my hair just needs to be rinsed out post work out and I am fine. It is my current standard.

And if we want to talk luxury products, the Shampoo and conditioner i am willing to spend the extra money on to have a luxury shampoo and conditioner are the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner Set. The Mandarin Shampoo has a light orange scent that intensifies slightly when you are massaging it into the hair, but then rinses off clean leaving very little scent behind. What I love about it is that instead of lather rinse repeat, using more product for a deeper clean, you apply the same small amount to the hair and then let it sit for a minute or so, then rinse out. You get a deeper clean without using extra product. The water conditioner is the same with a light fresh scent that intensifies as you put it in your hair and leaves as the product is rinsed out. And yes, if you need a little extra conditioning, let the conditioner sit in your hair for a little longer, maybe shave your legs and then go back and rinse it out. You get a deeper condition again without using excess product.

Now while the Zents products have other fabulous qualities I’m just keeping this short as it is an example (highly recommend the brand though). Each bottle is $41 so the set will run $82. But even without getting into the clean ingredients, you use very little product with each shampoo and conditioning, you have the delicious scent that rinses away for the scent sensitive and while I generally only use the Luxe products once a week, when I was testing it out to decide if I was going to make it my go to luxe product I used it as my only shampoo and conditioner for a month. It was utterly fantastic and it did very much out perform my Suave. hile I treat it as a reward, I would happily use it daily.

This is my spectrum. If you want to be considered worth the luxury price, you have to out perform Suave. You have to give me things I can’t get with my base drug store products. If you can’t beat the standard than I will not buy. and whatever your base product is, I think that is a good test for a luxury brand. I love luxe products as much as anyone, but I am not willing to pay more if I don’t get more.

The product sampled here was the Augustinus Bader The Shampoo. While I love the Light Cream they make, I can’t wear the Rich Cream as it breaks me out. This was all I knew of the brand. Admittedly for me the Light cream is fantastic and well worth the Luxe price. Until this shampoo came in my Beauty Fix box, I didn’t know the brand made any haircare items. So that was well worth knowing. The Product retails for $58. And it promises fuller shinier and thicker hair in eight weeks.

Clearly my one sample was not going to last eight weeks. But it was enough to let me try it out. To be honest, i was not impressed. I used the shampoo and paired it with my daily conditioner. The shampoo was a clear gel with no real scent. It foamed well enough but the lather was not a luxurious one (which I am okay with as some of my favorite shampoos don’t foam well, but i was looking for a little luxe given the price). Post shower my hair was a little more tangled than usual, but nothing unmanageable. To be honest, there was nothing that actually stood out with this shampoo. It performed like a basic shampoo.

There was nothing extra about it but the price. And yes you could argue that it takes eight weeks to see results, but when I use a product like the Grow Gorgeous Intense shampoo and conditioner (which is my favorite volumizing shampoo) I get thicker fuller hair that is shiny and healthy with one wash. And I think the shampoo and conditioner each retail for $18 (at the moment Look Fantastic has it for sale for $10,80 if you are looking to stock up or try it for less, I put my order in this morning actually). Which means i am not sold on the eight weeks until results. While I believe in the cumulative effect of products, if I am spending $58 on a shampoo, I want more bang for my much. For me, This Augustinus Bader Shampoo fell flat and I will not be purchasing a large enough bottle to give it an eight week chance to prove itself. For me, it simply wasn’t worth it.

One of my new Summer Besties…

While I try to remember sunscreen year round, it is in the summertime when i spend a lot of time outside that it really counts. Recently i was restocking my sunscreen. On my face I use products like Coola Silk Drops , mostly because I can line it up with my skincare and use it in the morning so I don’t forget, Plus it is just good sunscreen. However I like to have a spray can of sunscreen on hand. I place one can by the back door so I can coat myself before working in the garden and i have one by the side door so I can add an extra layer before going on my walk.

When I went to restock my sprays, I found this Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Body Spray. with a 60+ SPF. It costs about $14 and is available in a multitude of places like Target, Walmart and several pharmacies. While I don’t mind ordering products on line, for something I use this much and that i share with pretty much everyone in the house it really helps to be able to restock fast. Since this is readily available, it ticks that box.

But what is the draw of this body spray?

Protect skin against the sun and environmental aggressors with Neutrogena® Invisible Daily™ Defense Body Spray Sunscreen. With Helioplex® Technology, this broad spectrum SPF 60+ sunscreen spray helps prevent sunburn and fight signs of skin aging due to UV exposure. This lightweight, quick-drying formula also contains antioxidants to help fight environmental aggressors such as cold, ozone and pollution that can damage skin and lead to premature skin aging.

Broad spectrum SPF 60+ UVA/UVB protection with antioxidants. Protects skin against the sun and environmental aggressors. Quick-drying spray for convenient, no-mess application. Invisible formula sprays on clear on all skin tones. Great for touching up your SPF on the go.

I have been using this can for about a month and a half now. I bought it when they first started putting up their spring/summer displays. This was actually on the first rack put out and I am very glad I picked it up. The spray is a fine mist so it is very easy to apply in a steady, covering stream. While this also makes it more pleasant to spray on the face, I find that the finer mists on the sunscreen give a much more even coat of product. And as this is sun protection, you want as even a coat as possible.

The scent has an oddly peachy undertone which i wasn’t expecting. There is an SPF scent to it, but it is light and the product is surprisingly fresh scented. The scent does last a while. I sprayed my arms chest and face (I was wearing pants so my legs were covered) and then went on a walk. I was pleased to see that even though I sweated, the product did not get into my eyes and cause any stinging or burning.

However two hours after my walk when i was home and cooled down and contemplating my shower (I can’t take a shower until I cool down enough to stop sweating. If I do then i just don’t feel clean. In this case I cooled off and then answered a phone call which took longer than I planned, hence the two hours.) I could still smell the sunscreen on my skin. And not just by pressing my nose to my arm. It was a noticeable scent of peachy sunscreen. like I said it is pleasant and fresh, but it is noticeable.

I suppose that meant the sunscreen was still on. Which is a good thing, but the lasting scent is something to be aware of. The spray is dry and not sticky at all. It disappeared onto the skin and I could not feel it. Usually I feel sunscreen on my face so I went in with a couple of extra layers of the spray but even then I could not feel it lingering on the skin.

Over all I was very impressed with this Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Body Spray. The only potential negative is the noticeable scent and the length of time that scent is noticeable. Otherwise, it gets two thumbs way up from me and will be lingering beside my doors ready for use all summer long.

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The Skincare Line Up: May 26th, 2023

And yes that is my Soda Stream Bottle in the back of the pic. And while Hydration is important, I mostly just forgot to move it.

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the Friday Skincare lineup. (and if you are interested in the Soda Stream, Click here. they have 20% off for Memorial Day weekend. It was not meant to be part of the skincare line up, but hydration helps the skin so i am okay with that.) Here we look at all of the products used in my skincare line up this week. This week I did have one day off from these products as I discovered I had enough of a foil packet collection to do nearly a full face of Tatcha Products (15% off Value Kits this weekend). Since I am going to be reordering a primer from them soon I wanted to see if there was anything else I might want to look into (as well as clearing out a bunch of foil packets) I had everything in the full line up except a foil packet moisturizer. Luckily I had a Sulwhasoo Moisturizer sample so i used it. I have to say that moisturizer was amazing. I used it and thought, wow I could so see myself using this. And then I looked it up, because it felt like the perfect summer weight moisturizer and I thought I might do a summer time trial. And then I saw it was a $260 moisturizer.

And while it was still amazing, I suddenly remembered I had several moisturizers awaiting their turn in my line up. They are patiently sitting in my skincare drawer and it would be rude to ignore them.

It was an amazing moisturizer though.

But let’s see what was actually in my line up this week. It isn’t much of a surprise as most of the products are the same as last week, but there were a few little tweaks. First, the products…

Makeup remover: Keys Soulcare Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Farmacy Whipped Greens Oil Free Foaming Cleanser

Toner: Georgette Klinger Rose Clarifying Toner

Serum: Depology Caviar Serum Stick

Serum: Dermelect Empower Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Moisturizer: Saturday Skin Carrot + Niacinamide Moisturizing cream

Exfoliant: Saturday Skin Rub a dub Scrub

Lips: Buxom Powerful Lips Scrub in Dragon Fruit

Okay we will start at the top. I love the Key’s Soulcare makeup remover. It is actually the only product in the skincare line that I would put on repeat purchase. The other items I have tried and liked and wouldn’t mind using again. This one I would consider putting on my favorites list and reordering as standard. If i didn’t have several cleansing balms and makeup removers that I have to try out and use up I would repurchase this. It is a really good cleansing balm at a really good price.

The Farmacy Whipped Greens is also rising on my list of cleansers. It is a thick cleanser. I usually squeeze cleaner tubes like i do toothpaste working from the bottom up so I know how much product is left. Because it is so thick it takes a little work to get it out of the tube so I have to squeeze the center like a maniac. Then after I wash my face and dry my hands I go back, hold the tube with the dispensing side up and move the product up from the bottom of the tube towards the dispenser so the bottom is flattened like the toothpaste tube and I can see how much product is left. I don’t really consider myself obsessive, but I find i can’t leave the bathroom until i have done this as squeezing in the center really bothers me for some reason. But once out of the tube, very little product is needed. It goes on like a cream and foams up when you apply water (I wet my skin before applying). It smells like limes and I absolutely adore the clean I get with this cleanser.

The Georgette Klinger toner is the sort of toner that feels like it is a test for your cleanser. Did the cleanser get all of the makeup off? let’s see by damping down the cotton round with this toner and see what comes off. It is a good toner, and it proves that my Keys Soulcare and Farmacy cleansers are a fabulous power couple, but it doesn’t do anything memorable. I think the one thing I would say about it is that even though it has rose in the name, the scent is light enough to barely be noticeable. In fact that is pretty much how I feel about this toner. It is barely noticeable when being used and will be forgotten once i finish it. which is a bit surprising as I used a face mask from the brand that was out of this world fantastic. (the Collagen and Elastin mask was the one I tried). But not every product from a brand is going to be a rockstar. This toner is not the rockstar of the brand. This is more the person who checks to make sure the tour bus has a full gas tank before the tour starts. Important, yes, but not why you cheer when the stage lights come on.

Last week you may recall I had the Depology Serum Stick and the JLO eye cream. They had to be separated a having them both on at the same time was too much for my skin. This week I actually just took the JLO eye cream out and only used the Depology Caviar stick. Part of it is because I just wanted to use the caviar stick more this week and found myself reaching for it and then remembering i was going to switch between the two, promising myself i would reach for the JLO next time and then forgetting and just reaching for the Depology instead. I am not crazy about the scent. It is vinegary and smells like something I know but can not figure out. it is sort of driving me a little bonkers. I put it on and then run through a list of “What does this smell like?” I know I have smelled something like this before but I just can’t figure out what or where. It is not a bad scent, I just can’t figure it out. And it is a bit strong. The product itself is good and quite honestly it works well enough that I really don’t care about the scent. Even though it is an all over serum, I do concentrate it’s use on my crows feet, the lines by my mouth and the line across my forehead. It plumps the skin and is absorbed easily. I haven’t noticed any real benefit to my cheeks and the flat plains of my face so i use it where I actually see the effects. Also limiting where I use it lets me use it longer. I am about halfway done with the Caviar Serum Stick and am already dreading it running out.

The Dermelect Anti Wrinkle treatment feels really good on the skin. I haven’t used it long enough to claim any results but my skin soaks it up. I find the scent interesting. If you have ever used the Dermelect Neck cream you know there is a scent to it that I can’t really describe as anything other than the Dermelect scent. Which I know is not helpful. I suppose it is sort of herbally and sort of earthy. It is pretty strong in the neck concentrate. It is sort of present here but it is extremely light. While I don’t mind the scent of it in the neck serum I have to say I find it much more pleasant in the cream. I think at a lighter concentration is just a nicer scent. The treatment is a cream and it absorbs well, however i have noticed that using it does affect my moisturizer.

The moisturizer I am using is the Saturday Skin Carrot and Niacinamide moisturizer. It is a good moisturizer. As the days warm up I stopped rolling in any form of night mask while using this. When the weather was colder i needed a night mask once or twice a week. Now it isn’t necessary. While there is no interaction between the Moisturizer and the Dermelect Treatment, When i add on the Dermelect it does take the Saturday Skin longer to absorb in. At night it isn’t a problem, Both will absorb in. In the day having both is too heavy so I skip the Dermelect in the morning and only use the Saturday Skin Moisturizer. I am noticing that i am using less of the product than I was even a week ago. Which is fine because it means I am getting the moisturizing I need for my skin and the weather is changing. It does lead me to believe that this is a good winter day cream, a good transitional season moisturizer and will probably be a bit too heavy for me to use mid summer. I am more than halfway through the jar so the cream isn’t going to last until midsummer, but as I always have to switch certain skincare elements based on the season it is good to know which season those items belong to. This is not a summer weight moisturizer. At least not where I live and not with my skin. I am Normal/combo and live in a rather humid area. In the summer I lean towards oily but often can’t use products for oily skin as they dry me out too much. In the winter I lean towards dry but can’t use products for dry skin as they are too moisturizing. Its a fun line to play on. If you have drier skin, this may be a good summer moisturizer for you. If you skew oily, maybe give it a pass until the fall. For me, I will use it up before the extreme heat of summer roars in, possibly shifting it to the night time only category if Summer comes upon us quickly this year. All that said, of the Moisturizers I have tried from Saturday skin this has been my favorite. All of the others I have tried thus far have been far too moisturizing for me.

Although I have had Issues with Saturday Skin Moisturizers, I adore their Rub a Dub refining Peel Gel. It was the first product I tried from the brand and at this moment it is the only one I will reorder. In fact I just used the last of this last night and while that does mean I can roll in another exfoliating product, I went ahead and reordered this on the IPSY Flash sale. I popped in to check something else and couldn’t resist when I saw it. Those IPSY Flash Sales get me every time. I can ignore most of them, but occasionally they will just quietly put something I love on deep discount. But I o love this peeling el and will always repurchase it. So that is fine.

I am also enjoying the Buxom lip scrub. it is like a combination lip scrub and mask and my lips feel fabulous. The stick formula keeps things neat and tidy and my lips are happy.

And so that my darlings is this week’s skin line up. And probably a little bit more of a die into my brain than you wanted. But i enjoyed it and hoe you did to. And now, all skincare-d up, it is time to face down the rest of Friday. Have a great one.

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Weekly Weight: May 26th, 2023

Good morning everyone. Another week has ended and while I was able to stay on track this week, I foresee some interesting changes to my routine. If you read my daily posts then you already know this, but I will soon be spending a great deal more time driving than I usually do. The reason is family, and I am happy to do it, but it does mean that routines change.

For me the big downfall isn’t lack of exercise as after a few hours in the car the need to walk is nearly overwhelming. I will just walk in different places. No, my big down fall is firmly in the category of road snacks. I love them. I just do. Since I know summer is the season of road trips. I thought some of the tips and tricks I use may help some of you out as well.

While at home i will have a snack in the afternoons, but that is mostly so that I don’t over eat at dinner. And lately I have actually been having tea in the afternoons. Part of it is because I just purchased my reward tea cup and saucer.

I like to reward each reaching each weight loss goal with a little something I like but don’t really need. so this last goal I picked up a tea cup and saucer from the Alice in Wonderland collection from the Victoria and Albert Museum Store. I am trying to figure out if my next reward is the teapot to go with it or if I am going to hold off on the teapot until my weight once again starts with a one and just use the William Morris Travel mug as my next weight loss reward. I don’t always get more expensive rewards for bigger gals but I think finally getting out of the 200s deserves something big.

So part of me subbing in Tea for snack time is the chance to use my reward tea cup more often. The other part is the Queen of Kyoto Tea from Magic Hour Teas. With it’s dried cherries and other items it feels more juicy and substantial than just a cup of tea so it feels more snack like. At least I feel like I have had enough of a snack that I don’t really want anything to eat.

But I won’t have my tea cup in the car. Or if i did it would be in a box. I can make tea and put it in a travel mug. I might actually do that as part of my “road trip snacking” plan. If I do that, i will feel like I have a treat even on the road. I will also be stocking up on Righteous Felon Craft Jerky. They actually have a 20% off deal going on right now (Code DADS20 for 20% off). I love their jerky. The ingredients are all ones I can get behind and the bags are not enormous. So even if I eat an entire bag, the calorie count is not off the charts and can be dealt with through a walk.

Into my snack kit, i will also be placing a bag of Lifesaver peppermint candies and another of butterscotch. I know, it sounds as if I raided my grandmother’s candy dish, but here is the logic. One butterscotch candy has about 15 calories. The serving size is four candies at 60 calories if you are looking at the bag. One candy will last me a really long time. I suck on them rather than chew it to bits. I chose the butterscotch flavor because it is a flavor I like, but it is also rich and it sort of coats the mouth in sweetness the way any other desert or candy would. So it makes me feel like I have eaten something rich and decadent even after I have finished the candy.

Which makes me less inclined to dive for the candy bar rack when i get gas and use the restroom along the drive. The peppermints give my mouth a minty freshness, which is always good for anyone else along for the ride, but minty freshness always makes me feel like i have just brushed my teeth and therefore shouldn’t snack because my snacking was clearly before I brushed my teeth.

My last essential trick for keeping myself from snacking during the entire trip is a lip balm. It is a simple lip balm. I will either put it on before i start the drive, or at a stop light or just after I have stopped for gas. i will use safe application. I am not the sort who can apply makeup while driving (and it annoys me to see others doing it too). Plus I will be driving through the mountains and the roads are very twisty and turny and need extra attention. But having lip balm on my lips makes me want to avoid snacking. I think it was the sticky lip glosses that were my everyday use during middle school and high school. You put them on and then anything you are stuck to your lips, giving them a textured surface. So in my brain, lip products on the lips mean no snacking.

it only works until the lip balm wears off or is absorbed, but it will give me a surprising chunk of time. I’m sure not all of these tricks will work for you as a lot of them rely on my twisted little brain. But for me they help. And perhaps as we all gear up for a summer of road trips and adventures, these tips might inspire you to find a few unexpected little things that help you keep on track with your plan. And if you find any fun ones, let me know. I am always looking to expand my road trip repertoire.

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The Daily: May 25th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to Thursday. This has been a bit of a bumpy week. There have been deadlines, but also some family drama. Last year my mother had a strange sort of cancer in the wrist. It was one of those one in a million type cancers that is resistant to chemotherapy and there were three surgeries and much radiation and in the end they had to amputate her hand. She now has breast cancer.

It was caught very early (this is why those self exams are very important, and yes I am giving all of you stern eyes at the moment). It is also a type of cancer millions of people get so there are loads of treatments. Which quite frankly after the last round is somewhat of a relief. It does require chemo. Her first treatment is June 1st and I will be going down to stay with her periodically throughout the process. More in the later summer as chemo has a cumulative effect and it will wipe her out more, this needing more assistance.

Not the summer travels we planned this year, but it is family and you do what needs to be done when it comes to family. So last night schedules were rearranged and everyone’s plans changed accordingly. I am actually fine with it. She has a treatment plan, everything was caught early (stage 1). Everything is treatable. It wasn’t something anyone wanted, but it is the best case scenario all around. I am also one of those people who does better with a schedule. I panic less once I have it and know my role in it. And now I have the schedule.

I just mostly wanted to let you know what was going on so if my summer travel seems strange and things shift a little out of normal, you understand why. My mother lives about three and a half hours drive from me so there will be a lot more weekend travel and thus a lot more travel related posts this summer because I am doing a lot of weekend driving.

I know not exactly the happiest of posts, but I figured letting you know why shake ups might occur, in advance was probably better then having you wonder why I might have gone a little off the rails. And so, on with the day.

I did realize today that I am coming to the end of my wearing my hair down season. Soon there will be many hairstyles where everything is piled on top of my head and I start extoling the fantastic-ness of decorative bobby pins. My hair is long and thick and has been known to swallow up small children when I turn too fast. In the summertime it is quite the liability. So it is time to start breaking out the summertime hair care. It also means that my hair gets sort of a summer long treatment time, like a spa for hair. Since it is mostly bundled up instead of styled over the summer, I tend to focus on restorative treatments so this is your pre summer hair mask warning. My hair has seasons. All summer long i will work on improving it and making it as healthy as possible and then in the fall I get it ready for styling season. Also I have several in progress hair products I want to use up this summer so I can clear them out. So if you are looking for hair masks, stay tuned.

Today’s Look

Primer: Stila All about the Blur

Foundation: One Size Turn up the Base Powder Foundation

Bronzer: Scott Barnes Contour Palette

Blush: Yensa Silk Serum Cream Blush

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde

Mascara: MAC Magic Extension

Lips: Nyx Suede lipstick in Brunch Me topped with OFRA lip gloss in Myth

Still testing out this Stila primer, but I really do like it. It is a lightweight formula that really helps blur out (or fill) some of my deeper lines. It also keeps foundation from settling. It does need a moment to dry before applying a powder foundation over it, but once it dries it has worked well with the powder.

HThis One Size foundation is a big summertime favorite for me as it is light, lightweight and more natural looking than many of my liquid foundations. As far as powder foundations go, I think this one may be my favorite. It is the one I reach for throughout the summer.

I will probably not be reaching for the Scott Barnes palette this summer. It seems to be okay with cream foundations although it hasn’t been my favorite the few times I have dipped into it. Which is also why I haven’t done a full test with it. But over powder foundation it has a really hard time blending. It just doesn’t want to blend. I have the side view to show you what I mean. I know my ear isn’t what most people want to focus on, but it did give you a better view of the product. I really don’t like being able to see a see a stripe of product like that. I went in light, but today was not it’s day. I will play around with this palette more, but I don’t think it wants to play with a powder foundation.

The Yensa blush however, was fine with the change. It blended out just as beautifully as before and didn’t pull up the powder. That is always my concern with the cream blushes But this one is playing nice. And honestly this Yensa brush is working marvelously with the product. I will start trying out different application possibilities, but it is so hard when this brush really is the perfect applicator. But the trial must go on. I do love this blush though. When Yensa gets a product right, they really get it right.

To be honest i had so much issue with the bronzer today that I just dipped into one of the pink shades and then topped it with a pink shimmer. it was quick and easy and i didn’t get tempted by the magnificent shimmers. Well I was tempted but my will was strong. And my time short after the bronzer. I will say that the lighter toned shadow did make the MAC mascara pop a bit more. I think this is the best it has looked since I opened it. The scent is still quite strong, but it worked well today.

with the lips, I found that the NYX color didn’t quite feel right on it’s own today. I think it might be the foundation shade. I do love the feel of it on though. So I topped it with the OFRA lip gloss. It worked really well. This OFRA gloss is really nice on its own but it is excellent for topping a matte lipstick, especially for the summer.

And so my darling that is me for the day. A little mentally bent but chugging along nicely, even if I di have a new schedule in the works. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and your upcoming road trips end up in a different place than you planned. And so we adapt. Such is life. But now it is back to work for me. And for all you ladies out there, keep up your self exams. they are important.


Lips Scrub in Dragonfruit with Buxom Cosmetics

You know that two of my favorite lip products are lip scrubs and lip masks. After all of your lips aren’t healthy and cared for then no lipstick is going to look it’s best. My third favorite lip product is lip plumper in case you are wondering and plumping lip gloss is one thing I tend to pick up from Buxom.

used and unused

In fact I went to Ulta recently specifically to pick up the Buxom Plumping Matte Lipstick in Dolly. they were out and I saw the Power Full Lip Scrub in Dragon Fruit (retail $19) from Buxom and as it has been on my list to try for a while, I picked it up. And thus far it has been so nice, that i went ahead and ordered the Lip Scrub in Guava.

It is described on the website as…A conditioning lip scrub stick that gently exfoliates lips for a smooth, supple, and sexy pout with a tropical twist.

The product when opened has a slightly dragon fruit scent. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a massive scent from the Dragon fruit one because Dragon fruit doesn’t have much of a scent. It is a fresh scent and the scent did increase slightly once I started using it past the rounded nub at the top. In the photo the green is the unused Guava Scrub. It doesn’t have much of a scent to it, but might once i start using it, for now I only opened it to show you what the unused one looks like as I forgot to take that Pic with the dragon fruit. It has a different color, but the same look.

a little bit of white when first applied

With the dragon fruit scrub, most of the top is more lip mask-esque. Once the dome is worn down to a flat surface the scrub starts coming through. With the dragon fruit the mask part is white so I have very white lips when i applied it. It is still whitish with the lip scrub mixed in when it is first applied. Then I rubbed my lips together and the white disappears.

white goes away as do the scrubby bits

The sugar in the scrub does a great job scrubbing. It is fine enough to be gentle, but it is also fine enough to dissolve as you rub your lips together. This means that there is little to wipe off. The mask remains but there is no grit. For me this is fantastic because I can apply it as the last element in my skincare at night and just leave it on my lips as an overnight mask. The lip mask sinks in over night and there isn’t a need for a second product.

The lip scrub applies like a chubby lip balm, provides a gentle exfoliation that can be used lightly and remains to nourish the lips throughout the rest of the night. there is nothing more i could ask of it. The Scent is light and fresh and not heavy or cloying. While I still wish the store had the lipstick I wanted to try out (I really want to try out Buxom’s mattes) I can not regret piking up this lip scrub. It is one of the better purchases I have made, beauty wise. I will continue using the Dragon Fruit Power Full Lip Mask from Buxom and then move onto the Guava. From there, who knows? Perhaps there will be a new scent to try or perhaps I’ll finally get that matte lipstick.

BUXOM Cosmetics

Using the IRL Filter Longwear Foundation from Revolution Beauty

For a long time I have loved the Fast Base Foundation stick from Revolution. It is generally the foundation that I use for travel and I have repurchased it on line for several years. On a recent trip to Ulta, I found out the Fast base isn’t stocked on their shelves, but another Revolution Foundation, the IRL Filter Longwear Foundation is. So I purchased it to try it out.

one pump

According to the brand page…

Drop the filter! Introducing the Revolution IRL Filter Longwear Foundation! It’s filter in a bottle! This medium to full buildable foundation has a soft focus breathable matte formula and is available in 30 shades. Enriched with niacinamide, it is oil free, shine free, creaseproof, lifeproof and smudgeproof whilst providing 16 hours wear time from day to night. Its super coverage with 20% more pigment makes it easy to build and blend the foundation depending on the coverage you desire. This foundation has been dermatologically tested and is clinically proven to be non-comodogenic, non-pore blocking, and is suitable for blemish prone skin. Housed in a luxe glass bottle with built in pump, this foundation offers precision and greater control, it is your in real life filter, what more could you want?!

I love that it is in a glass bottle. To me that always makes a foundation feel Luxe, even it if isn’t expensive, it makes it feel like it is. And this is not an expensive foundation On the Revolution site it is currently available for $9.10. (original price was in Euros which is why it is an odd looking price). I picked mine up in Ulta and I think I paid $12.It is not an expensive foundation.

it looks darker in the bathroom with just the foundation

But it looks like it is, and not just in the bottle. I have really enjoyed wearing this foundation and I am already planning to pick up a lighter shade for the cooler months.

One pump was all it took to cover my face. I do have a little redness and that took it out with a medium coverage look. I could apply a second pump’s worth of product to take it to more of a full coverage look without it looking cakey. But to be honest, even though it is buildable, I didn’t really feel the need to build it up. I was simply amazed at how good my skin looked when wearing this foundation. I think I have taken some of the best pictures of myself with it on.

full face in bright sunlight with the foundation on and blended

However, all is not perfect. The scent of the product is a bit strong. It does smell like paint. Then scent doesn’t really linger, but it is noticeable, especially if you haven’t used it for a few days. With regular use the scent seems to dissipate. If I used it every day the scent grew less and less each day. if I let it sit over the weekend and didn’t open it then Monday morning i would notice the scent was stronger. Perhaps part of that is me getting used to it, but I think that part of that is just the bottle sitting.

The pump is nice and I had no problems with clogging or sputtering. It was easy to use and is pretty easy to keep it clean. I would advocate using a pore filling primer under it if you have more mature skin, or laugh lines. Oddly I didn’t have an issue with texture or the lines around my eyes, but i have one rather deep line near my mouth that was problematic. It is always problematic. If I made sure to use a pore filling primer under this foundation, the line was less noticeable. If I didn’t then it was more noticeable.

It is my deepest facial line/wrinkle. The fine lines around my eyes weren’t a problem. I don’t know if they simply aren’t deep enough yet to cause issues. But I really only had a problem with the line by my mouth and the primer took care of that. I had the best luck with the Tatcha Silk Canvas, Elf Poreless Putty Primer and Stila’s All about the Blur, in case you are looking for primers.

I generally don’t wear my foundation for more than eight to ten hours, but in that time I didn’t have a problem with it. I didn’t find any oily spots or dry spots. After I put on my face products I do set my face with setting powder. The one day I didn’t use powder I did feel a little oilier, but I didn’t notice any actual greasy spots that i needed to touch up with my compact. I am pretty sure that it was simply a very humid day.

I would still use the setting powder with it though as I think it might lean more oily than dry. It certainly did not dry me out. It is a very breathable formula and in fact it is really easy to forget you are wearing it. and like i said earlier, my skin looked really good in the photos I took while wearing it. I was very impressed by this foundation and will certainly be using this IRL Filter Longwear Foundation more and picking up a second shade for winter.

The Daily: May 24th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope all is well with you. After the insanity that was yesterday, today is running along smoothly. I don’t want to say that too loudly in case anyone is listening and decides I don’t have enough trauma in my day. Thus far, two thumbs up.

Well maybe one and a half.

The neighborhood cats are back. They have decided that the one low garden bed in the back of the yard is actually their litter box. It means about half of the newly sprouted seedlings were destroyed after they decided to bury their waste. My babydoll is picking up some natural cat repellant that should be okay with the plants. With luck that will work. I’d hat to have an entire garden bed that i can’t use. Admittedly i will now have to replant most of it, but that is something for weekend me to deal with.

Today I am again working at my desk. And if nothing happens, then it will remain that way until the end of the day. I have my fingers crossed. This morning it was only in the mid fifties so I had a lovely walk without feeling like my skin was going to melt off my bones. It was glorious. I don’t know how many mornings I am going to get like that, so I am going to be waking up just a little bit earlier the rest of the week to take advantage while I can. I figure one nice walk in the morning and then one sweaty one after the heat has broken and i will be able to keep on track. Thus far I am good. usually this system lasts until mid June. I am not entirely sure i will get that long this year but I am hoping. Every time I see my neighbor he predicts a scorcher of a summer. He isn’t an officially accurate gauge but he keeps repeating it so it is stuck in my head like a song i just can’t forget. I hope he is wrong though.

Today’s Look

Primer: Stila All about the Blur Primer

Foundation: IRL Filter foundation from Revolution Beauty

Bronzer: Fenty Beauty Sun StalkR palette

Blush: Yensa Serum Silk Cream Blush

Setting Powder: Anastasia Beverly Hills Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette (currently on sale on the HUDA site for $26.80 instead of $67 if you are interested. The link is general and not an affiliate one if you click it then you will just go to the main brand site)

Mascara: MAC Magic Extension Mascara

Lips: NARS in Shanghai Express topped with Fenty Gloss bomb in Diamond Milk

Okay, still getting the hang of this primer but I am really liking it. I can tell this Stila Primer is going to be on the favorites list this year. I am wrapping up my Revolution trial and since i already know what I think about it (review tomorrow) I went ahead and used the Stila today with the Revolution. It is a really good foundation. Lots of coverage without lots of product and it wears well.

I used the Fenty bronzer today because the palette lets me adjust which shade works for me. while I am mostly in my summer skin already, I am not full on summer tan yet so having a palette works for me. I do like the formula as well. this and the Fenty Gloss Bomb are pretty much my two favorite Fenty Products. And I used the Gloss Bomb to top the Nars Lipstick. it is a Matte lipstick, but i thought today needed just a little bit of gloss. They work well together and I adore the newer Nars lipsticks. They are less dry than they were before but still last well.

This is the second use of the Yensa blush and I am in love. A quick swirl in the pan with the brush and the blush applie beautifully. It belnds out so well and doesn’t leave a spot where the brush initially touched down. I am very impressed by this cream blush and have a feeling i will be using it for a while.

The ABH Setting powder is good. it sets well but is so messy. I always feel a little wasteful when I use it because of how much powder gets scattered everywhere. It is a good setting powder, but the mess of it occasionally gets to me. So once this one is empty i am not entirely sure i will repurchase it even though it performs well.

Today is more about the eyes than anything. I reached for one of my neutral palettes and then I saw the Huda and decided today that was the one I wanted. I did start off with a soft look but then I saw Mercury. It is kind of a mermaid blue and I just had to go for it. I think that is one of the reasons I don’t reach for it a lot. I open it and think, yeah I can create an everyday look with this. Which I can. but then in the middle of the everyday look I see the shimmers and just can’t resist. I really do like the shadows though. They perform really well. The mattes blend so beautifully. I will end up getting a wear line through the shimmer though since I didn’t use a lid primer. If I use one I don’t get the line (i have hooded eyes so it wears where the fold). it doesn’t bother me that much so I don’t bother with the lid primer. Mostly because I haven’t really found a lit primer I like. At the moment I use concealer when I want to use a lid primer, which is rarely. But it works well. There are just so few times where it is that important.

I may actually keep this palette out and use it more. It is light and summery and I really do love the way it performs. And who knows, after a few days of giving into the shimmers I may be able to resist and come up with a more office friendly look. Today of course the shimmers won.

I can’t say I am as thrilled with the MAC Mascara though. It has a very strong scent and it requires at least three coats to look how I prefer. It is a fine everyday mascara, but there is nothing to make it stand out. There is nothing that makes me want it over other mascaras. In fact I have several drug store mascaras I prefer. Plus the scent gives me a bit of a headache. I’ll use it, but then I will let it go. I am left with the thought every time I use it that MAC is usually better than this.

And with that my darlings I will leave you. there are e-mails to answer, calls to return and editing to be done. And today, i am the one who has to do it. I will see you bright and early tomorrow though, so have a great afternoon.

A little Mid-week Masking with GlamGlow

when I went into my foil packet collection to assemble my skincare line up last night, I came across a foil packed of the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask. I recently finished a jar of the Youthmud, from Glamglow. It is one of my favorite masks and I have forgotten how many jars I have had over the years. To be honest though I couldn;t remember if i had ever tried the Supermud. I know it is one of their bestsellers, but I almost always get the Youthmud.

I figured if i was going to clear out a bunch of foil packets, i might as well add one more to the list. And so i did. The Supermud Clearing Treatment mask from Glamglow is…


… our most advanced clearing treatment and #1 best-selling charcoal mud mask. Fights problem skin and skin imperfections with charcoal, a blend of six acids, and K-17 clay. The activated-x charcoal helps lift dirt, toxins and excess oil from the deepest and toughest areas to purify pores. The SUPER 6 Acid Blend helps loosen dead skin cells to exfoliate and sweep them away, leaving fresh, smooth skin behind.

Visibly, instantly clears the complexion and is suitable for acne-prone skin in one use. All you need is a thin layer.

mask on

And with this foil packet a thin layer is all I got. It was enough to cover the face, but I have to admit, if I had a full sized jar I would have used more. But then again i always add more masking to my skin then I probably should.

the mask smoothed over well and didn’t have much of a scent. I am used to the somewhat licorice scent of the Youthmud so i found that surprising. I was also surprised that there were no inclusions within the mask. There tend to be bits of leaf in the Youthmud as well. that there weren’t in the Super mud was a pleasant surprise.

mask off

The mask is supposed to stay on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with a warm, wet washcloth. The mash was a thin enough layer that it started drying down right away. I thought I would have to chip it off after fifteen minutes, but the thin layer meant that I really could just wet down a wash cloth and pretty much wipe it off. it was probably the easiest mud mask removal I have had in a long time. Part of that was of course using the recommended amount.

So I guess there are benefits to following the instructions.

And actually my skin felt amazing after I rinsed the mask off. I did have a few clogged pores that were a little closer to the surface and I suspect by the time I get ready for bed a quick bit of exfoliator will be in order and then all will be well again. I have to say Glamglow makes really good face masks. This Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask is definitely one I will be looking at purchasing and I am really glad I took the time to use up the foil packet. I wonder what other treasures are in this box of lost skincare…

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Foil Packet Skincare with Tatcha and a little bit of Sulwhasoo

While I love trying out samples, I have to be honest, when it comes to foil packets of skincare, I tend to put them in a drawer and forget about them for a while. So as I am clearing out space and getting ready for summer, I came across a bunch of skincare foil packets. And I realized that with the exception of a moisturizer, I had pretty much a full line up of Tatcha Skincare, in foil packets. So I added in a Sulwhasoo moisturizer, also in a foil packet and decided to make a night of it. As I will soon be ordering a primer from Tatcha I figured this would be a good time to figure out if there were any other products I might want to give a whirl. And so into the foil packets we go…

the rice plish

First up is The Rice Polish: Deep. This comes in powder form and you put the powder in your hands, add a little water and then massage into your skin. Then you rinse off.

I used the entire foil packet, which was a bit too much to use. I could probably have gotten away with about half of the product I used, maybe even less. hat I got was a fabulous clean. In fact of the products used, it was my favorite. It is the one I am most likely to purchase in the full size.

the cleanser

From there we move into The Deep Cleanse. I was surprised that this had some exfoliation particles in it. It didn’t look like it did when I dispensed it but I could feel it on my skin. It wasn’t a heavy exfoliator, it was very gentle. It just took me by surprise.

very clean skin

I think that part of the reason it took my by surprise was that it smells exactly like the Silk Canvas Protective Primer Balm. That scent with the exfoliation took me a step back for a moment. It was however a really good cleanser i would happily use again.

cotton pad post tonic use

For toner I went with The Texture Tonic. It is an exfoliating tonic and perhaps I didn’t need it after the polish and cleanser, but I actually had a bit of time between them. I went for the Rice Polish after dinner and then watched a movie. I then did the cleanser and intended to go straight into the rest of the skin care but ended up getting pulled into a phone call for about an hour. So there was time between. And the Tonic was exfoliating. It took off more than I thought it would. (I also think there might have been some makeup on my phone screen but that is a whole other story.) I liked The Texture Tonic but i think I actually prefer the Ren Glow Tonic. This is a close second as it is a good exfoliating toner, but I found the scent a little strong for me.

the essence

After the Tonic dried down I went in with The Essence. I love having Essences in my skincare line up. Its funny because I always like them and then I use up whatever Essence I am using, forget about them for a while and then I am just amazed by them when I roll them back into the line up. this was no exception. It was a good essence and I could feel my pores opening and getting ready for additional skincare. I was surprised by how light the scent was. The Tatcha moisturizers tend to have a stronger fragrance and I was pleased that this did not. It felt light and fresh.

the dewy serum

I don’t know why but I was surprised that The Dewy Serum was a cream. I somehow expected it to be a clear gel. I have no idea why. It was a white cream. It looked like it would be a bit heavy, but it was light on the skin and just melted right in. The scent was light and clean with just a hint of florals. The scent did fade rapidly. While I did enjoy this serum, I have noticed that anything from Tatcha’s Dewy line is more suitable for my winter skin than my summer. It was fine for one night and it was also not paired with any of the other Dewy products, so it was the right level of moisture for me. while I did like it this one time. I think that this is a serum I will mark down to pick up for a full trial in the fall and going into winter. I think that would be when my skin would really like this. At this time of year i would probably use it once or twice a week, where as in winter I could use it every night.

the Silk Peony eye cream

After the Dewy Serum absorbed in I went for The Silk Peony Eye cream. This was a thicker eye cream and had almost no scent to it. I massaged it in and as my skin’s temperature warmed it, it melted and my skin drank it in. The skin around my eyes felt soft and hydrated. This is definitely an eye cream that I would try again in the future. Clearly one use isn’t enough to get any sort of results, but it felt nice enough that I would be willing to give it a try.


and of course we rounded out the night’s skincare with the one Non-Tatcha product, the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing cream. It has a light fresh scent to it, that was sort of herbally, but not like a green herbally scent. The only think i can think of is that it must be a ginseng scent. I don’t know that I have ever actually smelled ginseng before but that is the only think I can thing that scent would be. The Scent fades pretty fast and is not heavy or perfume-y.

cleansed and moisturized for the night

The cream itself is a thinner almost water cream consistency. The small amount in this foil packet covered my face and neck and while it initially left me looking a bit like a glazed doughnut, it did absorb in well and left me feeling hydrated. In the summertime, this is actually the consistency of cream that I prefer, even though I do like thicker creams once the weather turns cold. This would I think make an excellent summer weight moisturizer for me. (my skin tends to be “normal” which means that in the winter i lean towards dry and in the summer I lean towards oily, In the summer I never get oily enough to be able to use oily skin themed products more than a couple of times a week. If I use them more, I get dried out.)

All in all I really enjoyed this night of foil packet skincare. while I actually enjoyed all of the Tatcha skincare products, The Rice Polish is the one I would put at the top of my must purchase list. The Dewy Serum I think may be a fall purchase for me and I suspect I will be trying out The Silk Peony eye cream at some point. I think what struck me most is that I always thin of Tatcha products as being highly scented. The most highly scented product in this line up was the cleanser. It had that signature Tatcha primer scent to it, which I actually really enjoy. When I tried moisturizers from Tatcha they were fragranced in a much more noticeable way than anything I tried out here. Part of that may be that they were in foil packets, but I think that a large part of it is that the other products from the brand may not be as fragranced as the moisturizers. Which is good to know. while I don’t mind fragrances in my skincare, I do like to keep them on the light and fresh side. Every product i used in this line up fell into that category for me. Including the Sulwhasoo. As for the Sulwhasoo, I will be looking into trying out the Renewing Cream in the near future as I think it would make a great summer time moisturizer.