Is Bubble T Scrubtacular?

I love a good body scrub just as much as I love a good exfoliating mask for my face. In fact, I may love it even more. There is just something invigorating about a Body Scrub. This particular Body Scrub is from Bubble T and it is in the scent Watermelon.

Watermelon and I can have issues. Most of the issues stem from it being overused. I have this same problem with pretty much every over used scent (except peppermint. You can never have enough peppermint.) The summertime seems to be the time when both Watermelon and Coconut scents are used and abused.

They appear everywhere and while I can be fond of each, over use makes me dislike them both. The second issue is that not everyone treats Watermelon right. (they also do naughty things to coconut, but we will stay with the Watermelon for now.)

Watermelon can be overly sweet. While sometimes this can smell nice (like in a lip gloss) when you are talking cleansing products overly sweet smells can tip over into making me feel sticky even though I know I am not. As this summer has not been overly watermelon infused, I thought now was a good time to test this out. According to the product description…

Boost your shower routine with our Watermelon body scrub. This refreshing scrub is formulated with nourishing ingredients and smells refreshing to give you that extra lift to start your day.

This fruity body scrub is Vegan friendly, SLS and paraben free meaning no nasties whatsoever. Simply apply to your skin and gently rub away any rough or bumpy areas. The refining ingredients also help lock in moisture, for skin that appeals soft.

Bubble T

When dispensed out, this body scrub has a blue tint and you can see some of the scrubbing bits. There is a slight watermelon scent, although to me it smells a bit more peachy than watermelon-y. It is not overly sweeet, which I like, but it is also not overly anything much. The scent mostly dissipates as it comes out of the tube.

There is absolutely no foaming of the scrub. Some body scrubs do, some don’t. This one doesn’t. The scrub from the Body Scrub is okay. It isn’t something i was particularly excited to use. It didn’t leave me feeling especially cleansed and did leave a little bit of a film on my skin. I think this might have been the softening elements of the body wash. I didn’t care for it. While I started off using a wash cloth, I rapidly switched to an exfoliating body scrubber (Daily Concepts) . Ths scrubber took off the film, and I suspect gave me more exfoliation than the body scrub.

While this isn’t overly sweet or watermelon-y it isn’t really overly anything else. If you had sensitive skin and wanted a gentle scrub, you might find this of use. As for me, it was a product that i used and emptied. I am now letting it go and not picking it up again. I like that Bubble t is a relatively inexpensive bath product line, but thus far my favorite thing from them have been the Bath Fizzies. Those I would return to the site to buy. This Body Scrub I wouldn’t buy again, nor would I put it in my cart to make it to fee shipping. I would just add another bath fizzie to the mix. For me, this was a definite failure.

A pretty little box…and a case for the use of Body Powder

In the summertime one of the products I find myself reaching for more often is body powder. Now I don’t mean glittery bronzing powder designed to highlight collar bones with a delicate glow (although I do like those as well). Nope, this is the general body powder that goes in places not meant to be seen by the general public.

At least I don’t think that anyone is really looking at the backs of my knees or under my breasts.

Especially as I am not walking around naked.

Now, while I recall my grandmother always using body powder after a bath and keeping a lovely glass container in the bathroom for it (currently my mother uses the same one) body powder has fallen out of favor for a lot of people. It doesn’t seem to be a hugely touted product any more. Which is a shame as if you live in a warm humid environment it can be a life saver.

No matter what I wear on my walks, I will be sweating and the cloth will rub. When I come home, I cool off, take a shower, massage body lotion or oil (usually oil in the summer as it tends to absorb faster) and then at the end I take a little body powder and add it to the places where my skin may have been rubbed a little by the sweaty clothing to ensure the fresh clothes I put on won’t irritate that skin. I also add a little powder to the parts of me that are likely to sweat. Like the backs of my knees, under my breasts and at the small of my back, especially if I know I am going to a meeting.

Most of the places where I have meetings in the summer have overly air conditioned meeting rooms so I will wear slacks in the summertime (oddly I wear the skirts more in the winter but that is another story). The slacks keep me from freezing in the meeting but moving between indoor and outdoor air, sweat rises. The powder absorbs it and keeps it from leaving damp spots on the clothing.

So despite not being a popular touted item, it is quite a useful one. Now I always get the powder that is talc free and I also go for unscented where possible. Because it is such an old-school type of beauty product, the scents for it tend to remind me of the older ladies of my acquaintance. I do have a lovely powder from Too Faced that smells of Gingerbread, but it also has glittery bits mixed in. I still use it but the glitter is wasted on the backs of my knees.

With powders you generally get a large plastic bottle with a few holes that you squeeze out or you get a box with a cut out that has a small puff with it. I do like to apply powder with a puff as I find it makes less of a mess. The boxes that plan on you using a puff always make a mess. So I picked up my own container. This pretty little box came from Amazon. This is the link. They have many styles and colors. I’m sure similar ones can be picked up in a lot of places, but I wanted to highlight the features I really like about it.

First of all the metal lid seals really well. The jar is a light weight metal so it can go from bathroom to luggage easily. I have never had it spill in my luggage, but i do put it in a plastic bag for traveling just in case. It is easily wipeable. This particular one came with a powder puff. I use the puff until it needs to be replaced and then I buy replacement puffs. Generally they are sold in bags of 10-12 and I generally replace them at most two times a year. So the bag lasts a while. This one came with the jar (Because I had to order a new one since I left mine at my mom’s when I was down in May and she loved it so much I told her she could keep it).

The puff doesn’t fit inside of the jar because of the internal lid, but I am okay with that. I would rather have the internal lid than not so I will accept the puff not fitting. It is the one thing i would change though. I would make the lid high enough to accommodate the butt. Because it needs the handle. I love the internal lid as it means I spill less. Sometimes when you pull a lid off a jar you tilt things. the internal lid means the powder stays sealed in while i take the lid off and then I just lift it up to expose the powder.

Because body powder isn’t as widely used (or at least not talked about as much) it is a little difficult to find containers that look nice in modern bathrooms, but it is worth the effort. After a work out it can keep abraded skin from becoming rubbed raw. It absorbs excess sweat so you have fewer seat stains on your clothes and you feel a little more comfortable in your own skin on a hot day. And there is something about it that just makes me feel a little bit glamorous when using it. Perhaps it is that powder and powder puffs tend to feature in 1950s era adverts and bathroom design, but it is a small thing that helps my skin out and makes me feel a little bit special all at the same time. And that is not a bad thing to add to a daily routine.


Trying out the Athena Shave Club

Covering the shipping label to protect the location of my secret underground lair

Over the past few years I have been trying to eliminate many of the disposable items in my personal routines. Disposable razers have been trickier than I anticipated. My quest to find a reusable razor I liked has led me to several shaving subscriptions.

It has also made me feel a bit like Goldilocks.

This razors handle is too slick to grip properly in the shower. This one had too much movement in the blade. This one had a moisture strip that I don’t like. Each one seemed to have one major issue that made me not want to commit to continuing the membership. So for a while I was just collecting reusable razor handles that I wasn’t going to reuse. So I took a break from the shaving subscriptions for a while.

The Kit

It helped that I had a stock of disposable razors that I needed to work through. It was one of the items my babydoll stocked up on before lockdown, still not sure why but disposable razors and Doritos were his two panic purchases. Apparently in his mind if you have those, you are safe.

I am now down to the last few so I figured it was time once again to delve into the shaving subscriptions. Enter Athena Club. The initial kit is $9 and comes with a reusable handle in an array of colors. I chose the dark blue because I like blue and also I sometimes take out my contacts before I shower so a dark handle against white tile is easy to find when the world is turned into an impressionist’s painting. There is a razor attached and one extra packaged blade. There is also a wall mount.

The wall mount for the razor is magnetic. On the back it has a 3M sticker rather than a suction cup, which is actually better for me. I put it in place nearly a month ago and it hasn’t moved at all. (We have yet to renovate the bathrooms and the previous owner put one of those plastic shell surrounds over the existing tile work and suction cups simply do not stick to it. This does.)

I really like that the magnetic part is just a flat magnet. It not only makes the razor easy to grab and to put away, but it’s flat surface means water can’t collect in plastic folds and cause problems. Sometimes the problems are just trapped sale water, other times mold and nastiness. Having it flat is fantastic. It makes that a non issue. It is also angled so water doesn’t sit on it.

The razor too is angled. I think part of the angle is so that when it is on the wall mount it is out of the way and less likely to be knocked about. It also makes it better for shaving. I found the angle in the handle made for easy maneuvering. The moisture strip is moisturizing, but not overly so. While the barrel of the handle is metal it is solid without being overly heavy and the rubberized material coating it makes it less slippy than plain metal would be.

It is backwards, after I took the plastic razor cover off I turned the blades to face the wall and the angle kept it tucked away neatly

The bottom line is that I had a really good shave. The head didn’t bend overly much, just the right amount for flexibility and I enjoyed using it. In fact, I think I may have found a shaving subscription that I can keep for a while. The refill packs are $12 for four new blade packs every three months.

I think this is very reasonable and about on par with other subscription services. For now I am just using the razor but there is the opportunity to add other items. They have the expected shaving foam, but they also have body wash, period care, wellness items and even candles. I haven’t tried any of their other items yet (I wanted to see if i liked the razor first figuring there was no point in possibly falling in love with something from the store if I didn’t like the razor) but they are all cruelty free and things like pantyliners come in biodegradable wrappers so I suspect, now that I know I like the razor and am keeping the Athena Club subscription, I will be dipping back in to see what other products I like. For now, I am just please that I have finally found a reusable razor that I really enjoy.

Cleaning up with the Ritual of Sakura

Rituals is one of those brands where I judge each product upon scent. In fact I think about the products based on scent before I actually consider what they do. I think that is because it is such a scent forward brand. The scents of their hand creams in particular tend to linger both on the skin and in the air.

Their bath products likewise tend to be relatively intense in scent while in use in the shower, however once you turn off the water and towel dry, the scent of all of their bath products fade down to a skin skimming whiff of fragrance. So barring anyone sticking their nose on your arm, the scent goes unnoticed by others. One of the exciting things about knowing this is that as they have a series of items in the same scent range, you can try out a milder version of the scent with in shower products before leaning into the full on scent-explosion of say a hand cream.

The Ritual of Sakura is the scent of rice milk and cherry blossom. It is the scent of spring. It is a lightly floral scent that quite honestly I really enjoy. The product that I used was the Foaming shower gel. A little dollop will foam up into a large mass. I pair the foam with an exfoliating body scrubber and the combination is fantastic. This is a product where you need a cloth or sponge or something.. Applying it directly to the skin just causes you to use too much product as it doesn’t like being spread about by hand. Spray a little on your cloth (or body washing item of choice) and then use on your skin. You get the great clean with less product.

While this scent is definitely a spring time scent, it is a lovely one that I would not mind using year round. While the florals are a bit, well strongly floral, they are tamed by the rice milk. It adds a fresh, yet somewhat more grounded scent to to cherry blossoms. It is a lovely scent and a great clean. The product cleans well without stripping the skin and leaves you feeling soft and nourished. Not only would I use this product again but I would definitely consider purchasing more from this Rituals line, including the much more strongly scented hand cream.

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Trying out the Baseblue Wet/Dry Wipes

For several years now I have been working to eliminate as many single use products as I can from my routine. Thee are however times when disposable products are quite useful. Trips where you have limited amount of space and or resources or camping, where you don’t want to leave anything behind and pack your trash with you are two places where cleansing wipes you can pack with you are a better format.

These Wet and Dry wipes from Base blue came in a recent boxycharm box and as I do have several summer camping trips planned where I will need to pack my trash out with me, these might provide an alternative to my washcloth in a reusable pouch. Usually it ends up being a couple of wash cloths stashed in the pouch by the time I return home. However since these are now in my possession, they might prove interesting alternatives.

I keep saying Wet/dry because there are two types of pouches in the box, one is in a blue pack and is marked wet. It is pre moistened as you might expect. The yellow pouch is marked dry and needs water to activate. According to the Base blue site…

Start your day or night, off right with our dual action facial cleansing wipes. Each individually wrapped face cleansing wipe can be used to remove makeup or as a quick refresher throughout the day. Perfect for long flights, travel, or a quick pick-me-up!

Baseblue Cosmetics

That is literally the only description of this product on the site. So lets look at how the cloths work separately. First we will take a look at the wet wipe. It is as one would expect, wet.

folded cloth

There is little to no scent to the wipe. The cloth is folded into a rectangle and expands to a little bigger than my open palm. While damp, the cloth is not dripping. There is one textured side and one smooth one. The cloth, in addition to being labeled wet, is listed as a makeup removing cloth. It removed face makeup and lipstick well but wasn’t so fabulous for mascara or deeply pigmented eyeshadow. As I rarely wear any makeup when camping this isn’t really a problem for me. I suspect if I was just tired and sweaty at the end of a long hike and wanted to wipe down my face without water, this would work well. If you are using this post or mid flight, just be aware that eye makeup removal isn’t it’s strong suit. Also I felt as though I still needed to wash my face after. It took off most of the makeup but felt as though it left a thin film of makeup remover on the skin.

opened cloth

The Dry wipe is of course dry when it comes out of the package. It is otherwise visually identical to the wet wipe. It has a wet side and a dry side. It is also listed as a Day Beauty Cleansing Wipe. when you add water, it becomes soapy.

There are not massive bubbles, but there are some. I applied it to my skin and then rinsed the soap off (I know, not rocket science). I dried my face and my skin did seem clean. I think that the pair is set up for the makeup removal wipe (wet) to be used at night with the Dry cloth to be used in the morning, but the truth is I needed to use the Dry wipe after the wet one to remove the rest of the makeup remover residue. I could however use the Dry wipe (with water) on it’s own. It cleansed my face when my skin was bare and it worked well as a makeup remover, taking off as much makeup as the wet cloth without leaving any residue behind. It did dry out my skin a little bit so if you have naturally dry skin then I would probably not use these all that often. Even though my skin isn’t all that dry, I would not want to use them more than a couple of days in a row. And even then I ended up using a little extra moisturizer.

suds when you wet the Dry cloth

If you are looking for travel cleansers and have only a bottle of water and a towel to dry your skin handy, these aren’t bad cloths to use. They will take off your makeup and cleanse your skin. I would be certain to moisturize after as they are somewhat drying. The dry cloth can be used on it’s own, but the wet cloth needs a partner. I do like that if I am camping, I can use a little bit of water and have a full cleansing routine, as long as I remember to pack the cloths and packaging with me to dispose of when i return. I could also see them being useful on a long flight. The Dry is more useful, but I believe they are only sold as a set.

The issue with the set is that I would use up the dry cloths well before I used up the wet ones.

Usually I like to end these reviews with either a recommendation to buy again or to avoid in the future. This one is a little tricky. I would not buy these Baseblue wipes for regular daily use. It is too much waste and repeated use would dry out my skin too much.

However, they do work better for the skin of your face than most disposable wipes. While I am not a fan of disposable wipes there are situations where they are very useful and possibly necessary. If you are in a situation where you are going to need disposable face wipes and looking to stock up, these Baseblue Wet/Dry wipes are a good option. Just be aware that they can be a bit drying and pack a moisturizer to go with them, even if it is only a sample sized one.

The Daily: May 26th, 2022

Today my darlings, I was sabotaged. The started off fabulously. I awoke after an actual good night’s sleep. I remembered that I needed to get up early and get my walk in first thing. I even checked the air quality stats and weather reports. Partly cloudy with rain later this afternoon.

Perfect. I double checked my sunscreen, put on my walking shoes and out the door I went.

The first half of my walk was fine. The clouds prevented the sun from a murderous attack but it was still warm enough that I had worked up quite the sweat. By the time I walked the length of the trail and was ready to turn around and come back, I was sweat coated and thinking longingly of the shower and fresh clothing. The sun may not have been as broiling behind the screen of clouds, but the humidity was high so the sweat was inevitable. It was like being in a sauna you couldn’t really escape.

But I finished half the walk and turned around in high spirits. A few steps into the return trip, the wind picked up and my spirits faltered. The wind kicked up and I could literally see great yellow clouds of pollen being blown out of the trees. Much of it fell on the pathway. It was very much like the trees decided to throw confetti on my one woman parade. Because of the sweat, it stuck. By the time I got home I looked like I was rolled in yellow dust. Seriously if you have ever added too much turmeric to flour when preparing a flour dredge for chicken, that is sort of what I looked like. Minus the flour.

I stripped in the laundry room and post shower I vacuumed the floor of the laundry room. So today became more about eliminating the pollen coat then about adding makeup. So I thought that in the wake of runny eyes and a beet red dripping nose, I would talk to you about the products I did use today.

First up, we have the Advil Sinus Congestion and Pain tablets. At the moment these are my go to sinus tabs. They knock out all of my symptoms without making me feel drowsy. It still makes me feel like there is a cheese cloth between me and the rest of the world, but it is just a slight mental haze that I can still work through.

The Soda Stream is there to rehydrate after sweating buckets and to wash out any pollen that I might have taken in. I can’t do anything about my nose and lungs, but it makes me feel good to wash my throat clear with carbonated bubbles.

For my hair, which locked in the pollen in every strand, I went with the Christope Robin Cleansing Purifying scalp scrub with Sea salt in place of my shampoo. The salt gets deep down through the hair and scrubs the scalp clean without being too harsh and the foam this product produces is thick and luxurious. I actually used the last of this scalp scrub in today’s shower. It is hands down one of my favorite scalp scrubs and today it was amazing. This jar is now empty but I will be reordering it probably later this afternoon. I usually pick it up on either the Skinstore site They have memorial day sales going on so this is one product I will be adding to my sales purchases.

Since I replaced my shampoo with scalp scrub, I went ahead and replaced my conditioner with the Kendra Platinum Intense fortifying hair masque. I’ve been using this a couple of times a week for the past week and this far it has been a really good hair mask. I don’t always like Kendra products, but this one is definitely a winner. It leaves my hair feeling soft and easy to manage. Of the Kendra products it is my favorite and the one I will reach for repeatedly. I think it is also currently on sale with Lovely Skin’s Memorial Day sales if you are looking to add a hair mask to your collection.

I also used my Honey Pot, because it is standard for my bathing and at this point i reach for it automatically in every shower. Ladies, if you haven’t tried this, you are missing out. It is a fantastic product to add you your line up. I picked it out just to try and see how it performed and have since repurchased this every time i get low on product. It is plant based feminine care and perfectly ph balanced to keep you fresh and clean. I can not recommend this highly enough for any woman. It is not about fixing a problem it is about self care. I am not an affiliate in any way, just a big fan.

While the packaging for the Daily Concerns Daily Body scrubber is in the above photo, I did take a picture of it before I took it to use in the shower. It has a nice sponge inside which hold a lot of the product so you can actually use less as the product comes out as you use it and the exterior is nicely exfoliating on the body. It isn’t that harsh an exfoliation, but you still might want to switch to a mesh body scrubber for your delicate bits. It may not be too harsh for the skin, but it is a bit too exfoliating for certain areas. This was my first use of it and I think I will get a lot of use out of it, it just won’t be replacing my regular mesh scrubbie.

And with this sort of exfoliating scrubber I really like to use a moisturizing body wash. Todays was the Olay Fresh Outlast Orchid and Black Currant Body Wash. Generally if I am not testing out a body wash, this is my standard. It provides a nice level of moisture which is always good for my skin, without becoming slimy as some moisturizing body washes can get. It was especially important to use a moisturizing body wash after the exfoliation of the body scrubber.

And of course post shower I vacuumed the floor of the laundry rom and porch where I entered the house, turned on the air purifier to high to clear out the remaining particles and then scrubbed off the yellow ring of pollen left in the bathtub after I washed it from my body. So needless to say, today did not go as planned. However I now have a very clean bathroom, and I am clean myself. In addition, may hair feels quite amazingly clean all the way down to the scalp. Even if it does mean hat I realized my hair color has faded and more grays are poking through than I realized.

That just means it is time to reach for the root touch up and to pick out another hair dye color to try. I rather like the darker color so I think I will be sticking in the darker range. I had fun with the reds, but I think the darker color might actually suit me better. Something to contemplate while I reach for the root touch up and get back to work. Settling back into my desk I notice the computer is now flashing a Pollen High notice at me in bright red. You know, just in case I missed it. Sigh. I hope your day runs a bit more smoothly than mine. Ah, the joys of spring.

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Using the Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Oil

This Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Oil came to me via a Boxy Charm. To be honest I had never heard of Mitchell and Peach, however it is the season for body oils. At least in my opinion. In the winter I go for heavier creams which my dry winter skin soaks in.

As the temperatures rise, I tend to prefer body oils. For me it feels like they absorb much more rabidly and hydrate really well. I prefer to use them right after my shower when the heat from the shower has opened my pores. I basically towel off and then apply instead of body lotion.

This year the warmer weather snuck up on me. I was prepared for it, then we got snow and I had to hustle back into my winter clothes. Then just as I thought temps were again on the rise, we had another cold snap. So I am late stocking up on my warmer weather products as it seemed that every time I thought about it, the cold would return.

I am pretty sure it won’t be coming back until October at this point.

Having never heard of Mitchell and Peach (or this product) I looked them up. Accoding to the brand this body oil…

The newest addition to the Mitchell and Peach collection, this expertly blended body oil was inspired by the lush, verdant countryside of the Foxbury Farm estate in Kent, England.

The nourishing formulation, containing natural oils and Vitamin E, is delicately scented with a ‘green floral’ fragrance possessing both cut-leaf freshness and intriguing depth.

Mitchell and Peach
the open top

While I have never been to Foxbury Farm and to be honest my visits to Britain haven’t been to Kent either, I can say that this Body Oil has a very green scent to it. I know, it isn’t helpful when I describe scents as colors. Sometimes the wires just get crossed.

It has a fresh scent to the oil that is like the first scent of a green leaf emerging from a tree. If you sniff the branch where the tree is starting to bud out, before it gets the particular scent of the plant type and is still just new growth, that is more or less the scent of the oil.

It is a light scent that is refreshing after a hot shower, the scent feels a bit cooling actually as it reminds me of an early spring morning which is generally cooler than my shower. Applying it produces a delightful mental fission, at least in me anyway.

I love that there is vitamin E in the oil as it is a great softening agent for the skin and my skin really enjoyed it. Thus far this has been a great addition to the body care line up.

However, while I adore the glass bottle, I don’t really like the lid. It is not the easiest to twist off with damp hands (it also has condensation from the humid air of the bath and is wet itself) and post application it is harder to get into place with my then oily hands.

Normally this isn’t too big of an issue, I can set the bottle to the side, wash and dry my hands and then put the cap back on. The issue is that it is an open top under the cap. There is no regulator and I do not have the largest bathroom in the world. I have almost knocked this over a couple of times. And it really world be a shame to waste it.

I also don’t like the open top for dispensing the product. It is better now that I have used a bit and the bottle isn’t full. It is easier to control the pour when then bottle isn’t completely full. The open top means that you really have to watch how you pour it into your hand as it is very easy to use too much. Too much of a body oil makes you feel greasy. Applying a smaller amount that the skin can absorb easily makes the skin soft and hydrated.

Over all, I really did like this Body oil and will continue to use it until it is gone. Would I purchase it on my own? Yes actually I would. I would however replace the cap with one that would let me control the dispensing of the product a little bit better. I a actually fairly certain I have a cap from another bottle that would fit. I will be trying it out as a replacement later. Beyond that one minor detail, this Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Oil is a great product and it makes me want to further investigate the Mitchell and Peach Brand.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Molton Brown Gift Sets

I’ll admit, I have a weakness for Molton Brown Bath Products. I absolutely adore their shower gels and the wide array of fragrances available. I love that there is a scent for everyone too. Want something fresh and Fruity? Try Rhubarb and Rose. It’s floral that is well balanced with a bit of a tart note that keeps it fresh and not to heavily floral. Looking for something costal? Try out the Costal Cypress and Sea fennel. It has the fresh scent I always think of when I think of the sea side. Looking for something a little bit spicy? Then Pink Pepper may just be for you.

And those are just a few of the scents. Every time I am on the site I find new scents that i just want to try. The descriptions draw me in just as much as perfume descriptions do and I often find myself wanting to try them all. (which tends to be why I order the sampler set for myself during Black Friday. It’s my reward for having gotten all of my gift shopping completed).

And as my Mother introduced me to the brand, you know I couldn’t let a mother’s day pass without including something from Molton Brown on the list.

This year there are two items I think are well worth picking up. The first is the Floral and Fruity shower Gel Gift Set. It includes: 3 x 10fl oz in -Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Bath & Shower Gel, Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel and Orange & Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel.

I love the formula of the Molton Brown Shower Gel. It has a really rich lather that rinses off cleanly without leaving any filmy residue on the skin. In addition,. while the scent in the shower is intense and sort of fills your shower with utterly delicious scents, once you towel off the sent fades back to barely a whisper against your skin. It was one of the things I was concerned about when i first used it. The scent in the shower was kind of strong so I assumed it would mix and mingle with every other scent I attempted to put on. It doesn’t. It is a soft scent of clean skin and is very light. I have to say, I chose this because these scants are exactly the ones my mother likes. I know she loves the Rose and Rhubarb, but I suspect that is only because she has never tried the Orange and Bergamot.

You know me, I am not a bergamot fan, in fact i think I might be slightly allergic to it. My mother on the other hand loves it. I am pretty sure that if she could submerge herself in essence of Bergamot while sipping Earl gray tea she would. So I know this set would be a big hit for her.

The second item that tops my charts is the Worldly Traveler Drawstring Travel Pouch. I think what draws me to it is that it is a sampler kit, which you know i love. And the scent’s draw me to it. It includes: Vetiver & Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel 3.3fl oz, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath & Shower Gel 3.3fl oz, Re-charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel 3.3fl oz, Geranium Nefertum Bath & Shower Gel 3.3fl oz, Tobacco Absolute Bath & Shower Gel 3.3fl oz, Purifying Shampoo With Indian Cress 3.3fl oz, Molton Brown Drawstring Travel Pouch

I know this is much more of a me gift than it is for my mom, because these are scents I tend to gravitate towards. But I thought I would mention it in case like me, your mother isn’t always drawn to florals.

I really like the wide array of products and gift sets that are on the Mother’s Day list for Molton Brown. There are the shower gel options or hand care options. There are even perfume options. And of course sets that include all three (Hand lotion, shower gel and perfume). And while there are a lot of floral options the scents are varied so you can indulge in just the right one for your mother.

Molton Brown (US)

Using the Honey Pot

There are products that i try and then let go. many of them I review here. There are also products that I try out and then incorporate into my daily routine. Some of those I also review here. Then there are products that I use on a regular basis that I love but have become so much a part of my routine that I completely forget about reviewing them.

The Honey Pot is one of those products.

For those who have never heard of The Honey Pot it is a foaming wash for your vagina.

easy to use nozzle even with wet hands

Hydrate your vulva and balance your pH for long-lasting freshness with this naturally-derived feminine wash. One rinse with our plant-derived feminine cleanser and you’ll kick your soap to the curb. Best of all, our intimate body wash is cruelty-free so you can feel good about using it!

This vaginal wash formula is plant-derived and made with herbal ingredients. For on the go freshness, check out our honeypot-approved feminine wipes.

The Honey Pot

I picked this up more because for a while it felt like the commercials were stalking me then from an intense desire to try it out. Not that I think trying something gets the commercials to go away. I don’t know what about the algorithms (other than the fact that I am biologically a female) that made the commercials follow me. But for a while it felt like every other commercial I saw was for the Honey Pot. (Now the commercial currently stalking me is Savage By Dior and advertised with Johnny Depp, go figure,)

At this point of commercial stalking, I had just started working out and was still trying to remember that wearing lacy undergarments while sweating heavily, no matter how small the lace trim, often turns the lace into sandpaper deeply exfoliating places that do not need deep exfoliation. The panty line was the worst because there would often be decorative detail I forgot was on there.

foam has a fresh, slightly vinegary undertone in scent due to its pH balancing elements

The irritation was caused by rubbing material and (since it was lace trim to blame) located along the panty line. Body wash tended to sting so I figured it might be a good time to try The Honey Pot out. It isn’t a wash designed to save you from forgetting to change into plain cotton undies before working out (Thank you HANES for your cotton panty packs! They are a workout life saver.) but it is gentle enough that any overlap as I bathed didn’t cause any irritation. It is a gentle enough product that even the normal (which I use) causes no irritation.

I use the normal wash because i didn’t have any real problems like sensitivity, dryness or irritation (except for the accidentally self inflicted). They do make a sensitive wash of those are your issues. But once I started using this I felt fresher and cleaner (regardless of the time of month) and I noticed a real difference when I tried going back to my regular body wash.

Seriously, I tried it, liked it and at the end of the bottle thought ‘Oh yeah fresh and clean, just like soap’ and then i went back to soap. It is not like soap. It is better than soap for your lady bits, especially if you are spending time working out. It is one of those things you really have to try for yourself, but for me it was well worth adding it to my bath time routine. I may forget to mention it, but The Honey Pot has become a standard in my bathing routine.

Incidentally, Hanes cotton Panties (all styles) are on a massive sale right now. People may praise yoga pants, water bottles and step counters, but when it comes to working out cotton panties are one of the best items as a woman that you can add to your work out gear. I wear them, wear them out and replace them. In this Hanes is one of my best work out buddies.

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A shower for me with Lavender Tea

I’ve been trying this Lavender Tea Body Wash from Bubble T for a while now and I have to say it has been an interesting experience. Generally when i use a body wash I have some pretty right off the bat feelings about them. Scent is always a big thing. Degree of clean I get from the product. I evaluate how moisturized or even stripped my skin feels depending on the product. While how my skin feels can vary from first wash to fifth or beyond, I tend to use bath products a little longer to get the feel of them.

Sometimes I can use a moisturizing product and feel fantastic only to realize by the second wash that my skin was just dehydrated and needed that extra shot of moisture even if it didn’t feel as fabulous in future washes. As a result I tend to vary my post shower moisturizers as well. I’ll take a few days and skip my normal post shower body lotion for a few days and then I will make certain to use my body lotion after every bath. This way I can evaluate how much moisture I am getting from the body wash and if it is indeed stripping my skin.

I am used to Bubble t’s bath salts and bath bombs both of which I enjoy, but I wouldn’t qualify as favorites. I will say the Rhubarb Custard bath bomb from Bubble t smelled delightful, but didn’t have the skin care benefits of a Zents Bath truffle. Likewise their bath salts were nice, but I prefer Kniepps. They fall into that nice while they are here and I will purchase again, but aren’t my absolute favorites category.

The body wash I am even more ambivalent about. According to the website…

Let the feeling of this Lavender body wash hydrate and moisturise your skin. Each body wash contains calming citrus Lavender and tea extract to aid relaxation.

All of our Vegan body washes gently cleanse without removing the natural protective oils on the skin. With added Aloe vera extracts to gently cleanse and moisturise, this uplifting shower gel will leave a sweet scent on the skin for all-day freshness.

Bubble t

The body wash is a lovely purple color that reminds me more of a mad scientist’s lab than a lavender field. Which I’m not mad at. I find the purple goo somewhat appealing. The scent when it first comes out of the bottle is as though You are sitting at one end of a room, someone is pouring a cup of black tea into a cup across the room while there is a lavender scented air freshener at the midpoint in the room. The scent of faux lavender, maybe with a hint of citrus and a back note of black tea is not terrible strong.

The purple sort of darkened the exfoliating round a bit

It is certainly present when you dispense it and it gets a little stronger as you work the gel into a lather. It is a pleasant scent. The gel foams nicely. It rinses off cleanly as well. There is no left behind residue.

There is also no scent left behind. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just doesn’t leave a scent behind on the skin. It also doesn’t strip the skin or leave any moisturizing elements behind either. The clean isn’t a ‘wow I feel clean,’ feeling. It is more of a ‘well, I’m not dirty’ sort of clean. Just as the moisturizing element is a ‘well my skin isn’t dry and stripped’ sort of thing rather than being moisturized.

This body wash is kind of the base definition of a body wash. It will get you clean and it won’t strip your skin. I think this is why I have put off reviewing this Lavender Tea Body wash for so long. It is not a bad product, but to be honest, it is not something I will remember once the tube is empty. If I think about it at all it will be to think about the purple goo color and how it resembled some sort of evil potion in a mad scientist’s lab. Everything else about it is pretty forgettable.