Using the Space Bar

In writing the Space Bar is my friend. Turns out that in the battle to prevent summer stink, especially when using a natural deodorant, the Megababe Space Bar Detoxifying Charcoal Underarm bar is my friend as well.

I’ll be honest, i hung onto this bar for a while, not sure if it was to be used like soap or something else. It turns out I was overthinking it. The Space bar is simply a bar of soap that is designed to use on your underarms to basically take down the summer stink. Or if you want something a little more professional in terms of descriptions…

B.O. control that’s out of this world!

Powered by activated charcoal & tea tree, Space Bar Detoxifying Charcoal Underarm Bar absorbs & washes away odor-causing impurities in just 60 seconds. The palm-free treatment bar keeps skin soft with hydrating avocado, sunflower & olive oils. Glycolic acid lightly exfoliates for smoother, brighter pits. Use every time you shower for deeply cleansed pits that are perfectly prepped for deodorant! Tested on Megababes, never on animals!

Like soap, this bar foams up quickly and easily creating a thick rich lather. While I have the sample sized bar, I will be picking up the fill sized one ($8) on my next Target run. while the link will take you directly to the brand website, these Space Bars are available at Target.

this was the trial size (36 g. The full size is 99 g)

It is not a replacement for deodorant. At first I thought that might be what it was going for, but it is not. It is just a soap designed for your under arms. I found it immensely useful after my workouts. I was stinky, I bathed, I used this under my arms and it took the stink out faster than regular soap or body wash and left no scent behind. I also found that my natural deodorant (Native at the moment) seemed to work just a little bit better when I was bathing with this Megababe Space Bar.

On occasion it was also used as regular soap in the shower. A few times by me and a couple of times by my babydoll who just saw soap and used it, well, like soap. He tends to get generally itchy skin from allergies floating through the air and he thought it helped. He also thought it was black because it was a special allergy soap, for what it is worth. I think for him the charcoal paired with the lack of extra perfume was what helped him out.

when I did try it as a regular body soap it worked fine. It felt like a waste as it was so fantastic on the underarms, but I appreciate not needing to have multiple bars of soap open in the shower. It is not a big space and tends to look cluttered easily. The only downfall for me, was that if you place it on the shower shelf it will leave dark marks. they wipe off easily, but they are there. I ended up placing it on top of my exfoliating bath scrubber and all was fine. that was really all of the down side I could note.

All in all this was a positive experience for me. The Megababe Space Bar needs to be paired with a deodorant post shower, but it gets rid of the post work out stink quickly, which lets me use less water and spend less time in the shower. It also has a thick rich lather that I really did enjoy. over all, I was very impressed and will certainly be using this again.

Deodorizing with Charcoal

Recently I received this sample sized Cleo Coco Charcoal Deodorant in a subscription box. Normally i would give a deodorant a much longer trial, but as it is a sample size and after just a short time of use the amount of product is being rapidly depleted.

First a little mention of size. The size above is 0.56 oz. The full sized version is actually 2.5 oz. The full size is also $18 which does make it more expensive than a product like Native. As a comparison a full sized Native Deodorant is 2.65 oz and costs $13. Since Native is the natural deodorant that I lean into it is the one I use for comparisons. In case you are wondering.

The Cleo Coco Charcoal deodorant I have is unscented. The company does make various scents, many of which I find interesting. While I think it would be fun to try them out, I am not upset with an unscented version. And this Charcoal deodorant has absolutely no scent to it.

Which is nice for an unscented product.

light gray and comes with a cap to keep it from drying out, much like the Milk Makeup Products

I know that sounds strange but sometimes unscented can mean the company didn’t add any scent and just let the product smell like it’s ingredients. This has zero scent. Their description is…

A natural deodorant that works in harmony with your body’s chemistry to detoxify impurities and neutralize odor at its root—without aluminum and disruptive synthetics. Our unique formulation of activated charcoal, plant-based powders, clay, and essential oils glides on clear, creating a sensorial experience that only Mother Nature could provide. Silky-smooth on the skin and scented with blissful botanical notes.

I found my time wearing this deodorant to be very interesting. First there is the wearing it during the normal course of the day. In the photo I have put the deodorant on my arm as it was much easier to take a photo. You can see the charcoal doesn’t turn anything gray or black, but that the deodorant does leave a waxy looking strip on the skin.

This waxiness wasn’t that much different from any other deodorant that I have tried, natural or otherwise. And while I worked at my desk and around the house, with occasional forays into the garden, the deodorant behaved well. It felt just like any other deodorant, it had no scent and it kept me from stinking. I had no irritation and no real problem with any sort of staining on the underarms of my shirts.

light color and slightly waxy on the skin but no major difference from regular deodorant until there is a lot of sweat

The real test for the deodorant was on my walks. We haven’t been below 85 degrees and 80%+ humidity where I live for months. Any shirt I walk in is going to have sweat stains. So to be fair, it doesn’t matter what deodorant i wear on my walks right now, my shirt is getting soaked. It is why I have the summer sacrifice t-shirt collection. Once the weather breaks in October there will be a mass clear out of shirts that have given their all for my summer wear. Their colors will be significantly faded and even if the sweat stains have washed out the material will still look grungy when clean. The shirts will be repurposed, but no longer worn.

So in the sweat stain department this Cleo Coco deodorant performed just the same as any other product I have ever used in the summer under my arms. It also blocked any form of scent from rising. I in no way stank while I was wearing this deodorant. It is very good at odor control. However, the feel of the deodorant changed as I wore it on my walks. When I was sweating profusely, the product felt more waxy and somehow sticky.

It wasn’t Velcro skin to skin sticky but there was a noticeable stickiness to the product. It still worked well and it stayed on the skin without staining the shirt noticeable, but I didn’t like the feel. I don’t know if it was the inclusion of the clay (bentonite), the charcoal, the beeswax or some strange combination of the three (or even something else) but once I reached a certain sweat density it became slightly sticky even though it continued to work.

The end result is that this is a good deodorant. it does exactly what it claims, even if it is on the pricier side. And when I was working at my desk and going about my day, it was a fantastic product. It is only when it came to my workouts that things changed. it still worked as it should, but I found the feel of it on my skin unpleasant. I would consider using this Cleo Coco Charcoal deodorant as an every day deodorant, but I think I would have to switch to a different product when I knew I was going to be sweating a lot. Even then, I have to give them credit, it was only a textural issue. No matter what, the deodorant kept working.

Sometimes its the pits…

For the past few years I have been giving natural deodorant a try. After testing out a bunch of different varieties I ended up settling on Native. I had an interesting adjustment period with the shift. While there was no scent, the deodorant taking care of that aspect, and indeed I would not have used it if it hadn’t. However in those first few months there were a lot of sweat rings on my shirts. I actually ended up choosing a few shirts to sort of sacrifice as my body adjusted.

And after a time, my body did adjust. The sweat rings lessened and the deodorant works as well, a deodorant. I was able to wear the Native Deodorant in the gym and indeed most situations. Some scents I found more appealing than others. A few scents were stronger than others, but over all I found several that worked for me.

This should have been the end of it.

But alas it is not.

This summer, things changed. Maybe it is because of the heat coming on so intensely so fast, maybe it is that while I do yoga in the house the walks are outside and there is nary a gym in sight, but things have changed.

I went on a walk and noticed that I was a bit on the stinky side. In addition the sweat rings were back and they were fierce. Again, the heat came on fast and hard this summer so perhaps my body didn’t adjust all that well. The sweat rings I can deal with. I have specific shirts I wear when walking, I don’t go walking in the same shirts I wear to work.

It is the stink factor that can not be tolerated.

With the walks it is nominally acceptable as I come home, cool down and take a shower before beginning my day. But I noticed that later in the day, if i left the house for a meeting or running errands, if the day was warm (which most of them have been) then after a time I started to detect a little whiff. And this is not okay. I picked up the Dove advanced care Dry spray to provide back up when going out to meetings and I have been using that while I use this stick of Native deodorant up completely.

The pairing has worked well. I am almost out of the Native deodorant (as I am of the Dove spray, which shows how much that has been in use actually) and so I will be replacing the almost empty Native, with a stick of Dove. In the autumn, when temperatures cool, I may go back to either the Native deodorant or begin my quest again to find a natural deodorant that can work well. However as previous to this I was so thrilled by the native Deodorant’s effectiveness, I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update as things shift.

Maybe the shift is the summer, maybe the shift is me out doors instead of in the gym, or maybe they have adjusted their formula. Either way, I wanted to let you know where I was and to give a kind of heads up, for those of you who may be thinking of switching your deodorants and weighing the prows and cons of the new varieties out there. There are many out there and I know one thing we all want to avoid is stinking in public.

I know, not the sexiest post, but if you are spending a lot of time outside or working out, I hope you find it helpful.

Farewell to peppermint delights…

Each year as the holidays roll around I wait for that one delightful moment where peppermint is one of the dominant scents. I absolutely adore peppermint. Oddly enough I absolutely can’t stand spearmint. Unfortunately someone decided that peppermint was a seasonal scent. It gets marked as Candy cane, Winter Wonder land or all sorts of other winter centric terms and confined to the holidays.

So this year I went a little peppermint crazy, especially where the brand Native is concerned. they have a line of Peppermint scented products called Candy Cane. This year I picked up the deodorant, body wash, shampoo and conditioner to try out. That’s right, I immersed myself in a peppermint-tastic wave of scent. And now most of those products are running out. So was it worth it?

One of the things that I have noticed is that if it is a scent that I like that I only get one time of year, I tend to be a little lax on the judgement. with the over abundance of the peppermint products, I was able to break that down. because none of the products were my only peppermint scented product. It made it much easier to look at the actual product and how it performed.

Let’s start with the category I use year round from Native. And that is the Deodorant. I switched from antiperspirants to deodorant and while I have tried a few different products, I ended up more or less settling on Native. While I will probably try different ones in the future, Native is now the standard for my deodorant selections. I vary the scents, but I like the product. Did I like the peppermint?

Yes. I adored the peppermint deodorant. It was minty, but it was not overpowering and most importantly it was not too sweet. It struck the right balance and to be honest, I would use this Candy Cane Scented deodorant all year long.

The body wash was another winner for me. I tried this last year, and it was what made me decide to test the entire line this year. It is also why I ordered three bottles. I am about to finish with one and have the other two in reserve. while I will use other body washes, I actually wanted to keep at least one bottle in reserve for the warmer weather. I know, Candy Cane is a winter scent, But I think that on some of those overly hot days we get in the summertime, the peppermint body wash will be extremely refreshing and so I am going to hold one bottle back for a summer time trial just to see.

It really does irritate me that peppermint is kept for the winter. I think it’s cooling effects would be fantastic in the summer. This summer, I will test it out and see. But the body wash did not disapoint.

extras for summer heatwave testing of the peppermint body wash

Then we get to the shampoo and conditioner. The scent of the peppermint is milder and this was my first time using a shampoo and conditioner from Native. It is interesting. I found that on the day i washed my hair, my hair was soft and clean without being stripped. I almost always needed some kind of leave in conditioner afterwards though or my hair tended to get a little frizzy. And then there was the skipped day. I only wash my hair every other day. on the days I skipped, my bangs especially started to get a little greasy. I had to employ a dry shampoo. Which was fine, I like dry shampoo. however usually I don’t need it in the winter. While I always have it on hand in the summer, in the winter I take a break. When using this shampoo and conditioner a break wasn’t possible. I need the dry shampoo for my bangs on my skip day.

This isn’t unusual as I often need the dry shampoo with drug store shampoos such as Pantene on those in between days. However there are a lot of shampoos and conditioners where I don’t need the extra help between washes. If I was washing my hair every day then this shampoo would be fine. I do like the way it makes my hair feel. I just wish that feeling would last a little longer. And to be honest, the reason I bought this set was because of the scent. The scent is mind and it fades fast. Of the products I tried before, this was my least favorite and to be honest, I probably won’t buy the set again.

In my quest for peppermint scented products this year, the body wash and the deodorant from Native were hands down winners. I will certainly pick them both up next season. I plan to try out the body wash in the summer to see if I should stock up during the limited window for extended use throughout the year. I will however be giving the shampoo and conditioner a pass. In fact, it isn’t just the Candy Cane scented Limited edition Shampoo and conditioner I will pass up, but most of Native’s hair care as well. I just didn’t find the shampoo and conditioner to be quite up to the mark and while I love their deodorants, I will look for my shampoo and conditioner elsewhere.

Spring Into Clean Skin Campaign – Shop Curated Bundles

Spring Into Clean Skin Campaign – Shop Curated Bundles

The Daily: May 19th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is a beautiful day. The irritation is gone from my eye and I no longer look like my right eye is crying over a sadness my left eye can not comprehend. Whatever contaminant hit my eye while on yesterdays walk has been washed free and no permanent damage was taken.

It also means I didn’t have to either try wearing my glasses at the gym today or navigate the gym blind. Without my glasses or contacts the world is very much an impressionistic painting. Except that it moves, which is somewhat disconcerting. But I am back to normal and back to only using my Thin Optics readers.

I love these things. Not only because I can read without ending up with a headache but after a day wearing my regular glasses they feel as light as air. I know after a few days of normality I’ll take the lightness for granted, but the day after I’ve worn my glasses they seem almost insubstantial. Oh and they have a discount coming up. Get 30% off – Value Packs: Always with you – Features all three from 5/21 – 5/23. There isn’t a code you need to get the discount. I’ll try to remember to post a reminder again on Friday when the sale goes live. I’m sure I’ll still be marveling at the comparison between them and my regular glasses. Luckily my regular glasses have the ultra thin lenses otherwise they’d be super heavy coke bottles.

But I am back to my contacts and readers. So the gym was easy to navigate. I also went on a walk and realized that spring is fading fast. Actually I think we managed all of a week of spring if you add the nice warm but not too warm days together. I think the temps are no just skipping out on the rest of spring and plunging straight into summer. On the bright side i am getting to test the effectiveness of the Native Deodorant in the heat. So that’s fun. And given the dampness of my shirt today I may need to pick up a summer antiperspirant to use when I might be sweaty and have to talk to actual people. The soaked shirt was fine for the walking trail, but probably not for time spent with people.

Today’s look:

Primer: Urban Decay All Nighter Primer

Foundation: Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation Stick

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight: Real Her Cheek Trio Ultimate Glow Getter Palette

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary palette

Mascara: They’re Real Magnetic Mascara

Lip: MAC Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath

While I am still testing out the Urban Decay All Nighter Primer today was mostly about the Patrick Starr Palette. I sort of chose products that worked well without me having to think too much about them so that I could play with the palette. I am going to keep playing around with it so you will see it pop up a lot in the next week or so. I went for the Suede Charm as the crease shade, with Matcha in the outer v and the Olive it in the inner corner. I don’t usually go for these sorts of green shades (although I can not resist a good jewel toned emerald) but I wanted to try the Olive It Shimmer as it isn’t a color I have elsewhere.

In fact it is the only shade in the palette i don’t really have elsewhere.

The shadows went on well and were quite pigmented. they blended fairly easily as well.I’ll have to see how they wear but with first use they seemed like really nice shadows. It certainly isn’t a hardship to play with it for a week. So we will see how the rest of the shades perform. It isn’t exciting , but it does perform so we’ll see.

As I chose some of my favorites for the rest of my face it shouldn’t be surprising that I liked how they worked out for me as well. The Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real magnetic performs well but to be honest I don’t see much of a difference between it and the regular They’re Real Mascara. I’m going to do a side by side comparison with the two just to check but to me they feel and look the same. which isn’t bad, it is a good mascara and one I repeatedly use. I just don’t see the difference between the two.

So that was me today. I could see, I did my workouts, I tested my deodorant, took a shower and got back to work. And now with this little break over, it is back to work for me for the afternoon. I hope the rest of your day runs smoothly.

The Skin Care Line Up: April 16th, 2021

The full line up, Day, Night and a couple of times a week

This week there wasn’t a lot of change in the line up, however I am reaching the end of a few products and I am reaching the one month mark on a couple of others so soon reviews will be posted and before and after photos compared.  Soon a few new products will roll into the line up. So let’s take a look at where things stand today and where they are likely to be going.

The Day time lineup

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Water Lily and Orchid

Cleanser: La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foam Cleanser (end of week 4)

Toning Essence: Byroe Bitter Greens Toning Essence (end of week 3)

Serum: L’oreal Midnight Serum (end of week 4)

Eye Cream: Perricone MD Smoothing and Hydrating Eye Cream (end of week 4)

Moisturizer: 111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream (end of week 4)

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

As you can see a lot of products in the day time range are reaching the thirty day line.  Soon they will cross over and we will see what a month of use does in terms of skin care results.  Some things of note.  The Native Water Lily and Orchid deodorant is almost at the end of its life.  I will probably pick up a new stick this weekend.  I am currently happy with the deodorant but the scent is a little too floral for me so I may be picking up a different scent.  I want to stick with the Native Deodorant for the moment as  I want to see how much my body has adjusted.  I started using the Native Deodorant In August so I am going to go an entire year with the product to see how things shake out.  Last August was pretty rough sweat wise, but the sweat factor has gone down considerably.  I want to see if that is me adjusting, the weather changing or a little of both, hence the full year and why a new Native Deodorant will be purchased.

The stand out product in the day time line up this week has to be the Byroe Bitter Greens essence.  I love the scent of it.  It is green and healthy smelling and just an excellent way to wake up. 

The L’oreal Midnight serum is picking up less on the dropper each time I use it.  I’m at the end of the month so I know how I feel about it, but I can’t actually see into the bottle to tell how much product is actually left. My guess is that it is about halfway emptied at this point, but I just don’t know. It is sometimes the bane of skin care.  The darker bottles protect the product but prevent you from figuring out how much product you have. My thoughts are interesting on it.  I’m going to sort through them while I figure out how much product I have.  Tis is a new release product that just came on the market March 31st.  I rcieved it as an early release through Influenster.  It has it’s good points and bad points and will require a good long think before I can determine if I would purchase it as a repeat product.

Night time Skincare

Makeup Remover:  CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil from Yensa

Cleanser: La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foam Cleanser

( I didn’t wear waterproof eye makeup this week so I didn’t need the separate eye makeup remover from Klorane)

Toner Akar Skin Balance Toning Mist (end of week 3)

Serum: Loreal Midnight Serum

Eye Cream: Perricone MD Smoothing and Hydrating Eye Cream

Moisturizer: SYS Superfood for Your Skin Moisturizing Cream in Prickly Pear (end of week 3)

Vitamin C Powder: The Nue Co Topical C (end of week 1)

Neck serum: Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple) – this week I didn’t use a lip scrub.

The SYS Superfood for Your Skin Moisturizing Cream in Prickly pear is a sample size and it is almost at the end of its product.  I may have enough to last through the next  week, but I may not.  I don’t think I will make it the full thirty days.  It is an interesting cream.  The scent took me a while to get used to as it is a scent I associate more with cocktails than I do with skin care.  I actually had a prickly pear margarita in Austin that was absolutely fantastic. 

bare skin to the front

Very light and refreshing in a summer time drink, but not as appealing in a moisturizer.  There is something about the scent that makes me think the word sticky.  The cream itself is not sticky.  It is however a very wet cream.  It isn’t a water cream but it is a thinner cream.  While it is certainly hydrating enough to use at night I think that for me it is more of a summer weight consistency.  I can see myself liking this much more in the summer after a day spent gardening than I do now. It isn’t bad, in fact it is a nice cream. I would consider adding it to my summertime products list and using it in the evening after I spent too much time outside in the sun.  It is the scent that stops me from thinking of ordering a full size.  I like the scent, it is a nice scent, I just don’t like it in skin care. So I will finish this up, send the container to the empties bin and once it is through pick out another sample to try out in the line up.

And mug shot 1 to the side

I am coming to understand the Akar Balancing Toner the more I use it.  I still prefer it as a night time product, but I am coming to like it more.  The trick is really to use only a little bit at a time. One maybe two sprays and then dab with a reusable round.  More product makes the skin sticky.  Less works great. 

I will be honest, there were several nights this week where I forgot to add in the Nue Co’s Vitamin C powder.  I need to practice including that step.  Once it becomes habit I will be fine.  It does blend very well and thus far I like it.  As I missed a few days I’ve had less than a week of daily use, but it seems like a good product thus far.

and mug shot 2 to the other side

This is the time of year when the Dermelect really comes into it’s own.  While I use sunscreen my neck and chest take a beating in the sun.  I had some skin damage last year and I am trying very hard not to repeat it.  While the Dermelect Self Esteem Serum works well to fight chicken neck, it also reminds me to put product son my upper chest and neck. I’ll be honest, I often forget to take products down the neck. I know I should, I just forget.  Having a bottle in the lineup specifically for the neck has reminded me to not forget the area so this has been really good.  I know I sound surprised and I shouldn’t.  This is my third bottle of this and each time I have the same thoughts.  The product works well on its own and after I get over my, wow what a great product and I wonder why it smells like toast I realize it encourages me to bring my products down the neck simply by being on the shelf.  Eveytime.

With the Yensa CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing oil I have to say I forgot how good that make up remover actually performs.  I always remember the heavy CBD scent and forget how good it works.  It really is a great product, I just wish it smelled better.

And now for the not so everyday products in the line up

In other Skincare…

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

Earth Harbor Marina Biome Brightening Ampule

Good Genes from Sunday Riley (The link will take you to this product in the Skinstore as it is currently on sale there and who doesn’t love saving a little on good skincare?)

I used the versed Press Restart Retinol twice a week and follow it with the Earth harbor Marina Biome Brightening Ampule to add extra moisture after the retinol has done it’s job. The morning after I use the retinol I use the Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid serum to sweep away whatever the retinol cleared out.  Last week I didn’t use the three and to be honest I really only used the retinol and oil last night and the Sunday Riley this morning.  Technically I had the trio paired up for two weeks before I took a break.  I am going to restart the clock on it because of the gap. In truth though I don’t know if the Sunday Riley will last all of next week so it may be getting close to the end.  This is one of those products that I move myself past the scent.  To be honest, it smells a little like lemon scented cleanser. I have had a few other products with the scent before.  I used them and said goodbye.  The Sunday Riley Good Genes works well enough that I don’t care that is smells like lemon scented cleaner.  My skin absolutely loves it.  And truthfully if I hadn’t been trying to stretch the remains of the bottle out to pair it with the retinol, I would have no problem using it daily.   This is a skin care item I will be repurchasing.  Sadly I will have to wait.  I need to clear out some space in my skin care drawer before I even contemplate purchasing some of my favorites.  But there is a list.  Oh yes my darlings there is a list.  And Sunday Riley’s good Genes is on it.

And that is the weekly Skin care update.  Some of the products are edging towards the recycling bin while others are about to face the spotlight of a deep dive into their ingredients list. At the moment I am pretty happy with my skin.  I have a few blemishes that I am clearing away, but other wise, I don’t think it is looking too shabby.

Going Native for the Holidays

Holiday scents can be tricky beasts. On one hand you have a delightfully seasonal aroma. On the other you have the precipice of stink that can either be cloyingly sweet or nose searingly spicy. I remember a body spray one year that more or less made me feel like gingerbread men were coming to smother me with bags of powdered cinnamon in my sleep. That is the danger of leaning towards the savory instead of the sweet side.

However I needed to make a Target run and low and behold there were the bins of holiday products at the end of the aisle. I actually was there to pick up some Olay Body wash, which I did, but I also picked up these two. One of which is now causing the Olay Body wash to wait patiently for me to get around to it. It is my standard for body washes at the moment as far as the drug store goes. For comparison sake the Olay body wash is regulartly $7.99)

Half Off Select Skincare Products on

Because I started with the Native Body Wash and set Olay to the side. While I have recently been using the Native deodorant, this is my first experience with their body wash. It was the candy cane that got me. what can I say, I love peppermint. And this is the one time of year I get to gorge my senses with it. So I figured what a good time to test out Native’s Body wash. (In all fairness if I had passed an end cap with almost any brand’s Candy Cane scented Body Wash I would probably have picked it up and decided it was the right time to test it out.

And don’t worry, my display photos were taken over the sink, not in the shower. While I’m pretty sure I could easily get a G rated photo of the body wash at work I am equally certain the camera would come to a watery end. And yes, that is my Daily Concepts scrubber you see. It came in a Look Fantastic Box a while ago and I now have replacements in the linen closet so that it can be immediately replaced when the time is right. I have fallen in love with it.

But what about the body wash?

It comes out clear rather than creamy and as you can see in the photo, lathers quite well. The lathering agent is Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate in case you are wondering and they do use coconut oil in their mix, so those with coconut allergies should be aware. The one issue I came across with Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is that it is a penetration enhancer so it can help your skin absorb other ingredients.They do leave out the sulfates and parabens though so most of what it is enhancing is not bad for you. It is also the ingredient that gathers up all the dirt and oil from your skin and drags it towards the drain.

In using this body wash I felt clean, but my skin was not stripped. It was soft and nourished and my shower smelled like a peppermint stick. It was slightly sweet but not in a sticky sort of way that disrupts the feeling of clean (which is a fine line that a lot of holiday products miss) and it was very pepperminty. However, as minty fresh as the shower smelled, there was no lingering scent on the skin. The scent was washed down the drain with the bubbles. I got out of the shower, dried off and sniffed my arm.

Nothing but clean skin.

Which is fine as it doesn’t interfere with the scents of other products. It is essentially a shower experience. I would imagine all of the other scents of body wash from the brand have a similar feature, which is nice to know since so many of them appeal to me but aren’t scents I would want to wear throughout the day. To be honest my one regret is that I bought the trial size and not the full sized bottle. Although I honestly didn’t see the full sized bottles of the candy cane scent. I’m hoping I was just a little too early for the full holiday display and that there will be the big bottles soon. All full sized body washes are $8. The Native site offers a subscription service that delivers your favorite products every three months (you can change out the scents) and the price drops down to $6. Which I think is a fair price. Especially as body wash and deodorant are still products that I go to the store for. This year that list has dwindled down significantly.

size comparison between travel and full

But speaking of deodorant, I also tried out the Sugar Cookie scented Deodorant when I picked up the Body Wash. It is the same nice formula that all of their deodorants are and it does smell like a sugar cookie when you sniff the product. The scent fades almost immediately so that you aren’t wafting sugar cookie scent around. To be honest, this is one of those products I am glad I got the travel size. It is large enough to last the month and then it will be gone. I can’t see myself wanting to keep it around longer than a month so I am perfectly happy with that. It is a holiday scent that is in a product the size of which will not out last the holiday. It also makes me want to pick up some of the other scents in the travel size to see if they might be more longer term in my bathroom products. I like the Cucumber and Mint that I am using, but several of the others are quite appealing. I just don’t know how long they would be appealing. The travel size would be a great way to test it.

So there my darlings are my two Native Holiday Products. The Candy Cane body wash I will attempt to find in a full size (Possibly buying extra should I managed to find it) and it has tempted me into thinking about the Native subscription service. The Sugar Cookie Deodorant works like it’s year round counterparts, but will not be something I want to keep past the holidays even if it is tempting me into more trial sizes.

A Natural Deodorant trial with Native

Native Deodorant Cucumber and Mint

I have flirted with natural deodorants before.  I have tried sample sizes and to be honest one thing or another has driven me back to my Dove Advanced Care each time.

The Native deodorant was a little different. Most of the natural deodorants have the same sort of oatmeal scent to them.  While I don’t mind it, it isn’t something I find appealing.  I also learned that no matter how good a product is, I am not going to scoop deodorant out of a jar and rub it into my underarms.  I’m just not.

Perhaps this is a personal failing, but I just know I’m not going to do it.

I need a stick formula in a deodorant, no matter what type of deodorant I choose.

So when my latest stick of Dove Advanced Care ran out, I went out and saw a rack of the Native deodorants and thought, why not give it a try.

Now first, let’s get some basic terminology straight. Deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same thing.  Deodorant protects against odor, while antiperspirant protects against sweat and odor.

It seems like a simple distinction and I’m sure some of you are thinking, duh Mimsy, that’s kind of a no brainer.

Well it is sort of, but it makes you actually think about how you are using the product. I hadn’t actually given it much thought before and for me, this became an issue. So I just needed to mention it so everyone is on the same page.  Now let’s look at the Native deodorant.

The scent I chose to start with is the Cucumber and Mint.  There were several scents that I was interested in trying out but I thought this was a good place to start. It is advertised as crisp and fresh scented.

Which it is. 

It has the underlying oatmeal smell all natural deodorants seem to have, but the dominant scent is the cucumber and mint.  It is a nice refreshing smell.

At least on the stick. Once applied, I couldn’t realty scent much unless I sniffed my underarm directly.  Which I will admit I did, not only to see if I was stinky, but to see if the deodorant scent remained.  If you are worried about the scent emanating from you causing you to waft cucumber and mint wherever you go, don’t be. It is not a scent that travels past the skin and will not clash with anything else you are wearing that is scented.

The first few days I sweated buckets.  Because this is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant my under arms were soaked. Part of this is probably because I was used to wearing an antiperspirant and my body was adjusting. After the adjustment…well I still sweated a lot.  I am currently on a weight loss journey so sweating a lot is part of the game. 

Here is the deal.  I don’t mind sweating when I am working out.  Plus, I know that when I work out I am sweating in more than just my under arms.  This is why my work out shirts are Hanes undershirts rather than actual work out gear. There is actually a fairly wide variety to them and they can take a beating. I wear them until they look worn out and salt stained no matter how many times I wash them and then I trade them out for a new pack of Hanes t-shirts and use the old ones for gardening or other messy tasks until they are too worn out for that.  At this point they get used as rags around the house. Hanes t-shirts can take a beating so I don’t have to replace them that often, but when I do, they aren’t that expensive.  It may not make me a fashion plate when working out, but it works for me.

It also means that I don’t mind that this is not an antiperspirant when I am sweating in my work out clothes. As long as I don’t stink. Which I didn’t.  The deodorant works as it was supposed to.  I was not stinky even if my shirt was soaked.

What I do mind is wet underarms when I am not working out.

Most of the time I work at my desk inside.  Typing in general does not work up a sweat. But I live in an area that is hot and humid for long stretches of the year.  While it has cooled down now, it wasn’t so cool when I started using the Native deodorant. And due to current circumstances, there were several meetings I had that were taken in outdoor situations simply for social distancing.  Wet armpits are one thing when working out, they are another at meetings. 

I ended up picking up another Dove Advanced care antiperspirant to use for meetings where I didn’t want the sweat to show.  Ninety percent of the time, I can go with the Native Deodorant and I will be sticking with it.  As the weather has finally turned and there should be no more heat waves until the spring, I will probably use the Native Deodorant throughout the winter with no problem. 

I will then have to break out the Dove Antiperspirant for when it heats up during meetings.  I like the natural deodorant and Native does work really well at taking down body odor, even when working out.  There are just a few times where I need an antiperspirant. That is just the reality of my life. 

Personally, I don’t mind keeping both products around and treating the antiperspirant as an emergency use product. The system worked well the few times I had to use it and as I don’t really attend too many in person meetings any more, I am perfectly happy to continue with the system. 

It also means I will be ordering the Blood orange and clove holiday scented deodorant soon as well.  Partially to see if the scent is stronger and partially because I really want to try it out.  So there you have my review.  It is a good product, but you do need to know yourself and your lifestyle.  Whether you like this product or not is going to rely a large part on whether or not you need an antiperspirant or not. If you find you don’t sweat a whole lot in your daily life, this is definitely a natural deodorant I would give a go.