Unboxing the December 2021 Boxycharm Premium

Hello my darlings. It seems that all of the subscription boxes are arriving at the same time this month. I’m actually okay with that as it is really nice to get all the boxes in before the holidays. Or at least as many in as possible. In addition, with the increased price for the Boxy Charm Premium box, I am trying to decide if it stays in my line up. The price for this box is now $39.99 and I am trying to decide if I want to keep this box, or maybe switch down to the $25 box or simply cancel. The price switched last month (November) and in general I like to give subscription boxes three months of a trial after major changes before I decide what I am going to do.

Plus January is usually a pretty good month for subscription boxes. So it can’t hurt to delay my decision.

But part of that decision is based on this month, soooo let’s see what came in my box this month.

The first item that I took out of the box was one of the two items that I got to choose. It is the Bite Beauty Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation. (retail $44). I have been wanting to try this out for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it. I adore Bite Beauty lip products. Their Agave lip mask is hands down one of my favorite products. It is only the fact that I am working through the Laniege Lip mask that kept me from restocking it this winter. Of course the Laniege one is good too, I just really love the Bite Beauty one and am happy that I get to try out their foundation. I kind of love when items on my list to try out appear in subscription boxes. It’s like someone is helping me with my to do list.

The second item I chose this month was the Byroe Fig Renewal Oil (retail $72). I am still trying to decide how I feel about Byroe to be honest. I loved the toning essence but the bell pepper serum fell a bit flat for me. Still I love figs and putting them in a product is an easy easy to get me to try it. Plus it looked absolutely stunning in the bottle. Over all I am pleased to see the brand back in Boxycharm.

And now we move into the items Boxy Charm chose for me. The first of these is the Stila Extreme Lash Mascara (retail $23). Normally I am not too thrilled by getting mascaras in subscription boxes because I almost always have a stockpile of them. However I looked around and I actually have very few mascaras left. Almost all of the ones I have open are soon to head to the empties bin and I have somehow managed to whittle my stockpile down to only a couple. So it turns out for me this is a very timely product. And I like the brand Stila. I haven’t used anything from them in a while, but I do like the brand.

I had much the same thoughts about the Elaina Badro Luxury Beauty Sponges (retail $34). I usually don’t like getting them on beauty boxes. I tend to only really use the ones with a flat sid that lets me angle into hard to reach spots. However one of these does have that angle and they are of a sort of velvety material I have never tried. In addition my current makeup sponge is about to be relegated to the trash and I needed to get a replacement, so I am more accepting of the makeup sponge than usual. I will probably still only use the one with the angle and not the regular tear drop shape, but I will get to see how the material works. So I’m not mad at it.

The next item I was tickled to see in my Boxy Charm. It is the Viseart Bronze Noix (retail $30). I love Viseart eyeshadows but i have not tried any other products from the brand. I am thrilled to get to try out their bronzer. And I love the little case the bronzer comes in. I know, I shouldn’t judge a product by it’s packaging, but I do like the Viseart packaging. The packaging won’t make me buy the product, but in this case, it doesn’t hurt it either.

And finally we come to the last item, or items I suppose I should say. It is a duo of lip liners from Evio Beauty (retail $24). The lip liners are creamy and in perfect colors for me to use. While I do have lip liners, I tend not to use them. Partially because I like creamy lip liners and some are stiff pencils, but mostly because the bulk of the lip liners I have don’t really match or blend well with my lipsticks. Some I have that I specifically use to change to color of lipstick formulas I like whose color is somewhat off, but that isn’t quite the same thing.

These two are creamy when tried on my hand and they are colors that match a lot of my lip products. So I’m pretty happy with them. Of course I still have to see how they perform. But the same can be said about all of the products in this box.

When looking at this box, I have to say I am very pleased. even the products that I would normally not be terribly enthused by I am actually looking forward to using. Part of that is timing, and part of it is the product. I need mascara and a new makeup sponge. I like the brand Stila and would like to try this mascara out. I am also interested in trying out the velvet type material of the sponge to see how it performs. And I am really thrilled about the bite beauty foundation. For me, this BoxyCharm Premium box was definitely worth the price.

Unboxing the November 2021 BoxyCharm Premium

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the unboxing of the November Boxycharm Premium. I have to say I was sweating on having this one arrive while I was out of town for Thanksgiving. I am so glad it arrived in time. This moth the cost of Boxycharm Premium went up. This box is now $39.99 (with tax it comes to $43.89.) This is one of those things where I can see the reasoning behind the price increase, but I’m not sure what that means for me keeping the box. I want to give it a few months at the new price to see how it settles in and how I feel before I make my decision. Usually I make decisions about boxes in December, but I might actually let this get past the Holiday Boxes (Christmas and New years) before I make my final call on it. Mostly because the December and January boxes of most subscription boxes tend to be really good. But before final decisions can be made, let’s see what the November box holds.

We are going to start with the two items I actually chose during choice. The first is the KVD Vegan Beauty Lock it Powder Foundation (retail $37). I have an older version of this in a shade I can only wear in the summer time so I was happy to choose a lighter shade of this in the new packaging. The new packaging is refillable too, so I am extra excited to see it. I remember this being a good foundation, but it has been a while so I look forward to trying it out again.

The second item I chose was the Sutra Beauty Rejuvenating Hair serum (retail $45). I’ll be honest, I chose this because I forgot about Boxy choice and came in late. Many of the items were already out of stock and this was the best item left. The bottle is lovely and I do like hair serums, so we will have to see how it performs.

The first surprise item is the Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist (retail $29). I have used the Peach and Lily glass skin Serum before and liked it. I have also used the cleansing balm from the brand and loved it so I am very excited to have another product from them to try out. I love that the bottle is a nice heavy glass bottle too. The spray is nice and the scent is very light, so hopefully it will sit nicely on the skin.

The next item is a makeup item and it is the Rodial Blush Drops (retail $50). Rodial tends to be on the pricy side. I have used their skincare before but I don’t think I’ve tried any makeup from the brand. I enjoy both cream and liquid blushes so this should be fun to try out. And I am glad they are putting more makeup in the boxes now. There are a few items from Rodial that I love, but it isn’t a universal love for the brand. It will be interesting to see which way the blush leans.

The fifth item in this month’s box is the Girlactik Rose Oil Petal Gloss (retail $20). It is a nice lip oil with rose petals suspended in it. It is pretty and the oil feels nice. I also like that while it doesn’t smell overly rose, it also doesn’t taste overly rosy. At least not on a trial test. I tried a rose oil lip scrub a while back that was just horrid due to the rose flavor. This seems to hold the flavor in check, for which I am grateful

And finally we have the Riddle Oil Original Roll on oil (retail $50). This is a small roll on perfume that quite honestly doesn’t look full size. It looks like a deluxe sample. But as this box only has full sizes then I’m going to guess it is actually full size. I love perfumes and lord knows I do not mind spending the money on them I have several in my collection that are in the $120 range so I know that they can be small but expensive. I think because it doesn’t look like a full sized bottle I have a hard time thinking of it that way. Perhaps once I will use it, I will see the value.

Size and price claims aside, I think this was a pretty good box. Was it spectacular? Not really. And I think because this was the month where the increased price kicked in, I expected spectacular. I sort of expected them to prove without a shadow of a doubt that they were worth the price increase. Instead I am still on the fence.

Do I like the box? Yes. Am I happy to have these products? Also yes. Am I blown away? No. Am I certain this box is worth me spending the new increased price on it? Not yet. But this is why I will be giving them a few months. At the moment I know there are shortages. I know shipping isn’t great. So even though I wasn’t blown away, I am pleased with this box and hopefully as things smooth out, Boxycharm will get better. If not, there is an entire list of boxes out there I want to try. I will just pick one from the list and give it a go.

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Spellbound by the October 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Box

Good morning my darlings and welcome to a bright and crisp Monday morning. Today it actually felt like October when I woke up. Early October , but still the dew was frosting the tips of the grass so I think we can safely say summer is behind us.

This weekend my October BoxyCharm Premium box arrived and there is a lot to talk about. There are changes with Boxycharm as well as the box. The major change is that this is the last month that this box will cost $35. Starting November 1st the cost will increase to $39.99 per month. I know they are just trying to get around saying $40, but really that’s what it is.

Part of the increase is due to shipping charges being raised. And I get that. They have also promised new changes. At the moment the only official change is the changing of the name Add ons and Pop up to Drop Shop. But I am willing to give them a few months to see what other changes they might come up with. The price increase is not an automatic end for me. Officially I usually make my do I keep or do I let go decisions about subscriptions after I receive Decembers boxes and before I am charged for January. So that gives me two months of receiving Boxycharm at the higher price to see if I still want to keep the subscription.

I’m okay with that. Two months is a decent time to see about possible changes and to listen for some upcoming ones. So I feel I will be better able to make a decision then. While Boxycharm has had its ups and downs, over all it is a subscription I enjoy. If it continues to be one I enjoy, I’ll keep it. It is really a very simple equation in the end.

But what was in this month’s box? Let’s see shall we?

Let’s start with the two items I chose. First off though I would like to mention a change to the premium choice this month. With premium you are allowed to choose two items. Usually the categories are a mix of items, but this month the first category was all skincare and the second was all makeup. Which I kind of liked. I don’t like mentally debating with myself between the skin care item and a makeup item. I like that the choice was separated out.

The first item I chose was a skincare item and it was the 111Skin Antioxidant Energising Essence (retail $100). In general I like 111Skin. Sometimes they are a bit over priced and sometimes I find the price justified. It really depends on the product. For me their worst products still work well with my skin so I never really mind getting something from the brand. And this is somewhat timely as well. I have been using the Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Essence. I love it not only as an essence but as a general skin soother. The bottle I am using actually emptied this morning. Partially because I am now no longer the only person using it. My Babydoll likes it as well. Which is why I went ahead and ordered a second bottle. It will go in the medicine cabinet, mostly because he will uses something to sooth his skin if he can think of it as medicine rather than skin care, but that is a battle I have been fighting for years with him. Now I just put the skin care for him in the medicine cabinet and he’ll use it.

Regardless, I am ready to try out a new essence and am happy to have this one on hand. It will be rotated into the line up soon. Probably this evening, actually.

The second Item I chose was the Lys No Limits Matte Bronzer (retail $18). I really like the sleek triangular packaging and can not wait to give it a go. It just looks so nice in the package. It is also a pretty large pan so it should last a while even if I decide I love it and want to use it every day. And I haven’t tried anything from the brand before. It is always fun to try out new brands. As it seems like it is really well priced, I am hoping I like it and possibly like other items form the brand.

The next item I pulled out of the box was also a makeup item. This was the Benefit Cosmetics Georgia Golden Peach Blush. (retail $30). I have the Benefit Gold Rush Blush and I absolutely love the formula. So for me this was spectacular to see and I am really hoping the color works well for my skin. I will be trying it out soon. I am also happy to see makeup items in this month’s box. While I have a deep love affair with skincare, I have so much of it right now that I really just wanted something new in the makeup category.

Continuing with the makeup, I aloo received the Tarte Maneater Plumping Gloss (retail $19). I love a good pluming gloss and while I have never tried a tarte lip product I do like other products from them And to be honest one of my favorite mascaras from them is from the Maneater line. And if my recent lip declutter wasn’t enough of a clue, I really like lip products. So over all, not a bad choice for my box.

Dipping back into skincare we have the Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Citrus Brightening Cleanser (retail $35). I can always use a good cleanser. It is the one category I am always guaranteed to plow through as I use cleansers at least twice a day. I also like Vitamin C and I am a fan of the brand Perricone. Their eye cream is fantastic and I really like their no makeup makeup lip gloss line. I’ve never tried their cleanser, but am happy to give it a go.

And finally we come to the Dew of the Gods Filla Collagen Under eye pads (retail $20). I’ve never heard of Dew of the Gods, but they seem to have a lot of products in the Boxy add ons or rather the Drop Shop, this month. I am a fan of under eye masks as they are lifesavers during allergy season. The ones I tend to use are depuffing and a fall and spring staple for me. I’ve not used collagen ones, but i am willing to give them a go. i like that there are ten in the container and that it is a metal tin so that I can keep them together more easily. Also i just like little metal tins.

So over all this was my BoxyCharm Premium this month. I was rather pleased with it. My $35 brought me $222 worth of products if you are looking at a strictly monetary exchange. More importantly to me, the items are ones that I will use and that I am actually looking forward to using. While I do want there to be value for my money the use is the better value for me. I like to see trusted brands and I like to be surprised by new ones. I like to see products that interest or excite me and I like to find things that I might not have found or picked up on my own. All of these are the reasons I buy subscription boxes and this month, Boxycharm ticked all of these boxes for me. It will be interesting to see how things proceed as we move into November, but for now I am willing to keep my subscription and see what Boxycharm has planned.

Unboxing the September 2021 Boxycharm Premium Box

This weekend a lot of packages arrived as the September subscriptions managed to make it through the postal system.  For some reason almost all of my packages decide that Smyrna, TN was THE place to be and no one wanted to leave the party early.  I’m not certain why, but every one of my packages spent a long time in Smyrna.  But thus far all but Glossy Box have made it out of Smyrna.  For some reason, despite being the first subscription box I received a tracking number for this month, it is the last one to actually leave Smyrna.  According to the post, it is still there. But that is another story.

This is a post about the September Boxy Charm Premium Subscription box.  It is the $35 subscription tier.  I have actually tried all of the subscription tiers for Boxy Charm.  They have the Base, the Premium and the Quarterly Luxe. Over all I decided the box that consistently had the products I most enjoyed was the Premium category.  So that is the one I kept.  It has been, over all a pretty good category for me.  Plus, Boxy Charm has really great add ons and Pop up stores so if there is an item that appeared in one of the other boxes that I am upset about missing out on, I can usually find it in the add ons and pick it up there at a deep discount.  In the premium category you receive six full sized items for your $35. You get to choose two of them.

Let’s start with the two items I chose. 

The first of these was the bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra Smoothing Lipstick.  (Retail $20) I picked out the shade Perception from the shades listed and I think this is going to be a fantastic berry shade to take me into the fall and winter.  There is just something fabulous about a deep shade of lip in the colder months.  I have a couple to the Mineralist lipstick and I really like the way they perform.  It is a bullet style lipstick (as opposed to a liquid lip) but it is long wearing.  The best part though is how my lips feel after wearing it.  My lips always feel super nourished even when the color wears off.  I am a big fan of this lipstick and I am happy to have this in a shade I will use. 

I’m also happy I got to pick the shade I wanted.  For some reason subscription boxes favor sending light pink shades that just don’t suit me all that well.  But this is a fantastic shade.

The second item I chose was the Laura Mercier Soothing Eye makeup remover. (retail $ 27).I am actually almost out of eye makeup remover and needed to reorder.  I’ve been stretching the last of my Klorane Coneflower waterproof eye makeup remover as far as it will go because it is currently the only Klorane product I am not well stocked on and I like to place an order for multiple products to save on shipping.  I forgot to include it in the list when I ordered several dry shampoos. 

I’m kind of kicking myself on that because I actually added an extra dry shampoo to the order to bump up the cost for free shipping when I could have just added the eye makeup remover.    Not that the extra dry shampoo will go to waste, but that isn’t the point.  Anyway, I hope that this works well.  I’ve had pretty good luck with Laura Mercier products before.  So hopefully this will work well for me. 

The third item in this month’s box is also quite timely.  This month I received the Verb Ghost Oil (retail $18).  I actually used this all of last winter and absolutely love it.  Verb is a really good hair care brand in general, but I really like their Ghost Oil.  In the winter, the top layer of my hair kind of dries out a bit due to central heating issues and I get loads of little hairs sticking out all over the place.  Just a little spritz and a quick comb and the hair is tamed without looking greasy.  It is very light weight and it is a product I was actually getting ready to reorder for my winter supplies.  I was actually debating between it and Moroccanoil (the light oil is my favorite, despite having thick hair).  Those tend to be the two hair oils I use and I tend to trade off. Since I now have this Ghost oil, I will use the bottle and when it runs out I’ll order the Moroccanoil to replace it.

Next up in the premium box this month is the Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Mist.  (retail $34). In the summer time I generally stock up on Avene Thermal water because it is just super fabulous on the skin when I come in from the garden or in from any time out in the sun really. But I tend not stock it as much in the winter.  Which is silly, as my skin could really use the moisture in the winter, probably more so than in the summer.  This spray has vitamins B3, C, D and E as well as antioxidants mixed in with the moisturizing nature of the spray so perhaps it will be of use this winter.  The only thing I have tried from Bloom Effects is the night mask.  I tried using it and while I loved it, the mask had too much moisture for my summer skin so I set it aside for when the weather changed.  Soon the weather will hopefully be changing and I can get that back out.  It will be nice to try something else from the brand though.

This month I received the Milk and Honey Highlighter Palette from Beauty Bakerie. (retail $38).  I have seen a lot of Beauty Bakerie Products around and I always like the packaging and the names, but I have never actually tried anything from them before.  Even when they were in subscription boxes they never made it into my variation. 

I like the colors of these highlighters and they swatch really well.  I am happy I get to try out the brand and I am thrilled that there is a second makeup product in this month’s box.  Recently all subscription boxes seem to be going heavy on skincare and it is nice to see this month my Boxycharm Premium was not overly skincare heavy.

And now there is one final item in my Boxycharm this month and it is the Complex Culture Beauty Sonic 1-bar facial massager.  (retail $58). For those that don’t know, Complex Culture is a brand owned by IPSY and is frequently in IPSY boxes.  This past year IPSY bought Boxycharm.  So I suppose it is natural that there is a Complex Culture product migrating into Boxycharm.  I actually own this product as it came in an IPSY box several months ago.  It is a well-crafted skincare tool. The one in the picture is the one I have.  The one that came in the box is going to be passed on unopened.  (In case you are wondering why the tool isn’t looking perfectly new). To be honest, this isn’t my favorite tool.  The powerful vibrations are nice, but that bar is just a little too hard.  I much prefer the rounded quartz of the nearly identical tool we received last month from Boxycharm.  To be honest, getting this tool kind of annoys me.  It isn’t that it is an IPSY brand or that I already have one.  It is more that I just received something so similar the month before that kind of bothers me.  I think I would be less irritated if they waited a couple of months and then put it into the box.

Still it is a minor irritation and I know exactly who I am going to pass it along to so it isn’t really a problem.  It was just the one clunking note in this box.  Quite honestly, I really liked this month’s Boxy Charm Premium.  The products are ones I will use and that I like.  I have a couple of items that I get to try out to learn more about the brands as well as a couple of favorites. The categories varied enough that I don’t feel like I am getting buried under one type of product.  Over all I really enjoyed this month.

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Unboxing the BoxyCharm Premium Box for August 2021

This seems to be the month where subscription boxes just sneak into the house. Maybe they have all decided to go incognito through the mail. As with this month’s Birch box, I didn’t get an e-mail saying that the August Boxycharm was on the way. It just showed up on my doorstep.

Surprise! Boxy is here.

I am currently subscribed to the Premium category of Boxy Charm. They have the Base box which is $25 a month, the Premium (which I get) for $35 and the Quarterly BoxyLuxe which I think is $50. At one time I had all of them and after monitoring the items I received I realized I was most consistently happy with the products in the Premium category so I dropped the others and kept the $35 box. In general I have been pretty happy with it. Occasionally some months are less exciting than others, but you get that with every subscription. But for me the Premium category has been consistently decent.

So let’s see what came in this month’s box.

The first item is one I chose and that is the Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer (retail $49). I love so many of Huda Beauty’s products and I really wanted to try out something from their sister skincare line (Wishful) so I was excited to see this as a choice item. I rotated in a sample size of a moisturizer for night time use this week in my skin care line and since it will be an empty container by Friday I have been debating what product to replace it with. I might just add this in to try it out. But I was happy to see it as a choice option.

The second choice was mostly a line of Vesca Products. I had never heard of Vesca, but I am always willing to give a new brand a try. I could have sworn I clicked on the bronzer, but in my box was the Soft Sun Radiant Skin Primer and Luminizer (retail $30). I am never opposed to a primer. I suppose I was thinking bronzer and my hand automatically clicked on primer. (or there was another mix up).

The swatch above the primer is for the Zoeva Lippie below

I tried this on my hand and it looks like it is going to be quite the luminizing product. I suspect I am going to have to pair it with a definite matte foundation to balance it out. But I will give it a shot and see how it performs. It should be fun to play around with , and I am happy there was some makeup in the box.

Speaking of makeup there was a Zoeva Powerful Lip twist in the shade Rhea (retail $$14). I like the size of the lip rayon and I think I can make the color work, but it is a very soft formula. Just trying it on my hand bent the tip of the crayon nearly sideways. So I’ll have to be careful with it. Or possibly put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using it.

This month there was a Rainforest Mist Hairspray from Voir (retail $26). I do not use a lot of hairspray to be honest. I generally keep a travel sized bottle in with my hair products and the trial sized bottle lasts for pretty much ever. I did clear out an empty travel sized bottle from my drawer of hair care items the last time I sorted products so I don’t think I actually have any hair spray in the house at the moment.

Now I suppose I do, for any hairspray emergency that comes up. This one has a nice fine mist of product and has a scent like a high end hair salon. I’ve never heard of Voir before, but this looks like it could be a pretty decent product. Perhaps in the fall when the humidity lowers I’ll come up with some hair style that needs hairspray so I can give it a try. Right now not only is it too hot and humid, but my hair is too long and heavy to wear down. Most of the time when I curl it (and thus using hairspray) I wear it down. So the Voir awaits fall.

ohe last two items in my Boxy Charm this month were both skincare tools. The first of these is the Luxe + Willow Phoenix Rose Gold Quartz Vibrating Facial Massager (retail $79.99). I have a context beauty facial massager that is built along similar lines. The big difference is that the top is a bar instead of a quartz disk. While I like the vibrations of the tool on my face, I don’t like that bar, especially under my eye area. It feels a little too hard and angular. I suspect I might like the rounded disk a lot more. I really do like the facial vibration tools. I enjoy the Fereo as a cleanser and I think I will really like this. I actually can’t wait to try it.

And finally there is a plastic bag filled with three reusable rounds from LaRuce Beauty (retail $24). I have several brush sets form them and they are nice. The brushes are a bit overpriced, but nice enough. These rounds actually seem perfectly priced, which is nice to see. These three are all fuzzier than any of the facial rounds I use. The package recommends that The white be used to remove makeup, the gray for toners and serums and the black for washing the face. I think the black one would be very good for washing the face. I might use the gray with toners, but I would be hesitant to try them with serums as it looks like it might absorb more product than a regular reusable round due to its extra fluffiness. I think the white one, as well as the other two when it comes down to it, would be good at removing makeup. It will be interesting to see how long that fluffiness lasts and what effect it has. I like that they can be added to the washing machine. I’m going to give them a good try with a variety of different uses and see how they perform as well as how they wash. I’ll have to get back to you on my thoughts regarding them after they have been given a fair trial.

So that was this month’s Boxy Charm. My $35 box had $222.99 value to it. For me the value is in whether I will use the items and I have to say I will. I may not get as much use out of the hair spray, but it does fill a gap in my current products list and I would have bought hair spray in the fall once the weather cools down. So it means I don’t have to buy hairspray now. The rest of the items I am looking forward to trying out. All in all I am actually pretty satisfied. There were two makeup items, one hair care item, one moisturizer and two skincare tools. Over all it was a pretty good mix of products. I am certainly happy to keep Boxycharm Premium for another month.

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Unboxing the July 2021 Boxycharm Premium

That’s right, my Boxycharm premium has arrived. For those who don’t know premium is the $35 per month category of the Boxycharm beauty Box Subscription. They have several tiers. Their base box is $25 per month and then they have a more expensive Quarterly Luxe box. I’ve actually had all three tiers and after playing around with them for a while, I decided the tier that consistently had the most products I wanted to try was the premium category. I let go of the other tiers and if there is something that shows up in one of the other tiers that I like, I wait and usually it will show up in one of the monthly Boxycharm add ons or pop up stores.

Thus far it has been a good system for me. There was a slump for a while, but the premium category has gotten better and is now back to being a pretty good box. This month was a Brand Take over for Boxycharm Premium. That’s right this month was the Boxycharm Premium X Novina Anastasia Beverly Hills Box. And I have to say, I am pretty happy with what I recieved.

First up is the Novina Pro Pigment Palette Volume 1 (retail $60). I am very happy to have this palette as it has several bright colors that look fun to play around with. I know typically I go for more neutral looks but at the moment I am swamped with neutral colors.

I am very happy to have some color to play around with. I did swatch a couple of the shades after opening it because i just couldn’t resist and they made some gorgeous swatches. They feel buttery soft and look highly pigmented. I know they can sometimes apply differently than they swatch, but I was rather impressed with the swatching.

The second item in my box this month was the ABH Loose setting powder (retail $38). I loe powder. I do. I know some people love highlighters but I really love powders. I will sometimes go without foundation, but i will still usually put a dusting of powder on, even on my no makeup days.

I have never tried ABH powder before, but I am looking forward to it. I am actually quite impressed by the size of the container as well. It is a relatively large setting powder. I can’t wait to dive in and try it out.

The third item is the ABH Lash Brag Mascara (retail $25). Again I have never tried any ABH Mascara’s before and am looking to give this one a go. I just cleared out three mascaras from my open mascara collection.

I couldn’t resist opening my favorite Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir yesterday so I think I am going to wait a little while before opening this one. (by the way, this mascara is currently on sale. Instead of the normal $27 the sale price is $13.50. It is one of my absolutely favorite mascaras and I can’t recommend it enough – especially when it is on sale.) I want to roll off at least one more mascara from my open products before I open up a new one. It is supposed to be a volumizing mascara so I am looking forward to trying this out. The ABH link will take you to the ABH website (no affiliation with me) if you want to see the wand. I just didn’t want to open this until I was ready to use it. The wand on the site does look nice and fluffy which is always a plus for volumizing mascara so I have high hopes for this one.

Next up we have the ABH Brow Definer. (retail $23). I find this lash pencil interesting actually. It has a flat angled end that looks like it would work quite well on my brows.

At the moment i am testing out the Billion Dollar Beauty brow products, so I will have to delay opening this as well (for about a week or so) but I will be trying it out soon as I am curious to see how well the flat angle works. Plus as my bangs have grown out again I can play around with brow products and even if they end up looking crazy no one can really see them so it is the perfect time to play.

There is a setting spray in the box this month it is the ABH Dewy Set setting spray (retail $26). I’ve never actually used a dewy setting spray so I am not sure how I will like this one. Even though I am trying to use up the Farsali, I will be using this setting spray today I think, just to test it out. That way if I try it and really don’t like the dewy spray, I can pass it along to someone else quickly.

I do have to say, I like the sparkly bottle and I know it sounds strange, but I really love the twist and lock sprayer. I have a couple of setting sprays I have to keep out on the dressing table because they leak if they are laid down in a drawer. This loos like it would not in any way leak. It may, but it looks designed not to. Plus with the lock, you can put it in your luggage without having to find the cap. I am the queen of losing caps for spray bottles. If I manage to hold on to one of those little caps for more than a week, I am always shocked.

Finally there is a brush in my box this month. It is the ABH A 30 Pro brush Domeo Kabuki Brush (retail $24). I love kabuki style brushes. I really enjoy brushes with the soft, yet densely packed bristles and this looks like it is well made. It is also a smaller size with the end of the brush so it looks like it will be quite useful in getting ready.

All in all I am rather pleased with the selection of products this month. They are all items I will use and enjoy trying out. If the setting spray is too dewy I’ll pass it on, but that is really the only minor consideration in my Boxycharm Premium this month. For me the value is in whether I will use the products and that value is certainly there. If you want a monetary value, for my $35 I received $196 worth of product. So there is good value there as well. I think this actually marks three really good premium boxes in a row. It looks like, at least with the premium category, Boxycharm is back from their slump. Here’s hoping they can continue on this path. If they do, I’ll be a very happy camper.

Unboxing the June 2021 Boxy Charm Premium

That’s right folks, it finally arrived. Between you and me I was hesitant to believe my BoxyCharm Premium would make it to me before the month was out. However, it just squeaked in at the month’s end. For those who are wondering, the image above has the Boxy Charm box with the tic-tac Box on top of it, not because there is some sort of strange collaboration going on, but because I wanted to show the size of the box.

While the Premium box is usually larger than the regular box, this month it was quite small. In fact i’ve never gotten a subscription box from Boxy Charm in a box this small before. I’ve gotten things I ordered from Add ons in this size box though.

While I find it a little strange, I’m not mad at it. I actually like the fact that they seemed to look at the items they were sending and decided the normal boxes were too big. I would rather have a smaller box where everything was packed nicely rather than a larger box where everything was just rattling around and getting banged up in transit.

For those that don’t know, Boxy Charm Premium is a tier of Boxy Charm that costs $35 per month. For a while I had all of the tiers of Boxy. I had the regular $25 box as well as the quarterly Luxe box. Ultimately I decided that the box that consistently sent me more products that I enjoyed using was the Premium category, so that is the one I went with. Occasionally there is an item featured in one of the other boxes that I like and I will end up picking it up in the Add on Store or Boxy Pop up. Thus far I have been happy with the decision. Some months have been better than others, but you get that in every subscription. I know there has been a lot of complaining lately, and I am guilty of some of it, but Over all it has been a great way for me to try new products.

This month started off interestingly actually. I received an e-mail from Boxy well before my box shipped apologizing for the repeat item in my box this month in advance. They also gave me a $12 credit in the Boxy Add on store so I could pick up an item that I wanted. I did (and then some). I think I ended up ordering about five separate items this time around.

However when my box arrived I found that the repeat item is the Wander Beauty Do not Disturb Overnight Repair Concentrate. (retail $88). While the packaging on this one is sealed I have the one I just took out of the packaging beside it. The container is lovely and although i have just started using it, I find the product lovely. (it will make it’s appearance in this Friday’s skincare line up). If I like it then I am okay with having a back up, since I don’t have a lot of night creams handy, but I might leave it packaged up and send it to my mother as I am sending a care package of goodies to her soon anyway. I like the brand Wander Beauty and I usually have pretty good success with their products, so I’m not all that miffed about the repeat. Especially since they apologized before it arrived and gave me the credit

The next item I pulled from my box this month was the Floss Cheek and Lip tint (retail$22). I have tried a Floss liquid lip before and wasn’t all that impressed. However it has been a while and this does look like a pretty good color for the cheeks. I may have to give it a whirl as a cheek product. I tend not to double up on lip and cheek products. I just don’t like to do it. Usually I’ll choose one or the other. This one I will try on the cheeks and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll try it on the lips. I like the color on my hand and really hope it works on my cheeks as I could use another cream blush.

The third Item is an eye cream from Maapilim (retail $39). It is a large size for an eye cream even if the tube does feel about half empty. eye creams are always useful, however there was a spate of eye creams that I was getting and so I have quite a few items waiting in the wings to try out. Also eye cream takes a really long time to get through since you only need so little of it. It is good to have, but i can’t say I am all that excited by it. If i look at the website and the cream excites me then, fine, but it isn’t all that exciting.

Next there is a liquid lip from Zoeva (retail $15). I have tried their eyeshadow and I like it. I am actually quite fond of the Caramel Melange Palette from Zoeva. It is more of a warm toned cool weather palette, but I will be reaching for it repeatedly in the autumn and winter. I am looking forward to trying out the formula of the liquid lip if nothing else.

Upper swatch is Floss, lower swatch is Zoeva

And now we get to the two items I chose. The first is the Natasha Denona Transformatte Pore Vanishing Matte Foundation (retail $45 – when I went to the website to get the product link I saw it is currently 50% off if you are interested, I have no affiliation and it is just a general product link). You know I love trying different foundations and this one had some magic words for me.

Namely, Pore vanishing and Matte. I’ve never really been a fan of the dewy finish. I have products to brighten a foundation if it looks too matte, but I like to be the one in charge of deciding just how off matte I want to go. I think I might have chosen my winter shade again when i chose the color, but I think I can still make it work. I think I do that consistently because last year i ended up wearing tinted moisturizers for most of the summer instead of actual foundations so I’ve gotten out of the habit of looking at summer foundation shades. And truthfully once I’ve tested the foundations that are new to me, I’ll probably go back to tinted moisturizers for the summer as they are lighter on the skin in the summer heat.

I’ll play around with it and see. if it is too bright I’ll just hold it over for when my tan fades. But I think with tinted face powder it will be fine. And then I can see how pore vanishing it really is.

Finally, we have the item I was most excited for. In choice you could choose the Marc Jacobs eye product and I think it was a variance between an eyelash primer and the mascara. I’m not entirely certain of that. it could have been two seperate mascaras. Choice was a while ago. And I was blinded by the fact that the choice gave me a 50/50 chance of getting the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara (retail $27).

For the longest time this was my go to mascara. It was the one I would re order as soon as I hit the five month mark on an open mascara (I only keep them 6 months). I only stopped ordering them because I kept getting mascaras in subscription boxes so I had a stockpile of other mascaras to try out and I couldn’t justify ordering it when I had just a pile to use.

So I stopped even though I loved it. But now it has returned to me. The struggle not to open it up right away is real. I am getting ready to purce several mascaras (as they have reached the end of their lives) but I still have several new to me mascaras I want to try. I’ll have to review what I have open and what I want to try out before deciding to open this, but I am actually quite looking forward to opening it and using it again.

So late as it was, this was my June Boxy Charm Premium. You know, I’m actually pretty happy with it. My one repeat product is one that I will either use or pass on with no issues (and they made it up with the credit). It was not overly skin care heavy which actually gives me a chance to use the skin care that I already have on hand and it included several products that i am eager to try out. I have my fingers crossed for the Floss Lip and cheek tint and I am vet excited for the new pore vanishing foundation. while I consider this box well worth my $35 as I will certainly use most if not all of the items, the full retail value of the box is $216 so there is little cause to complain on that account either. In the end, even with the repeat item, this was a pretty good box for me.

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May 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Unboxing

For those that don’t know the Boxy Charm Premium is a $35 per month beauty subscription.  Inside each box are six full sized items. This month’s theme is Flourish.  I’ll admit that while I can usually see how the theme fits with the month at hand, I rarely see how the products fit into the theme. 

The first Item out of my box this month is a box of the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye masks (retail $18).  Surprisingly there are only three sets in the box.  Given the size of the box I would have expected more.  I have used the Rodial eye masks before and they are okay.  They aren’t my favorite eye masks, but they work decently well.  I find Rodial to be an interesting brand.  I very much enjoy their serums and creams but tend to feel let down by their sheet masks and under eye masks. 

It’s strange because they have to be similar products as they are all in the same Dragon’s Blood line of products, but there is a really big difference in performance.  I’ll happily use these eye masks but when buying from Radial I tend to go for the tubes and bottles. Still Eye masks are nice especially during allergy season. I tend to use them right after my walks on the walking trail to help recover from the trees and flowering shrubs in the park.

The second Item in this month’s box is the Grown Alchemist Body Cream (retail $26).  I have tried their night cream and while I liked their formula I found them a little too perfume-y for me.  The body cream is scented with Mandarin and Rosemary so I am hoping that the lack of floral and the fact that it is a body cream will help with the scent.  I actually just finished up a body cream so I am looking to try a new one.  I  will probably actually use this one after my shower tonight.  I kind of like the fact that it is in a paint tube.  It should make it easy to use every last drop.

My third item I am not terribly excited about.  It is the Odacite BL + C Pimples Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum (retail $36).  I’ve tried Odacite before and actually liked the product, however this is designed for problem skin.  While I tend to get the occasional issue from too much face mask wearing, over all, I don’t have overly problematic skin.  I get the occasional pimple but I find most problem skin serums dry out my skin very badly and cause more issues than they solve. So I will be more than likely passing this on to someone else.

Also being passed on to someone else is the set of three LaRuce Brushes I received.(retail $96)  It isn’t that I don’t like them it is that I have two entire sets of LaRuce Brushes that I received from IPSY and I already have these three.  They are good brushes, but they are a bit overpriced in my opinion.  You can find my full brush review here if you are interested. 

In general, I really like them. They were a featured product of IPSY for a while. I have noticed that since Boxycharm was purchased by IPSY the two are swapping products back and forth and I suspect there will be some overlap for a little while as they settle into things.  I suspect this won’t be the last overlap. But they are good brushes, even if they are overpriced, and I’m sure someone else will love having them.

There was one makeup item in my box this month and it was the Too Faced Melted Chocolate Eyeshadow (retail $21).  It is a liquid eyeshadow with a matte finish.  I have to say I am very much looking forward to playing around with it and seeing how it works with other formulas. The shade I received (and that I chose) is Amaretto.  It is a slightly pinky neutral and a shade I can easily wear on its own on my eyes. 

Too Faced Swatch

The final item was also a choice item for me and quite frankly I can’t wait to try it out.  It is the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar Moisturizing nectar (retail $65).  It can be used anywhere on the body but it is suggested as a sleep mask to repair the skins barrier. When I chose it, I thought it was a moisturizer, but I’m okay with a sleeping mask. 

I think I find this interesting because I have never heard of tulip based skin care products.  I am so excited to try it out and will be rolling it into my skincare line up asap. Also the jar is lovely to look at so it satisfies my beauty loving soul as well.

Overall it is a decent box this month.  There are quite a few products I am looking forward to trying.  It isn’t really the most exciting box, but it is still a good one.  I think because last month the Premium box was so spectacular it feels a little bit like a letdown.  It isn’t, it just isn’t as exciting as last month. I would have liked to have seen a bit more makeup though as I am well stocked with skincare. But with every subscription box you are going to have exciting months and non-exciting months.  This was a steady and decent box. The retail value comes to $262 so monetarily I did get my $35 worth out of it.  Sure $96 was for the brushes, which is far too much for these three brushes in my opinion.  However the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar which I really want to try retails for $65 so just for that This Boxycharm Box was worth it for me. 

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Unboxing the April 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Box

It has arrived!  My BoxyCharm premium.  This month it was a bit of a struggle.  There was no news for a long time, no tracking, no e-mails.  I texted the help line and the next day I received a tracking number as my box finally left the warehouse.  After that, it fairly sped through the system to arrive on my doorstep.

Everything arrived safe and sound.  This month we were allowed to choose two items for the premium box.  The first Item I chose was the Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Over Night Repair Concentrate

I have been looking for a good night cream for a while and have had mixed results.  I’ve only tried out Wander Beauty’s makeup and never their skincare.  So even though we have been well stocked on skincare from subscriptions, this is not a category I have a lot of product in and I wanted to try Wander Beauty’s skin care, so That’s why I chose it.

The second item I chose was the Nars Blush in Angelika. What can I say?  I like blush and I really like NARS.  For me it was a no brainer.  The only issue was that I couldn’t pick multiple blushes and had to choose one color. But now I have a new blush.

Blush swatch

I also have a new primer.  I received the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Blurring Primer. And you know how much I love a good primer.  Plus I really do like Marc Jacobs Products. Again another win for me and quite frankly something I was very excited about. 

I will say the excitement continued when I opened the Eloise Beauty Rose Gold TearDrop brush.  I mean just look at that.  How stinkin’ pretty is that?  Very is the answer.  And that is the type of foundation brush I prefer.  It kind of reminds me of my 999 Master blender. 

It has a different shape but the same sort of dense bristles.  And I like having more than one foundation brush to rely on.  Hopefully this one will perform as well as it looks.  If so I will be thrilled.  I know this came up in a past Luxe Box and it was one of the items that made me wish I was signed up for the Luxe box.  I am actually really thrilled to have it here. 

Speaking of seeing before, I received the 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment masks (5 Pack).  I received this set last year or maybe the year before.  I can’t remember the month, but I did receive them.  I am also now down to my last mask. 

They are a bit heavy so you have to lay down when you wear them to keep them from sliding off, but they are worth it.  My skin always feels so soft and hydrated after wearing them.  While never thrilled by a repeat, I can’t say I am sorry to have another pack.  I will definitely use them and I already know I enjoy them.

The final item in my boxycharm Premium this moth was the Dose of Colors Eyeliner.   And guess what.  It is not a black eyeliner.  I repeat, it is not a black eyeliner.  It is green.  As I currently have enough black eyeliners to draw a line around the country I am very happy that it isn’t black. 

A non-black eyeliner

I look forward to trying out the formula and I have to say it is a very pretty looking liner. I also have to admit it took me a while to figure out that you didn’t twist to get the product out but just pulled off the cap.  Yeah, it kind of took me longer to figure that out than it should have. But for those playing with it, the pointy end is a cap.

I have to say I was thrilled with this month’s Boxy Charm Premium.  I think it might actually have been the best box I received this month.  I love that it leaned into makeup more than skin care.  Don’t get me wrong, I love skin care, but the past year it seemed that every box was heavy with skin care. 

It is nice to see some makeup again.  And really the makeup was NARS, Marc Jacobs and Dose of Colors.  So brands I know and love and products I can’t wait to play with.  Boxy Charm may have been slow out of the gate this month, but they certainly finished with a bang.  Fabulous box this month Boxy Charm, two thumbs, way up.

BoxyCharm Premium March 2021 Unboxing

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the March 2021 unboxing of the BoxyCharm premium box. If you follow me on instagram then you know this box came in yesterday afternoon. My reaction was quite simple. I saw it and squealed “Kypris”. I was very happy. So that is where I am going to start.

Before i do, I should mention that this is the BoxyCharm Premium category which is $35 per month. They have a $25 base box and quarterly they offer a Luxe box. March is a luxe month. The BoxyCharm link will take you to the Boxy site where there are all the details. I am not an affiliate, but it is my referral code and I believe I get charms if you use the link to sign up.

So Kypris. I was actually introduced to this brand by Boxycharm. They sent a serum in one of their boxes a while back. I remember at the time there was a big blow up about the ingredients labels not matching the labels on the site. Since Alyaka (one of the sites I routinely purchase clean beauty products from) was having a sale on Kypris at the time, and I was really enjoying the serum that was sent in Boxycharm, I went ahead and ordered a second bottle.

It performed exactly the same and my skin loved it. It is a bit on the pricy side so I haven’t reordered. I was actually waiting until Alyaka put a Kypris Sample kit together again. They had one for a while but last time i looked it was gone. Of course now they have several more sample kits that I have been eyeing.

As a brief aside the Alyaka sample kits cost around $27 each (the link will take you to them if you want to see what is available, they change out periodically) and let you try different brands like RMS, and Lilah B to see if those products are for you before you invest in the full size. You know I love the try before you buy method and as Alyaka also has free shipping to the US it’s a double win for me. But this is about Boxycharm.

The Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer + Shimmer Palette kit contains a bottle of eye serum and primer which I think will be fun to try out and it comes with a shimmer eyeshadow palette. When I do my makeup after my workout and shower I will be using it today for my shadow and will give you my first impression then, I think I may have to pick out at least one matte shade to go with it. But that is for the afternoon. For now, I am happy to have the kit and will soon put the eye cream in rotation.

The second item in my premium box this month was the IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask. It is a spray hair mask. I have to say I am intrigued. And may have to take it into the shower with me post workout.IGK is a really good brand. For a long time it was my go to brand for hair products. I still really like and use their products, but I have branched out to try others. Some have been better, many have been worse. I;ve never tried the Prenup and you know I adore hair masks so this will be fun to try out.

Moving right along we have the product I chose. This, surprisingly enough was the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I know, I was surprised I chose it as well. While I like – who am I kidding, ADORE – primers, when I tried a small sample of the Too Faced Hangover Primer I was not that enthused. It was too moisturizing for me at the time. I think I may have better luck with it now that my skin is in it’s winter dry levels.

Also I noticed I am getting quite a collection of serums I need to work through and while more will no doubt come in, I decided not to deliberately choose another one to add to the pile. It takes a while to work through a serum and I may have to pass a few along so that they don’t go bad (I don’t open them until I use them and store them in a dark closet in the coldest part of the house so I still have some time. I suspect a skin care declutter is in the works soon. As I just did a savage lip declutter, I’m kind of dreading doing a skin care one.

Speaking of lips however (and avoiding thinking of skincare declutters) a new lip product came in this month’s box and the packaging is gorgeous. It has a clear lucite looking top and then the color. Very chic. It is from Roen, the Kiss my Liquid Lip Balm to be exact, which I have never tried before. I’ll be wearing it this afternoon along with the Kypris shimmers and the Too Faced Primer so we will see how it goes. I’m not sure it will match very well but I have no video calls scheduled today so no one will know. Well except you.

As long as you don’t tell on me, we’ll be good.

There was also a set of brushes in this months box. It was from a brand I had never heard of – Beauty Diva London. I have to say, first impressions out of the package and they do not look all that impressive. They have very light weight plastic handles that I can very easily see myself dropping and cracking. However I could be wrong and they could be fabulous. When I do my make up today I will set my Luxie Brushes to the side (I’m planning a reviews soon) and try them out. Perhaps they will perform like rockstars and I will adore them. Who knows.

And this leaves us with the Dose of Colors Block Party single shadow. For me this is a repeat. I received this exact same eyeshadow in this exact same shade a few months back. It is a slight disappointment. It’s a good formula but because I already have it, I will be passing it along untouched. It is still a good shadow. The only disappointment is in the repeat.

That was my BoxyCharm Premium this month. Quite frankly I was very pleased with it. While I do love skincare, we have been getting very skin care heavy boxes lately so it was nice to see one that was makeup heavy. After all even the eye serum came with an eyeshadow palette. I know many of you are looking at the above run down and asking yourselves why are there no retail prices next to the items. I deliberately waited until the end for that. I wanted to look at the items and decide on it’s value to me, based on the items inside before looking up prices. This month’s box was very much worth the $35 price tag. I enjoy the items and I am looking forward to trying them out.

Of course it is always fun to look at monetary value as well, if only because we can be excited for the money we saved by buying the box instead of the items separately. So…The Dose of Colors Block Party Single shadow is valued at $20. The IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask is $32 while the Beauty Diva Eye Brush Set is a $48 value. Roen Beauty Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm in the shade Charlie is valued at $26. The Too Faced Hangover Primer has a retail price of $35 and the Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer + Shimmer Palette Set which is a new launch is valued at a whopping $145.

So six items with a combined retail Value of $306. That my darlings is quite a savings. Oddly enough I had planned to pick up the Too Faced Hangover Primer to try it on my winter dry skin. It was actually in my shopping cart when it came up as a choice on BoxyCharm. As it is $35 and I was already prepared to pay that separately, but instead paid $35 for the box, I am actually extra tickled by this. It’s rare that timing lines up perfectly in my world. For example I have been trying to catch the Urban Decay Honey Palette on one of their sales for a while now and always just miss it. Or I’ll spot it and before I can purchase it an emergency expense pops up. I’m beginning to think that palette is cursed… But that is another story. For now I am very pleased with My March BoxyCharm Premium and look forward to seeing what April has in store.

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