A few of my favorite things…

So often the focus is on the new and the different and the things I am trying out. I know, not surprising, this is a review site. But there are a few things that right now i use on a daily basis that I think deserve mentioning. At one time they were all things I tried out and now, they have become standards. So here are five products that I use day in and day out.

The first up has to be the Soda Stream. For a long time I used a plastic bottle for the Soda Stream. It was good, but after a time the plastic has to be replaced. So this past year I switched to the glass bottle for the Soda Stream. For those who don’t know, the Soda Stream is basically just away of getting carbonation into your water. It turns tap water sparkling. It’s called a Soda Stream because it lets you make your own soda at home. They sell all sorts of flavors. I like their flavors (lemon lime is my favorite) but honestly I use it to encourage myself to drink more water.

In general I find that carbonated water doesn’t sit as heavy in my stomach as regular water does. Occasionally i will add a lemon wedge or even a cucumber slice to the water, but for the most part I drink the water plain. And I’ve actually experimented with keeping tabs on my water consumption and found I drink almost twice as much water when it is carbonated than I d when it isn’t. So for me the Soda Stream is a valuable tool in keeping me hydrated.

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But if you are going to drink water, you need something to put it in don’t you? This is where item number two comes in. It is a stemless Champagne flute from the Rachel Zoe Collection. I love glassware. I do. I collect glasses of all kinds and I often have a real problem getting rid of class containers. Most end up repurposed to hold seedlings as I start my garden seeds indoors and then plant them outside. And I also like drinking my water out of a pretty glass as well. While I do use these glasses for cocktails (or mocktails) I use this one daily for my water. I like pouring it from the carafe into a pretty glass. It makes me feel as though the water itself is special and not like i am forcing myself to drink more water to stay hydrated. I love the rainbow sheen of the glass and the bubbles fizzing through it. I also love the way the glass feels in my hand. I think it elevates my water drinking and makes it feel almost decadent. And if you are trying to convince yourself to drink more water, why not make it feel decadent?

The next two items are always on my desk. Or at least within easy reach. The first of these are my ThinOptics reading glasses. They come in a variety of finishes, This set is the tortoise shell look. I like the look of them (although the black is stunning). I think part of why i like the tortoise shell is because when I was little we had a family friend who would always answer the crazy questions I would ask. He always had a good answer for everything and I thought he was the smartest person in the world. He wore tortoise shell glasses so even now when I wear them I feel like i am smarter.

Product of the Month of FEB

I know I’m not, just like I now know that some of the answers I got to my questions back then were made up (I still admire his ability to think fast though). But I still feel smarter. And my eyes have never been great. I wore glasses as a kid, switched to contacts as soon as it was an option and now need the reading glasses. These are thin and the case is actually clipped to the back of cell phone. The Thin Optics also don’t leave the nose dents in my makeup because they are so light. They are quite amazing and extremely useful.

Useful in a different way is the jar of peppermints. They are LifeSaver Peppermint candies. Occasionally throughout the day I will find myself wanting a snack. While I do have a snack most afternoons as it keeps me from over eating at dinnertime, I can’t snack all day. The problem is that I work from home so when I leave my desk I often have to pass through the kitchen to get anywhere. that means any snack foods left out are tempting. And let’s face it, the pantry and fridge are also tempting. It can spiral very easily. Having the peppermints on my desk not only gives me something low in calories to reach for if I feel like I want a snack even though I’m not hungry, it also gives me peppermint-y breath.

I know, my computer monitor doesn’t always appreciate the fresh breath, but the peppermint flavor helps prevent snacking. Most items that I would pick up from the kitchen quickly to snack on, taste weird with peppermint. It just isn’t a good mix. So if I put in a peppermint when I am craving something I can always tell myself, that I can think about a snack after the peppermint flavor fades. And by then I am usually in the middle of something else and have forgotten about the snack I didn’t really need in the first place.

And finally one of my current top five everyday items are my Tomahawk Shades. This particular set is my favorite. It just has that nice retro vibe to it. I actually have several pair of sunglasses from them. Not all of them look retro. And I do trade them out. What I love about them is that they are good quality sunglasses that I can pick up in a variety of styles without breaking the bank. I have seen a lot of fantastic sunglasses out there and there are several really expensive ones I tend to drool over. At the same time, I know me and sunglasses. With a new pair I will be very careful for the first few weeks. Then I’ll forget. I’ll shove them up into my hair or drop them in my purse without looking for a case. I’ll toss them into the passenger’s seat of my car if I am by myself. And then I’ll forget. They will end up scratched or even sat upon. I used to get one pair of sunglasses each spring and then I would be lucky if they made it through the year. If I made it to the next spring with only one scratch on the lens I was shocked.

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So I don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses (or maybe i do if you look at the history instead of the pair) These sunglasses are not only good quality and inexpensive but they are durable. This retro looking one isn’t just my favorite because of looks but because the plastic is flexible instead of brittle. They have a bit of give to them. I’ve sat on them a couple of times at this point and routinely slide them into my purse without bothering with a case. Going into this spring they look just as good as they did last spring despite being my most worn pair of sunglasses. I actually don’t need to replace them this spring. I’ll probably still go on to the Tomahawk Shades Website to see what they have this year, but replacing them isn’t a requirement.

So there you have it mu darlings a few of the things I use on a daily basis, quietly working in the background as i go about trying out the new and the different. Somedays, it is good to acknowledge the fabulousness of everyday things.

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The Underclub arrives for January 2022

That’s right the first of the January subscriptions has arrived. And no surprise it is the Underclub. This month they actually mailed the subscription early to make up for postal delays. That’s right, I received an e-mail notification and tracking number December 28th. Oh yeah, they saw the swamped post offices and the upcoming New Year’s Holiday and mailed out their subscription a couple of days early to make up for it.

Is it any wonder they are one of my favorite subscriptions?

well that and their size inclusivity and great underwear. I will say that this month’s selection does not photograph well. Which is a shame. As always when I receive my selection, I look it over to check the quality. As always The Underclub passed with no loose strings and no missed stitches. I know, to some that sounds bizarre, but it is part of how my grandmother taught me to shop for clothing. Any garment, from undies to winter wear parkas, had to have the stitching studied before a purchase decision could be made.

I still find myself unable to stop myself from checking the stitching on ever garment that comes into my house. The Underclub passed and went off to the wash before it could be worn. Because again, as per grandmother’s edict, no clothing can be worn until it has first been washed. I once asked her why. Her eyebrows (plucked to thin little arches and mostly the product of an eyebrow pencil) shot up to her hairline and her eyes went wide.

“Things happen in factories.”

To this day I am uncertain what unspeakable evil she thinks goes on in the packaging department, but I wash my clothes before wearing them, just in case.

the band is slightly darker than the rest of the material.

Not that I suspect The Underclub of unspeakable evil. Quite the contrary. I think they are quite fabulous. This months selection (from the $15 per month category of their subscription service) looks very plain in the photograph. It is simple black material with a silkier black edging on the outer edges. Nothing very earth shattering. However once on, they fit perfectly and are perhaps the most comfortable set of undies I have put on in a long time.

Perfect fit, fantastic comfort.

I recently changed the size of my monthly selection as I lost enough weight to go down a size. (The changing of the sizes was super easy. Two clicks on the account page and I was done. Also their size guide has always been spot on for me.) And these fit me absolutely perfectly. They may not be the fanciest set in the drawer, but I am thrilled to have them. They look nice on, they have a classic appeal with no frills. I like the look of the black on black design actually. It is a subtle, understated difference that appeals to me. But it is the comfort that has this month’s Underclub selection doing a lap in the winner’s circle. This is a set I will truly enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

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And off we go into 2022

As I mentioned earlier I am going to be off tomorrow. I love taking New Year’s Eve off when I can. Part of it is that I really enjoy the indulgence of getting ready for New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t matter if it is going to be a massive party of just me and my baby watching movies until dawn. I like to prepare for the arrival of the new year.

Last year was a quiet one and I wore fuzzy cookie Monster themed pajama pants, a comfy t-shirt and a new pair of heels. My baby doll and I had a nice meal at home and then watched movies all night.

This year is a little different. we are still having our fancy New Year’s eve meal at home, but then we are going out. To a place where there can be a socially distanced gathering. However I have quickly realized around her that socially distanced gatherings mean that you are going to be spending more time standing than you planned. Also the event tends to have more drinks than food so we are eating first.

So there are no new shoes this year. I am instead taking out a comfortable pair of polka dot wedges. They are from American Eagle and have been in my closet quite a long time. I like the way they look and I feel like I look cute in them. Plus I’ve had them long enough that I know I can comfortable stand in them for long periods of time. While still looking cute. The dress is black eyelet lace with a fitted bodice with a loose skirt that swings when I walk. It is from Torrid and I think it will suit the occasion quite well.

One of the big issues is timing. The dinner my babydoll requested for New Year’s Eve is Beef Wellington. I’ve made it before and it is a lot of steps but it isn’t all that complicated. It just takes time. So my plan is to make the Wellington early tomorrow and put it in the fridge. Then I will do my pre party primping, including soaking in a fabulously scented bath. I picked up a new Bottle of Kneipp’s Dream Away Bath salts. The scent doesn’t make me sleepy but it does really help with the destressing.

After the destressing bath I’ll do the post bath primping, like my nails. I’m going with a base red coat to go with the polka dots in the shoes and then silver glitter on top to make it sparkle for the night. The red is from Nails Inc and has a great satiny look to it. And the silver glitter is from Smith and Cult. I love that the glitter bits are actually flat pieces and not rounded. It gives a much smoother look to the nails. It also provides a really tough top coat. It is a pain to get off the nails so I don’t wear it often, but it looks so spectacular on that I can’t resist. Other Smith and Cult Nail polishes don’t have that problem. It is just the glitter. But I think all glitter polishes are hard to get off the nails when you are done wearing them. They do make really great top coats though. I think the silver with the red will look spectacular.

Then I’ll move the wellington to the oven, dress while it cooks and have dinner with my babydoll before we go out and ring in the new year. I decided to go with the Mon Paris from Yves Saint Laurent for my perfume tonight. I like the way it smells and while it does provide me with my own little bubble of scent it doesn’t travel too far so I doubt anyone in the crowd will find it problematic. Especially given the social distance.

Over all it looks like a fun evening, with a lot of prep beforehand. All in all though, it feels like a nice way to ring in the new year. I hope yours is fun and fabulous. And I’ll be back on Monday to kick off a brand new year with all of you. Happy New Year!

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Unboxing The December Underclub Subscription

Happy Monday morning my darlings. While I would much rather be lounging in bed for a few more hours to catch up on the sleep that eluded me in the night, I am very happy that one of my favorite subscriptions has arrived in my mailbox. It is The Underclub. While there are several tiers to suit your needs and desires. They have a subscription with one pair or three pairs sent monthly or they have two tiers based on the value of the undergarments that you want. You can even get a set with the bralette if you wanted.

I decided that one pair of new undies per month was suitable for me and that I was comfortable with the $15 price range. So that is the one I receive each month. I love that it is always a flat $15. There is no additional tax or shipping added to it. it is just $15. In addition all of the pieces I have received (whether as part of a subscription or as an item ordered from their store) have been of excellent quality.

While I love getting new underwear, mostly because I know that no matter what else is going on, I know I feel pretty when I have pretty underwear on, even if no one else sees them, pretty underwear is not always the easiest to find in my size. It is as though if you don’t fit a certain size profile then the clothing industry declares your undergarments must be boring and plain.

I am on the larger side, but The Underclub is size inclusive in both directions. They have sized up to 4X and down to XS. And if you have an issue with the size you are currently wearing it is simple to adjust your membership to the correct size. They provide a size guide to their garments and it is an accurate guide. Everything I have ordered has fit with their size guidelines. For me, as I am slowly chipping away at my weight, I had to recently change my sizing as I dropped a size. I went form a 3X to a 2X and adjusted my membership with two clicks. Now everything is back to fitting as it should. (even if I must retire a few of my earlier subscription items. They are still in good shape, they are just a little too large for me to wear anymore.

With the size change, the subscription is back to fitting me perfectly and this month is no exception.

This month is a lavender polka dotted set in the bikini style. The dots are solid, but the rest of the set is see through, hence no photos of me wearing them. As always I inspected them before and after washing (I always wash before I wear). There were no missed stitches or loose threads. The garment was of good quality. While rumpled from shipping, the rumples fell out in the wash. The fit was perfect and I really like the color.

For me, it was another win from The Underclub. At the moment they have delightful holiday styles (and sales) going on in their store. The new December styles look really good. There is a teal set I have my eye on actually. I’m going to make sure all of the final last minute holiday items are paid for before I go shopping though. Then I am going to look at a new set for New Years. I just need to order them soon. Although even though it is the holidays, The Underclub has been really good at getting things shipped out in a timely manner. Thus far, I have been impressed with them in the shipping department, as well as everywhere else. At the moment, they are the most reliable subscription I have. And one I definitely plan to keep well into the new year.

Unboxing a new to me subscription: Smartass & Sass T-shirt Subscription

I know I know I promised myself not to add more subscriptions before thinking about letting some go. However this one was just too good, and honestly, sort of necessary. At least for me, and at least for now, so I decided to try the T-shirt Subscription out from Smartass and Sass.

I know there are loads of clothes out there designed for working out, but honestly the majority of my workouts are done by going on the walking trail. When I do weights and floor exercises in the house, I wear actual clothing designed as work out gear. When walking I go for oversized t-shirts.

It may not make me the most fashionable person on the trail, but I like the loose cloth allowing me air flow while I am sweating and as I am walking, I don’t actually need specialized gear.

I think that is something that we often forget. We see so many ads featuring workout clothes that it seems like something you have to dress specifically to do. While I will always put on the sports bra for working out, whether on the walking trail or a set routine, I don’t think you should have to wear special clothing to exercise in. With a large t-shirt it is comfortable, inexpensive and I can feel free to sweat like a crazy person in it and not worry about ruining designer threads. If my workouts were more specialized than walking, then I would change outfits.

I know that is a lot to say about t-shirts and fitness in general, but when I started working on losing some of my weight in order to be a more healthy me, one of the excuses I had to get over was the ’I don’t have the right clothes for this’ one. When you are walking, you just need to be comfortable.

Are there people who wear more sophisticated gear on the walking trail near me? Yup. There are several ladies dressed head to toe in Fabletics gear. There is also a crew of older ladies wearing matching velour sweat suits. I have nothing against either. I actually like a lot of the Fabletics clothing and have a couple of the pants that I do wear when working out. And I think the older ladies look a bit like retired female gangsters. I think part of it is because they are the sort of older Southern ladies who wear a lot of gold jewelry in addition to the velour track suits. Which is kind of fun.

For me, walking comfort is jeans and a t-shirt.

Unfortunately, my t-shirts took a big hit this year. Actually since I’ve switched to natural deodorants my t-shirts have taken a bigger hit. I like the natural deodorant, but it does mean I sweat more and that sweat leaves stains. Those stains then wash out.

For a while.

After a certain number of washes, the stains still come out but the shirt starts to look really worn and gray in a worn out kind of way. This year with the extra heat many of my t-shirts passed the point of last use. When I got rid of all of the ones I felt could no longer be worn in public, even the public of the walking trail, I realized I no longer had enough t-shirts to get me through a summer’s week’s worth of walking.

Sometimes I take more than one walk, but I can’t wear a shirt more than once without washing it.

Enter the Smartass and Sass T-shirt subscription. They have a full box subscription which I will be looking more into for the upcoming year, but I decided to dip my toe into the t-shirt section first. Mostly because I still haven’t settled on what subscriptions are going with me into 2022.

So the T-shirt subscription. It is $15.95 (with a $3 shipping charge). Normally, you can get 10% off your first order with the code:10OFFSASS, however right now they have a 33% off sale going on. It is just their Cyber Monday sale actually, so the 33% off is just for today. The 10% off code you can use all the time. If you are going to use the 33% off, there are the details on their homepage, that is where all of the links on this page will take you.

Subscriptions renew on the 30th of the month for the following month (so I’ll be charged November 30th for Decembers box). Subscriptions ship between the 16th and 18th of the month. This was my first month and I received a shipping notice on the 18th with the package arriving on November 22nd. I don’t know if that is standard, but it was a pretty quick delivery. The t-shirt subscription ships out from Omaha (and I am in Tennessee). I don’t know if the main box does as well. I would guess so. I might actually take advantage of the 33% off to find out.

The pkg (label on other side) fits easily into a standard sized mailbox

So my t-shirt arrived on the 22nd. I chose the triple x sizing because I like my t-shirts big. This one was a little bigger than I expected so I may have to go down to a 2X. This one might have to become a sleep shirt. But I am thrilled with their sizing charts. While I like my shirts large and I myself am on the large side, I was glad they could accommodate me. They also have XS if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The perfect mix of positivity and non-morning person snark

As it is clothing, I inspected it for loose threads. I know, I do the same thing with my underwear subscription. I found none. The shirt is well made. It is also super soft cotton. It feels great against the skin. I washed it (warm water, regular dry) and there was no shrinkage (another reason I got the largest size). The shirt looked just as clean as it did going in. It feels comfortable to wear and as the one non-morning person in the house, I rather like the statement. Effing morning often seems a better way to great the sun than good. I am fine with late nights, not so good with the mornings.

Which is why I live in a house with morning people.

Figures right?

In with my t-shirt this month was another item. It is a glass nail file in a hard plastic case. I love glass nail files. They don’t split your nails, and they are more likely to get broken in a drawer than to actually wear down so they can be used much longer without needing replacement. And the case actually helps ensure it won’t break. I don’t know if this is a gift for my first subscription or if something small comes with each one, but I will be on the look out with the next shipment, because oh yeah, I’m keeping this one for a while. If nothing else I need to build up my t-shirt reserve for the upcoming summer.

And honestly, given the looks some of the trendier people working out on the trail give me, I kind of like the idea of wearing the Smartass and Sass T-shirts for my workouts. Of course if there is ever a t-shirt design I don’t like, I can skip the month with a click of the button on my accounts page. I like that option actually as not all t-shirt designs are ones I’ll wear. It’s nice to know if one does come up that doesn’t suit me, I can easily skip the month.

Over all I was very impressed with the quality of the shirt and the sizing. This could be the beginning of a beautiful, sassy friendship.

The Eyes Have it…with ThinOptics

ThinOptics glasses sent to me for the purpose of review

I have always had bad eyesight. I have a set of high prescription glasses that are thankfully fitted with thinner lenses than once existed so I wasn’t stuck with coke bottle lenses. I was fitted with contacts as soon as it was a viable option. There are days when I still wear my glasses, although I need to get them replaced at some point. For me, reading glasses were always an inevitability.

I have now reached the point where reading glasses are also a necessity. I tried fighting it, but it wasn’t a battle I was going to win. It was even rather silly to engage in the battle. I think the only reason I fought reading glasses at all was because I didn’t want to look like my grandmother. Which is silly. Especially when you go with a pair of non-grandmother looking glasses. Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a grandmother. I am just not there yet.

Luckily I found glasses that weren’t grannyesque and am no longer squinting at everything.

So, now even when I am wearing my contacts, I still need a pair of glasses around. And let’s face it, I do a lot of reading on a daily basis. There are issues with reading glasses that I never faced with my regular glasses.

The sleek packaging is kept to a minimum and fits in the mailbox

With my regular glasses, wearing them was a necessity. Taking them off and setting them down was really not an option. Without my glasses everything beyond a foot away is kind of an impressionistic painting in motion. while it does give me a better appreciation of Monet, it means that on days I wear my glasses, they stay firmly on my nose.

Reading glasses are a different beast.

You can’t wear them constantly. They mess with your regular vison if you do. They are meant to bring words into focus as you read them. So when you aren’t reading them, you take them off and set them to the side, you shove them onto your head and forget them. They go missing or turn out to be stashed in random places around the house.

In addition most of them are heavy enough to leave dents in your makeup. Or at least mine are. I’m sure my regular glasses do as well, but I can only see them, theoretically, when I take them off. Admittedly I have to get really close to a mirror to do that.

The solution to both issues?


At least in my case. While ThinOptics graciously sent over this new pair, I stumbled on the site a while ago and have been wearing one of their black pairs of glasses for a long time now. I’ve mentioned them in countless posts, but I’ve never done a dedicated post about them.

When in place, the glasses look just like any other pair of reading glasses. They are fantastically comfortable and quite durable. These are tortoise shell which I really like. They are however ultra thin and lightweight so there is no divot to the makeup on the face. In fact they are one of the few pairs of glasses I find easy to forget I am wearing.

In addition to being super light on the face, they fold up to be super thin. Seriously, the thickest part is the hinges holding on the ear pieces. And even that is only a few centimeter’s wide. In addition the glasses come with a case.

I know, not a shocking reveal. However this thin case is composed of thick plastic and magnetically clips to the back of your phone. Which means that as long as you don’t lose your phone, you don’t lose your glasses. It also means that when you need to get them to read your phone, they are right there on your phone.

I’ll admit, when I am working at my desk, I clip the case to the magnetic whiteboard so it is right there, but I shift it to the back of my phone when I go out. The glass case is durable enough that it can ride along in my purse without damage the edges of the case may get a bit scuffed up, but the glasses are well protected.

So for me, ThinOptics solves two of my biggest issues with reading glasses. Now they are always there when I need them and they don’t wreck my make up no matter how many times I take them off and put them on again. Well they also don’t look granny-esque so I suppose it fits all three of my main criteria.

They have even smaller ones if you can believe it. On their site they even have a set that folds up and has a case that clips to your keychain. There are also blue light filter glasses and sunglasses, all available in the thin format so you can take them anywhere with no muss and no fuss.

While they are also well priced, currently Thin Optics has a sale going on from today through November 25th, you can get 35% off plus free shipping on orders over $19.95. I know shipping is crazy right now but it took less than four days from shipping confirmation to arrival for these glasses, which at the moment seems like a minor miracle.

These glasses are the perfect gift for anyone you know who wears reading glasses (or needs a new pair) or the perfect treat for yourself this holiday season. Reading glasses are a necessity for me, but there is no reason they can’t be sleek and stylish as well.

And if you think you might need reading glasses, but aren’t entirely certain of the strength, ThinOptics just introduced a Clarity Kit so that you can find your perfect strength. I personally love these readers and am so grateful for ThinOptics for sending a new pair to me. I know I will get a lot of use out of them for a long time to come.

Bring the Joy – Black Friday 35% off + Free Shipping over $19.95

Find Your Strength; Know Your Strength.

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The Underclub November 2021 Unboxing

That’s right my darlings, it is time for the unboxing of one of my favorite subscriptions. I have to say i am very surprised this month. The Underclub charges for it’s subscriptions on the 11th of the month and generally ships out on the first. Even with all of the insanity that is the postal service at the moment, the arrival of the subscription has not really changed. Generally it arrives around the seventh of the month.

And in case you are wondering, I do keep a chart of my subscriptions. I record the cost, when it charges, when it ships, when it arrives and how long I have a commitment to the subscription (i.e. month to month, three month, six month, a year). I also make notes about why and when I cancel things in case I go back later. I know it sounds a bit extra, but it really keeps me from forgetting what charges are going to hit my bank when. And once set up it is not much effort to update as the year goes by. I’ll be setting up 2022’s chart in December once I decide what subscriptions are following me into the new year.

The plain black mailer (addy on other side)

But details, aside, it means that I know The Underclub subscription has arrived at the same time each month regardless of outside forces. Interestingly enough though, around the fifteenth of October I received a message from the Underclub saying they were working on shipping delays and actually working to get ahead of them. So I expected that I would be getting November’s subscription a little late. while they have been spot on with their shipping and arrivals, they have gotten a bit random with their e-mail notification of tracking info.

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In fact I haven’t gotten a shipping message this month. I did get my subscription package though, right on time, on the seventh as always. It did come in a different mailer though. This month instead of the pinkish mailer emblazoned with the word Underclub, it came in a slightly smaller black plastic mailer. Underclub was still on the shipping label, but not the mailer itself. Personally I am fine with it. And if they need to switch up mailers to keep getting the subscription to me on time, I am perfectly comfortable with that.

I am actually relieved that the shipping is still on point for the brand as i just took a peek at their holiday sets and want to place an order. I have every confidence I can do so and have it arrive in a timely fashion. (And since I actually want the set as part of my New Year’s planning, I have some time.) And the sets are adorable. As always the trick for me is not finding one I want but narrowing it down because they have so many I want.

in person they are lavender and not pink, the camera wased the color out.

It is a wonderful feeling to have. The brand is size inclusive so not only does their subscription have a wide range to choose from, but in their store, everything has the same wide range. There is no perusing of their offerings, finding one you like and then finding it does not come in your size. Everything comes in that wide range of sizes. I know I’ve said it before and will probably say it again, but i love going on the site and looking around knowing that I don’t have to find the small section of plus sized items lurking somewhere other than the home page.

That just makes me feel good. And really, you should feel good when shopping for underwear.

But we are here to look at this month’s subscription. And it is really pretty this month. I know the camera washed the color out a bit, but it is a lovely lavender with a soft lace front and a solid lavender back. I love the scalloped detail at the top of the waist. It just really makes the set.

Oddly, I am extra excited for this set because we have seen the design appear in the subscription before. I received a pair exactly like this in black about eight months ago. It was very comfortable to wear, the lace soft against the skin. It also wore very well. After eight months in rotation it still looks as good as it did when it arrived. It is actually one of my favorite pairs actually. It has only one issue.


Lace detail

Recently I actually lost enough weight that I had to go onto the Underclub site and alter my subscription going from a 3X to a 2X. Mostly because I noticed my underwear getting a little loose. I went down a size and now each set I receive once again fits me perfectly. Unfortunately it means that the lovely pair of black undies in this style is now a little on the loose side. So I am thrilled to have the same style in lavender. I think that because they changed the color, I don’t have an issue with the repeat style. Part of that is because it is a lovely looking style that is super comfy to wear and part of that is that I am moving to a point where I can’t actually wear the other pair.

But even with those asides, I am okay with the repeat style since it is in a different color. It is also the only style repeat I have ever had from them. I wouldn’t want to see a trend, but I am okay with it this time. Plus it really is an easy to wear style. I am as always, happy with my subscription. It is one I don’t even have to think about when planning my subscriptions for the new year. This one is definitely going with me into 2022. While I highly recommend this subscription for anyone looking to grow their underwear collection, r just try something new and surprising, I also recommend the store. They have way more than just underwear in their collection. In addition to underwear and bralettes (as well as sets) they have camisoles and lovely pajama sets. Everything I have ever had from them has been of excellent quality and wears quite well in addition to looking pretty. And truthfully, if you have ever had issues with websites not having a lot of items in your size, it is just a fun site to flip through. There is something utterly delightful in looking through a website and just knowing that if you decide you like something, it will be available in your size. It is just a fantastic feeling and one I think everyone should have the pleasure of indulging in.

Unboxing The Underclub for October 2021

Okay today is a very special unboxing. Or technically unbagging, since my Underclub subscription always arrives in a slim mailer. You know I love the Underclub. For those who don’t know it is an underwear subscription. For $15 you receive a pair of underwear each month. They are always high quality and wear well.

In general I love this subscription because I always feel pretty if I am wearing pretty undies. It doesn’t matter what else is going on. My mascara can be smeared and my hair standing up at crazy angles, but as long as I have pretty underwear on, I feel pretty. So I always love getting a new pair.

I also love that they are size inclusive and their sizes range from XS to 4X. And that in their store every item comes in that size range. There is no wondering if the item you like is actually made for your size. It is. Always. Every item. Not just some small section of the store where there are fewer options.

I find this fabulous.

This month my Underclub subscription came with an extra card. In addition to the card they send each month reminding me that I am fabulous (which quite honestly sometimes just really makes my day) There was another card.

Tops Off with Underclub. The card is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and comes with an astonishing quote from Johns Hopkins Medical Center. While you may or may not be able to read it on the photo, I’ll list it out again here. “40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump.”


So check yourself ladies. Its a good reminder for us all.

On the back of the card is a set of helpful drawings to show you some things you need to look out for. Also for every instagram tagged with the The Underclub will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

However now it is on to the October selection. And here I have something fabulous as well. Last month my selection was slightly too large for me. It was, actually not the subscriptions fault. I actually lost enough weight that I wend down a size in my underwear. So I popped onto the site, logged into my account and with a few clicks changed the sizing. So this month’s pair is one size lower and I am happy to report, it fits perfectly.

Of course I didn’t wear them right away. I took them out of the package, inspected them for loose strings and missed stitches (I found none) and then I sent them through the wash. Once washed and dried, I looked them over again before trying them on.

They fit perfectly and are quite comfy. This pair is called The London Hipster in Porcelain. It is a light pink and while the crotch has a cotton lining, the rest of the set is a net fabric. The front has an almost transparent liner between your body and the net fabric, the rear does not. While I like them. I kind of wish the transparent material was over the back as well. I have another pair of undies in this fabric, Also from the brand MOD like these.

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While they are super comfy if I wear them at the desk all day when I take them off to get in the shower at night, my behind is somewhat textured from the netting. This took me aback the first time I wore them sitting in a chair all day. I didn’t feel the netting all day so I wasn’t expecting it. I just would like the liner on the rear as well.

Otherwise, I really like this pair. They have a cute edging around the waistband and they fit exactly as I like underwear to fit. I love that changing the size was so easy and I am especially tickled that the smaller size fits me perfectly. That fact is going to keep me smiling for the rest of the day.

The Underclub Unboxing September 2021

It is time to unbox the first of the September subscription boxes and, I have to admit, one of my favorites. And that is The Underclub. For those that don’t know (or couldn’t guess), The Underclub is a luxury underwear subscription. They have a multitude of tier options. I go with the one pair of undies for $15 per month option. I find this gives me a nice treat but doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Personally I am a huge fan of pretty undergarments. It doesn’t matter what I am wearing otherwise, if I have on pretty underwear, I feel pretty. The underwear really is just something for me. While I work out in my cotton Hanes undies, once the work out is through I shower and change and as an everyday reward I put on a nice set of underwear as a special little treat just for me. It is kind of a, ‘hey you did a good thing, so here’s something pretty’ moment for myself.

The interior bag and lovely card that comes with it.

There are several reasons I like the Underclub. First, it brings a new pair of pretty pants to me each month to add to my collection. The second is that it is a very size inclusive subscription. I know I’ve said this before, but it still is something I love. They have Triple X sizes and they have Extra Small Sizes. There is no if you want to wear pretty things you have to look a certain way with this subscription.

Plus it isn’t just the subscription they have. There is also The Underclub store where they sell all sorts of matching sets of bralettes and panties. They have camisoles and sleepwear sets. And they tend to release new designs on a regular basis.

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And the best part about the shop? All of those items are in their size inclusive range. So I know that when I shop I am not shunted off to a small section of items in my size somewhere on the site. I also know that I won’t see something I love and then realize they don’t have it in my size. I absolutely adore that.

But, my darlings we are here to talk about the September selection. This month came from the brand Toast. I’ve had several items from them before as it is a brand regularly featured in the subscription. As always the pair came in the plain pink mailer and incased the underwear in a smaller bag inside.

I know it is probably a little strange, but I really like that second bag. I think it is the thought of having the underwear contained if something happens to the outer packaging that makes me like it. I’ve had way too many packages become mangled en route and it’s nice to know that should there be a little damage to the package along the way, the pants will remain safely in their own little bag.

This month’s pair is black with stripes. The stripes are black and semi solid looking. The cloth between the stripes is sheer. (hence the reason you get pictures of the pants without me in them. I love you my darlings, but I’d rather not have pictures of me in sheer panties floating around.) In the back there is a small keyhole detail which I really like the look of. It elevates the style just a little bit and makes it feel like a little extra thought when into them.


The underwear was creased from the packaging, but as I always wash before wear, it isn’t a problem. as always I looked for loose threads or dropped stitches before washing. There were none. They are of good quality. So I popped them in the wash with everything else and when they came out, I inspected them again.

Once again no loose strings or problem spots. And so I tried them on. I have to say, something a little magical happened. They were a little loose. I know that sounds odd, but even though I keep working out, at the moment my weight loss has plateaued. I haven’t measured my self for a bit, but I have noticed my jeans getting looser and that I have been reaching for clothes that were a little tight before and finding them not so tight.

keyhole detail

So it isn’t that this underwear is off size. Actually every pair I’ve gotten from the Underclub has fit me perfectly. I think I might actually need to go down a size. I think I am going to go onto the website and adjust my membership so that I am down a size. I know it sounds very optimistic, but these pants are a little loose, and knowing that I have gone down a size for next month will help me keep from getting discouraged with my plateau. After all if I can go down an underwear size then what I am doing is working regardless of what the scale actually says.

And if next month is too tight, I can always change it again (although I really don’t want to). So the subscription not only provides me with a lovely post work out reward for myself, but it actually may help me stay on track. Now there is a side benefit I never expected. Yet another reason I am very much keeping this subscription around.

The Daily: August 10th, 2021

Today has been a day of running errands. I managed a walk on the gym treadmill early, but it was no where near as long as I wanted it to be. The balancing factor is of course that I was running around enough that there was no real lunch. I had a Clementine Smoothie this morning for breakfast and it has pretty much kept me going. (Smoothie box has several deals going at the moment. I’ll list them at the bottom of the post for those interested. I’m going to grab a Chomps Beef stick later (we picked up a box of the Cranberry Habanero as they were just yummy to both of us, even though I am still going through the Variety pack) to tide me over for dinner.

It is not how I like to deal with my meals, but today there were just too many things to get done in too many places in addition to the fact that I couldn’t control timing on a lot of them. One of my errands today was to trade in my regular driver’s license for a new TSA approved one. And timing at the DMV is really very variable. You go in and you are just there until they are done with you and release you back into the wild. I’m not sure if it is just Tennessee updating their system or not, but I know the new regulations go into effect later this fall. As I need my passport updated and I can’t update my passport without the new ID, it was a necessity.

I actually had to call the bank and phone companies to get paper copies of my bills to present along with my birth certificate. And then I had my birth certificate scrutinized because it is from a different state and looks nothing like the copies of Tennessee birth certificates. However after some consideration The Tennessee DMV was willing to accept that the State of NY is in the US. It probably would have taken less time had the person next to me not been protesting having his license taken away for a DUI when he had clearly only been drinking cough syrup. On the other hand my DMV clerk and I bonded over the fact that neither of us like the taste of cough syrup.

Which was just an odd conversation to have.

And an odd one to overhear.

But in the end my paperwork was approved and soon I can renew my passport.

Given the errands today’s look was super simple. In fact it is barely a look. In fact i went with the if I am wearing sunglasses and red lipstick maybe no one will notice I didn’t really bother with makeup look.

The Sunglasses are The Conners from Tomahawk’s Grasshopper line. (Tomahawk Shades currently has a by one get one free sale going on for first time buyers if you are looking for some nice sunglasses) I love the look of them and the fact that they are really light weight. While the light weight helps not dent makeup too much, today, it meant that I didn’t sweat all that much along the points where they touched skin. While the look is fantastic, I actually really like the green lenses. They block the sharpness of the light so I’m not squinting, but they also somewhat brighten the world with a green hue. It isn’t a Wizard of Oz Emerald City Green, but I really liked the effect when I was driving. In fact the green seemed to sharpen things rather than just add the shadows. I very much liked wearing them in the car. I also want to some light and color theory to find out why the green had the brightening effect while still filtering out the sun that made me squint. But that is just a me thing.

I was also happy with the lipstick. I went with a Ciate London Wonderwand Lippie in Ruby. (#368 is the code I believe, it is really small on the bottom of the tube)This is my first time wearing it and thus far it is wearing well. I’ll admit I haven’t eaten anything with it on, but thee aren’t any smudges on my water glass so that’s a plus. I may try it again tomorrow with actual makeup around it. Today, I just new any products I put on would just sweat off and make me look like an over heated candle. The heat mixed with the 90% humidity is not what you would call makeup friendly.

As for the hair, I feel I should apologize to my hair care products. I jumped into the shower after the gym, couldn’t stand the thought of the dryer and just tied it back before it could fully dry. this is how my bangs dry without the intervention of a comb and the drying mechanism of the open window in the car. So that is today. The DMV, The Library, several conference calls (sans video and actually mostly done in the car), the gym, eye doctor and dentist. It’s been a busy day but now I have TSA approved ID, an up to date contact lens prescription, no over due finds and I know that my mouth is healing well from the June surgery. quite the Tuesday extravaganza.

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