Diving into the July 2022 Glossy Box

Oh Glossy Box. This is one of my favorite subscriptions. It has bee for quite some time now. I always find something I love inside and it rarely disappoints. Until a few months ago I never had a problem with their customer service either. It was always spot on and quickly addressed any issue. For the past two months I’ve actually had to fight to get my box. I still think it is worth it but i am running out of patience with their customer service department. I only hope that whatever issues they have going on they work out soon.

So now that I have finally received my July Glossy Box, let’s see what is in it. This month’s theme is Dive in and the box itself is a dark blue with coral decorations that I actually quite like. In opening the box the first item I saw was the Verso Eye Cream #5. At the moment I am actually using this eye cream. It too is a deluxe sample but it is also now almost completely empty. So I am going to rotate this in almost immediately into my skincare line up so that I can possibly get a month of use out of the eye cream. Plus it is a really good eye cream so I am happy to keep using it. Surprisingly though this looks to be a late addition. It isn’t mentioned in the brochure but a Farm X serum is. This is an Avon brand and while I always like bakuchiol serum, I am not entirely comfortable having an avon product in a subscription box. (I still haven’t tried the moisturizer that came in one month). I live Avon actually. It was a big part of my childhood, but if I am going to purchase it, I am sure one of my neighbors sells it.

The second item I thought was also in the skincare realm. It turns out it is not. It is the Sunstone Hair revive elixir from Earth Harbor. I have several skincare serums from Earth Harbor and they look pretty much like this, so I am going to keep it in the box until I use it so that it doesn’t get jumbled. There is a delightful scent of Jasmine wafting from it so I am looking forward to seeing how it performs and if the scent remains.

There are two makeup items in this month’s box. The first of these is the Give them Lala Beauty Mascara. Normally I am not too thrilled by the arrival of mascaras, but as several of mine are nearing the end of their lives, I am actually in need of more mascara so this was actually really good timing.

The second makeup item the Peach Blossom Eye shadow Palette from Bellapierre Cosmetics. I like the size of it as it looks like it might travel well. It has a hard plastic case and is rather petite with big pans. I’m never really thrilled by Coral colored eyeshadow as it never looks right on me, but it does go with the theme and who knows this time it might prove fabulous. We shall see.

The next item is a cleo coco charcoal deodorant stick. It is about the size of a Milk Makeup Mini Stick, except that it is deodorant It is supposed to be full size which I find an odd size for a deodorant, Especially one that retails for $12. When I looked them up at Target, I found that this is not a full size. The size in the box is 16 grams The full size is 50 grams. That seems far more reasonable.

I received the scent Unscented and it is supposed to have all day odor control. While I will happily test it out, the size of it makes me doubt it will last the month. Perhaps I am wring and a little bit goes a long way, but I am withholding judgement until I try it. I am happy to try it out as I am always looking for new natural deodorants, but I do find the size concerning, especially as Glossy box listed it as full size.

And finally we have a canvas bag from Authentic Beauty Concept. It is a set of metal straws. One thin and straight, one thin and bent and one that is thick enough that I could use it for Bubble tea. There is also a brush to keep them all clean. I really like metal straws actually. I was using reusable plastic ones for a while but over time they collect scents and off flavors through repeated use. The metal ones don’t have that problem and they can be put in the dishwasher. Plus the set I am using right now are all thin and straight. It will be nice to have some options in sizing. I also needed a new straw cleaner. My old brush has seen a lot of use and needed to be replaced. So now I have a replacement.

Over all this was a good box this month. Even if it is July and it arrived in August. The only down side was in arguing with customer service to actually get the box to me in the first place. Without that, this would have bee a simply fantastic month. I have my fingers crossed that they sort themselves out soon.

Unboxing the June 2022 GlossyBox

Coming in just under the wire is the June Glossy Box. I can’t lie, this box caused me great angst this month. Normally this is one of my favorite boxes and any time i have had to e-mail customer service they have been great. This month was a little different. Around June 20th I realized my Glossy Box had not come in so I sent a note to their customer service asking when boxes would be shipped.

I received a message stating that orders charged by the 5th and ship by the 12th. The entire message made it feel like I was at fault for not sending an e-mail on the 12th to ask if the box had been shipped. I was a little irked, but I probably should have checked on the box sooner and at least now I know when i should check. I sent a message back saying that I had not been charged and had not received a shipping notice. I received a much more polite return e-mail telling me that June’s boxes sold out and that my subscription would start with the July box.

I pointed out that I had been a member for several years and it wasn’t a new subscription. They again told me that June’s box was sold out and that my subscription would start with July.. The same day, my account was charged for June, I received a tracking e-mail and two days later the box was on my doorstep. It is the June box but there were some substitutions. So now that we’ve settled ourselves with customer service, let’s look at the June Box. First lets take a look at the items covered in the pamphlet that came in the box.

Item number one is a deluxe Mini of the Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing paste. I have never tried this product before but as I have more or less loved every Christophe Robin product I’ve tried, I am really looking forward to trying it out. I just finished up one of the sea salt scalp scrubs from the brand and will be ordering it. (The Skinstore routinely has both Christophe Robin and Grow Gorgeous (another fave hair care brand) sales so I am waiting for the next one to stock up – Their Fourth of July sale has begun so you might want to check it out if you are looking into stocking your own skincare). I did open the jar though and took a sniff. It is very Rose scented. I’m not sure how that will play out in my hair, but those with rose scented issues beware. It will be interesting to see how much scent stays in the hair from the paste.

The second item listed in the brochure that was in my box was the Pixi by Petra Peach Honey Blush Duo. It is a deluxe mini and according to the pamphlet…”sweep on the peachy pink and follow with a dusting of the golden highlighter. I suspect the peachy pink may end up being a bit light for me but I am willing to give it a try. While I have tried a few makeup products from the brand when I purchase form them I almost always purchase toners. The makeup I have received in subscription boxes and tends to be very hit or miss for me. They do make excellent toners though.

The third item listed in the pamphlet is a full sized body cream from Not Pot. It is the Banana OG Hemp body cream. It has a big fragrance free label on the side. It may be the most well sealed body lotion I have ever received. The entire tube was sheathed in plastic and it had an interior foil cap. Whoever sent this out was determined that it would not leak in transit. And it didn’t. When I finally released it and took a sniff I have to agree, there is zero fragrance. The label lists banana extract as well as sativa oil in case you are wondering why both banana and hemp are in the body cream’s name. I am kind of glad thee is no CBD scent, but at the same time I am a little disappointed that there isn’t a banana scent. I think it would be a nice summery scent that was different from the typical watermelon and coconut. But unscented is fine too.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The remaining two products in the box are not the same ones in the pamphlet. However the two items that are listed in the pamphlet I have received before. So I don’t know if the substitution was made because someone is keeping track or because they simply ran out of products. The two listed in the pamphlet are Comfort Zone’s ReNight Cream and Balance Me’s BHA exfoliating concentrate.

The two remaining products I received are the Astaxanthin Collagen All in One Gel from DHC and the Julep Love your Bare Face Hydrating Bamboo Water Cleansing Wipes. Interestingly enough I have received this gel moisturizer and a different type of Julep cleansing wipes from Look Fantastic. The DHC Moisturizer is nice. It is full size and has a water cream texture to it. It is actually really good for summer wear. I also like the burnt orange Ombre of the jar. It is a good product and I don’t mind having it appear again.

I’m never going to be thrilled by cleansing wipes showing up because I have taken them out of my routine. I do like the ease of using them, I just dislike the waste. Julep does make great wipes though. They moisturize the skin while removing dirt and makeup from your face. They are really good it is just a category of product that i specifically gave up using not because I really wanted to but because it was the right thing to do. Since they are here I will use them but i really wish subscription boxes wouldn’t send them.

For me this was a frustrating box. I was annoyed by customer service, more because it felt like they were giving me standard answers without actually reading the question I was asking and I do like when the items match the pamphlet. when they don’t it feels a little more last minute and like leftovers instead of a box someone thoughtfully put together. Whether it is true or not, I like believing that someone thought about the contents in at least a cursory way. I am happy with my substitutions though and am looking forward to trying them out. This month just felt harder than it had to be. Maybe I just felt it more this month because I so often really like Glossy Box and look forward to it. Or because I really needed June to be drama free for my own piece of mind. Either way I will still enjoy the products and I will hope that whatever the internal issues were this month they re resolved and won’t carry over to July.

Unboxing the May 2022 Glossy Box

That’s right my darlings, subscription boxes have started to arrive. The first in this month, is Glossy Box. I received my tracking info really early this month and poof, there it was. For me, I tend to get my Glossy Boxes early one month and then late the next and then early again. I’m sure it is some sort of internal mailing system because it is so regular. And theoretically this should be an early month but it was really early this month.

Normally I don’t say a lot about the boxes themselves other than to comment on a special design or to point out that I often reuse the boxes as they are sturdy and the perfect size to corral small items. This month the color was peach instead of the normal Glossy Box Pink but in addition, the box lid came with a mirror in it. Which I thought was nice. (I kept the sticker covering it on to cut down in glare for the pics but it is a nice mirror). The mirror goes along with the theme of Perfectly Imperfect and is part of the you are fine just the way you are, message of the box, which I can get behind.

There was also a sheet of stickers focused on self-love. The mirror has You are Beautiful in English, French, German and I think Dutch. There are also assorted language stickers with the same message. And if you are going to know a phrase in multiple languages You are Beautiful isn’t a bad one.

There are five items in this month’s box so, shall we just dive in?

The first Item is from a brand I am always happy to see. It is Elemis. This is just a brand that always works well for me. I don’t think I have every tried anything from them I didn’t like in use. Occasionally their Rose scented products can be a bit much but they work well enough I am willing to ignore it. (especially in a sample size). This Elemis product is the Pro Collagen Energizing Marine Cleanser.

Oddly enough, I have another deluxe sized sample of this cleanser in my to try line up. (I have a bit of a back log with cleaners at the moment as it seems everyone was putting them in subscription boxes for a few months straight. Which I don’t mind as it is one product I know I will get through, it is just taking me longer.) But as the deluxe sizes like this generally last about two weeks, with two I can do a full month long trial. which is nice. So I will pair them together. At this point I think I might actually have enough Elemis Samples to do a full Elemis Line up. Which could also be fun. I haven’t done one of those in a while.

But I digress.

Happy to have the cleanser.

I am also thrilled to see the second Item, which is the Aceology Rose Petal Mask. I’ve been trying a lot of Aceology products lately and I really like them. However all of the masks I’ve tried from the brand have been peel off masks. This one isn’t. It is a hydrating mask that (according to the booklet blurb) can be used for 10-15 min before being washed off or even worn over night if need be. So I am very much looking forward to testing that out.

The third item in the box was the one sort of makeup item. It is the BFF Grow and Groom Brow Gel. Despite the name I don’t think it actually makes your brows grow. The blurb makes it sound more like a clear brow gel. It is from The Beauty Crop. I tend to have mixed results with the brand, but I am willing to give it a go. And as this weekend my bangs had grown too long and were driving me crazy I took a scissor to them (and cut a bit too much actually) so my brows are once again visible and I will be using brow products in the next few weeks. To be honest, when my bangs are longer I tend to forget about brow products and just run a spoolie through them to make sure they haven’t gone crazy. I do like that this brow gel is clear though so it can be used by everyone.

The fourth item in the May Glossy Box is very timely. It is the Maria Mila Invisidry shampoo. It is full size and as the name suggests, it is a dry shampoo. While I tend to only use a little dry shampoo in the winter to keep my bangs from looking greasy before meetings, I tend to go through a lot of it in the summer time. It is the curse of living in a hot humid climate. There are several months where a walk to the mail box will cause freshly washed hair to look greasy and unwashed. And washing my hair after every step out of doors is simply not feasible. I actually put an order in to Klorane for my annual summer restock this past week. I have never heard of Maria Mila, but I am always happy to give a different brand a try. So I look forward to trying this out as well.

And finally we come to a body care item, the last item in the box. After all what would a self care themed box if it didn’t have something for the body. This is the Daily Concepts Body Scrubber. It is full sized and I have to say I am happy to see it. I have the small round body scrubber that I keep in my shower and it is currently reaching the end of it’s life. It lasted quite a while but I reached the conclusion this weekend that it had about given it’s all for me and needed to be replaced. While not the exact same thing, this will serve as a perfect replacement, preventing me from needing to go and purchase one this upcoming weekend. So for me, this was perfect timing.

For me, this month was a decent box. It is interesting and contains items I will use or enjoy testing out. I will even keep and use the box in more than just my usual storage capacity. It was not the most exciting box Glossy Box has ever sent out, but it is nice. There are enough items I hadn’t tried to be interesting, and a few essential staples as well. I would have to say that this month it was definitely worth the price of the box and more. Exciting is all well and good, but items I will use are even better.

Cracking open the Limited Editing Glossy Box Easter Egg for 2022

I know we are a little past Easter but I wanted to share the Glossy Box Easter Egg with you.  I am also really excited to get the box.  For several year’s now they have had their Easter Egg and I have seen it, I have wanted it and I have forgotten until it is sold out.  Because it sells out fast.  This year was bigger and they changed the design.  The design ins a Wonderland Theme and Has Alice, the rabbit and a munch of mushrooms in the design.  It is a raised Gold Design on the Glossy Box Pink Background.  It is also sturdy enough to be reused.  Which I will be doing.  The top secures into place with a gold ribbon.  It is just really lovely. 

I also have a weakness for Alice in Wonderland (as I’m sure do a lot of people).  I have a tattoo of the Cheshire Cat actually. (it isn’t the Disney version.) But as super fantastic as the box is, it is what is inside that counts. But first the stats.  If you are a member then this Limited Edition was $24.  If you were not a member it was $29.  Also if you were a member you could order on March 29th while everyone else had to wait until the 30th.  A friend of mine told me she tried late on the 30th to purchase this and it was already sold out. (which made me feel extra victorious that I remembered. And yes, I did a happy dance.)

The first item in the box is the Alpha H Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid (Retail $54 although currently on sale at Lovely Skin for 20% off).  I just received a bottle of this in an Allure box and I am absolutely loving it.  Having a second bottle as back up is a definite plus.  Thus far my skin adores it so I am thrilled. It also more than pays for the box and since I was already planning to repurchase the serum, seriously helps my budgeting.

still sealed in plastic and going right back into the box to pass along to my mom

The second item is the neuBROW Brow Enhancing Serum (retail $60).  It is full size and surprisingly heavy for such a small tube. To be honest,  growing brows is not a problem I have at the moment.  Keeping them in check is.  However, when my mom went through chemo about ten years ago all of her eyebrows fell out and have only been growing in sparsely.  She is always willing to try a new brow growth serum so I will be passing this on to her. I know it will get a good try out.

The next item I pulled out of the Easter egg was a coppery box with KAB cosmetics on the front.  It’s their Illuminating dust (retail $26). It too is a full sized item. I’ll be honest I tend to use this kind of product on my collar bone around Christmas and new years and then forget about it the rest of the year.  I think it is because adding the shine to sweaty skin never appealed to me and once the summer heat hits I simply don’t think of body shimmer.  Which is a little strange as there is actually more of my skin showing.  While I might try it out this summer, I suspect I will keep this and give it a good use this winter season. I do like the color though.  The golden toned shimmers really sit well with my skin.

While receiving an eyeliner is ever my favorite thing in one of these boxes, I will make an exception for liquid liners in this style.  These are actually my favorite style of eyeliners.  They are what I learned to apply when I first applied eyeliner.  I love the liquid format and I love that they don’t dry out all that fast.  I don’t use a lot of eyeliner, so often the pen styles can dry out before I use them up.  With this style that doesn’t happen so I am pleased to have the Bellapierre Liquid Eye Liner in the full size (retail $20) in my Glossy Box Easter Egg.

The last full sized product in this box is the Kendra Professional Blow Dry Spray. (retail $36.99, also currently 20% off at Lovely Skin).  Oddly enough I have another Kendra professionals product (the intense fortifying masque) that I was planning to start trying out either this week or next so it is nice to have a second product from the brand to try. I have never actually tried anything from the brand but I have heard fantastic things about it.  And I am always happy to see a heat protecting spray. 

Its a metal tube and I squeezed it to see how full it was (completely full actually) so the dents are from me.

There are several Deluxe sample sized products in this Limited edition.  The first of these is the We Are Paradoxx Repair 3-in1 leave in conditioner/finishing balm.  I have the full sized version of this and I have been using it for my Saturday night hair masks.  And I used it a a finishing balm this weekend. It works fantastically well and I am thrilled to have a travel sized tube of it that I can just toss in my bag to keep with me. Applying just a tiny drop on the hands, rub the hands together and apply over the top of your hair is a great way to tame down fly aways just before a meeting or event really helps.  Here it is a nice quick trick to fight the effects of humidity so this travel tube will happily live in my purse.

I have also used the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream before.  It is a fantastically nourishing body lotion and as I am also in need of a hand cream I will be adding this to my purse as well so that I can hydrate after hand sanitization. I am very pleased to have it.

The Knesko Skin Rose Quartz Eye masks made me smile.  I spent the last few months going through my individual eye masks and now I have a new pair to try.  I also have a set from Aceology that arrived on the day I used the last of the individual ones so perhaps it is a sign.  I have never tried anything from Knesko Skin, in fact I have never heard of them.  I do however love eye masks and even though I am amused to find it appear right after my clear out finished, I will still happily give it a try.

Next we have a slim tube of Facial Enhancement Cream from Dermatologist’s Choice I have never heard of the brand before but I do love trying out sample sizes of moisturizers.  It is a great way to find out if a product is right for my skin before investing in the full size (which saves both money and reduces product wasting). The samples aren’t large enough to let you know results, but they will let you know how it feels on your skin, which is very important.  While there are broad categories that companies use I really believe everyone’s skin is different. 

Part of it is your own internal systems and how your body works generally, but a lot of it has to do with the environment where you live and work as well as your daily activities.  I have spent much of my life moving from place to place, often with very different climates and with each move my skin care has changed.  Products I love in one place simply did not work for me in another.  It was still my skin, but the world around it changed so its needs were different. 

I know that’s a long way to go to say I love testing out sample sized products before attempting to incorporate them into my routine.  Even if I am not moving as much as I used to, I like trying out new brands and as this is one I haven’t heard of, it is an extra bonus.

Finally we wrap up with a skincare tool from Daily Concepts.  It is an adorable silicone bunny designed for gentle exfoliation during cleansing. (I tried to find this product to link, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m guessing it was limited edition. The price is from Glossy Box. As I use it I’ll look for more information.)  It is a full size (retail $8). I actually have a round one from Daily Concepts that I love using.  It has a suction cup on the back and generally lives in my shower.  I use it on my face while in the shower.  Usually post work out.  It is a great way to simply get the sweat and salt residue off the skin without overusing products. 

This one is a pocket with fingers slipped inside instead of clamped around the back I am not sure how well that will work in the shower as I suspect water will gather inside, but I think it might be useful in the bathroom with regular face wash.  I’ll have to give ti a go and see. I do find the ears and bunny face adorable though.

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I know that Easter is over and this box is no longer available, but I did want to review it so that those of you who were curious, not only about this but about Glossy Box’s Limited edition boxes in general could see them.  I adore the box and will be incorporating it into my Easter Décor for a while.  At the moment it is filled with now empty plastic eggs and is going into the cabinet. I really liked the number and mix of the products.  There was a good mix of full sized and deluxe samples and the quality for the price was certainly there.  I have several products I am thrilled with, one I am delighted to be able to pass on and several I can’t wait to try.  For me, This Limited Edition Easter Egg was the perfect spring time treat.  I can’t wait to see what their next Limited Edition holds.  If memory serves they are doing one for Mother’s day.  I’ll have to investigate and report back in.

Unboxing the April 2022 Glossy Box

My Glossy Box has arrived! This subscription is $21 but if you go with an annual plan it is lower.  I have an annual plan and I pay $18 per month.  I have never been disappointed and always find the box worth it.  If you want to try it out you can get your first box for $16 with the code SPRING16  What I find interesting is that if the box comes late one month, then the next month I will get the box early. In March my box came late in the month.   So this month it came early.  Next month I’m sure it will be late in the month again.  I’m not entirely sure why, but it is consistent.  I don’t mind it, it is just something I have noticed with this subscription. As always opening this subscription feels like opening a present.  It comes in a sturdy pink and black box (which I tend to reuse)and all of the goodies are wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon.  

This month I could smell something before even unwrapping it.  It smelled like a This Works product and when I unwrapped it, I was right.  Inside is a full sized Stress Check Sleep Lotion.  It is from this works and has a heavy scent, even through the sealed tube.  I am personally leaving it sealed and passing it on to my mother.  She adores all This Works products and uses their pillow spray every night.  I am allergic to something in their products and I can already feel my nose getting stuffy and the headache building. 

So I left the cream in the box and took everything else out while I put the box away.  And then I opened the window.  It is a very strongly scented brand and I think you either like it or you don’t No one seems ambivalent.  Anyone I talk to either loves it or hates it.  As I am currently assembling my mother’s Easter Basket so this will be going in there and I know she will be thrilled with it.  So even though it isn’t for me, I know it will be well loved.

The second Item in the box I will get a lot of use out of.  It is a three pack of Kitsch scrunchies.  They are satiny soft and stretchy.  I actually picked up a three pack last summer and wore them constantly.  They don’t pull the hair but are sturdy enough to hold my hair, which is pretty heavy.  By the end of the summer the satin was salt stained from my sweaty walks, but the elastic was still going strong.  I am very happy to have three more to use as we get into the summer months and my hair gets tied up more and more often. These are both lovely and useful.

The third Item in this months box I was thrilled to see.  It is the First Care Serum from Sulwhasoo.  It is a sample size, but I am happy to have this serum in any size.  It is an anti-aging serum that my skin just likes.  It works really well on reducing the fine lines and I will use every last drop of it.  It is one of those serums that I have purchased in the full size before and will again at some point.

I have never tried the Neolastin Revitalize and Firm Eye Cream, but I am never sorry to see an eye cream in one of my boxes.  I’ve tried other Neolastin products and I am more than happy to give this one a try.

While Glossy Box often has a lot of skin and hair care items sometimes they have makeup.  This month they have one makeup item and one that isn’t exactly makeup but not exactly skincare.  It is the Lash Food Conditioning Lash Serum.  It has a mascara like brush and is combed into the lashes nightly.  Since I use my natural lashes and not false ones, I am always eager to try out things that help my natural lashes out.  It is a sample size so I don’t know if I will get a full thirty day trial out of it, but I will try it out and hopefully the sample will last long enough to give me a good idea of how well it works.  I really like getting to try products like this before I commit to a full size. 

the tip broke in transit but it sharpened right back up easily.

And finally we end with the one makeup item for this month. It is a gel eye liner from Laritzy.  Normally I don’t get that excited by eyeliners because they are usually just black liners.  Some work better than others, but still just black. 

This is not black.  It is brown.  In addition it is a soft gel formula that is creamy going on but once it sets doesn’t smudge.  I’ve tried a couple of Laritzy gel liners before and really like them.  And it is nice to have a brown eyeliner for my collection.

And that was my April Glossy Box.  While the This Works will be passed on, I am passing it to someone who loves it.  Every other item in the box is one I will use and in a couple of cases eager to try out.  For me this was a very good month and well worth the price of the box. And I was actually able to get the Glossy Box Easter Egg this year (they have already sold out) So when that comes in I will open that and share it.  I’m hoping it arrives before Easter because the box would look perfect set out with the rest of the Easter things. I have my fingers crossed for that. All in all though I was just pleased I managed to remember to get the order in before they were sold out (for the first time ever! I usually forget and then realize I forgot after they sold out.) So I was very happy with this April Glossy Box and I am looking forward to the Easter Egg’s imminent arrival. Over all A good month for Glossy Box.

For a limited time you can get a little extra off as well, just follow the links below (with the assorted codes.)

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The Daily: March 30th, 2022

Guess what I remembered! I remembered to order the Glossy Box Easter Egg. I know that sounds strange, but it has become a minor spring time obsession. For the last three years I have told myself, oh wouldn’t that be a nice Easter treat. Actually now that i think about it, it may be closer to five years now.

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My thinking was always that Easter is the one holiday that is done at my house. Thanksgiving and Christmas, we travel. Where we travel depends on the year, but it does mean that during those holidays our house is only a staging area. I am in charge of Thanksgiving pies (mostly because they can be baked ahead, packed in a cooler and driven several hours). then after thanksgiving we look like an off shoot of Santa’s workshop as we gather everything in and figure out what is getting shipped out and what is getting loaded into a car or settled for air flight travel.

Easter is at our house. Which means the deep down company is coming clean, which is a very different cleaning than the normal everyday. Especially these days. Extra supplies are gotten in mostly because we don’t keep a lot of snacks around the house and they will be wanted all weekend. we also don’t keep soda around the house but that too will be in high demand. Cheese boards are planned, charcuterie is arranged. We pickle our own mushrooms and radishes, but load up on other picked goods. I do make a spicy lemony marinade to add to my olives. Nuts are toasted and seasoned and then there is the three to four days of meals including the big Easter Sunday meal. It is an extravaganza.

And it is bigger this year since we skipped the past two years.

And while I will also be assembling Easter baskets, I like to, at the end of it all, have something for myself. You know, besides the martini I settle myself with once company has left and things have been put back into normal working order. There is also something for my babydoll and I to share. This year we ordered an extra little something from igourmet in addition to the Easter themed baskets. Which is lovely and we will shade as we collapse post guest.

However each year I think, wouldn’t the Glossy Box Easter egg be fun. I could have my treat and add another Easter decoration to the house. And then I forget all about it. But not this year! Ha! I remembered. And it only took three post it notes and an alarm on my cell phone.

Somedays, you have to celebrate the little victories. And this week has been one of those weeks where it feels like you are just slogging through waste deep mud. It is Wednesday and I feel like Monday and Tuesday each took twice as long as usual. Some weeks are just like that. So it is nice to celebrate the little victories. Like remembering to order a limited edition before it sells out or knowing that you have a truffle cheese hidden in your butter dish at the back of the fridge that won’t be part of the group feasting.

Today’s look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Bronzer: Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette

Blush: NARS blush in Angelika

Highlighter: Modelco Brightening Shimmer Whip

Powder: bareMinerals Mineral Veil Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk and Dawn

Mascara: Blinc Ultravolume Tubing Mascara

Lips: Pixi By Petra Lip Glow in Ruby

Okay I will be honest, Today’s makeup was mostly chosen because i wanted to try out some new products or use products I haven’t reached for in a while. while I am loving testing out the Lorac Illuminating Primer, when I wear it I can’t wear a highlighter. It simply can’t compete with the prime. which is fine, but I wanted to try out the Model Co highlighter. So I went with a favorite. The elf Poreless putty primer. I think this may be the third one i’ve gone through. It is a fantastic formula. If you have dryer skin than mine they do make a hydrating version. It is a little too hydrating for me unless I am wearing a really drying foundation, so I stick with the original. I have no complaints about the original.

The Catrice Foundation I like. It is a really light shade so i am trying to reach for it a bit more before the sun starts giving me a tan. I love the foundation and it is a good product if you are going to be running around all day and need something that stays in place. It is listed as a 24 hr foundation. While I have never pushed it that far I have worn it for ten hours straight with no issues. My one problem with it is the dropper. Mine doesn’t really want to work so I end up pouring product out onto the back of my hand. It can get a little messy so I keep a cloth handy. It is the one drawback of the product, but easy to get over.

I have several Nars products in my drawer and I tend to forget about them. which is kind of funny as for a while I was using a full face of Nars as my go to look. But I don’t find myself reaching for the products much any more. They are good products so I need to remember them. I’m not sure why I over look them now, I think it might be because I have found other products I like just as well if not better. I think it may be more a factor of the world of makeup expanding. I used to have just a few go to brands that I trusted and used, now i use products from a wider range of companies. it was still fun to use this blush.

The Too Faced and the bareMinerals I will always reach for. They are both fantastic and always reliable. I need to take out some of my Too Faced shadow palettes. which Oddly i usually think of in Spring. I think it is because of the color ranges in the shadow palettes I have. Actually I need to test one out to see if I want to use it for Easter or if i want to go full on pastel.

I did not go pastel with the eyes today. I used the Eyeko Double Act dual shadow stick. I really like the formula. I’ll need to play around with it a bit to apply the right amount of product. A little does go a long way. It blends really nicely as well. I have the Dusk and Dawn Shades. Dusk was fantastic and I can see myself reaching for it often. I hoped that Dawn would be a little more brightly copper in color. It worked well, I just found myself wanting more of a contrast. And when I went to get the link from the site for the above list, I say they have the sugar and spice Double Act stick. That looks like it may have the contrast i want. I love the simple eye look and throwing a single shadow stick into a makeup bag instead of an entire palette is a great travel plan, but when I do that I want greater contrast between the two shades. I will continue playing around with this though and see if I really like the formula. If it keeps working out for me i will order the sugar and spice as well as possibly others. Today for a first use, i really liked this.

Before I forget, I also liked the Model Co highlight. It was brighter than I am used to, but it still looked nice. It was a soft glow without the glitter which I appreciate.

I am in love with the new Ultravolume Tubing mascara from Blinc. I knew I liked the length of the regular tubing mascara but this one fills the lashes out making them thicker as well as longer. I am totally in love with it. I do think that I might need to remember to curl my lashes first though. Thee is no curl to the formula and I think that if i remember my curler first I will get even more dramatic results. If you are using an eyelash curler though, remember to curl the lashes before applying mascara. It reduces breakage and pulling.

Finally we have the Pixi By Petra Lip. It was a little more pink than I was expecting. It is supposed to be a sheer wash of color (and I suppose if you sheer out ruby you get pink) I just wasn’t expecting it. However after a minute or two the color faded back a bit and just left my lips with a really nicely moisturizing lip balm. I really like it. And it doesn’t leave a trial of pink lips everywhere. Just a little balm smear on the rim of the cup. Over all for a first use I like it better than my initial impression of it.

I know I chose a bunch of new items because I couldn’t resist. I just wanted to play. sometimes, you need to give into the impulse, and today I did. And i am glad I did. All of the new items performed well for their first time out of the gate and I look forward to putting them through their paces. For now though it is back to work for me. I hope your Wednesday runs smoothly and easily and that you get to coast down the slope of the remaining week.


Unboxing the March 2022 Glossy Box

It’s here! One of my favorite subscription boxes. Glossy Box. It’s coming in quite late this month, but I am happy to have it whenever it comes in. It is a $21 subscription box, but you can get it lowered if you sign up for a longer subscription term (I am on an annual plan and Pay $18 per month and I have never regretted going to the annual plan). If you want to try it out you can get your first box for $16 with the code WONDER16.

In addition to their regular monthly boxes they also have limited edition boxes that come out periodically (I think they are quarterly but I’m not entirely certain). They have the new reimagined Easter Egg coming out soon. If you are a member you can order starting at Noon (EST) on March 29th and if you aren’t a member then sales start March 30th. These always sell out amazingly fast so if you are interested, set your calendars. There are 10 items in this year’s Limited Edition Easter Egg (I think there were only 8 items last year).

That is a reminder for me as well. i always forget the day they go live and then when I check back in they are sold out. I’m hopeful that this is my year.

But on to the March Glossy Box!

I love the way this is packaged. I know packaging isn’t everything but there is something just special about opening the box and seeing the ribbon and tissue paper. It makes it feel like a gift or an event to open it.

Admittedly this time the tissue paper had a hard time containing the first item in the box. In fact the box had a hard time containing the first item in the box. It is a full sized moisturizer, specifically the Farm X Super Green Cooling Gel. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is designed to be a light weight moisturizer. As the weather warms up light weight moisturizers are going to be more and more my go to products so it is good timing. It is listed as being from a new range, but as I’ve neve heard of the brand before I’m going to have to look up specifics when I start to use it. I will say that I love the glass jar that the moisturizer comes in and with a retail of $37 it more than covers the cost of the box.

Next up there is a full sized hand cream from Merci Handy. it retails for $7. Photographing it was interesting because the silver swirl just reflected light back at the camera. There are a bunch of different scents. My scent is called Unicorn. I’ve never sniffed a unicorn before but apparently they smell like almonds and shea butter. I would have thought they smelled a bit more like Horse, but I suppose you learn something new every day. It is a nice scent and it is the perfect size to keep in my purse. At the moment i have no more small sized hand creams. I have actually gone through my entire stock pile. So it is very nice to have one for the purse. Plus I really like the smell of almonds.

The third item this month is a four pan eyeshadow palette from Estate Cosmetics. It is a full sized eyeshadow Quad with a value of $14. I’ve tried a blush from Estate and really liked the formula. The shade was too pink for me but it was an excellent formula. I have never tried their eyeshadows though so this will be fun to play with. There were different variations you could get and I am quite happy with mine, and the lavender shade does look very springtime.

Continuing on there is another makeup item, and it is the Model Co Highlighting shimmer whip. It is a full sized liquid highlighter with a value of $20. I have only tried lipsticks from ModelCo so I am looking forward to giving this liquid highlighter a go.

And finally last, but certainly not least is the fifth item in the box. It is a full sized Luxie tapered blending brush (value $15). While the one pictured in the brochure is the 205 I received the 504 Large angled brush -I’m not mad and it’s value is actually$21 on the Luxie Site. I love Luxie brushes. They are one of my go to brush sets actually. And I have had mine for quite a while and with repeated washings (over a couple of years) a few of them are looking like I might need to replace them soon. So having a new Luxie Brush arrive is just fantastic.

I don’t know if you noticed the trend in this box, but each item this moth was full sized. Normally, there are one or two items that are full sized. And while I generally list the retail value of the full sized items I tend not to list the sample sized prices. Mostly because sometimes you can’t actually buy the samples so I feel the sample price is an estimate. This time I can actually tell you the full value of the items i received is $93. Which is over four times as much as the Glossy Box cost. (More for me since i only pay $18 with an annual subscription). For me, this was an excellent month for Glossy Box. We received skincare, we received makeup and there is also a Luxie brush. Personally I am over the moon about the Luxie Brush. Although everything else is fabulous too. I can’t wait to see what they come out with in April.

Squeaking in at the end of the month, is the February 2022 Glossy Box Unboxing

This month was interesting with Glossy Box. On February second I received an e-mail with a tracking number attached. I waited 48 hours and then checked it. FedEx had not yet received the package. This continued for about two weeks so I contacted Glossy Box. It turned out that my box never made it to Fed Ex. They apologized and sent out a new one. I have to say the Glossy Box customer service team was fantastically easy to work with. Good customer service makes me like a subscription just that much more.

So even though it is the last day of February, my Glossy box it here and I am going to unbox it. I apologize that this box is not available any more but you can try your first box for $16 with the code TREAT16. They slimmed down the brochure this month so there are no spoilers for March in the pamphlet, but I’m sure they will be posted on the site soon enough as it is the end of February. So now that the box is finally here, shall we see what is in my Timeless treat’s box?

First up is a shampoo and conditioner set from Natura. It is the Ekos Murumuru restoring shampoo and conditioner. I love when shampoo and conditioners are sent together in a subscription. It makes it a lot easier to determine if you enjoy the set. We’ve had a different shampoo and conditioner set for Natura in either Glossy Box or Look Fantastic. I remember the bottle more than anything. The product was fantastic but I remember the shape of the bottle being somewhat problematic for getting all of the product out. Still it was a very good shampoo and conditioner so I a happy to have another type of product from the brand.

Actually i was thinking about shampoo and conditioner the other day. Aside from this set I just received, I have one shampoo, one conditioner and a shampoo bar that I have been testing. I’m actually testing the shampoo and conditioner now, which will just leave the shampoo bar and this new set. Which means I actually get to purchase some shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been finishing out the Native Candy Cane Peppermint and clearing out the samples but next week I’ll actually have to pick up some full sized shampoo and conditioner. Which is kind of nice. But not the point of this post.

So getting back on track, this month there was an NCLA nail polish in my box. In keeping with the black and white theme you could either receive a black or a shite nail polish. I received the black one and I’m pretty happy about it. I remember a time when I had only black, maroon and deep purple nail polish in my collection. I was almost surprised to look my nail polish over and find I had no black in there any more. Oh how times have changed. I have several NCLA polishes though. In general they are good nail polishes, but you have to remember to add a top coat or they will chip pretty fast.

The KAB Cosmetics lipstick I was a little less thrilled by. Don’t get me wrong I love lipsticks and KAB does have a pretty good formula. the problem is the shade. This is just a shade of pink I simply won’t wear. The formula is moisturizing and it smells of vanilla. But since I know I am not going to ear this shade, I am not going to swatch it. I am just going to pass it on to someone who can wear this shade.

I am super thrilled by the Verso Nourishing Cream (#3). I’ve received Verso in a lot of subscription boxes and it is always the eye cream. I am not complaining as it is one of my favorite eye creams and I will use every drop in every tube that comes my way. However I realized when i saw this that i hadn’t tried any other Verso Product. At least not that I recall. I am currently working through several sample sized moisturizers so I will be adding this to the pile and looking forward to giving it a go. If it lives up to the eye cream I will be absolutely thrilled.

The next item in the box this month is the Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion. It actually made me realize that Spring is truly on the way, even though our local temperatures have once again plummeted. While I normally think of gradual tanning products a little later in the year, I think it might be a good idea to actually get ahead of it. There is always that point in the spring where I find myself able to wear a dress for the first time in a while and suddenly discover that my legs are far whiter than my arms so I feel as though I am mismatched. It doesn’t bother anyone bit me, especially since ever one else is usually in the same boat at that time, but it bothers me. So perhaps I’ll give this a go in anticipation of the first dress of spring and possibly not have fish belly white legs for the Easter pictures this year.

And finally this month Glossy Box added a little extra treat to the box. Personally I was amused to find it is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye masks. In February i started testing out the various single eye masks I had floating around and I had several from Rodial, one that I recently reviewed. For me Rodial is is very good with serums and lotions and moisturizers. Their Sculpting Gel is a top ten product for me and I snap it up in any size I find it. I think I have two deluxe samples in my skincare samples drawer. The brand does really well with those sorts of things. The paper they use for their sheet masks and eye masks is a bit too stiff and is just honestly not the best. But the serum in these masks is top notch. So I know I will use these eye masks, love the serum and complain about the paper in them. i will use them and I think it is a lovely treat to include. I just wish Rodial would start making a different paper selection for it’s sheet and eye masks.

Over all this was a pretty good box. I like the nail polish and wish the lipstick was in a shade I prefer. I am thrilled by the Verso and looking forward to testing out the Natura and the Vita Liberata. And given that I really like the serum, I’m pretty happy with the Rodial as well. Best of all, I am very glad that my February Glossy box finally made it onto the delivery van.

Verso Skincare - available at Alyaka.com

Unboxing the January 2022 Glossy Box

That’s right, another unboxing as my Glossy Box for the Month of January has arrived. (if you want to try the January Glossy box, the site has a code FIRST15 which will let you try your first box for $15)And it’s a good one. Before we get into the box, a little but of basic info, the box is $21 per month, if you sign up for longer commitments you still get to pay monthly, you are just obligated not to cancel for the length of time you ae a member. I liked this box a lot when I paid $21. I liked it enough to sign up for an annual membership. So I get the box for $18 per month and in general I love it for 18 per month. It is a mix of full and sample sized items.

I love that it comes with the items wrapped in tissue with a little ribbon around them. I know it doesn’t really affect the value of the products but it does make me feel like I am opening a present every month. Sure it is a present I bought, but it still feels like a gift. usually there is a pamphlet with the box telling you all about the items. This month there was none, so I’m just going to wing it.

The first item in the box is one that I believe I received last month in a Look Fantastic. I used it, loved it and am happy to have another one. It is the Moisturizing Foot mask with Lavender from the brand Le Mini Macaron (the link goes to the site, but I think I’ve actually seen them for sale at Target as well). In the winter it is an ongoing battle to keep the skin of my feet hydrated and this mask was a really big help just before the Christmas Holiday in giving my feet a much needed moisture bomb. It feels a little strange, but it is really hydrating for the feet.

The next item in the box is a full sized pack of Julep Love your Bare Face Brightening Cleansing Cloths. I have mixed feelings about this. I love the brand Julep and I have even tried their Cleansing Cloths. They are really good and take everything off without leaving your face feel stripped. they ae great cloths and I really enjoy using them. I have however cut cleansing cloths out of my routine because I don’t like the waste. I will use them. And I am happy to have them because I like them. Its just that when I use them i realize how convenient it is to have them around. And then I have to remind myself not to buy them again. However I did just get an eyeshadow palette in with a glitter shadow in it that I am dying to try. having the disposable clothes means that my Makeup Eraser won’t end up infused with glitter, so there is a definite plus to it. Its just one of those thing I love but know I shouldn’t use. So I’ll have back and forths with this until they are gone. But it is a nice product, it is full sized and I will use it.

Annoyed with my internal debate yet? Don’t worry, moving on.

The next product I have also heard of and am quite excited to try. It is the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder. It is a sample size. this product is designed to help with split ends. I’ve used Phillip Kingsley leave in conditioners before and loved them. This one seems to be a pre shower treatment. I think I’m going to have to look it up, especially as it is also a split end treatment. I’m actually quite excited to try it out. With my hair and the small size I doubt it will be more than one treatment, But I am looking forward to giving it a go.

The next sample sized tube in this months box is Anto Brightening Serum from Codex Beauty. I think I have received a moisturizer from the brand a while back, but i don’t think Ive used it. I’ll have to check. Either way I have heard of the brand but know very little about them. It is always nice to find out more about a brand. I seem to have a lot of brightening type products coming my way lately. Perhaps it is the season. Brightening for winter, self tanner for summer maybe?

There is one more small little tube in this month’s box and it is the Day Dreamer Cleanser from Blume. I know they are an organic brand but while I have heard about them I have never tried anything from them and am really looking forward to trying out this cleanser.

There are two more items in this box. The first is a Black Marble Facial Roller. It is a good size and looks well made. It is from the brand Afterspa. I have several of their products lurking in various places around the house. While I do have several jade and quarts rollers, I to like that this has the double roller. One large one on the top and one smaller one on the bottom for smaller spots. while I like using the Jade Rollers in general, for me they are amazing in the summer time. They actually help me roll away some of my heat headaches. Having several I can keep in the fridge and then take out as needed is not a bad thing. Plus the black marble does look kind of cool. And with the gold metal parts it looks quite elegant as well.

And finally we have an item from invisibobble. But it is not the usual trio of hair ties that look like they were kidnapped from a telephone cord recycling plant. Oh no, this is something different. It is the Invisibobble Bun Star. It is basically a thin spiral of plastic that you can use to wrap around your hair and keep your hair in a bun. I suspect the buns in the pictures with the product are much neater than mine will ever be, but I still look forward to giving this a try.

Over all I have to say I was very pleased with this month’s selection of products. This box felt full and all of the products inside are ones I want to use. I may have a little angst about the disposable cloths but i will use them anyway. I just won’t repurchase. Over all I am very pleased with my January Glossy box. What a great box to start out the new year.

Unboxing the December 2021 Glossy Box

Guess what? My December Glossy box has arrived and even from the outside, I looks special. This month instead of their normal pink and black box, Glossy went with something different. And no, it wasn’t simply a box with a special design. This month’s box is a reusable tin.

How cool is that? The metal tin is blue with a starry night motif and a few snowflakes scattered about. I personally really like the replacement box as I know this is something I will definitely use repeatedly. I am very pleased with the box and happy to even kind of consider it the first item in the box.

It isn’t however counted as one of the items.

Shall we look and see what the items are?

The first item I could smell before I even opened the box. It is the Rituals Ritual of Mehr loving body cream. It is a 70 ml tube so it will last a while. I don’t remember if it was in a previous Glossy Box or if it came in a Look Fantastic box, but I have had the Ritual of Mehr before. I believe it was a body wash though. It might have been a cream. I can’t remember. I do remember I really liked the scent and the way it made my skin feel, so I am happy to have the product.

The next item is a double hitter. I don’t know if they accidentally put two Batiste dry shampoos in my box or if everyone got them, but I am happy to see them. Batiste is not my favorite dry shampoo, but it is okay in a pinch. Personally I only really like the original one. I generally found the others left far more residue in my hair. The original is definitely the best of the brand and I was lucky enough to get two of the original dry shampoos. And at the moment while I have a full sized dry shampoo, I don’t have any travel sized ones so it is nice to have a smaller size. And dry shampoo is something that I will always use.

The third item out of this month’s Glossy box is the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer. It is a deluxe size and you all know how much I love the brand Elemis. I have actually not tried this moisturizer so I am very much looking forward to giving it a go. And it is always a nice day when I get elemis in a subscription box.

After the elemis I pulled three teabags out of my beauty box, which came as quite the surprise. Glossy box did include the Four Sigmatic Cacao powders last month so it isn’t completely random that they have beverage packets in the beauty box, but it always takes me by surprise when there is anything edible in a beauty box. The three teas are from the company Vahdam Teas. One is Turmeric Chamomile, one is Lemon Ginger and the third is turmeric ginger. I adore Lemon Ginger and look forward to giving this one a go. My babydoll has already claimed the other two. I have never been a fan of chamomile so that one I was always going to turn over to him since he loves it. And he thought the turmeric ginger looks interesting so I went ahead and gave it to him as well. But I fully intend to try out the Lemon Ginger.

The next item I took out of the December tin was a Laruce blending brush. I actually have a couple of sets of Laruce brushes. They are a good quality brush and their blending brushes are the perfect size for me. And I always need another tapered blending brush. The handle even matches the set I have. I am more than happy to use it.

And finally, we have LA Splash Cosmetics Moonlight Glow Face palette. In a palette that looks like it was designed to match the metal tin in which it arrived, we have two blushes, one pink and one more neutral in tone, a bronzer and a highlight. I have tried eyeshadows from LA Splash before but nothing else. The eyeshadows I remember being a bit on the patchy side. Hopefully I will have better luck with these products. They look absolutely lovely and I really like the look of the palette, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they work well for me when I try them out.

So that my darlings was my December Glossy box. Usually the box is $21 per month, but I am on an annual pay so I only pay $18 you can get 25% off your December box with the code GLOW25 while supplies last. If you don’t make it for the December box by clicking and using my Referral code you can still get 20% off. That is with this link here. I believe it is automatic and I think I get glossy credit if you use it. If that bothers you no worries, they generally have a new discount code each month for first time subscribers.

Glossy box also has several limited edition boxes out now that look pretty great as well. Some are holiday themed and others are brand based (I think one is Bumble and Bumble) The prices all vary depending on the box. But they are all listed on the Glossy Box site. Over all I was very happy with this month’s box and think that I definitely got my $18 worth out of it. I am happy to keep this subscription going into the new year.

Alyaka Beauty Advent Calendar Luxe 2021