My Favorite New Travel Item

Let me introduce you to my favorite new travel item, The soap Sheet packet from SOS Studios on the Shop Miss A site. I know soap sheets are not a stunningly new item in the world, they have been around a while. However this is my first real experience with them.

I picked this set up from Shop Miss A a while back when I went and just decided to order a whole lot that interested me from the site. As pretty much everything is a dollar it is a shopping spree where I got a lot for very little money. And I found several items I will most certainly be ordering again.

To be honest, I slipped this set of soap sheets into my order simply because I was curious. I’d heard of soap sheets bet never tried them/. The Shop Miss A site had many scents to choose from and I went with the Peach. And to be fair the soap sheets smell like peach. Slightly. Mostly they smell like soap that might have once been placed next to some peaches.

The sheets are thin and feel a bit like wax paper. I put one in my hand and then added water. The sheet starts to dissolve almost immediately. one quick hand rub and the sheet dissolved into bubbles. I rubbed my hands together, washing them and then rinsing them off.

Any peach scent went down the drain with the suds and my hands were just left freshly washed. I suspect that would happen with any scent that you tried these soap sheets in. Some might be stronger than others but i am pretty sure it is the soap that will count.

It is just soap. It isn’t a moisturizing soap, nor is it a terribly drying one. I did end up using hand cream after using the soap, but as after washing my hands I generally sprayed hand sanitizer on them, the lotion was more to do with the hand sanitizer than the soap sheets.

While I was traveling for Thanksgiving and this did let me avoid the mostly empty soap dispensers in the restrooms on the drive. While I was home I ended up washing my hands a lot more than when I was here. There were several children with stick fingers around, mostly because we had a make your own caramel apple event on the Saturday post thanksgiving while several parents went out shopping. There were also several people who had recent operations moving in and out of my visit so the washing and sanitizing was intense. Beyond that, this was an amazingly useful product to have on hand, not just for the trip but in everyday life.

I may have purchased this set of soap sheets from Shop Miss A on a whim, but it is now one of my favorite items and I will be stocking up so that I can keep one in my purse, one in the car and one in my travel kit. Sometimes it is the simple things that make all the difference.

Holiday Bundle: Soap and Glory

Each year without fail I pick up some sort of Soap and Glory Bundle. What is kind of amusing is that each year my purchase is driven by one factor. I look at all of their packages and bundles and then I purchase whichever one has the full sized Heel Genius inside of it.

I know, not the best decision making process. However it is mine. This isn’t to say I don’t like the other products in the bundle. This $40 gift set for example comes with several products I like.

Pinkly the Best Includes:

Clean On Me Hydrating Body Wash 500ml

The Scrub Of Your Life Exfoliating Body Scrub 200ml 

The Righteous Butter Body Butter 300ml

Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream 125ml

Heel Genius Foot Cream 125 ml

Face Soap Clarity Face Wash

Reusable Soap & Glory white and pink tin

The Clean on me Hydrating Body Wash and Scrub of Your Life are two products I purchase for my shower every so often. I like the scent and the effectiveness. The scrub of your life is quite exfoliation-tastic, although not overly harsh on the skin. Because of the exfoliation I can’t use it daily, but for a couple of times a week it is fabulous.

My mother loves the Righteous Body Butter and Hand Cream so those two items will be passed on as stocking stuffers. I have never tried the clarity face wash from the brand so i am looking forward to giving that a go. and truthfully the Tin is going straight into my laundry room. I have a collection of dryer balls, which I absolutely love, but I need a container to corral them in and this will quite frankly work perfectly.

So nothing in this gift set will go to waste.

But I did purchase it for the Heel Genius Foot Cream.

I am posting about this as part of the Holiday Gifts posts not only because this and many other Soap and Glory Products and Bundles make great gifts, but as a reminder that sometimes great products do not have to break the bank.

This Heel Genius Foot cream costs only about $7 and it is the best foot cream I have ever used. It is a drug store product although my local Walgreens tends to run out of this on a regular basis so picking it up is always hit or miss. Hence the reason I specifically make a point to pick it up at the holidays. I do a lot of walking and my feet really take a beating. I have tried a lot of pricier items but in the end, i always come back to this. I have forgotten about foot care for several months and then realized suddenly that i am going to be wearing open shoes where people will be assaulted with my heavily calloused feet and rolled in this Heel Genius for an emergency rescue.

An hour before bed, when I am settled and reading in bed before sleep, I will slather my feet with this cream and pull on a pair of socks. (I can’t sleep in socks for some reason so I take the hour before bed to do this and then peel the socks off just before sleep.) Three nights of this and my callouses are softened, A week and my feet are soft and hydrated. Every time.

Sometimes we get caught up in the new and expensive and we forget the old reliable, and inexpensive products. This is a reliably good product and it deserves to be remembered. And if you can get a squadron of other nice products at the same time, even better.

This year, for me, The Heel Genius was found in the Pinkly the Best Holiday set from Soap and Glory. (Surprisingly though on the official website it is not listed as included in the kit so that may just be a US version.) Each year this is a treat to myself and each year I really enjoy it. It is my self care moment before the craziness of the holidays arrives. Some of the products I will pass on to those I know will love them but most I will keep for myself. It is Happy Holiday to me and I am well pleased.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Molton Brown

I know the holidays always seem to come faster and faster each year. Typically I like spreading my holidays out, however before the holiday, comes the shopping for the holiday. For me, my family is scattered pretty much around the globe at this point. So some gifts I pick up, wrap and get the chance to deliver in person while others I order, wrap, and then pack up to ship back out to other destinations. It means that I try to get my shopping done as early as possible. Adding in that everyone has supply chain issues these days and shipping is often delayed, it makes shopping a little early a good idea.

So if you are shopping now or planning your Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday domination, I thought I’d go into a few of my favorite brands and take a look at some of this year’s holiday offerings.

Molton Brown is a long term favorite of mine. And while There will no doubt be ,more Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, currently they have a 25% off site wide (T&C apply) sale going on for those looking to stock up early. For a long time I simply ordered their Rhubarb and Rose body wash and didn’t bother branching out into the other scents. Then I received a couple of travel sized scented body washes in subscription boxes and liked them so much that I had to try a variety of scents.

One of my favorite things to get is the Stocking Stuffer Collection (usually $50, currently $37.50). I tend to pick this one up every year actually. I admit I usually keep one, but the rest of them I parcel out into various stockings. It works out really well because some family members like heavily spiced items, others like fruity scents, some like florals and others are citrus fanatics.

So the sampler stocking stuffer set is really handy.

I also generally pick up at least one of the holiday baubles because it never fails that after I have finally thought i picked up every item I need on my list there is always one Secret Santa or family friend gift that I some how forgot.

And given how much help so many people have been this year with my mother’s surgery, I will be picking up a bunch of these as extra holiday thank yous this year. The Holiday Baubles are usually $15 for one and are currently $11.25. While I will be getting a few of the individually packaged ones I will probably also get several of the three pack holiday sets (usually $49 for three but currently $30). My plan for those is to just have a basket and let people choose the scent they like best.

One thing I love about Molton Brown is that while they put their regular scents of shower gel and body lotion sets out for the holidays, they also have special holiday scents available. This year they have Merry Berries and Mimosa, vintage with elderflower (which might not be strictly a holiday scent but as my dad used to make elderflower wine and always brought out a bottle around the holidays, I always associate with the holiday scents), Jubilant Pine and Patchouli, and Festive Frankincense and allspice.

You can pick up sets that have just the holiday scents, such as the trio of bath gels to the right, or you can go for your favorite scents. If you are looking for something that is slightly floral but has a sweet tart scent to it, then I would suggest the Rose and Rhubarb. If you like something with a bit more of a clean fresh scent than I would lean more towards the Costal Cypress and Sea Fennel. Currently the one I am absolutely loving right now is the Heavenly Gingerlily. It is slightly spicy with a slightly floral note. And like all of Molton Brown’s products, foams beautifully and rinses away cleanly while leaving beautifully soft skin behind.

As always they did release an advent calendar this year but alas it is currently out of stock. I am hoping they will bring it back by the time Black Friday rolls around. I believe that is what they did last year. I remember seeing it was sold out, then on Black Friday got a notice that it was back in stock and by Saturday afternoon when I went to see about purchasing it, it was out of stock again. As it looks like a great way to try a variety of their products I can see why it is so popular.

For me, I love the brand and the products. I also love that while I have several people on my Christmas list who have sensitive skin, no one has ever had any problems with any of the Molton Brown products. I do have two relatives who are very scent sensitive so they tend to get bath time gifts from another company because of the scents (Molton Brown is quite potent in the scent department), but the formulas are great for all skin types. In addition to stocking stuffers and making sure everyone has a little holiday scented fun at bath time, I like the fact that Molton Brown’s products are always nice gifts but not to personal to give to work acquaintances at Secret Santa Gatherings, or your mother’s church friends who made sure she got to doctor’s appointments on time. They are just nice all round gifts and this time of year is a great time to stock up on them, whether it is for a gift or just yourself. I can already tell you, there is at least one Heavenly Gingerlily product heading into my own shower in the near future.

Molton Brown (US)

Enjoying a shower with Kueshi Naturals

This Kueshi Naturals Vanilla Shower Gel was a new product and a new brand to me when it appeared in a subscription box. I am never opposed to getting shower gels in subscription boxes. I like using them and often I will end up using them when I travel. The main reason is that my usual body wash is from Olay. The scents vary based on what seemed to catch my eye when i went shopping. And while I love Olay (enough to keep buying it) the bottles are kind of big. So what i do, especially as we start rolling into fall and winter and Holiday travel looms, is to try out the body washes and other shower gel type products and if I like them enough set them aside for travel. Mostly because they are more compact than the Olay bottle.


And they are there.

this Kueshi Naturals I tried out and then took with me to my mother’s house where it was the bathing product i used for the two weeks I was staying with her. Normally I would post a little blurb about what the company claims for the product and maybe look at a couple of the ingredients. However this product was very difficult to find. I found it posted on Mecari and other resale sites but it was not listed on the Kueshi naturals site. (The link above will take you to the main page for the brand).

foams nicely but not extravagantly.

I’m guessing because it says limited edition on it, they no longer have it in stock. Which is a shame. The vanilla was a nice light scent that wasn’t overly sweet or cloying, which is sometimes difficult to do with vanilla scented products.

The shower gel foamed well, rinsed clean and was a pleasure to use. I thought about not posting about it, because the product seems to have disappeared from the brand site, but as it is the first item i have ever tried from the brand I decided to go ahead and post a few thoughts about it. The main reason is that because of this shower gel I am more interested in trying other things from the brand. This Vanilla shower gel was very good and I enjoyed using it. If the other products from the brand are anything like this then I will definitely be giving their products more of a try in the future.

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Using the Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Body Soap with CBD

That’s right my darlings, the testing of the Beekman 1802 products from the quarterly box continues as I try to decide if this quarterly box is worth keeping for a while. Thus far i have actually quite enjoyed the items I have used so I am leaning towards a positive feel for the brand in general.

Prior to using the products in this box, I tried out a small hand soap bar from them. It was quite a while ago and it might have possibly been a trial sized bar of soap but i remember thinking it was quite nice. So I was pretty eager to try out this Goat milk Body Soap with CBD.

When you go on the website there are a variety of soaps. The body soaps like this one are 9 ounces. The other soaps seem to be a bit smaller and I am guessing they are more hand soaps. While I love a large amount of product, this is a big bar of soap. I’m not mad at it, but I also do not have the biggest hands in the world. For me there is no picking up this bar and using it against my skin. At least not until it becomes a much smaller bar.

This is the sort of block of soap you put on a shelf in the shower out of the reach of the spray and rub a wash cloth over to get product on it and then use the wash cloth. I know that for many people this is how you use body soap any way. For me when I use a bar of soap in the shower I tend to lather up my hands and then put the soap down.

Given the size it isn’t really workable for me with this bar. It is also a really soft soap. A minute in the range of the spray and it was starting to get really soft around the edges. This is a soft enough formula that it needs to be kept out of the spray. I think what will be interesting is if I keep this subscription, comparing it to other versions of the soap that might come in the box. It will be interesting to see if all of their soaps are like this or if it is just the CBD one. Providing of course that there are more soaps sent while I have the subscription.

And to be honest, even if they aren’t I might actually pick up another bar on my own. This CBD Goat Milk Body soap had zero scent to it, but I see several scents in their soap line up that I wouldn’t mind trying and even though this is an over sized bar that goes a bit melty in the spray, it was a really good soap. There was no soap residue left on my skin and my skin feels soft and hydrated.

I only got to use the bar a few times as my baby doll claimed it for his own. Which was interesting. He really likes the scented soaps from Squatch and I am sure I will continue to pick them up. One of the reason he likes them is that they are just sort of plain square bars. This too is a plain square bar of soap. It has the b1802 imprinted on it, but that was hard to see before the bar was used and gone after a few uses. My baby doll doesn’t like what he considers ‘fru fru bath stuff’.

Well let me correct that. He likes the effects of the items, he just doesn’t want it to look fancy. So he can pretend it is a basic item. He really liked using the bar. His hands are larger so he had no trouble with the size and in fact I think that is what made him think it was a ‘manly sized’ bar and there for best for him. He did think it was a bit on the soft side so he put it on the shelf out of the spray. Once dry it is no longer so soft and it works well. I asked him if he wanted to know what was in it and he said ‘no, but we can get this again.’

Which more or less means that he likes it, wants me to reorder it, but wants to think of it like a larger version of unscented Ivory soap. He also wants to think that it costs less than a dollar, which is what the hardware store around the corner from us sells hand sized bars of Ivory soap for. He doesn’t want the details because then he fears he’ll be in ‘fru fru’ territory again and have to give up a product he likes because anything but basic Ivory soap is too much.

Which is, to be honest, very high praise from him.

So I liked it enough to try out another bar to see if the firmness when wet remains a consistent factor. I liked the way it made my skin feel although it was a little large for my hand and my baby doll really liked it. I’d say, that was a pretty positive response for the Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Body Soap with CBD.

Trying out the Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty Spray

I am a big fan of the Honey Pot’s foaming shower wash. I tried it and incorporated it into my daily routine. It has become a staple in my daily routine. It is ph balanced for a woman’s body and even though I was skeptical about actually needing it before once I tried it there was no going back to just using a regular body wash on my nether regions.

however after trying, loving and repeatedly repurchasing, I didn’t try anything else out from the brand. And so I decided to pick up this Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty spray to try out.

Totally innovative and dynamic, The Honey Pot Co’s Lavender Rose feminine hygiene spray is a great way to feel fresh throughout the day. We’ve updated our refreshing herbal panty sprays with DeoPlex® technology, resulting in a perfected formula for better deodorization and moisturization. Use this feminine hygiene spray to freshen up fast, without any artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

I chose the lavender and rose because I thought they would be a good balance. They work well together but they are a bit strong for me. The heavy scent is a bit too perfume-y and I would prefer a lighter fresh scent. I think if choosing again I would go for the cucumber and aloe scent instead.

And would I purchase this again? Yes actually I think i would. It isn’t as necessary for me to have on hand as the wash, but it was quite useful this summer. When I went for my walks in the summer heat, i came back sweaty. while I generally jumped in the shower as soon as I could peel my clothes from me often times I just rinsed myself off with water. I like to do a full shower at night and just rinse off after my walk. with the water rinse and towel drying bits of me over drying more than any form of personal scent were the main issue. This spray was just enough moisture without causing any fragrance irritation in sensitive areas.

For me the Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty Spray was excellent post work out, simply for the way I move and care for my body. The scent was a heavier one but can easily be remedied. While I might not need this as much as the heat fades and autumn gets underway, it is something that I will certainly have on hand as spring fades into summer. I will just choose a lighter scent to suit my own personal preferences.

Using the Ouai Melrose Place Body Cleanser

Over the years I have used quite a few Ouai products. All of them have been hair products. When this Ouai Body Cleanser in the scent Melrose Place came up as an option in Birch Box, I thought it would be a fun option to try. Mostly because I didn’t realize that Ouai made more than hair care products. The description of this product on the site is fairly simple.

This hydrating cleanser gently washes your bod with a blend of skin-softening oils in our Melrose Place scent.

The version of the product I have is a 1 oz sample size. The full size of this product is 10 fl Oz and costs $28. Now here is the thing. There are quite a few products I don’t mind spending money on. And there are several products that I will put on my personal list of what to splurge on for a treat for myself, usually around my birthday. But to make it to that list, a product has to work better than or feel more luxurious than the product I turn to for everyday use.

especially if it is an everyday use sort of item. And let’s face it, body wash is an everyday item. Everyday I bathe and every day I use body wash. While I try out a lot of body wash products I always end up coming back to my tried and true. My tried and true is the Olay body wash.(the link will take you to their general body wash page) The scent will vary based on what I see on the shelf that I want to try when I am shopping, but while I try other body washes, I always come back to Olay. It is currently listed at $13.32 for 22 ounces if you want to do a price comparison. Which mean that is what i am comparing this Ouai Body wash to when i use it.

Even though I did list price it is just for reference sake. If the Ouai performs well enough or feels luxurious enough it can still go on my splurge list. And I have to say the Ouai thick Hair shampoo and conditioner are on my splurge list. So if I like this then it could go on the list to pick up while I am there.

The Ouai Body cleanse is a gel cleanser as you can see in the bottle. It is clear. The scent Melrose place is a light Rose scent. It is a nice rise scent actually. It is not overly floral or overly sweet. It is like a very well behaved rose scent. I actually like it quite a bit. And it did make my shower smell rather fancy when I used it. As though I was visiting a spa. It lathered like any other body wash. There was no extravagant foam or luxurious feel. It was a good body cleanser that foamed and rinsed off cleanly. Did my skin feel hydrated? Yes. Did my skin feel cleansed? Again Yes.

Did it exceed expectations enough to make it onto the splurge list? No. This rose scent is nice, but it is not really a unique scent. I have had other products that have this sort of well behaved rose scent. It is quite pleasant but it is not unique and it is not something I am going to crave. Would I use it again if it came in a subscription box? Yes I would. In fact if it was a choice in a subscription box, I might even choose it. Depending on what it was up against.

Is it something I need? No. Is it something that I will add to the cart when my other Ouai Splurge items make it to my purchase list? Probably not. Because it doesn’t out perform my standard Olay. In fact Olay is moisturizing enough that I can occasionally skip the post shower body moisturizer. Not every day, but if I am in a rush I can skip it post shower and then just use the body lotion at night.

With the Ouai Body cleanser, it was moisturizing and did not strip moisture from my skin, but while using it I did not skip the post shower body lotion. it simply doesn’t provide enough moisture to do that. For me to add this Ouai body Cleanser onto my splurge purchasing list it would have to give me something I couldn’t get in my regular body wash and it simply didn’t. This is a nice product and I wouldn’t mind using it again as I found it quite pleasant, but it isn’t something I will go out of my way to purchase.

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Stock Up. Shine On.​

Trying out the Wander Beauty All Inclusive Shampoo and Body Wasy

This Wander Beauty All Inclusive Shampoo and Body Wash came in a recent Birch Box subscription and I have to say I was somewhat surprised.  I have tried many products from Wander beauty, some I loved and some I didn’t.  Topping the favorites are the Baggage Claim Eye Masks and the Glow Ahead Facial oil. 

That is how I think of them, as a skincare and makeup brand.  I honestly didn’t know they had products for the body.  I suppose I could have found out easily enough just by poking around on their website, but for some reason it never occurred to me. I suppose though it isn’t all that surprising.  I tend to mentally categorize brands in my head and then am completely shocked that they sell something other than the book mark in my brain. 

But still, surprise. So let’s look at the All Inclusive shall we?

Go from head to toe with this 2-in-1 gel-to-foam shampoo and body wash. This multitasking, do-it-all formula creates a luxurious lather to reinvigorate dull hair and skin, letting you do more with less during your shower routine.

Bamboo extract leaves hair softer and shinier while doing double duty to soothe and calm skin. Coconut oil and panthenol add shine and moisturize hair. Skin feels soothed and better retains hydration.

Sulfate Free. Silicone Free. Synthetic Fragrance Free. Dye Free.  Safe for color treated hair.

Wander Beauty

Here is the thing.  I am not a huge fan of all in one products.  I always feel like something is left out.  Usually I find that all in one products do one thing really well and the other things not so well.  It was the same with this All Inclusive. 

As a body wash it is great.  It lathers well smells like lavender and rinses off clean leaving a light scent of lavender on the skin and my skin well moisturized.  In fact I really liked it as a body wash. 

I did not like it as a shampoo.  It lathered just as well and had the same lovely scent.  It rinsed away cleanly but it left my hair feeling somewhat overly clean and really tangled.  For me it simply didn’t work for my hair.  Perhaps that is just my hair type, but it just didn’t give me what I needed.  It is a product I could make work if I paired it with a moisturizing hair mask that specialized in detangling, Like CryBaby from The Mane Club or even the recently tried Paradoxx 3-in-1 hair mask.  But on its own as a shampoo it didn’t work and even with a regular conditioner, it left something to be desired.  It was just too deep a clean for my hair.

So All Inclusive it may not be, but this Wander Beauty product is a very nice lightly lavender scented body wash that is great for sending me off to bed with sweet dreams. And I for one am very glad to learn that Wander Beauty has a wider range of products than I suspected. I think I am going to have to spend a little more time on their website to see what other gems i can uncover.

Wander Beauty

Reviving with Aromatheraphy Associates

This little bottle of golden colored oil arrived in my July Birchbox last month. It is Aromatherapy’s Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil. According to the brand’s website…

Start each day as you mean to go on. Our award-winning Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil harnesses the invigorating lift of Juniper Berry and Neroli coupled with hangover and late night banishing Grapefruit essential oils. Bathe or shower in its reviving aromas to shrug off lethargy and jump into the day.

Aromatherapy Associates sounds like a brand I may have tried before, but when I looked on their website none of their products looked familiar to me. I believe they are the brand that is being featured in the Cohorted Subscription box in September, so possibly that is why they sound so familiar. Or it could be just one of those names.

amount used in one application

However when I read over the instructions I was surprised to find that while as a bath oil this does go into the bath water. When used as a shower oil, you apply it onto the skin before taking a shower. Now this might possibly be something everyone knows about, but I confess it was new to me. I have used body oils post shower, but never pre.

To test this I decided to try first with the pre shower application and then in the bath. After I applied it to my skin pre shower I took a picture of the bottle to show how much was used.

I was actually surprised by how little was actually necessary. While the oil did make my skin a little on the shiny side, it is over all a dry feeling oil. I was worried that i would apply it and then my hands would be too slick to turn the handles in the shower. They were not. The oil absorbed easily and while my skin was shiny, my hands weren’t greasy or slippery.

The oil itself has a sharp scent, which I suppose is good for waking up and Reviving as the name implies. It has an almost pine like scent with back notes of citrus. It was quite potent when I applied it, but once I stepped into the shower the scent faded. The water beaded up on my skin as I bathed but by the time I was finished with my shower, the oil was either absorbed or washed off. The scent was completely gone and my skin felt really soft and nourished. I didn’t need a body lotion when i stepped out of the shower. If you are someone who routinely forgets body lotions post shower, this might be a good solution for you.

I also tried this in the bath, While it works well as a bath oil and leaves a little bit more of a scent behind, I am not a fan. My skin was just as soft as when I used it in the shower. For me though I take baths in the night and this scent simply didn’t work for that. I don’t know anyone who takes baths in the morning, but if you do then this could work for you. As for me I definitely prefer it as a pre shower body oil and will use the last remaining drops of it for that. I would consider purchasing this Aromatherapy Associated Bath and Shower oil, but I might also look at some other scents so that I would also be able to use it in the bath. It is a great product, I just don’t like it at night.

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Rub a dub dub it’s Foamie in the Tub

This bar of Foamie Shower Body bar came in a subscription box and even though I usually don’t get all that excited about a bar of soap, I have to say I was excited to try this one out. There were two reasons for my excitement.

The first was scent based. Even as I opened the subscription box, the scent wafted up to me. Once the box containing the soap was lifted out and opened the scent was even stronger. The scent was papaya and it smelled delicious. It also smelled like a wonderful summery bath time scent.

In the summer everyone seems to go for watermelon, strawberry or coconut. I know, they are popular scents and this is their season to shine. But after a while it can be a bit much. This papaya scented soap is lightly fruity and slightly sweet and very much a summery scent. I think because I have had so much watermelon and coconut in my products lately, I was extra thrilled by the scent.

textured side

And while this scent is strong in the bar and after a shower does tend to leave the bathroom smelling a bit papaya esque, the scent does fade fairly quickly from the skin so as intense as the scent is in both the box and the shower, it doesn’t really linger as more than a slight scent on the skin. And even that you pretty much have to press your nose against your arm to smell it.

It was a nice aroma for the post shower bathroom though.

The shower body bar from Foamie does lather well and rinse away clean. I do like that it has a Ribbon to hang the soap from a hook in the bathroom (My shampoo caddy has one at the bottom which was perfect.) I like this because one of the reasons I am usually not a big fan of soap in the shower (I generally use a body wash) is because I absolutely hate that soft gunky mush on the bottom of the bar of soap where it has been sitting against something.

reaching the end

Even if you don’t have somewhere to hang this, then there is less gunky surface as the bottom of the bar is textured instead of flat.

The other reason I was excited to see this bar of soap was because it is a papaya and oat milk bar. My babydoll has allergies that occasionally cause him to break out in red skin irrigations when he comes in contact with certain types of mold and things. The antihistamines take down a lot of it but sometimes his skin remains irritated and oat milk based soaps have a good soothing effect on his skin.

wears fairly evenly in the shower, the use after this the soap broke free of the cord

Admittedly he doesn’t like a lot of the scents that oat milk soap tends to come in, so it is always a quest to stock up each summer. He liked the scent of this and it is also why I only tried the soap a couple of times to see how it performed (foams well and rinses clean, leaves little scent behind) and then turned the soap over to him.

He really liked using and loved the formula. His one complaint is that the bar didn’t last as long as some of his other bar soaps. As you can see it is nearly gone. His one suggestion was to make it a little bigger so it would last longer, otherwise he loved it. I think he was a bit surprised that he liked it as he thought the scent was over the top fruity. However he was pleased the scent faded and the oat milk took down his skin irritations. If t was just a little bit bigger, he would have been thrilled. I suspect, we will be getting this bar again in the near future as he asked me to look into whatever other scents they have. I think he’s hoping for something in a spruce. I don’t think they have that, but they do have mint, so perhaps that will be getting a try in a shower soon. Over all this Foamie Shower Body Bar was a winner.