The Daily: July 18th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope your Monday is going swimmingly. Today has been a really interesting day for me. I woke up just before my alarm this morning so I didn’t start the day by being unpleasantly jarred out of my slumber. And I actually slept well last night which helped. Coffee was a tasty treat instead of a necessity and I didn’t contemplate taking it intravenously.

My Friday was interrupted my a new project and a rescheduling of a second one. As I finished and released my last book I spent the weekend outlining my next one. (very excited by it) so this morning was a world of all new starts. It had a bit of that new year’s day feeling to it. You know the ‘I’m stepping into a whole new year’ kinda vibe. I think I have been working on finishing up so many major projects that it feels like forever since I have gotten to start something fresh.

It felt amazing.

I was a bit of a slug this weekend. I binge watched the entire first season of Blood & Treasure this weekend on Paramount +. The new season just started so I thought I’d watch an episode or two of the first season to get a feel for it, and just got sucked into the entire first season. This thing has everything. A master thief working with a former FBI agent (of course they have ‘chemistry’ and ‘history’), ancient Egyptian treasures, arms dealers with spy thriller type action, secret organizations and ancient brotherhoods based in Rome, a possible supernatural angle and of course Nazis.

Oh yeah, they added in the Nazis.

I think whoever wrote this just said, let’s see what happens if we chuck a bunch of different genres in a blender and see what happens. and then add Nazi sprinkles on top.

It is a lot of fun though. You can’t take it seriously, but it is a lot of fun. I’ll put the link below. Paramount+ has a try it free link and if you are going to try it, I’d suggest running through a few episodes. The first episode in the series is pretty much the set up for all of the back stories and then every other episode is kind of a fast paced danger of the day sort of show.

It was a nice brain clearing weekend which really did help me start fresh today. So it was very much appreciated.

Today’s look:

Primer: Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

Foundation: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer

Bronzer: Kim Chi Beauty Thailor Bronzer

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

Powder: By Terry Hyaluronic Acid Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Lunar Beauty Nude Prism Eyeshadow Palette

mascara: Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara

Eyebrows: iMethod Beauty Eyebrow Kit

Lips: KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Lipstick

This is the last week of the Tatcha liquid Primer test, but I have to say it hasn’t been a hardship to use it. It goes on like a slightly thin feeling liquid, but as you blend it in it almost feels like it thickens and fills pores while locking in makeup. It is a nice primer actually.

Thi is the second use of the bareminerals tinted moisturizer and it feels really nice. It is a little light for me at this time of year, but it is workable. this is the shade i can see taking me into the fall actually. I am at the darkest shade my skin gets right now and it still works so I don’t think I’d actually need a darker shade. For the next month or so it is going to be the season of shade adjustment. I am just never this tan for all that long so I am at the dark end of my summer products and as the heat is too much to allow much time spent outside, soon the tan will fade back a little. (then the weather will cool off just enough to allow walking time and it will darken again for a few weeks before lightening for autumn and winter. Its a process,) This moisturizer feels weightless and I love that it has SPF. I am still using sunscreen when I go out, but a little extra doesn’t hurt.

The Kim Chi Bronzer came in the IPSY bag this month so this was a first use. It is a soft formula and it needs a light hand to apply. It may have seemed extra pigmented because of the tinted moisturizer, but this is a bronzer that needs a light hand to apply. one swipe of the brush across the pan and then applied to the cheek was a deep line of bronzer that I had to blend out. It does blend well, but tread carefully.

After playing with the bronzer I went for the bareMinerals blush. I love this blush and it requires hardly any thought to use. A little dab and a quick blend and you are done. I use a finger tip. the formula feels like a powder but blends like a cream. It is one of my to three blushes.

This was a first use for the By Terry powder as well today. It is a very finely milled product. And while that does mean that it sits well on the skin without looking powdery, it also means you need to prepare for a dust cloud. If you apply with a brush, you will need some kind of clothing shield and remember to time your breath so you don’t inhale the cloud. I suspect it will be less powdery with a makeup sponge and as this month’s Boxy sent two new ones, I will try that out tomorrow. I like the way thus powder looks but it is finely milled enough to make a bit of a mess with a brush.

The Lunar Beauty Eyeshadow Palette worked well for me today. I went with all mattes. The first time I used it I couldn’t resist the bronze shimmer. And it was fantastic, but because of the softer shades in the pan the shimmers tend to take over when used, so i went shimmer free. It isn’t a super pigmented formula but it is both blendable and buildable. I like it, but I think I may have to watch a few tutorials on this palette so I can see professionals play with it since I suspect every time I pick it up i am just going to come out with slight variations on the same look. The shadows I used today are completely different than the ones I used on Thursday but if I added the shimmer it would look virtually the same as Thursdays look. So that may end up being an issue. I’ll look into it before I make my final decision.

I trimmed my bangs over the weekend. And so my brows are now visible. I have been using the iMethod brow kit and I love it. I have found my stencil and with everything trimmed it takes no time to put the brows on and make them look good. I am in love with this kit actually. (Brows have always been a weak point for me.) I like not really having to mess with them and having them look the same. Call it a cheat if you want, but I will take it. Love this kit. It is going to be a standard for a while. (oh and it is currently on sale if you follow the link in the list above).

I know I have not been impressed with the Patrick Ta mascara, but today I decided to play a bit with it. Mostly I was just so tickled by the brows I decided to take some extra time. I like the way the lashes look today but it did take extra time. There was a layer, a pause to add lipstick, another layer. A pause to put makeup away, another layer. a spritz of perfume and then a final fourth layer. After the fourth layer I decided I liked the look. The trick seems to be letting the first layer dry a little before the second layer is added. The mascara didn’t clump but it did take four layers to reach this stage. I think this is a mascara that is fine for basic office looks, or that would pare well with other mascaras, but it still isn’t my favorite.

Finally we come to the lips. I went with the KVD today. I really like the formula of this lipstick. The shade does tend to look darker in the tube than on the lips which is something to look out for. I always look at it and think wow that’s my berry shade and then it comes out a little too pink. It is a great formula that is comfortable to wear though. I may try a lip liner underneath to deepen it because it is slightly pink for my taste, but I do like the formula.

And that is me today my darlings. I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out. I am also pretty pleased with my Monday. I had a good night’s sleep and spent the day delving into new projects. All in all, a pretty good time for me. I hope your day was as good and productive as mine. I also hope the week stays this good all the way through. Fingers crossed.

Blood & Treasure is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

Trying out the iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds Kit

This iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds Kit was sent to me by the brand for the purpose of review.  As always the opinions are my own.

I’ll be honest, I am guilty of letting my eyebrows go their own way.  I always make sure to run a little comb through them so they look nice, but as most of the time my bangs sort of cover them up, I am guilty of forgetting to use the various brow products at my disposal.  Part of the reason is that I can count on my fingers the number of times I have managed to get my eyebrows to look like each other and still have fingers left over.

And the truth is, I like seeing my eyebrows done as I think it really finishes off the look.  I am somewhat picky when it comes to eyebrow products though.  I don’t like my eyebrows crispy so I tend to avoid brow gels.  I will occasionally use them but if I wear a gel brow for too long I will either start picking at it and either pulling the dried gel off (sometimes along with the eyebrow hairs) or I will twist it when not really thinking about it and end up with spiky looking eyebrows by the end of the day.  For me it is either pencils or pomade. Pencils I tend to travel with and pomade is my standard for daily use.

This Kit from iMethod Beauty features a brow pomade.  The shade I am using is 05 in case you are wondering.  It is a light brown.  It is lighter than my hair, but my eyebrows are naturally lighter than my hair and I always think really dark eyebrows look strange on me.  This is a harder shade to find than you would imagine.  Light brown can mean anything from ‘darker than blonde’ to ‘not quite black’.  I have a lot of light brown pomades that go too dark.  This one is actually a true light brown which I like.

the kit packed up for easy transport or storage

It is a kit so accompanying the glass jar of pomade is a soft angled brush with a spoolie on the other end.  A wand with a little sponge ball on the end and five sets of eyebrow stencils.  All of this comes in a handy reusable sip top pouch.  While I could see this being handy for travel, it is also really useful for keeping the stencils together.  There is an instructional manual with the kit as well, which I appreciate.

What I like is that while the tools and stencils work together, If you are in a rush, you can just use the angled brush and pomade and do your eyebrows without using the stencils.  Although truth be told, using the templates don’t take all that long.  I think it took me longer to choose the one I wanted and to make sure the left and right one were the same than it did to create the brows. 

The stencils are numbered and come in pairs.  There are five sets from long thin brows to slightly heftier ones and I was able to find one that suited me quite well.  Number five is the thickest and had the curve that mostly matched my natural brows, so that is what I used. I made certain that my eyebrows were shaped (with tweezers) a day or two before I began using this product.  As expected my tweezing made them slightly uneven.  The stencils however really came in handy for covering up my personal plucking issues.  The stencils were even, where my hand drawn ones usually aren’t. 

before on Left and After on Right the patchiness was filled in and the lines sharp

The most difficult thing to remember is to open the pot of pomade before placing the stencil.  Unless you have someone else handy to open the jar while you continue to hold the perfectly placed stencil where you want it.  Don’t leave the jar open for long periods of time or it will dry out, but open it before placing the stencil and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.  The tool with the foam ball is then dipped in the top to gather product and patted onto the brow inside the stencil line.  I suggest (As do the instructions) to start at the far end.  That way you know the area where you would naturally have the least amount of hair is taken care of.  I didn’t need to dip the tool into the pomade more than once for each brow, but as an experiment I played around and dipped the tool into the product a couple of times. 

While the pomade I have is light brown, It can be built up to a much deeper brown with layers so you can adjust the shade to the darkness you want. Personally I really like that flexibility. I also like that the pomade felt weightless on the brows and lasted all day without smudging.  I will be using the various stencils for the next few weeks to continue using and trying them out, but I have to say, I like the pomade and am really loving the  fact that my brows are consistently identical for the first time. Thus far this iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows kit is working well for me.