Trying out the jewelry from Shop Miss A

Recently I picked up a variety of items from Shop Miss A. I was actually especially interested in their jewelry selection. Mostly because $1 -$1.88 seeped a bit hard to believe. I chose a variety of items from necklaces to rings to earrings.

Here is the thing. I love good jewelry. I have several pricier pieces that I tend to wear when I go out. I tend to keep them for someplace special because the pieces are special. And the last think I want to do is lose an expensive piece of jewelry while running errands or taking a walk. Plus I have the tendency to fiddle with my jewelry throughout the day. I am especially hard on necklaces. I tend to get ones with little charms on them and slide them back and forth along the chain as I think about the wording for e-mails and articles.

To be honest though, I like inexpensive jewelry for day time use as I don’t tend not worry about it as much. My big concern is Nickle, If it is in the earrings or necklaces I break out in a rash. So for me the inexpensive jewelry section of the Shop Miss A website looked especially interesting.

adjustable on right

I have a weakness for rings so I ordered three. One is an epoxy resin ring, one is an adjustable ring and the third was just a slid metal ring. I thought the rhinestone studded snake was adorable. There is no sizing chart so you just order the ring and get what you get. (It is also why i wanted to see three different styles. The amber colored resin ring fit perfectly on my pointing finger and I think it actually fits well there. Given the size of the ring it is where I would want to wear it. I always feel vaguely evil queen like when I have a chunky ring on my pointing finger. It is solid and sturdy. It has been knocked about for the past few weeks and still looks to be in good shape.

three layered necklace

In this picture I didn’t adjust the adjustable ring and it fit my ring finger slightly snuggly. My ring finger is between a six and a half and a seven depending on how much salt I have in my system. The metal is a decent enough quality that I don’t think it is going to come to any harm with the adjusting of the size.

There is only a limited amount the ring will go in though. There is not a wide gap between the separated elements. Yu are looking at maybe shrinking it half a size while you should be able to enlarge it one, maybe two sizes with no problem. As I thought the ring would be good for my nieces as a little stocking stuffer, I am going to have to check their finger sizes before ordering anything.

The nonadjustable ring is a good fir for my middle finger. I admit, I am not a middle finger ring wearing person. I also don’t wear pinkie rings, but every other finger is fair game for rings. My guess is that this would make this a seven to a seven and a half in sizing. Probably closer to a seven. I can wear it on my ring finger but it is loose and it kept turning around. The metal is decent quality and though my hands got banged around a bit, none of the stones fell out of the ring.

broken chain at the weak point where the two chain sizes meet

The necklaces were interesting. What i found with all of the ones I purchased was that the charms on the necklaces were of decent quality, but the chains were on the cheaper side. If I was going to get this for someone else as a potential stocking stuffer, I would purchase the necklace and then pick up a better quality chain elsewhere. Then do a little but of at home surgery. As one of my chains has already broken, the charm has been relocated to a sturdier chain and I still enjoy wearing it. I am a bit hard on necklaces with charms on them though. The chains in the triple layer were a little better quality, but I also don’t play with them as much. The weak point is the section of chain near that catch. Where the thin chain of the necklace meets the larger looped chain so you can adjust the length is where the weak spot is and where the chains broke.

Of the lot, the earrings were the best quality. They are sturdy and didn’t make my ears itch so there is no nickel. the looked good on and felt good on. They were actually a complete surprise. Of the lot of them, the earrings are the ones most likely to be slipped into a stocking. they hace soft plastic stoppers on the posts, the posts are in securely and the posts themselves didn’t bend or cause any distress. Over all I was very pleased with them

In facet I was pleased with all of the jewelry from Shop Miss A. The necklace chains were the big disappointment, but I do have excess chains to string charms on and the charms were of decent quality so that I don’t mind for everyday wear. The only issue with the rings is the potential sizing issue. They two were of decent everyday wearable quality.

I know I sound a little bit shocked but while these aren’t showroom pieces I honestly didn’t expect this good a quality for $1 per piece. All of the pieces I picked up were $1. The only exception being that three pairs of the earrings came as one set and the set was $1. While I would never call this my good jewelry it is good enough for everyday use and I will personally get a lot of use out of the pieces and keep my eye on the daily arrivals page for items that suit my taste. Shop Miss A is a great, inexpensive way to fill in your everyday jewelry. Just watch out for the chains.

A Shop Miss A Haul

In general I am not a haul posting kind of person. Mostly because in general that isn’t how I shop. I generally find something I want and pot it on my list. Then I think about it a while and maybe wait for a sale. And then I buy the item and maybe a couple of other items to ensure free shipping. However Shop Miss A is a different kind of store. It features almost everything on it’s website for around a dollar. Most of the items I purchased were around $1 or $1.88. I think the only item I purchased that was more was the makeup brush kit for $10.00.

The entire order cost me less than $40

I have purchased a few makeup items from Shop Miss A in the past simply to try them out. I saw that they had other items but didn’t really go into the housewares, stationary or anything else really, I just stayed with the makeup. the items I tried, while a limited selection, worked well.

This time, while I did order several makeup items from Shop Miss A, I went in to almost every category in their store. I started with their new arrivals page (which is changed daily and tends to sell out quickly) and just kept going. Initially i went in because I wanted to try out more of their makeup. I have several younger family members who are just getting into makeup. They aren’t allowed to wear it out of the house yet. Their schools don’t let them wear it to class and I think the most they are allowed is clear lip gloss worn to church, but they are allowed to play around with it at home so they can learn and just have fun with it.

I figured the makeup or brushes might make decent stocking stuffers should the quality prove worth it. Once I selected items, like the single eyeshadows, eyeshadow quads and lip gloss (I already have a selection of Miss A Face products including foundation) I branched out.

I’ll admit, I ordered some to look at as potential gifts but several items I ordered because I wanted to see the quality or was just plain interested in trying out. A few things I actually needed. There is a heat mat to set down a hot hair tool without causing damage and potential fires. I was planning to get one and kept forgetting so I added it to the cart.

I love that this rolls up for easy travel

Many of my hair sticks are showing a lot of wear so finding replacements isn’t a bad idea and I have seen the hair massage tool in a lot of places and wondered about it. Picking it up here to try out is an inexpensive way to see if a tool like this is something I would use or something that really isn’t for me.

There was also a lot of cute jewelry that would be perfect for stockings if it proved decent enough quality. As always I am skeptical. And it isn’t because of the price. I’ll admit I am suspicious of the quality of $1 jewelry, but as I have had more expensive jewelry where the charm on the necklace was high quality but the chain was cheap and snapped after a few days of wear, I was willing to take a chance. Plus they had some really adorable items. I couldn’t resist these gummy bear looking earrings actually. (those are the green ones in the earring three pack).

I can never resist a pair of cure socks so I picked up a pair of those as well to see how they feel on the feet. And I love sunglasses. I have several expensive pairs as well as several cheap pairs and honestly pricy or cheap is less important to me than the look of the glasses. I was thrilled with these and I love that they came sealed in a separate foam wrapping to keep them from getting scratched up in transit.

Honestly, everything was very well packed and wrapped so that absolutely nothing was damaged in transit.

Traveling so recently has also added some of the items to my purchase list. I ordered travel nail polish remover wipes which I really hope works. I didn’t take any nail polish remover home with me and my mom didn’t have any in the house so my nails looked spectacularly bad when i returned.

I also picked up a travel case for my makeup sponge which i really could have used this trip and because I was giving their makeup up tools a try I decided to add a makeup sponge to the order as well.

And then I wrapped things up with a notebook to try out (graph paper pages), a soap tablet for a refillable soap container and soap sheets for washing my hands. They had a wide variety of scents to choose from and this is something I have been looking to purchase for a while. While I am sure it will be good for travel, there are two separate buildings I go to for various meetings (most of my stuff is done on line but there are still a few in person meetings) one has a bathroom that is almost always out of soap and the other has one stocked with soap that I am allergic to as it causes my hands to break out in an itchy rash. The soap sheets added to my purse will be quite appreciated.

Providing they work and I have no reaction to them. I will be testing them out before adding them to my bag as a staple item. In fact everything will be tested and tried out in the near future. Partially because I want to try out the items I purchased and partially because I want to determine if the quality is high enough that I can order stocking stuffers and birthday add ons.

Quite honestly I am looking forward to the testing portion of the items in this order. There are a wide variety of items and some of them are quite practical. others like the candy gloss and gummy bear earrings just look like good fun. Either way, I can’t wait to try everything out from my recent Shop Miss A Haul.

The Daily: September 19th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Do you see the photo to the side? I know, some of you are wondering why I took pictures of my shoes. But those aren’t just any shoes. Look closely, do you see? That’s right, they are close toed shoes.

Those are actually two of my favorite pairs of shoes actually. I tend to wear them from fall through spring. Thy are getting a bit worn actually and I will soon be looking for replacements, but that is not the point. The point is that in the summer they live in the closet, in a heat induced hibernation. I simply can’t wear them in the summer because I will overheat. With the exception of my walking shoes I haven’t worn closed toed shoes since May. And truthfully since we hit our first 90 degree day the first week of May, sandals arrived with Cinco de Mayo.

If you look on the calendar t=you will see that Thursday Autumn officially begins. And while my tomato plants are still producing like it’s July and I am just now starting to harvest the first of the cantaloupes (Halloween melons anyone?) the temperatures have dropped enough that I felt justified in slowly edging out a few of my favorite early fall pieces. Like the shoes. It also helps that this weekend the strap broke on my sandals. While I purchased a couple new pairs in the spring this was the pair that I was hoping would last one more summer. You know that really comfortable pair that despite how fab they feel were discontinued by the brand and you can’t find anywhere any more? This was my pair. I hoped they had one last summer in them and they did, barely. So away they went and to make them feel like they survived to the end of the summer I took out the first of the fall shoes.

Not that I think the shoes actually care, but I am so ready for fall and it seemed like a good reason. I also felt like today needed a bit of glitter and I started taking out some fall makeup. But we’ll get to that below. Today though, I was feeling like fall, despite the overflowing tomatoes.

got a hair cut over the weekend. The bangs were trimmed and I had layers put in. It feels so much lighter and has a lot more movement.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Foundation: NARS All Day luminous weightless foundation

Setting Powder: Fenty Beauty Pro Filter in Cashew

Bronzer: Viseart Bronze Noix

Blush/Highlighter: Natasha Denona Bloom Blush and Glow Palette

Brows: iMethod Beauty Eyebrow Stamp Kit

Shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow in Knockout and Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow Foil

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag mascara

Lips: Guerlain Velvet Lip in Black Red

like I said i was feeling fall today and for me that meant getting out an actual foundation instead of a tinted moisturizer. I went for the NARS because it is beautiful And it works well with the Tatcha Primer underneath. We all know I don’t need an excuse to use the Tatcha primer. It is one of my absolute favorites. It lasts forever and is well worth the price.

The NARS foundation is a good one. You have to shake it before use, especially if you don’t use t everyday. I always forget how little product you actually need for this foundation. A little goes a really long way and it lasts a really long time. It is a luminous formula that is still on the matte side. As you all know I am not a dewy look kind of person so for me this is perfect. it is brightening and works well. I did go a little heavy with it today because I simply forgot how little is actually needed. It is a thinner formula so it is more like a serum than a cream. Which is something to watch out for when applying. I might use this again tomorrow because I just like it.

The foundation is slightly too light for me (It is my winter shade) so I used the Fenty setting powder. It is in the shade cashew and is slightly too dark for me. The two paired well. By using the darker powder with the lighter foundation I actually got something that looks fine for me.

For the bronzer I reached for the Viseart. I like the formula and I was thrilled that it is now back in stock. For a long while they just couldn’t keep it in stock. It felt like taunting when I used it and it was out of stock. ‘Oh I like this bronzer but you can’t get it because it is out of stock. Ha Ha.’ Not that I was thinking that, but it felt that way. Now it is back in stock so I can recommend it again. It is a product that is more buildable than it is pigmented. For me this helps as i sometimes get my balance off so I like sort of drawing a light line on my cheek so I can make sure that my cheeks match before I build it up. It does blend very well also and I just find it to be a good product. And it is back in stock.

The ND Bloom palette sits in the back of the drawer because of it’s height but I really like it and need to find a way to bring it forward. I have a blush declutter coming up so perhaps once i clear a few products out I will find a way to adjust it’s location so I can reach for it more. I love the cream blush in this palette. I’m not as enamored of the highlight as I prefer something a little more subtle but I like it enough that when i take the blush out I will use the highlighter. I would still like just a pan of that cream blush though.

The iMethod stamp is a favorite so that I can get my brows to look like they match. The stencil is a permeant addition to my makeup bag, the pomade is however running very low. I will need to replace it soon. I like the pomade formula. I need to try it with my other formulas to see if they work as well with the stamp application.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag i like more and more each time I use it and I will certainly be repurchasing it. It has a fluffy hourglass wand and is fantastic with both volume and length. I haven’t had any problem with flaking either which is nice and again a reason to repurchase when this tubes time is done.

the semi dried out color tattoo was hard to work with but I do love the shade and that glitter

For shadows, I wanted to use the Glitter shadow from Hourglass. I just felt like a little shimmer for a Monday. Because of it’s size it is stored with my Color tattoos from Maybelline. So I took one of the mattes out to use. It is a bit dried out. and it was hard to use. So it doesn’t look the best and the eyes don’t match because of it, but it was still usable, barely. I may try the rehydrating with facial oil trick on it because when they aren’t dry they are fabulous. Today, not so much. We’ll see how the rehydration goes. I did love the Hourglass though. There is a little fall out mid afternoon because I didn’t use a primer. Also when I used the Hourglass with the Maybelline when it wasn’t dried out, the cream shadow helped lock in the Hourglass without a primer. They make a great pair actually. And if my attempt to save this cream shadow doesn’t work I will probably just repurchase it. It is a good formula. I may have to order it though as the drugstore almost never has the color I want when i go in.

And finally I used the Velvet Lip from Guerlain. I adore this formula. It is a bullet style lipstick but once it settles into place it stays there. I did not leave a trail of lip prints on coffee mugs and tea cups throughout the day. If it weren’t so pricey I would stock up on this formula in multiple shades. As it is, I will use this one down to the nub and purchase a refill. It looks great and is super comfortable to wear. Plus it has some weight to it so it feels extra luxe to use. Even if i am in a t-shirt working at my desk today, I felt super special putting it on. And it never hurts to use something that makes you feel special.

And so my darlings that is todays look. I was thinking fall and leaned into it hoping the weather would follow. I know we are due a few more sweltering days and it will be October before fall thinks about arriving, but I am hopeful and a little encouragement can’t hurt. So it is back to work for me now. Have a fantastic rest of your Monday.


Unboxing The Underclub for July 2022

We have reached the second full week of the month and subscription boxes are starting to arrive. The first to arrive is The Underclub. I love this subscription for its size inclusivity, they go from XS to 4X I believe. There is also no upcharge for larger garments. All of their sizes are the same. It is also the same in the store too. You don’t have to go off to some small dark corner or their on-line store where a few items marked plus sized live, often with an extra charge for the size increase. Nope, the whole website features everything in every size.

I also love the underwear and the quality of it.

I am on the Underclub’s one pair per month plan for $15. They have different tiers where you can receive more pairs and possibly even a bralette. For me one pair is plenty. I love having pretty underwear. I know that may sound a bit strange to say. But I have started loving it more as I have been working out more.

inside the package the underwear is contained in a small bag.

Here’s the thing, when I wear pretty underwear I feel confident and pretty. It doesn’t matter what else is going on. It is an instant confidence boost. It doesn’t require anyone else to see it. I know it and it makes me feel good. It always has. when working out, it is best to wear plain cotton undergarments that have few if any embellishments. when lace becomes sweat soaked it can turn into sand paper really fast. There is exfoliation and then there is lace burn around the legs of your bikini underwear. Not fun, recommend avoiding.

Also there is the extra laundering of workout underwear. I put it on to work out. I finish the work out and it, along with my other work out clothes, go into the laundry, a fresh pair of underwear going on with the rest of the post shower clothing. So work out underwear needs to take a beating.

There is something magical about coming out of a post work out shower and putting on a nice, lacy pair of underwear. It feels like a reward for putting in the effort. As silly as that sounds, it is my daily reward to myself. and when you are doing long haul weight loss those little rewards come in very handy.

But lets look at this month’s pair. The photos wash out the color a little bit but this pair is a light blue lace. They are bikini style and have a scalloped lace edge. I love the look of a scalloped lace edge. I have to admit it.

As always I inspected the pants when they arrived, looking for loose strings and missed stitches. There were none, I then sent them through the wash and inspected again. Still no problems. These are very well constructed garments. This pair has an added cut out detail in the back. For some reason the last few pairs I’ve received have had this. I’m guessing it is a popular design. I have to admit I like it more for practicality than looks (although it does look nice). Some of my lacier underwear can be hard at first to tell which is front and which is back. These you can tell the difference blindfolded.

And while i don’t take my shower blindfolded sometimes I don’t have my contacts in while in the shower so orientation by touch can be somewhat important. (Because a lot of my exercise is outside sometimes sweat mixed with sunscreen can cloud up my contacts, so I take them out for cleaning or replacement before the shower, in case you ae wondering).

I really like this pair and all told The Underclub is one of my favorite subscriptions. The garments always fit perfectly and they feel good to wear. I have never had a pair that wasn’t worth the subscription fee, and July’s is no exception.

February with The Underclub

That’s right my darlings, it is the first subscription arrival of the month. And it is hands down one of my favorites. The Underclub has several tiers, some of them including multiple pairs of undergarments each month and of course their website sells fantastic sets, not just of underwear but pajamas and Cami sets as well. Everything I have ever received from them whether it is a bralette and undie set or a camisole and short set (which is my favorite pair of summer weight pajamas actually) has been of excellent quality. Plus it is size inclusive so you can go on their site, go into their on-line store and everything will come in your size, from XS to XXXL. It is amazing.

love the double bag for shipping as well as the affirmation card

I know i say that pretty much every month when this subscription arrives, but it is still one of my favorite points about the subscription. Pretty undies make me feel confident no matter what situation I am in. Underwear shopping often makes me feel bad about myself because I don’t look like the model wearing the underwear (and never will even i I did lose all of my extra weight). Even when I was in the best shape of my life I never felt that I lived up to the models pictured. And quite honestly that sucks. And I hate that part. You shouldn’t have to go through self torture just to acquire something that makes you feel confident.

And so I really love this subscription. I can shop on their site and not be shunted off to a small corner where the plus sizes live. So I will probably continue to praise them for that every month.

And then there is the underwear. Thus far in over a year of membership, I have not gotten a pair of undies from The Underclub that I haven’t liked. Some I naturally like better than others, naturally. But I have liked them all. Sometimes for different reasons. Last month for example, it was a plain black pair of bikinis in a soft material. It looked pretty average, but then (after washing) I put them on and they are hands down the most comfortable pair of bikini undies that I own. And I kind of want them in every color.

Plus Size All Black Lingerie Box

The subscription tier I am on is $15 per month and in general they ship out at the first of the month and arrive by the seventh. The subscription renews on the 11th of the month (So you pay for February January 11th). Due to the postal service being a little slower than usual (for obvious and understandable reasons) The Under Club seems to be mailing their subscriptions out sooner than usual. This actually showed up in my mailbox on February 3rd. which is pretty early for them. I’m not going to complain though. Earlier isn’t a bad thing.

But shall we look at what came in this month’s subscription? As always February they seem to go a little extra fab. This was no exception. It is a set of burgundy lace bikinis with a lovely keyhole detail in the back. The lace is soft and done in an almost floral print (it looks like leaves). Around the legs the material is beautifully scalloped.

As is typical for me, I inspected the set when it came in and found no loose strings or missed stitches. I then put them through the wash and inspected again. Still fabulous. And the fit is absolutely perfect.

lace and scalloped edge detail

I have had to adjust my sizing before. I was wearing a 3X and then I lost enough weight to go down to a 2X. Changing the sizing was super easy. It was just two button clicks on my account and it was done. They have a really great sizing guide on their site and their measurements are pretty accurate. Plus nothing I’ve received has shrunk in the wash so it remains fabulous.

keyhole detail in the back

I have to say I am very pleased with the burgundy color as well. In February pinks and reds abound. I like both, but there is something just a little classier about the burgundy. And by a strange coincidence I actually have a bra that matches. It is the same color exactly but the lace has a slightly different detail. Still it looks like a nice set together. Pretty underwear is a confidence boost. A matching set of undies is like confidence boosting battle armor.

At least in my world.

I am personally thrilled with this month’s Underclub Selection and plan to keep this subscription going for a long time to come. It is a once a month treat whose value far outstrips it’s cost.

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A few of my favorite things…

So often the focus is on the new and the different and the things I am trying out. I know, not surprising, this is a review site. But there are a few things that right now i use on a daily basis that I think deserve mentioning. At one time they were all things I tried out and now, they have become standards. So here are five products that I use day in and day out.

The first up has to be the Soda Stream. For a long time I used a plastic bottle for the Soda Stream. It was good, but after a time the plastic has to be replaced. So this past year I switched to the glass bottle for the Soda Stream. For those who don’t know, the Soda Stream is basically just away of getting carbonation into your water. It turns tap water sparkling. It’s called a Soda Stream because it lets you make your own soda at home. They sell all sorts of flavors. I like their flavors (lemon lime is my favorite) but honestly I use it to encourage myself to drink more water.

In general I find that carbonated water doesn’t sit as heavy in my stomach as regular water does. Occasionally i will add a lemon wedge or even a cucumber slice to the water, but for the most part I drink the water plain. And I’ve actually experimented with keeping tabs on my water consumption and found I drink almost twice as much water when it is carbonated than I d when it isn’t. So for me the Soda Stream is a valuable tool in keeping me hydrated.

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But if you are going to drink water, you need something to put it in don’t you? This is where item number two comes in. It is a stemless Champagne flute from the Rachel Zoe Collection. I love glassware. I do. I collect glasses of all kinds and I often have a real problem getting rid of class containers. Most end up repurposed to hold seedlings as I start my garden seeds indoors and then plant them outside. And I also like drinking my water out of a pretty glass as well. While I do use these glasses for cocktails (or mocktails) I use this one daily for my water. I like pouring it from the carafe into a pretty glass. It makes me feel as though the water itself is special and not like i am forcing myself to drink more water to stay hydrated. I love the rainbow sheen of the glass and the bubbles fizzing through it. I also love the way the glass feels in my hand. I think it elevates my water drinking and makes it feel almost decadent. And if you are trying to convince yourself to drink more water, why not make it feel decadent?

The next two items are always on my desk. Or at least within easy reach. The first of these are my ThinOptics reading glasses. They come in a variety of finishes, This set is the tortoise shell look. I like the look of them (although the black is stunning). I think part of why i like the tortoise shell is because when I was little we had a family friend who would always answer the crazy questions I would ask. He always had a good answer for everything and I thought he was the smartest person in the world. He wore tortoise shell glasses so even now when I wear them I feel like i am smarter.

Product of the Month of FEB

I know I’m not, just like I now know that some of the answers I got to my questions back then were made up (I still admire his ability to think fast though). But I still feel smarter. And my eyes have never been great. I wore glasses as a kid, switched to contacts as soon as it was an option and now need the reading glasses. These are thin and the case is actually clipped to the back of cell phone. The Thin Optics also don’t leave the nose dents in my makeup because they are so light. They are quite amazing and extremely useful.

Useful in a different way is the jar of peppermints. They are LifeSaver Peppermint candies. Occasionally throughout the day I will find myself wanting a snack. While I do have a snack most afternoons as it keeps me from over eating at dinnertime, I can’t snack all day. The problem is that I work from home so when I leave my desk I often have to pass through the kitchen to get anywhere. that means any snack foods left out are tempting. And let’s face it, the pantry and fridge are also tempting. It can spiral very easily. Having the peppermints on my desk not only gives me something low in calories to reach for if I feel like I want a snack even though I’m not hungry, it also gives me peppermint-y breath.

I know, my computer monitor doesn’t always appreciate the fresh breath, but the peppermint flavor helps prevent snacking. Most items that I would pick up from the kitchen quickly to snack on, taste weird with peppermint. It just isn’t a good mix. So if I put in a peppermint when I am craving something I can always tell myself, that I can think about a snack after the peppermint flavor fades. And by then I am usually in the middle of something else and have forgotten about the snack I didn’t really need in the first place.

And finally one of my current top five everyday items are my Tomahawk Shades. This particular set is my favorite. It just has that nice retro vibe to it. I actually have several pair of sunglasses from them. Not all of them look retro. And I do trade them out. What I love about them is that they are good quality sunglasses that I can pick up in a variety of styles without breaking the bank. I have seen a lot of fantastic sunglasses out there and there are several really expensive ones I tend to drool over. At the same time, I know me and sunglasses. With a new pair I will be very careful for the first few weeks. Then I’ll forget. I’ll shove them up into my hair or drop them in my purse without looking for a case. I’ll toss them into the passenger’s seat of my car if I am by myself. And then I’ll forget. They will end up scratched or even sat upon. I used to get one pair of sunglasses each spring and then I would be lucky if they made it through the year. If I made it to the next spring with only one scratch on the lens I was shocked.

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So I don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses (or maybe i do if you look at the history instead of the pair) These sunglasses are not only good quality and inexpensive but they are durable. This retro looking one isn’t just my favorite because of looks but because the plastic is flexible instead of brittle. They have a bit of give to them. I’ve sat on them a couple of times at this point and routinely slide them into my purse without bothering with a case. Going into this spring they look just as good as they did last spring despite being my most worn pair of sunglasses. I actually don’t need to replace them this spring. I’ll probably still go on to the Tomahawk Shades Website to see what they have this year, but replacing them isn’t a requirement.

So there you have it mu darlings a few of the things I use on a daily basis, quietly working in the background as i go about trying out the new and the different. Somedays, it is good to acknowledge the fabulousness of everyday things.

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The Eyes Have it…with ThinOptics

ThinOptics glasses sent to me for the purpose of review

I have always had bad eyesight. I have a set of high prescription glasses that are thankfully fitted with thinner lenses than once existed so I wasn’t stuck with coke bottle lenses. I was fitted with contacts as soon as it was a viable option. There are days when I still wear my glasses, although I need to get them replaced at some point. For me, reading glasses were always an inevitability.

I have now reached the point where reading glasses are also a necessity. I tried fighting it, but it wasn’t a battle I was going to win. It was even rather silly to engage in the battle. I think the only reason I fought reading glasses at all was because I didn’t want to look like my grandmother. Which is silly. Especially when you go with a pair of non-grandmother looking glasses. Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a grandmother. I am just not there yet.

Luckily I found glasses that weren’t grannyesque and am no longer squinting at everything.

So, now even when I am wearing my contacts, I still need a pair of glasses around. And let’s face it, I do a lot of reading on a daily basis. There are issues with reading glasses that I never faced with my regular glasses.

The sleek packaging is kept to a minimum and fits in the mailbox

With my regular glasses, wearing them was a necessity. Taking them off and setting them down was really not an option. Without my glasses everything beyond a foot away is kind of an impressionistic painting in motion. while it does give me a better appreciation of Monet, it means that on days I wear my glasses, they stay firmly on my nose.

Reading glasses are a different beast.

You can’t wear them constantly. They mess with your regular vison if you do. They are meant to bring words into focus as you read them. So when you aren’t reading them, you take them off and set them to the side, you shove them onto your head and forget them. They go missing or turn out to be stashed in random places around the house.

In addition most of them are heavy enough to leave dents in your makeup. Or at least mine are. I’m sure my regular glasses do as well, but I can only see them, theoretically, when I take them off. Admittedly I have to get really close to a mirror to do that.

The solution to both issues?


At least in my case. While ThinOptics graciously sent over this new pair, I stumbled on the site a while ago and have been wearing one of their black pairs of glasses for a long time now. I’ve mentioned them in countless posts, but I’ve never done a dedicated post about them.

When in place, the glasses look just like any other pair of reading glasses. They are fantastically comfortable and quite durable. These are tortoise shell which I really like. They are however ultra thin and lightweight so there is no divot to the makeup on the face. In fact they are one of the few pairs of glasses I find easy to forget I am wearing.

In addition to being super light on the face, they fold up to be super thin. Seriously, the thickest part is the hinges holding on the ear pieces. And even that is only a few centimeter’s wide. In addition the glasses come with a case.

I know, not a shocking reveal. However this thin case is composed of thick plastic and magnetically clips to the back of your phone. Which means that as long as you don’t lose your phone, you don’t lose your glasses. It also means that when you need to get them to read your phone, they are right there on your phone.

I’ll admit, when I am working at my desk, I clip the case to the magnetic whiteboard so it is right there, but I shift it to the back of my phone when I go out. The glass case is durable enough that it can ride along in my purse without damage the edges of the case may get a bit scuffed up, but the glasses are well protected.

So for me, ThinOptics solves two of my biggest issues with reading glasses. Now they are always there when I need them and they don’t wreck my make up no matter how many times I take them off and put them on again. Well they also don’t look granny-esque so I suppose it fits all three of my main criteria.

They have even smaller ones if you can believe it. On their site they even have a set that folds up and has a case that clips to your keychain. There are also blue light filter glasses and sunglasses, all available in the thin format so you can take them anywhere with no muss and no fuss.

While they are also well priced, currently Thin Optics has a sale going on from today through November 25th, you can get 35% off plus free shipping on orders over $19.95. I know shipping is crazy right now but it took less than four days from shipping confirmation to arrival for these glasses, which at the moment seems like a minor miracle.

These glasses are the perfect gift for anyone you know who wears reading glasses (or needs a new pair) or the perfect treat for yourself this holiday season. Reading glasses are a necessity for me, but there is no reason they can’t be sleek and stylish as well.

And if you think you might need reading glasses, but aren’t entirely certain of the strength, ThinOptics just introduced a Clarity Kit so that you can find your perfect strength. I personally love these readers and am so grateful for ThinOptics for sending a new pair to me. I know I will get a lot of use out of them for a long time to come.

Bring the Joy – Black Friday 35% off + Free Shipping over $19.95

Find Your Strength; Know Your Strength.

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The Daily: August 10th, 2021

Today has been a day of running errands. I managed a walk on the gym treadmill early, but it was no where near as long as I wanted it to be. The balancing factor is of course that I was running around enough that there was no real lunch. I had a Clementine Smoothie this morning for breakfast and it has pretty much kept me going. (Smoothie box has several deals going at the moment. I’ll list them at the bottom of the post for those interested. I’m going to grab a Chomps Beef stick later (we picked up a box of the Cranberry Habanero as they were just yummy to both of us, even though I am still going through the Variety pack) to tide me over for dinner.

It is not how I like to deal with my meals, but today there were just too many things to get done in too many places in addition to the fact that I couldn’t control timing on a lot of them. One of my errands today was to trade in my regular driver’s license for a new TSA approved one. And timing at the DMV is really very variable. You go in and you are just there until they are done with you and release you back into the wild. I’m not sure if it is just Tennessee updating their system or not, but I know the new regulations go into effect later this fall. As I need my passport updated and I can’t update my passport without the new ID, it was a necessity.

I actually had to call the bank and phone companies to get paper copies of my bills to present along with my birth certificate. And then I had my birth certificate scrutinized because it is from a different state and looks nothing like the copies of Tennessee birth certificates. However after some consideration The Tennessee DMV was willing to accept that the State of NY is in the US. It probably would have taken less time had the person next to me not been protesting having his license taken away for a DUI when he had clearly only been drinking cough syrup. On the other hand my DMV clerk and I bonded over the fact that neither of us like the taste of cough syrup.

Which was just an odd conversation to have.

And an odd one to overhear.

But in the end my paperwork was approved and soon I can renew my passport.

Given the errands today’s look was super simple. In fact it is barely a look. In fact i went with the if I am wearing sunglasses and red lipstick maybe no one will notice I didn’t really bother with makeup look.

The Sunglasses are The Conners from Tomahawk’s Grasshopper line. (Tomahawk Shades currently has a by one get one free sale going on for first time buyers if you are looking for some nice sunglasses) I love the look of them and the fact that they are really light weight. While the light weight helps not dent makeup too much, today, it meant that I didn’t sweat all that much along the points where they touched skin. While the look is fantastic, I actually really like the green lenses. They block the sharpness of the light so I’m not squinting, but they also somewhat brighten the world with a green hue. It isn’t a Wizard of Oz Emerald City Green, but I really liked the effect when I was driving. In fact the green seemed to sharpen things rather than just add the shadows. I very much liked wearing them in the car. I also want to some light and color theory to find out why the green had the brightening effect while still filtering out the sun that made me squint. But that is just a me thing.

I was also happy with the lipstick. I went with a Ciate London Wonderwand Lippie in Ruby. (#368 is the code I believe, it is really small on the bottom of the tube)This is my first time wearing it and thus far it is wearing well. I’ll admit I haven’t eaten anything with it on, but thee aren’t any smudges on my water glass so that’s a plus. I may try it again tomorrow with actual makeup around it. Today, I just new any products I put on would just sweat off and make me look like an over heated candle. The heat mixed with the 90% humidity is not what you would call makeup friendly.

As for the hair, I feel I should apologize to my hair care products. I jumped into the shower after the gym, couldn’t stand the thought of the dryer and just tied it back before it could fully dry. this is how my bangs dry without the intervention of a comb and the drying mechanism of the open window in the car. So that is today. The DMV, The Library, several conference calls (sans video and actually mostly done in the car), the gym, eye doctor and dentist. It’s been a busy day but now I have TSA approved ID, an up to date contact lens prescription, no over due finds and I know that my mouth is healing well from the June surgery. quite the Tuesday extravaganza.

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Three Fabulous Pairs from Tomahawk Shades

The box they arrived in

Growing up my grandmother was adamant that the two things every woman needed were a great red lipstick and an excellent pair of sunglasses. Finding the exact shade of red lipstick that suited you could become a life long quest, but sunglasses needed to always be on hand in a multitude of styles and change out as often as you changed any other accessory.

Dust cover bags inside

And yes I blame her for my current lipstick quest and my love of sunglasses.

There are of course worse things in life.

For the last few months I have been wearing an older and rather scratched up pair of sunglasses while lurking on-line and oscillating between multiple pairs of sunglasses. (Okay, technically, I wore the sunglasses out of the house and didn’t wear them while doing my on-line lurking. Even I know that sunglasses do not aid an incognito internet search. Nor does the fake mustache, but that’s another story).

foam protection – inside the plastic bag, inside the cloth dust cover bags, inside the box.

Last year I didn’t get around to ordering a summer pair as, well, last year was last year and many things were shunted off to the side. I try to pick up a new pair of sunglasses each year for my collection so that I don’t end up wearing only one pair. Partially so that I don’t scratch up and destroy the one pair, but mostly because not ever pair goes with every outfit or event.

Yesterday, there was a package in my mailbox from Tomahawk Shades. Yes my darlings, they sent three pairs to me to wear and review. I have to say they are delightful. The box they came in is sturdy so nothing arrive crunched or damaged in transit. Personally, I will be keeping the box for storage so I can keep the sunglasses looking nice when not wearing them. Each pair came in it’s own seperate little bag and there was protective foam pieces over the lenses so they could arrive unscratched. As far as shipping goes, they are really on the ball.

In case you have never heard of Tomahawk Shades, they are a company who designs high quality affordable sunglasses. Which, if you are like me means you can have multiple pairs to suit your mood and or outfit without bankrupting yourself in the process. They also have a really good Worry Free Warranty and replacement policy, which you might want to check out. I know it sounds a little strange to check that out, but accidents happen. I remember purchasing a really expensive pair of sunglasses several years ago that were accidentally destroyed by a two year old only a few weeks after I got them. It was from a different company and that replacement policy was not nearly as nice, so now I check replacement policies before purchasing and keep sunglasses out of toddler range.

The Elite Class: Neuralyzers

Which is just smart in general.

So to the glasses.

The first pair out of the box are from the Elite Class Range. They are the sunglass equivalent of the little black dress. They are black with a little silver detailing on the corners in the photo. However, when you hold them to the light they look like silvery blue smoke. The plastic has a translucent quality to them rather than being straight matte black. They are good quality plastic, sturdy and likely to last a long time.

In the light they look like blue gray smoke instead of matte black.

They also perfectly fit my head. There is no oddly wide gap at the sides when putting them on. They are simple looking, but it was clear that thought went into the design. And I personally really like having a pair of sunglasses that I can wear with virtually everything. So often when i go looking for a straightforward versatile design, extra details are added that I don’t necessarily want. This has minimal detail added to the edges for maximum versatility. Also sometimes when you look for elegant simplicity, all you find re cheap sunglasses. These may be inexpensive, but they aren’t cheap looking. I know I will get a lot of wear out of them.

The second set in the box is from the Marksman line. While these too look black with minimal detail they have a lighter frame and a wider lens. What you may not see in the photo are that the lenses are slightly amber colored and the earpieces have a tortoise shell design on them. While the Elite Style above is a style I love to use when driving, this is the style that I enjoy when I know I am going to be outside at an all day event.

Marksman Class: The Beholders

Actually it is very timely that they arrive now. while I generally purchase sunglasses at the beginning of the summer, or at least that is when it occurs to me that I might want to add to my collection, summertime where I live is not really conducive to a lot of outdoor events. It is too hot and humid for anyone to feel comfortable linger for long in the sun. However as the summer starts to give way, we generally have a long stretch of time from when the heat breaks to when it is too cold to be out of doors. I’ve actually attended Christmas parties where drinks were served in the garden.

Some years that works out better than others, but it is always a possibility. And with the complete absence of going anywhere for long last year, this year the list of events and gathering is quite long as everyone tries to make up for the lack of social time. And because the world is still a little wonky, many of these events are planned for out door events. These are the kind of glasses that work well with long events outside. The frame is light weight so there is less indentation on the face. The amber lenses cut the glare while not making the world too dark a place and even though the details may be lost in the photo, they look stylish and subtle in person.

Grasshopper Class: The Conners

And then there is the third pair. They are from the Grasshopper class and let me tell you, after seeing them, I think I need a pair in every color. These are The Conners with a tortoise shell frame and bottle green lenses. They have a 1920s-1930s vintage feel to them and paired with a red lip I feel like i ought to be on an episode of Poirot. Admittedly, feel more like the wealthy heiress plotting murder while on the seaside for holiday rather than the victim, but i think that is more a function of my personality rather than the glasses. They just provide the era of inspiration. I’m the one contemplating vengeance upon the evil Lord Stuffypants who tried to steal the secret chemical formula from my family behind the lenses. Perhaps with a different shade of frame I will just feel like the innocent and shocked witness. But I won’t know that until i try. So clearly I must get them all.

You know, just so I know.

In all honesty, I really do like them. They are stylish and well made. They fit perfectly and as soon as they were out of the bag I found myself contemplating outfits that could go with them. I also contemplated outfits to purchase to go with them as well. I have no doubt I will be getting a lot of use out of them. I also have no doubt that even if I don’t purchase the entire Grasshopper line, there are at least two I will not be able to resist adding to my collection.

So my darlings, these are the three newest sets of sunglasses in my collection, kindly sent over to me by Tomahawk Shades. All three are in styles that will see a lot of use and one has already spurred the planning of several other purchases. You will no doubt be seeing much of these sunglasses in the near future. They look fantastic and I will of course, keep you posted as I put them into use.