Unboxing the 2022 Fall Fab Fit Fun

I received the Summer Fab Fit Fun Box when it was highly discounted at the end of the season. I saw the lower price and thought it might be fun to try out. In the past I have been on the fence about this subscription. I also thought it a bit unfair to judge the box solely on the first box as it was both discounted and it was very late in the season so I figured my selection items were limited. So this is my first box purchased through the system. The Fall Box was listed for around $59 I believe. With all of the tax it came to $63.28 that I actually paid.

It is a substantial sum, but it is a quarterly box. I will pay for the Winter one in November and receive it at the beginning of December. Knowing that it is quarterly makes me feel the expense is a little bit less. But is it worth the price?

I will be honest, i wasn’t blown away by the selections this quarter. However part of that may be me. I love the idea that there are not only beauty items but fitness themed and cooking items as well in the subscription. However all of the cooking themed items were items i really already had in my kitchen and didn’t need replicas of. I think if I were just setting up my kitchen or just getting into cooking some of the items would have been really nice additions. For example there was a very nice silicone mat with matching spatulas that are very nice for baking. I have three mats that I use in rotation throughout the year and then at the holidays i end up putting into use together, they are fantastic, I simply didn’t need another one.

So I was a little disappointed in the kitchen section of the items because I didn’t need them. I was also a little disappointed that they seemed very basic. I have seen in the past where there were less basic items offered in the boxes. I think a nice mix would be good.

That aside, I did make my selections and I am pretty happy with them. so let’s see what I received. The first selection I made was the Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner set. It was the only item in that selection category I wanted, however it is also a set that i really wanted. I love that it is a shampoo and conditioner set, both full sized and I have tried samples of this formula before and know I like it so I was very happy to see it. I used to use living Proof products a lot, for a while they were my go to, then i got away from them. I am happy to get a chance to return and find out if I still like them as much as I once did.

The second item I chose was the Fit Plan Resistance Bands set. This came with a link to the fit plan app for 90 days. I really like resistance band work outs and quite honestly now that I am working out at home instead of the gym I am looking for more arm based exercises to do. To be honest, it is the 90 day app sign in that sold me on this. I am always some what stymied on what to do with these bands beyond the basic stretching. It will be nice to have workouts to go through. Whether I keep it past the 9- days will be determined, But I like the thought of these and look forward to giving them a go. And actually Last time I did get the ab wheel. I liked it, then I got sick and got away from using it. I need to restart my thirty day trial with it, but I am waiting until after I come back home. I am tickled about this. I don’t plan to always choose the fitness option but this quarter it worked out for me.

The third item I chose was the Lele Sadoughi sunglasses. I have a weakness for big sunglasses. I always feel glamorous when I put them on. I am not sure why. However i do know that the more luxurious the glasses feel, the more fabulous I feel. These make me feel quite glamorous. I love the shape of them and the nice bag they came in to keep them from getting scratched in my purse. I like the tortoise shell look of the frame and the high quality of the materials. I also like that they don’t just make the world dark, but have a tint to them that both cuts the glare and oddly sharpens what I see in bright sunlight. I think I will very much enjoy wearing these.

The fourth item I chose this month was a four piece set of Luxie brushes. I adore Luxie brushes and as I am having to replace some brushes right now this was excellent timing. Luxie has fantastic brushes that are of great quality and last a long time. This set of four shadow brushes are the type of shadow brushes I use a lot and I like the green of the brush handles. I also like the small reusable carrying case which is perfect for slipping in an overnight bag. In truth Luxie is my go to brand for brushes so having them as an option in a subscription is fantastic for me. All in all I am very pleased with this selection.

The final two items Fab Fit Fun Chase for me. The first is the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. I like eye cream and UI am not mad about receiving skincare in this box, especially as nothing else was skincare. I have a love hate relationship with Balance me though. Their products always work fantastically well. they are a really good brand with excellent products. However every item I have tried from them has smelled like some kind of industrial cleaning product and I have had a hard time using them because of it. now a lot of the products have been serums so perhaps the eye cream will not have this issue. But it is one of those things that i generally have to fight my own nose to use products from this brand. They work fabulously well, so it is worth fighting my nose, but the scent makes me slowly want to avoid them. I have my fingers crossed that this will not be one of those scented products.

And finally we come to the last item in this months box. It too was chosen by Fab Fit Fun and it too is a skincare item. It is the Skin Chemists Pure Collagen 5% Biphase Serum. I have tried an item from Skin Chemists before and liked it. If I remember correctly. And I find collagen serums interesting. They seem to be cropping up a lot more lately so it is interesting to see if they do anything of note. I know there is a big debate about collagen supplements and whether your body actually absorbs the collagen that way or not, but I don’t know if thee is the same debate with topical application. It is certainly something to look into.

In general I like skincare and I love finding and trying new products and types of products, so I don’t mind that there are two skin care items in this fall box. It did make it feel a bit more like a Boxy Charm or an IPSY box though. The I really am looking forward to trying out all of the items in the box. And with the Fit Plan and the sunglasses It does feel a little less like Boxy Charm.

So was Fab Fit Fun worth the price? Yes I think it was. My issue is that it doesn’t really have a fall vibe to it. It doesn’t really have any seasonality to it. Perhaps that is just the items that I chose, but it really doesn’t feel seasonal specific. Is that a big issue? Not really. It’s just more of a side note. I am happy with the items I received and the quality of them. I look forward to using them and am looking forward to what may come in the Winter box. I think that with three boxes under my belt I will be able to evaluate the box and see if it is something that I want to keep moving forward.

At the moment I like the fact that it is a quarterly box. i wouldn’t want to pay this price every month and to be honest, I think I am likening the thought of quarterly as opposed to monthly boxes a little bit better. It still gives me new products to try out and play around with, but it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as many of the monthly boxes can be. So for now, I will be keeping the Fab Fit Fun Box and determining in December if it stays into 2023.

Molton Brown (US)

Unboxing the Summer Fab Fit Fun Box for 2022

Fab Fit Fun is a subscription box I have been eyeing for a while. When the Summer box went on 40% off I figured I’d give it a try and then see how I liked it. The full price of the box is $49.99 but it is a quarterly box. If you have a seasonal membership Which I went with since I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it) then you get to choose four of your six items during customization.

If you go with an annual subscription then they let you customize all six. I can see the lure of being able to customize all of the items in the box but personally I like a little bit of a surprise. One of the reasons I wanted to try this out was because it isn’t just skincare and makeup. There are makeup and skincare items, but thee are other items too. While this is the Summer box, they have just released spoilers for the Fall box. Since I signed up for the Fall Box so late I don’t think it is actually available, but I figured it would be nice to have this as reference.

So let’s look at the choice items first. My first choice item was a pink vegan leather bucket purse from the brand Samara. I don’t know the brand, but the bag itself is well made. Most of my bags are either a larger style or a small clutch type purse so this does actually fit a gap in my purse collection. I like the length of the strap. It has a simple push closure with a metal bit that goes through the hole in the bag. I suspect that over time this will widen but for now it works well. As most of my purses are also either in bright colors or dark ones, the pastel is also something I don’t have so it is nice to have something a little different.

The next item I chose from the options was a set of three prep bowls from Pier 1. They are ceramic and in nice muted tones. They are the perfect size to fit in the palm of my hands and the flutes along the side fit my fingers well so they are easy to grip without slipping. Since we go out to eat maybe once a month I do a lot of cooking so I know these are going to be put to good use.

The third item that I chose was the New Balance Ab Exercise Wheel. Oddly enough I have been trying to incorporate more ab workouts in my routine and I was looking at a similar wheel to add to my collection of workout tools. Plus I have a weakness for exercise tools. Some I end up loving, others are just a waste of space, but I never know which category it will be until I start using it.

So I was very happy to add it into the box. It came together very quickly and seems quite sturdy. I will be giving it a full trial to see if it is a piece of kit worth keeping around or something that will just collect dust, but am am happy with the selection.

The fourth item I selected was a makeup item. It is the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt stick. I really like Illamasqua Highlighters and I adore their gel blusher, but I have never tried out their gel contour stick so that’s nice. I was surprise by how dark looking the stick was so i tried it on my arm. It applies much lighter and blended out well It also smells really good which i didn’t expect. I think it will be an interesting product to try out.

The other two items were chosen for me The first of these is the AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer. It is for normal to dry skin. My mother uses this moisturizer and swears by it. She absolutely adores it. But she also has drier skin than I do. I may just pass this along to her since for me it might be okay, but for her i know it will be a hit. I love the fact that the squeeze tube top has a plastic seal around it so that there was no problem in shipping.

The final item also came in a tube and has a plastic seal around the lid. It however will not be passed anywhere. It is tie Replenishing Moisture CC Cream from Alterna. It is from their Caviar line of hair care products. I used the shampoo and conditioner set from this line a while back and loved it. I think I might have tried a small sample of this leave in conditioner before but I am not entirely certain. However since I loved the shampoo and regular conditioner from the line I am thrilled to be able to try out the leave in conditioner.

There was a magazine that came with the box. it has QR codes to scan for more information about the products and perhaps as I start using them I will. Beyond this there isn’t much printed in the magazine about the items. I think this might be because of the number of variations you can choose and the fact that some people can customize their entire box. I get that, but it would have been nice if they had just a sentence or two about each item that you could get. There is a a nice skincare guide along with summer self care and there were a couple of recipes. One of them is for oven baked Coconut shrimp. I make coconut shrimp every once in a while but I tend to fry them rather than bake. I might give the baked version a try.

One thing I really like is that they have a fitness tracker in the magazine with a link to a printable version. While I use the My Fitness Pall App I really like a piece of paper where I can just check things off. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing more if I can put a check mark or draw a line through something when it is complete. The app record is nice too, but there is just something I find deeply satisfying about marking things off with a pen.

So that my darlings was my first Fab Fit Fun Box. As I said I decided at the end of the season to sign up so I suspect a lot of items had run out by the time I logged in. Fall will be my first box as a seasonal subscriber. It will be interesting to see if they stick to their posted shipping deadlines and what the choice categories look like. I enjoyed the Summer box, but I also got it for 40% off. It was certainly worth the discounted price. Because of it though I am going to keep the membership for at least another quarter and reserve judgement on the value until the next box. As the selection for the fall box is in mid August, there isn’t terribly long to wait. i just have to remember to take notes during choice. But I am happy with this first Fab Fit Fun Box.