Mid Week masking with Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks

That’s right, under eye masks are back! At least today. Today when i decided I needed a little mid week masking I reached into the box and came out with these under eye masks. Specifically they are the Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks.

According to the website…

For eyes that need a hydration boost in a pinch, these clinically proven* eye masks are key. Formulated with powerful marine actives and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, this unique gel treatment provides an instant skin-tightening effect whilst deeply moisturising the delicate eye area. In just 20 minutes, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye contours are visibly reduced, for a younger, smoother and tighter look.

And so 20 minutes onto the under eyes they go. I have to say I like the feel of them. They are gel like but thin. Sometimes you get the gel masks that are heavy so either you feel like they are slipping the entire time they are on your under eyes or they feel like they are pulling the skin. which honestly, I don’t need anything pulling the skin of my under eyes down. I had a rather restless night last night.

I was chased by used car salesmen with giant teeth. I know it is a hold over from recently buying a car, but knowing why you have the dream and having the dream are two different things. hopefully the experience will fade and I can spend a little less time thinking about cars.

The undereye masks have virtually no scent to them which I found interesting. Most of the products I’ve tried from Elemis have some sort of scent with them. These just had a clear serum that had no scent. I am fine with them being unscented, I just thought it odd. They are cool on the skin and I really like the way they curve around the eye. Instead of being like giant commas, they are shaped more like crescent moons. They adhere well, cover the areas where I could use a little under the eye treatment with the anti-aging serum, namely my crow’s feet and don’t drip.

which means I get fifteen minutes working at my desk. Fridays when i mask I will relax and lean back, let the world fade away for fifteen minutes of mental clearance. For the mid week masking, I generally end up with something I can wear at the desk while checking e-mails or typing. It’s not that the fifteen to twenty minutes would cause serious damage, but somehow it makes me feel more like I am slacking off if I do that mid week rather than on Friday. Of course lately I haven’t been able to get my masking on Friday and have been doing it Saturday afternoon.

I really need to get back to the Friday Masking. Once I’m in the habit I keep it up, it is just getting in the habit again. At least on the weekends when I am not traveling.

But for now, we have the midweek masking. And after 20 minutes, the under eye gels come off. The gels are a little sticky but significantly less damp than when i applied them. My eyes feel very refreshed which i think is part of whatever caused the cooling effect. And quite honestly I did notice a reduction in the lines and puffiness under my eyes. I think to keep the anti-aging benefits I would have to keep using the masks.

Isn’t that always the way?

This one was a single that I had in my sheet mask box, so alas, I have no more. However I think I would definitely consider picking up some of these for a quick pick me up for my eyes, especially before an event where I wanted to look my best. Today it is just me and the desktop, but i feel refreshed and far more awake than when I put them on and for me, that is a really good thing to take into the rest of the day. Thanks Elemis.

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The Daily: April 6th, 2023

Oh my darlings I am dealing with a double whammy today. Things the weather is doing and things I did to myself. The weather has swung about and while we hit 88 F yesterday, a record high for this time of year in our area, we have now swung about and are in the 50 degree realm.

Which always sends my sinuses reeling. I am pretty sure someone installed an overly sensitive barometer in my brain. Given the up and down of this year’s weather patterns, I am almost used to that.

However today I realized that I inadvertently did something to myself. This week I have been sleeping really well, which isn’t common for me. However I have been waking up really groggy and I have no idea why. Early in the week I just thought it was maybe being woken up from an actual deep sleep.

This morning I was groggier than usual and happened to see the bottle of my sleep gummies. I take melatonin infused gummies at night to help ease me into sleep. If I take sleeping pills I sleepwalk. I have actually walked right out of the house before and would prefer never to do that again. But the sleep gummies help. i take two a night.

However I got a new bottle this weekend because I finished the old one. And apparently I didn’t read too carefully because I picked up the extra strength ones. I’ve been taking the same amount of gummies before bed but the melatonin is a much higher dose. Hence the grogginess in the morning. At least that is all i can figure out.

I am glad it is nothing more serious, however I really hate it when I have accidentally done something to myself that is as stupid simple as not reading the label.

Luckily it is an easy fix and I don’t have to leave the house today so instead of makeup when my nose is running and my eyes are baggy, I went with the Beauty Bio Under Eye patches. I really like these. I have a post with before and after pictures linked here if you want to see how much they take down the bagginess. They are fantastic before makeup or to feel refreshed. Ten minutes will usually do the trick but today I am just putting them on and letting them sit while I work until the magic serum is completely gone and they fall off on their own.

Some days are just like that.


Midweek Masking with Skimono Radience Recovery 4C

These Skimono Radiance Recovery 4 C eye masks are the strangest I have ever used. I love Eye masks and I am always up for trying out new ones, but these, were just strange. First, let’s take a moment to look at what their claims are, then we will get to the odd.


Now I am going to show you a picture from the website. A picture that is definitely not me. It is to the right. Take a good look at those eye masks. Yup, they are horseshoe shaped.

Perhaps she has fine lines in her brow line. I do not know. I will give her a lot of credit for getting those eye masks on that way. My application of the horseshoe shaped under eye masks did not go to well. I think I have to much in the way of eyebrows. The upper part simply did not want to stay in place. I ended up folding the top part over the lower curve and then they stayed fabulously well.

I will say that even doubled over the eye masks did cover all of the areas where I have fine lines and needed depuffing. They just weren’t going to stick to my eye brows without more of a fight then I was willing to give for my mid week eye masks.

Once in place I let the eye masks sit for twenty minutes. I really liked them actually. They were thin material that felt pretty much weightless against the skin. They stayed in place the entire time, once they were actually in place, and the serum was light and refreshing. It actually reminded me of when I was younger and we did home spa nights with the mud mask on the face and cucumbers over the eyes.

These Skimono Radiance Recovery 4C Eye masks feel great. I am not fond of the shape of them I think that you have to have a very specific face shape and eyebrow length to be able to wear them as they were intended. However I had no issues doubling them up over my under eye and the sides of my eyes where the crow’s feet live. And after my skin felt amazingly soft and plumped. I would certainly use these under eye masks again, but next time I would be better prepared for the shape of them

Trying out the Montrax Heated Eye Mask

Sleep is one of those things everyone needs. It is also something that often eludes me. While there are many factors that contribute to a sleepless night, one of the ones that is often ignored is light. I am an extremely light sleeper and it took me a really long time to realize that one of the things that woke me up a lot during the night was the shifting lights in the bedroom.

A neighbor turns on or off a porchlight, a passing cat triggers an overly sensitive security light, a car drives past the house and headlights roll past the windows. A million things can happen in the night to shift the light around and once i realized that the shifting of the light in the room, even if it was for a short time, was one of the things that was waking me up, or at least a contributing factor, I began to look into eye masks.

I am actually amazed at the variety of eye masks out there. You wouldn’t think that there would be so much variation, but there is and I have discovered some preferences and a list of things that I think make the perfect eye mask. Admittedly, that list is always adapting as I find new masks with new features.

flat, adjustable light weight strap

So when Mountrax asked if they could sent one of their heated eye masks to me to try out and review I was all for it. The Mountrax Heated Eyemask is a 3D Design and made for total black out. It has smart IC for save warm Eye compress to help relieve sinuses and puffiness and it even has a small pocket for a scent tab if you are looking for a full sensory experience. The Mountrax Heated Eye mask retails for $29.99.

So let’s take a look at the eye mask. The first thing i always look at with eye masks is the strap. I know it sounds strange but I have found one of the key features of a good eye mask is an adjustable strap. Many of the eye masks I have tried have just an elastic band holding them in place. Some of the elastics have been very nicely covered in silk or satin, but the truth is that if you sleep in them every night then that elastic is going to loosen. To continue to consistently use an eye mask for any length of time the strap needs to be adjustable. This not only has an easy to adjust strap but it is a wide strap. The wider the strap the more comfortable it is to wear. There isn’t a thin line of pressure on your head and you don’t feel a ridge where your head presses against the pillow. So the strap get’s two thumbs up.

contours with memory foam

The mask itself is a soft material that feels nice against the skin. It is filled with low rebound memory foam so it is light against the skin as well, so there is nothing heavy pressing against the face. This is my first 3D face mask and I have to say I am in love. I may never go back to the flat masks. The way the 3D works is that the foam ridge aligns with your brow and your lower orbital bone. there is then a concave space above your eyes. Which means nothing is pressing against your eyelids. You can blink with abandon and not feel like your eyes are trapped in a closed position.

For me this means that if I hear a sound in the middle of the night, I can open my eyes to listen, but still be in the darkness of the mask as my ears try to determine what the sound was. Usually it is the heater clicking on or some other identifiable noise that once my brain realizes what it is I can let it go. Because I don’t have to lift up the mask to open my eyes and thus expose myself to the light and shadow of the room, I find it much easier to slide back into sleep.

port for cord and heating element

As far as black out goes, this design really works for me. The memory foam contours to my face well and hugs my face gently while still blacking out all light from my eyes. It is quite honestly the best black out mask I have ever tried with regards to light blockage. I was worried at first because the materials are so light weight but it does a really good job.

The heating element has a port where it can be attached to a USB port to turn on. I like that if I don’t want it to heat I can easily ignore the port and just use it as a mask. The Heating element runs horizontally through the center of the mask. Because it is a 3D mask even though the hearting strip is over the eyes, it isn’t pressed against them. It sort of heats up the chamber where your eyes are, using the warmed air to heat your eyes rather than directly heating them with the element, which I like. Also because of the design you can use it when you have makeup on. It doesn’t press against the eyes so there is just a small touch up where it was pressed across your nose when you have finished with it.

quite a long cord and easy to use with any usb plug in

For me, the heating element was better used when I was awake than asleep. I think that might be because I sleep on my side. Also the port for the heating element is on the left and my night stand (and USP ports) are all on my right hand side. So it was a bit of a challenge to use when sleeping. However for a little allergy relief it was fantastic. I settled myself in a comfortable chair and put the mask on for a ten minute break when my allergies were acting up and it really helped relieve some of that sinus pressure. I tend to prefer a lot more non drug sinus assistance and this fit the bill perfectly. The pressure was relieved and my headache lessened. I did have to keep a box of tissues handy as it did sort of start the faucet running so to speak, but the reliving of the pressure was well worth it.

scent port

There is a scent port on the front of the mask located close to the nose. It fits a little tablet inside. It does nothing when on it’s own but once you turn the heating element on it releases the scent of the tablet. The one that came with my mask was Sage and it was a pleasantly herbily aroma. I personally like sage. I keep a pot of it and cook with it often. while i found it pleasant i could see it being really handy for scent based therapies like allergy and cold relief. My babydoll did try the mask and the heated element with the scent tab in. He is currently getting over a very bad sinus infection and he really wanted to keep the mask for himself. (I suspect we will be ordering a second one for his use). His comment was to ask if they had menthol scented tablets.

While I do not care for menthol, he adores the scent and I can see how it would be quite helpful with a sinus or a cold.

For me, I think the scent tab is nice but probably not something I would use a lot. I like the idea, I just don’t think I would use it. I would definitely use the heating element when I needed headache relief or relief from congestion or puffy eyes. For me a ten minute break to sit and let the heat work it’s magic did wonders when I needed it.

First and foremost it is a wonderful sleeping mask. The band is snug but not too tight and flat enough that it is not noticeable when the head hits the pillow. It conforms to the face well with the memory foam. the 3D design lets my eyes blink when the need to and open if necessary, thus promoting a more natural sort of sleep for me. Although I have to say they had me at blackout design. Th9is mask sits so perfectly that it blocks out all light providing a truly dark space in which to sleep. The other attributes are fine and actually quite nifty, but that lack out design and comfortable wear make this perfect for helping a light sleeper like me not wake up due to shifting lights in the room. I will be using this Mountrax Heated Eye Mask for a long time to come.

Trying out the MZ Skin Hydra Bright Gold Eye Mask

I was very excited that this was part of my Cohorted box in February. The only item I have tried from MZ Skin is their eye cream. It was a very nice eye cream and it made me want to try out more from the brand. And in February’s Cohorted box I not only received these eye masks but a few sample packs of their Radiance and Renewal mask which I will be trying out soon.

I know I do get excited about trying out new things from a brand.

And I do love eye masks. So let’s look at the MZ Skin Hydra Bright Gold Eye Masks

A gold infused, anti-ageing eye treatment mask saturated with a complex of active ingredients to smooth and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and seaweed to brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and restore hydration. Improves elasticity and firmness around the eye.

These eye masks sell in packs of five. Dermstore has the five pack listed as $105. Which means each set is $21. So they are on the pricier side for eye masks. I love that they feature hyaluronic acid in their mix as my skin really does well with that. The eye masks themselves are that gold gel like substance. I like the fact that they are not all that heavy. They are a thinner material than many of the gel like eye masks.

I really like that as they are lighter weight. Sometimes these masks can be a little heavy and will start to slip as you wear them. I often find myself touching this masks so that I can keep them form slipping, and then i get the serum all over my fingers, and then I have to constantly wipe my fingers down and as I generally wear eye masks at my desk I end up putting sticky fingers on the keyboard. Which makes clean up a little bit more of a hassle.

With these, they were light enough that there was no slipping at all. Also while they were saturated with serum, there was no dripping. if you are looking for something neat and tidy to wear at the desk, these MZ skin eye masks do work well for that sort of wear.

As I wore them there was a cooling effect on the skin.

What I found interesting is that while there wasn’t a lot of change in the under eye area, the formula of this eye mask did really well with the lines on the side of my eyes. I think my crow’s feet look a bit more reduced than I expected. I was actually quite pleased with that as a result actually. And to be honest, given the allergens in the air, there was always going to be a minimum of under eye reduction. I have some heavy allergy meds trying to help me breathe so I knew the under eye lines wouldn’t be going anywhere. I was hoping there would be some noticeable hydration, which there was. It is the crow’s feet reduction that was the pleasant surprise.

For that alone, I would say that these under eye masks are worth picking up. I’m sure if it wasn’t allergy season my under eyes would show more improvement. I do feel more awake and the skin is really soft and hydrated. I know that my under eyes are what i usually focus on with these eye masks but seriously I can’t get over the fine line reduction. Pricy or not, I will be picking up more of these eye masks in the future. I also am extra excited about trying out the face masks. We are sitting at two products tried, two products loved. Way to go on the Hydra Bright Gold Eye Masks MZ Skin. I hope for a three product sweep. Stay turned to find out…

Mid Week Baggage Claim

Okay technically Tuesday isn’t quite midweek, but as tomorrow is the first of March and the day I look at empties and the upcoming Use up box, I thought I would go ahead with a set of undereye masks. Already the air is full of allergens. The early flowering trees have started to flower and already there is a thin coat of yellow dust over all of the vehicles. It isn’t as thick as it will be in a month or so, but it is noticeable and as you may recall, spring is the time i turn to under eye masks.

I really like under eye masks for really taking down puffiness and just making me feel more refreshed. Every allergy medicine I take leaves me in a bit of fog and having the under eye masks does help to alleviate some of that fog. I also keep a stone roller in the fridge to aid in the de puffing and when things get really bad I have the gel filled eye mask I keep in the fridge as well. Cold is my friend in the Spring.

These Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks from Wander Beauty are not new. I know they have a newer pink version, but these are the classic originals. I know everyone went over the mood for them when they first came out and then as more and more products came out and different materials were used these sort of slipped off the radar.

Personally I really enjoy them. They are a good size so in addition to helping out my under eyes, I can give the crow’s feet area a little extra love too. They are composed of thoroughly saturated paper, so they adhere really well to the contours of my face. I don’t have to reach up and press them back down as they peel up. In fact I can put them on at the desk and work while completely forgetting that i have them on.

Which is kind of nice. If I know i have a meeting later in the day and start out feeling puffy, I will often use these before I put my makeup on, delaying the makeup application until i am ready to get things together for my meeting. They are quite often a life saver.

These Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye masks are a familiar favorite and i was happy to reach for them again today.

Midweek Masking with Skyn Iceland Under Eye Gels

As I started to go through my individual sheet masks to use up the ones I had and decide it they were worth reordering, I came across several under eye mask. Some were in sets, some I used before and some I think appeared as if by magic because I don’t actually remember picking them up.

This one seemed to be magical in appearance as I can not remember purchasing it. I’m sure it either came as part of something i purchased or in a subscription box, but I do not remember how it got here. Perhaps magical skincare fairies dropped it off in the night.

felt on one side and peel off backing on the other

whatever the source, today is the day this set of under eye masks gets used. It is officially, the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and according to the project page…

skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are easy-to-apply, under-eye gel pads work to firm, de-puff and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking, revitalized eyes. Elastin promotes firmness while hexapeptide reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ginkgo Biloba diminishes puffiness and antioxidant Co-Q10 neutralizes free radicals for a rejuvenated appearance.


The only product I have tried from Skyn Iceland has been the Icelandic Youth Serum with Red Algae. Which incidentally was quite fabulous. So I have high hopes for these eye gels.

It feels a little strange to call them eye gels because I generally associate them with that jelly like material that many of them are made from. These are the kind with one side that feels like felt and one side that you peel off the backing to reveal the sticky side filled with serum. There are some distinct benefits to these, especially if you are using them while traveling. First off, there is no dripping of any kind. The serum is infused and not just saturating the eye gels. So you don’t have to wash your hands off to remove serum, pat extra serum in or worry about dripping.

Which kind of makes them perfect for mid day masking. The backing peels off easily and then they are applied. I like the curve of these as I was able to get it to the parts of my under eye that needed it the most and still have it cover the crow’s feet area which always needs a little wrinkle reducing. At least on me.

The sticky part keeps the gels in place for the duration of wear. The wear time on these is listed as ten minutes, but i generally find with under eye gels of this sort they need a little longer to be effective. I think it is because the serum is not really on the surface. So I did wear them for 15 minutes.

Did this under eye gel do a lot of de puffing? Not really. Not compared to a few other under eye gels I have tried. However I di feel far more awake and alert than I did before putting them on. As though I just pounded back an espresso with my skin, if that makes sense. My eyes feel less inclined to droop closed and take an afternoon nap. Which I think might be the Ginkgo Biloba. I’ve used it before in various forms and while it always helps be feel more alert, it doesn’t seem to make much of an impact on my under eyes. The skin feels quite soft though and there is no sticky residue.

I think that these eye gels are very good when you need a bit of a wake up. Because of the softer skin I think that over time, repeated use may hep with more skincare based line reduction. For now though I am awake and alert. Which makes these not a bad choice for a mid week pick me up. As always the big question is, would I use them again. I think my answer is yes. While they aren’t as instantly depuffing as other under eye gels I do feel more awake without the jitteriness that afternoon coffee would bring and that is a result i will happily see repeated so yes I would repurchase the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

The Daily: January 31st, 2023

Hello my darlings and welcome to a cold and rainy Tuesday afternoon. Today there is something in the air that is just making me stuffy and puffy. I have the air purifier running and it is helping loads. Since sneezing has been a recurring theme for today and that never bodes well for makeup and I am not leaving the house today, I opted for a no makeup day.

However since i am also skipping the mid week face mask, I decided to do something a little different. A while ago I received this pack of Bright Eyes Eye Gels from Beauty Bio in a subscription box. While I adore eye masks for their depuffing nature on the back of the pack it also lists using them on the sides of your mouth to reduce lines.

So in the absence of makeup I decided to go for that as well. And so I added them to my face and got some work done while I let them soak in. This is one of those days where I really decide to monitor my calories more than participate in any activity.

I know I will feel a bit twitchy later in the day, but it is more a breathing is hard kind of day and even though I know the exercise will do the rest of my body good, when my sinuses get like this even when I take medicine exercise makes my nose drip and my head feel like it is going to explode.

So some days the body takes a back seat. And I monitor my calories very closely.

The Beauty Bio eye gels were worn for fifteen minutes. I have to say my under eyes feel great. I feel less puffy and bleary eyed. While there is hydration on the skin to the sides of my mouth I think I would have to repeatedly use them on a daily basis if I was going to see much in the way of reduction.

It is an interesting thought and I can see where they would conceivably work. I just think it needs repeated applications in order to show results. And to be honest there are a few minor results. My eyes are a little less puffy. Actually they are a great deal less puffy. I think when I look in the mirror I think, still puffy. It is when I see the photos that I realize the change. Also Yes, they are different eyes from the before and after. Both were equally puffy before, I just somehow forgot which eye I took the picture of in the first place. The depuffing stands though.

And now for the mouth.

Sorry the image gets fuzzed out. It is in focus I just had to crop it down to show the mouth and the lines and then when the cropped par t is blown up it gets fuzzy. As you can see there is a reduction in the lines. And I think consistent use would bring them down. I also sneezed off the ones by by mouth a couple of times. They are not as stable by the side of the mouth as they are under the eyes.

While nice, I just think these eye gels will be better used as eye gels. Beauty Bio does make a nice eye gel though so I am happy to keep wearing them for that. The depuffing was better than i expected and I will certainly be using them again.

I know this wasn’t my normal daily, but to be honest, it was a nice break from work to sit with the masks. I was just in a non makeup mood. I do feel more awake now, so that is something. And now, it is back to work for me. Don’t worry. Soon the rain will pass, the allergens it stirred up will leave the air and all will return to normal. Today, it is just me and the skincare. Have a great rest of Tuesday my darlings!

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Finishing out the Depology Black Caviar Collagen Under eye Patches

After over a month of use, the Depology container is looking just a little bit worse for wear. In case you are wondering the blueish splotches are splashes from when I washed of my face mask on Friday. I wiped down the sink but missed the container.

The container seals really well though so nothing got into the jar. Actually the fact that the container seals really well helped out quite a bit over the course of the past month or so. To remember to use these, I kept them on my sink. While the blue splotches are face mask I believe the dirtier spots are from the fact that I am currently using a charcoal infused cleanser. There were lots of drips on the box, and none of them got into the container at all.

This Depology Black Caviar Collagen Under eye mask container started out with thirty sets of eye masks. The recommended use was once per day. I have to be honest, I didn’t use them every day. It is why the month long supply lasted longer than a month. I was good using them once a day during the weekdays. I could put them on and sit at my desk with them on really well. I just forgot to use them on weekends when I wasn’t sitting and working on a set list of tasks in one position like i was when working at the desk.

When I wore them for five days in a row, I could really see a reduction in the puffiness and in the fine lines around my eyes. Each day they would get a little better. And then I’d forget to wear them for a few days and the puffiness and fine lines would creep back. Then I’d remember i was suppose to be using them everyday and I would go back to using them with the fine lines and puffiness once again retreating with each use.

If nothing else it was a lesson in the need for skincare to be used routinely and consistently.

The serum was fantastic and my skin always felt nice after the masks were removed and the excess patted in. This, the last set of the eye masks was a bit juicier than the rest as there was still serum in the bottom of the container when I pulled them out. It meant that the eye masks didn’t dry out at all, even though I took more than a month to go through them. It also meant I allowed the excess serum to drip off into the container before I applied them. I will be dabbing the remaining serum onto the skin under my eyes each night until it is gone.

It is just a really good serum.

If I had one complaint about these eye masks it would be that the curve that goes under the eye is a little too sharp. It did mean that I had to position them a certain way to that I didn’t blink and shift the eye mask. It wasn’t a major concern it just meant that I couldn’t apply them as quickly as other eye masks and actually had to think a little more about the positioning. Which isn’t that big a complaint when you get right down to it.

And it certainly wouldn’t stop[ me from picking these Depology Black Caviar Collagen Under Eye Masks up again. I very much enjoyed using these eye masks and with consistent everyday use I saw results. It is just a matter of reminding myself to use them everyday where I fell down. And really, I can’t blame the product for that.

Holiday Gift Sets: Wander Beauty

I have tried a lot of Wander Beauty products and there are quite a few I really like. Pictured above are some of the favorites in my collection. The Staycation mask is really good for hydration (no surprise there) and is something I turn to routinely in the wintertime. If you are interested in a more fulsome review, it featured on a Face mask Friday post a while back and you can read about it here. The Do Not Disturb Overnight Repair Concentrate was a part of my Skincare routine from July 2nd – September 3rd, 2021And I liked it enough to pick up a second one. In fact I pulled it out of my skin care drawer because I need to rotate a night mask into my current routine and I will be adding this in. The baggage claim Eye masks are long term faves and this, my last set, will be slipped into my travel bag before i leave for Thanksgiving and reordered once I return.

In fact the Baggage Claim Under Eye Masks feature in several of Wander Beauty’s Holiday sets this year. Which isn’t surprising since they are really nice eye masks and because they travel really well. This year Wander Beauty has the Eye masks in Festive Fuchsia for a limited time. ($26 for a pack of 6)

Wander Beauty also offers a 24 piece variety pack ($75) this set includes not only the Limited Edition Festive Fuchsia Baggage Claim Masks but the original gold and the rose gold sets as well.

Whatever color you use they all are fabulous. they are light weight and stay in place well so if you want to put them on while getting things done around the house they are easy to wear and you don’t have to worry about them slipping. Last year my mother and each wore a set while wrapping Christmas gifts. And then after got dressed for the holiday gathering. (where we handed out the presents we just wrapped, timing slipped a little last year).

They are great for a pre makeup ritual and they really help to depuff the eyes which is why they are onw of the products I keep around for allergy season. Actually during allergy season i like to put them on and then while they sit I will lightly roll over them with a jade roller. It pushes more of the serum in and the coolness of the stone is also beneficial to allergic eyes. So for me the larger pack is always a good idea. I like the way they feel and I love that they don’t leave any sticky residue on the skin when you peel them off.

The eye masks also feature this year in the Wander X Tenoverten Mask and Mani Set ($46). With this set you get six of the original gold Baggage Claim under eye masks and three nail polishes from TenoverTen. The colors are R&R (Soft Pink), First Class (Metallic Gold) and Soirée (Berry). I have tried the Ten over Ten top coat called Outlast. It is designed to make the polish chip resistant and I found it to be a really good quality top coat. i have never actually tried any of their nail polishes before. If they work as good as the top coat then I would consider this a very good deal. Each of their nail polishes retails for $12 on their own and the masks are a $26 value so you you get over $60 worth of product for the price.

I think that is one of the things that I really like about Holiday Bundles in general. You can get long time favorite products, try new things and get a great deal into the bargain.

Of course not all of the Holiday Bundles from Wander Beauty are about the under eye masks. (I just go through so many of them that I gravitate there first). One of the sets that really interests me this year is the Skincare essentials set. it is a Duo of the Drift Away Cleanser and the Dive in Moisturizer. I have never tried either product actually. I know I love the Do Not Disturb Overnight treatment so I am pretty sure the Dive In moisturizer would work well for me too, but if I am honest I am most interested in trying out the Drift Away Cleanser. It is a gel to foam cleanser that is supposed to provide the effect of a double cleanse without stripping the skin.

You know I love a double cleanse. And the few cleansers I have tried that have been gel to foam or cream to foam have been transitions I really like because the initial form (gel or cream) really lets me see where i put the cleanser so i can make sure i have in fact covered my whole face and am washing everything. I know that sounds a little strange, but I am not at my best first thing in the morning and the visual cue is helpful. I’m better after coffee, but still I like the transformative cleansers. I’m actually using a cream to foam cleanser at the moment.

Which I suppose it just long way round to say that I like this bundle.

They also have non skin care bundles this holiday season. Two of them caught my eye. The first is the Double Date Mini Lip and Cheek Set ($25). There are six mini lip and cheek products which is all of their lip and cheek shades plus the new release Spring Fling. I love this set for several reasons. One I would get to try every shade Wander Beauty has of the Lip and Cheek Creams. That right there is a bonus. i mean how often do you get to try out an entire lines worth of shades in one set?

Also I have really been liking cream blushes lately. the ones I like give me a great deal of control with blending and pigmentation level. (Of course the ones i don’t like provide a degree of angst, but that is the way with every product). I have been eying the Wander Beauty Double Date Creams for a while trying to decide which color suits me. And the ones that don’t work as Blushes on me look like they would be fab as lip products. And I will never say no to lip products. there is also something aesthetically appealing about the clear plastic rounds. Youi can see the product at a glance so you can quickly pick the shade you want and honestly they just look attractive. Plus, you know I already wanted to try them. Sort of a no brainer that I’d like it.

Of course you can’t forget the mascara. I have to say I am amused by this next bundle. It is the Eye-tinerary mascara Duo ($35). I have tried both mascaras and liked them both. They are just both good products. Personally I like the Unlashed a little bit more. I like the curved wand and if I had to pick i will generally go for volume over lengthening in a mascara. If I can get both great, but if not I will lean towards volume. So of course I go for the Unlashed which is a volumizing mascara. My cousin on the other hand loves length and absolutely adores the Mile High Club Mascara. Unsurprisingly, it has great lengthening properties.

So we predictably disagree on which mascara is the best. I know as far as serious debates go it doesn’t hold a candle to anything but when others get into more heated arguments about far more important (and family damaging) disagreements the debate between length and volume has served to break up the tension.(And when it doesn’t works there always the Smurfs Vs. Snorks debate to fall back on for diffusing tempers, admittedly that debate might show my age a bit). Regardless, I find it amusing to see both mascaras in the same bundle. I also think it is a great deal as both are in fact really good mascaras.

If you just want to try the Wander Beauty Mascaras without committing to a full sized tube they also have a trio of mini mascaras ($35) It has both the Unlashed and the Mile High Club as well as the Upgraded Lashes thickening Mascara. I have not tried that one so I can’t speak to it, but the other two are fantastic.

There are other Holiday sets available this year from Wander Beauty and honesty they all look well worth the price. these are just the ones that caught my eye. If you are looking to try items from the brand, stock up on favorites or seek out gifts for the skin care or makeup loving family member, there are several items on the Wander Beauty Holiday Sets page well worth looking into.

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