The Daily: February 15th, 2022

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Today I have more or less been run off my feet. I planned a day of sitting at my desk and writing for most of the day, but it turned out not to be the case. I mostly ran around town with a mask on my face taking care of a bunch of little errands that we forgot about. It started out as one errand that had to get done today, and should have only taken a few minutes, but then it turned into a ‘while I’m here’ scenario.

Which sort of spiraled.

In addition, I had a little bit of an issue caused my my moisturizer. I’m testing out a new sample sized moisturizer. It is ultra hydrating so I figured this time of year would be the best time to test it. Turns out that even in winter the ultra hydration is too much for my skin. So I had a few breakouts. I actually had one on the side of my nose which I don’t think has happened since i was a teenager. It was quite strange to see. Usually I break out on my cheeks or in the clogged pore central that is my under eye area.

So today I skipped the makeup and brought out the Neutralyze. They make a set of toner pads that are perfect for when my skin freaks out. They provide a hit of salicylic acid and dry out the overly oily sections, but leave the rest of my skin alone. I generally keep a container of them in my cabinet for times such as these. I also like that I can target the use of the toner pads and concentrate more on the areas giving me issues. So for a while I will have them in my skin care lie up. I will also be replacing the moisturizer sample for something a little less ultra hydrating. I’ll go into detail in the weekly skincare round up. But for now, there is no makeup and an emergency usage of the Neutralyze Exfoliating toner pads.

I’m sure keeping a mask on for most of the day didn’t help either. Tonight may see a return of the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao clearing mask. I’ve been trying not to use it as much so that I can give other products a chance, but it is fabulous and honestly, this skin situation is kind of why the mask was created.

You know the worst part? It’s sort of knowing that i did it to myself with my choice of moisturizer. I can’t blame the weather or an allergic reaction to an unknown chemical. I knew the moisturizer was taking too long to absorb in and leaving me greasy, but I kept using it until I broke out. Which makes it my fault. I don’t like when things are my fault. But this one I can’t really blame on anyone else. So now i will have to fix what I did.

So today I will skip the makeup and let my skin have the day to calm down. And I will spend the rest of the day getting back to work and masking up for lost time this morning. Then tonight the clearing mask and hopefully a bit more normality tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

The Skincare Lineup: October 1st, 2021

Ah Friday, the day I get to indulge my love of skincare and talk everyone’s ear off. I do try to control myself. Not everyone needs to know my love of hyaluronic acid. Or do they? I don’t know, perhaps it may help. And isn’t that what this is all about?

The Daytime Line Up

Deodorant: Native Blackberry and Green Tea Deodorant

Cleanser: Annmarie Skincare Aloe Herb Cleanser (use code FALL25 for 25% off)

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha

Serum: Annmarie Skincare Anti Aging Serum (usually $60, currently $45 on sale)

Moisturizer: Seed Phytonutrients Light Weight Facial Lotion

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Facial Spray: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste

Okay, let’s kick off with a most egregious error on my part. Looking through this list you may not notice anything strange, but something is missing. It is the eye cream. I finished the ESPA eye cream and didn’t add in a new product. The reason is that once I finished it I thought – I need to add this onto my list of products I want to repurchase. At the moment I have quite a few eye creams to go through as subscription boxes went eye cream crazy for a bit, so it will be a while before I get around to reordering. The ESPA eye cream is one that tops the list though.

So, since I didn’t have a pen and paper with me I set the tube back on the skin care shelf to come back to later instead of putting it with the empties. And then I left it there. I picked it up periodically throughout the week and then set the empty back down thinking – that’s right I need to add it to the list. It is now on the list, and a new product will be added next week.

To be honest that is really the only change in the morning line up. I have about a week left on the Annmarie serum and I am already dreading running out. Even though the serum is a little thicker than i would expect it absorbs really well and my skin looks really good because of it. It is one of those serums that I just love to use. It has a nice herbal scent and it just plain feels good on the skin.

I did notice something interesting with the Missha Time Revolution essence this week. The lower the essence drops in the bottle, the more comes out of the top when I dispense it into my hand. I think that happens because the product falls through the empty portion of the bottle to smack into the dispenser top with more force now that there is less product in the bottle. I am trying to remember to turn it up gently so the product is against the dispenser cap before I shake it into my hand. This dispenses less and will make it last longer. And I am all for making this essence last longer. With the weather change I have been spending more time outside and even though I still use my lovely Volition Sunscreen, it is a lot of sun on my skin. The essence really helps calm my skin after too much sun. Or irritation of any sort actually. It really is just good to have around, as well as being part of my skincare line up.

Even when i ignore gravity and shake out more than I need, I just apply the essence to my neck and upper chest so it is all goo. Just something I thought was interesting. And something I didn’t even think about before the product dropped lower in the bottle.

The Night time line Up

Makeup Remover: Makeup Eraser Cloth

Cleanser: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing water and Moisture Boost Gel to Water Cleanser by Tony Moly

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Serum: Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid62% Hydrating Serum

Acne Treatment and Moisturizer: Neutralyze Renewal Complex Blemish Control and anti-aging moisturizing cream

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry

Night Mask: Elemis Peptide 4 Plumping Pillow Facial

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

This week the night time line up had two changes. One was the use of a sample sized cleanser from Tony Moly. It is simply called Moisture Boost. It is a gel to Water cleanser and as expected it comes out as a clear gel that melts to a liquid with the heat of your palm. It s scent is slightly reminiscent of a citrus scented hand sanitizer. The citrus is very light and faint though. It doesn’t really foam. And I;ll be honest, while that isn’t technically necessary, I like my cleansers to foam.

While my skin did feel clean, this isn’t the best cleanser for getting makeup off. It suggests morning use and I think that is because it really isn’t good at removing makeup. For makeup removal I just relied mostly on my Makeup Eraser followed by the Micellar water. this cleanser was mostly a follow up more so i could test it out rather than because it was removing anything but the last bits of makeup remains.

The other change was in the Neutralyze. At the moment I am using it as a spot treatment for my trouble zones rather than spread a layer over my entire face. I really think it is helping in the areas where I tend to get a lot of clogged pores. I’ve noticed fewer clogs if nothing else. I’m trying to avoid using my Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clearing Mask at the moment so that I can see if the Neutralyze can work them out and thus far I think it does seem to be doing some good. Pictures are hard to take of it as the clogged pores are more of a texture than anything else so it is really hard to see. But the bumps are receeding. Or being removed I suppose would be a better term.

The cream is very sticky though so if using it, remember to apply it at least an hour before going to bed otherwise you will feel like you are velcro-ed to the pillow case. Give it its time to sink in and do its job. After all the pillow case doesn’t have any clogged pores it needs to get rid of, why should it take a share of your treatment?

And so my darlings that is it for this week’s skincare line up. There weren’t many changes but I think I have several products that might at best make it to the end of next week before new products need to be rotated in to fill the gaps. So change is coming. And as soon as this posts, I am writing down the details of the ESPA eye cream and I am putting a new cream to try into the bathroom. Promise.

For those looking to try something from Versed Skincare Weekend Glow is now available in a mini size on! Shop their powerful brightening toner for uneven skin tone, for just $7.99!

This toner targets dark spots and those lingering post-acne marks (you know the ones). It’s perfect for treating hyperpigmentation! The full-size is still available, for $17.99. But the mini is great for both travel and for giving the product a trial test to see if it works for you. You know I love the minis!

Out of Sight - 728x90

E.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation

As you may remember last week I used the e.l.f. Tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 as my foundation product.  While I adored using it, I had not yet gotten around to reviewing it.  As the level of the product was dropping low I decided to try and use it up and give a review. 

As you might expect from the fact that I managed to use up almost an entire container, I really liked it.  Sadly when I went looking for the links so that when reading the post, you could click on the link and find more official information on the product, I found it had been discontinued. 

There was great sadness.

And an excuse to run out to the drug store in search of more information and a comparable e.l.f. replacement.

The quick run turned into a bit of a quest as recent sales and restocking concerns left various makeup aisles looking like they were pillaged.

Seriously, it looked like makeup loving pirates boarded my local CVS and left no one behind to tell the tale.

My quest was finally successful at Target.  Apparently, the Makeup Pirates were either distracted by the nearby Ulta or Target has cannons hidden in the giant red ball decorations out front. Here I managed to secure the e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation. In the shade Buff in case you were wondering. 

Flawless Finish Foundation

I will say I have tried the Flawless Finish Foundation earlier in the year and loved it (it is really an underrated fantastic foundation), but I wanted something a little lighter, almost on the scale of the tinted moisturizer, especially since they are not making it any more.

So product secured, let’s dive in.

Acne Fighting Foundation is full coverage and infused with salicylic acid, witch-hazel, camphor, tea tree, and soothing aloe that help fight blemishes. This lightweight formula provides coverage to help even skin tone and reduces acne redness while working to help clear your skin.

My skin has a little redness, but at the moment I don’t have much in the way of acne.  Surprisingly I’ve managed to clear most everything away at the moment.  Also, as I have the Flawless Finish Foundation as well as a little bit of the Tinted Moisturizer I decided to do a bit of comparison between the three products. As a warning, the Flawless foundation is way too light on me at the moment so it looks kind of strange. Especially as it is just the foundation with nothing over it to make even an attempt at blending it in.

On the left is my bafe face and on the right is the Acne Fighting foundation alone.

First, on its own, the e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation is a really good foundation.  If provided good coverage, stayed in place all day without settling into fine lines and peeling up around the corners of my nose and mouth.  I would call it medium coverage rather than full coverage.  It was the kind of foundation that just made my skin look really good instead of making it look like I was wearing nice foundation.  It is not a no makeup look, but it leans towards a more natural look than I generally associate with full coverage products.

The tinted moisturizer is on the left and the acne fighting foundation is on the right

What is kind of fun is that when compared to the other two products it falls exactly in the middle of them, coverage wise.  All three feel super lightweight against the skin and are very wearable. The tinted moisturizer is the kind of product that you apply when you just want to help your skin out a little bit but don’t have any major blemishes to cover. 

The acne fighting foundation provides more coverage and is a quite excellent daily foundation.  You can wear it for a more natural look or use it as a base for a slightly more glam look.  It is the kind of foundation you can take from the office to happy hour with only a quick stop to sparkle up your eyeshadow and maybe vamp the lips.

Acne fighting foundation on the left and Flawless finish on the right

The Flawless Foundation is still light weight, but more full coverage and the one I’d wear when lecturing at a conference or on camera.  Although, as my last two conference lectures were actually zoom calls those are more or less the same thing. In the photo the colors don’t look that different, but the lighter shade was very evident in real life.

I will be sad to see the last of the e.l.f tinted moisturizer go away, but I know that they do have a Tinted BB Cream which might take its place.  I will have to check and see. The pirates left none behind so it must be ordered.  For now I am going to be wearing the last of the tinted moisturizer on the weekends instead of putting it back into my dressing table so that I can use the final remnants and get rid of the empty tube.  I am very happy with the acne foundation.  Even though I am not currently breaking out (it comes and goes) I like the salicylic acid in the foundation as well as the Aloe.  The inclusion of aloe in the moisturizer was one of the reasons I picked it up in the first place. I mean if you are going to apply a foundation, why not make it one that might actually do your skin a little good.  Oh and because it is an e.l.f. product, it also does my wallet a bit of good. This acne fighting foundation at its full price is $6.

Yeah, an excellent product that only costs $6? I can see myself keeping this in stock for a long time to come.

e.l.f. cosmetics